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Deval Rips Baker- Cahill jumps in

Aug 20, 2010|

Patrick, Baker and Cahill......like a debate

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I think we have the governor rod line -- good morning governor Yahoo!. Good Orleans are coming up my cohost guest today -- guest cohost I guess is joke that fell from Fox25. Gracious and that's what I sent out I'm -- so -- it's it's a good. I didn't realize governor I was a year earlier agreed with Paula you know what you're looking you know a guy Eric debt yes but now they have to be okay. Very good. I I worry Syria good gracious indeed that is the comment update -- -- but he had a different reaction -- them down -- governor we were just talking with -- -- about the jobs report community staples and BJ's tempering their projections for the rest of the -- wanted to come -- talk about the jobs issue. Tell us what's going on in Massachusetts in the midst of what is been a very very worrisome economic -- Has been the worst of economic even though we are coming out of recession faster than the rest of the country and stronger that we were before we head. In July -- yet an increase in the private sector jabs at some 191200. Job that the largest. Single monthly increase in the private sector in over twenty years and that -- straight road straight month. Cap -- that was 60000. Amber. So good good progress but it happens. It also sectors except government where there have a lot of federal that's -- -- -- -- -- federal statistical went away at which state government. Continued to have reduced it in hit count but debt in the private sector all across the board including manufacturing. 2800 new manufacturing jobs in July twice as many. As professional and technical chapped and that is further indication that we are making more of the things that we hear in the. Yes Steve's site just made the point staples sales are flat at staples and other big companies and in their many troubling signs that. This is this the recession is nowhere near over yet. Well that's not the consensus of economists looking at what's happening here in Massachusetts I mean obviously they can. There. Concerning. Comment and projections from those two companies. I've visited a company earlier this week out in Framingham that debt is in the clean and alternative -- Eight -- and they've doubled inside in the last three years. And there are many examples I bet it isn't over by any mean not percent unemployment not acceptable. And yet there's still a lot of people out of work but we're definitely moving in the right direction we are bucking the national trend and that's something I'm very proud that hasn't happened back. Dot governor do you think that we'd be in Massachusetts can it Peugeot words buck the national trend of the national and global trends. To avoid these compact continued stagnation -- the worst. An additional debt. Well I think it will we have to do -- play -- strength and that's what we've been now what we've been doing. We've emphasized the growth strategy and it's one of the that education. That integration and that infrastructure rebuilding. All of RS and dealing with so much of aren't -- -- infrastructure. And that is the strategy that it help desk though into recession -- -- eat at the. It -- the country come out faster. It's why we are growing at twice the nation the national -- ray ray well why our economy -- -- 48 out of state. We just got to stick to what we know we do well and those are the areas where they'll -- well I'm going to let it down don't let them get a little. Let me do the wrong depression. We're connected to national and global economy's course that's true. How do you respond when critics not just -- not not just candidates but others make the observation that Massachusetts is a hideously. Difficult place to do business CEO magazine CFO magazine always have a stout enough. 45 to 48 state. We're state to do business because of either. Constant changes in tax policy or interpretation. Constant changes in regulatory and permanent. What's the response governor you've been up to held for almost four years now how do you react to that when you hear that. What to think that they first of all the NBC did a survey of business leaders from all across the country and we are right it best place it. In the country up from fifty just a couple of a couple of years ago we've been moving up steadily. Over the last -- happier. Certainly -- think that the question of the ease of doing business is something that you ever let apple eat. Reduced the time for a state permanent. We have that we cut the corporate tax rate because they capital should treat it happens bill I'd I'd just let just last week. If more thing to do -- course they're all these issues in time you've been many with the commute time and the data quality issue about. Local permit and that. How uncertain it is their discredited -- -- put it that way in getting permanent one candidate to be and they and they in the green -- certainty. Predictability of businesses they're interested -- we got to continue to work the work not -- that and I I think we've got I think this progress is real and we gotta be careful. I think in this in this commonwealth. To deal with that psychological part. -- economy. You know this idea always talking ourselves. Doesn't help I am very very confident. In our future if we bake if you -- that today and yeah -- We -- our strength and that's what you attract new -- getting that you think. Charlie Baker is talking ourselves down if they do you have I do I think that the departed. It's been a bit of a strategy that -- you know the worst off. All of us are the better opportunity and politically I think -- found an upside down. So he's good accent in a negative -- they've been too negative about our state. Well I think it can't look at Ed the largest single monthly job gained it victory in over twenty years and get the whole com. I mean -- you know nobody believed that we were gonna be able to turn around the global economic collapse help with one single gesture -- decline that -- But the fact is we are climbing out and it would climbing -- -- it faster trumpet in the rest of the country and it's crowded and I want to keep that habit they'll. Governor would with the knowledge obviously were in the midst of a campaign accusations and charges go back in full what's your handle I don't well delighted that you have the c'mon. We try to -- -- would decide trying to schedule something for October raised on thirteenth with mr. -- with mr. Kay hill. And perhaps ms. Stein as well similar to what we did here in June and you kind of command and did a great job. Wondering if if if he'd be interested in joining us all the other candidates seem to say declare their schedule there ready to go. I'm there's always come back and it just look at okay. I don't apply the governor at a concert. And I hope we can do it. Now that the team didn't try to less seriously he's been trying to work out -- scheduled for. I think it's eight different. Regularly and you want -- debate but there there there's time in October so years and you would do a debate here our tail on October -- -- like to -- for a lot of I know he did okay. And Molly DeWitt and governance not aggressively try to put those same words and Obama and handyman you. Obama to help we can do it can't edit here but it seems that -- are trying to work out scheduled to make it. It's just just topic itself that you've been talked about jobs the economy the massachusetts' reputation. You know jolly bakery -- where it's kind of stir the pot and a negative way he says hey wait a minute. Look at this Massachusetts could be doing so much better so I think that's great comedy audience of for the vote as well. Let me let me let me let me be clear. You know aside -- any great initiative. Company any good government is constant improvement I'm not saying that we have reached the promised -- So bad debt. The fact that we are growing. Twice the national -- and debt and a outperforming forty -- states is not by accident in well we there I think that. Definitely have to happen. To continued this practice let's not pretend. Like this prospect is real leading Israel for the 191200. People were working. Who were working just just two. This last month governor how about this have you agreed the debate I won't ask you about the New York mosque. Yeah. Not talking about that at all. I haven't got there we go I hear that a lot young -- and seriousness the -- that in the mosque has been a huge issue a you know around the country I've asked you about this recently. Who edited talked about the president the president came out and said he would do you know which everyone respects in the what the president said that. You know who we -- freedom -- -- of -- religion in this country but they kinda seