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Police Blotter Fax 9/4/10

Sep 3, 2010|

It is Police Blotter Fax Friday! You can fax (617-779-3467) or e-mail your funny police/accident/crime stories from your local papers to Sandy. Make sure to include your name address and phone number on your entry and if faxing that it is a copy and not the original! If Sandy picks yours as one of the two big winners you will win a fabulous prize!

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Friday my name is writing. Thanks for -- Story is for. It was Friday September 3 -- it was cloudy in Boston. But innings Friday. I was working out of the blunt those squads. Were making were awarded to make arrests. All the local weatherman. From the governor of Massachusetts. Conference citing a panic for no bleeping reason I know where they are there in Framingham if you really need to now you can just someone told me mission. Misch Michaels is on NASA is on Mac -- What is these number two what is the channel for an Afghan I don't even doll. -- even that that that's even further left wing bentonite MSNBC Chris find out what she -- she's on at least we'll get something out that's. And I'm not a -- funny but it's. One. The sports guys in here 20 boy is he boldly put Earl and the added that he's got nothing gets a Wii game he's got to -- -- art now got to -- five hour show now. 18774694322. OK you heard you heard the intro to drag that it is police blotter fax Friday time. Every Friday. The in this segment -- we ask you. Descended we ask you we read that these segments the funny thing you should send them all week long that's funny stories are items from your local Bailey. -- weekly newspaper some papers called the police slog others the police blotter. And or they could be a standalone story and we read the funniest ones of the week in our opinion and the two best increase of the week. Receive a nice prize what do they get this week's. Think they're gonna get the legends of the canyon DVD. It delivers the music and the magic created by the legendary rock artists who resided in the -- Hollywood Hills world canyon. During the 1960s it features artists like Crosby, Stills and Nash the Mamas and the populist turn Mitchell America Buffalo Springfield -- the birds at -- -- -- Iraq. It's supposed to be visually stunning intensely captivating and I'm very good watts. This did Patrice Colin by the way she did she want that or she didn't she didn't she called in to say thank Cuban no thank you. You presaged the side but now they're telling us they have to to give away in the -- before the show instantly do. Okay these -- the runners up they do not when the legends of the canyon. New York City man attempted to stash marijuana in state trooper's patrol car. Delaware state police at around 2:55. AM. A trooper on routine patrol stopped what they about nothing ever happened and show me impala. There was driving 65 miles and a forty mile per hour -- endemic coastal highway in Dewey beach Delaware that your first smelled marijuana coming from the car. There was a vapor trail and make him straight up the -- not. -- vapor trail and made it fun what did you see the rappers got arrested and yet they had to resign if another another vapor trail and just that and the guy just got out until all. Well they made its occupants wait inside his patrol cars he conducted a search she found no illegal substances inside the -- But when he walked back to its patrol car and start to smell marijuana again he had to search his own vehicle and discovered. Your bags -- leafy greens substance in his seat just dumb ass. You know sometimes. You just gotta wonder Newport. An 83 year old son. She was driving a truck and she was 83 her husband was time she was a passenger -- -- a terror he was 84. He drove in front average Dodge Durango driven by -- to Leno who is 37. And as she crashed her SUV into -- the passenger side of the carries a T -- in two carriers track on there is evidence -- assists at the scene to suggest that after the during a hit the track. Mr. carrier accelerated. It into a parking lot or -- -- another parked vehicle he continued driving up and over concrete retaining wall. And into the sugar river. They were able to get both the -- to the river but she died of her after her injuries when they were cut in front of us smart car. Might survive then you know I -- -- present a smart car which is you know. Which is -- secure 8519. Still driving me knowing you kill yourself that's one thing kill somebody else. -- French teacher suspended for spending too much time teaching the Holocaust. A history teacher who has -- consistent ended -- France for -- she happens to be Jewish and she was organizing trips to Nazi death camps send us. -- -- colleagues -- -- -- wife in the art in Iran released a caller slot or hotel or for the calling her the just saying she easily -- in the newspapers are just calling Euro hole while she was a nude models so there -- a little upset by that. But she looked pretty good yet you know what they don't tend to judge things the same way you do there. They're a little bit more uptight and then you happen to be looked -- got to do folks is go to Google and Sarkozy and look at images you doctor -- you don't care about what's on the what they wrote about -- just look at a picture. Four at large delegates point nine year old South Florida woman says she still summons identity and rang up 20000 dollars because she needed to fix defective breast implants. She's pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated identity theft and conspiracy was this woman though they never heard of Heidi Montag now wants her breasts by any -- removed that's Fides she was one of these people on the OC yeah and -- as she was married to their bad. -- Peace -- -- condoms by eighty Cusack she cute pretty like California girl next door. And then she had all the stuff like on the -- -- the unsure 'cause I looked like the brunt of world Bernstein now the issue road looks like or yeah and she was very reviewed papers or put it. And now of course she's regretting it was her doctor that went off the cliff with that went all right I remember that now that was a funny stories that it is today is. Chris what channel is neck and on by the way -- stop. 380 I had to tell him you know it would -- him an hour to find on his own but no you got to tell him. All right speaking of breast implants. A supporter of dust office Rojas wears a pin detecting depict what it's like another party going on down in the case. Rojas using an unusual campaign fundraising -- one for eight feet throughout the I'm just watch and I do is tell you throat let's go -- right. A pop politician is rattling off breast implants for his campaign -- -- best stop RO house Barney Frank will never do that I predict now. He's in Venice on politicians. And at the grand prize is breast implants for a little under ten dollars a ticket. Donors get the chance telling him pricey operation free at charts. Berlin to sweeten their first it primary school German children are normally given a cardboard -- filled with sweets. But schoolchildren in -- this year opened their cons to find pens which projected erotic images. They were attending the upright clients school in northwest in Germany near handed. -- -- By the German Connelly -- -- -- angry ever guarantee that straws but never penis angry parents discover the -- given to their six year old children. -- they could projector attic images of what women inform the head master and they said they didn't realistic they. -- bought the from a discount store. Allentown Pennsylvania. A Pennsylvania couple secretly videotaped -- Roman Catholic priest having sex with their eighteen year old daughter in the basement of their home. And not snowing I read this story saying he got her pregnant. He started the sexual relationship with her when he was Chaplin of -- central Catholic high school and she was a senior. A pal and they're now living together and they had a baby six weeks ago. That's shocking. That's shot whether there there were no all the boys -- out now apparently not now this is the pit bull story from New Hampshire king India. A local man was taken at a hospital after his family's recently adopted pitfall. Clamped on his priests aren't adopted as she was trying to keep the family cat away from the died. When Maggie Wakefield finally got the three year old male football offer -- judge read that you -- afraid he was bleeding profusely and she could see bone in his forearm. Just a bit -- turn on the Pro -- clue me -- one of the -- -- down three weeks ago they had it just adopted did they'd replaced a docile female nipple at the film I don't -- there was -- docile she said this new job was a little different. My -- and it's aggressive anything can set them -- and that is a real -- -- -- You have. Now fourteen or loud and say -- that bulls are staring when they're not. Par to bring people up for about why would you ever get the -- but secondly why would you bring -- -- -- -- Miami where there's not a little animal because it's gonna get eaten within you know. I don't know a week in his history. It's just that but I know he's -- to -- and almost lost his arm. A cast like me and cut his penis off at Madrid's -- what's Kazakh I don't know. Office penis at Madrid's barajas airport to avoid being extradited home I guess he's from Kazakhstan. I was hospitalized in serious condition the 52 year old man and finished serving a five year prison sentence in Spain for violent crime. I was due to be extradited back to Kazakhstan Spain celebrates diversity. Why would be illegal aliens in the news escorted by several cops who was able to slip and I thought it was clothing and sever his penis. Involved. Yahoo! no kidding well. Mean -- tactic if I cut. Here lecture. Okay this is from com. Com. Police on Friday blamed a -- woman forgetting herself thrown across a field by a hungry elephant last week saying it's -- Germany. Saying it's a German and elephant in Germany -- he was at the circus. And she ventured too close to his son he was hungry any took her purse from parents -- rummaging through for a snack. The hurt the yellow from one of the snack out of the person he dead. And so than what -- -- the dog in China the smoke cigarette grass yeah. Thank -- about for a little puppy with a cigarette and that's mound and the neighbor said the owner of the dog he is. That's terrible -- only it's terrible -- City seven smoking's not gonna die emphysema and about three weeks aren't these the two winners. The first one is from Burr oak Michigan -- oak yes BURR. Spoke OK and then gathering sweet corn and southern Michigan is the latest to have an unexpected encounter with an alligator. There she is. Hi I'm -- not merely seeking belong with Nash. She's got a -- on two inches of -- should get some kind of this machine and was at the wind thing. He threw that when finger barometer -- -- I am what I am which is a pig yeah I'm like can I finish these two mission with great American TV out. Europe Michigan a -- gathering sweet corn in southern Michigan as the latest to have an unexpected encounter with an alligator. Dean also animals have been showing up far north of their traditional habitats Jeff a damn ski a Burr oaks -- chicken corn. When two women who worked heroes ever came running and screaming saint singing -- seen an alligator. He said the alligator darted toward -- kept coming as he backed away he moved faster than a begin to worry about a child being attacked by the nearly three foot reptiles. He grabbed a four foot bar from his truck and he killed it. In recent weeks have bustling gators by the when Chicago river and in Boston by the -- Brockton and in New -- sing. And the other winners from saint Petersburg Florida. Why would you have a an alligator in Brockton. Because they ran out of people's. A teenage daughter Kim brings out the protective side in any fathers that true and protective her daughter's. 90 I don't buy that premise and really usually are going to sort through and -- Michael's father coming after you -- announced. A Florida man is accused interview -- some guy with a beard white what -- they have a fat guy with a -- I'm seriously veteran TV -- from -- the can be shown her a Florida man is accused of taking his parental concern too far after being charged with stalking his own child. Dennis Hobbs is barred by a restraining order from going near his nineteen year old daughter now. They found a loaded gun a video camera a wig and a notebook detailing his daughter is a video camera may -- was maybe she was going I would a priest. He was dressed in black and had painted his face black. He was arrest was a man in both have to being spotted driving slowly around a woman's shelter where his daughter told police she'd taken graphic -- over his. Over fear. That her overly protective -- -- disapprove of relationship with a boyfriend would come after reserve board for and a priest by using it could be I I don't know of itself a loaded gun. -- -- -- -- -- -- Another exciting episode police blotter thanks -- this case. Thank you syndicate or 1877469432218774694322. Like to thank the person told me about -- Michaels being on backup. Michael's gonna committed join -- he's gonna him.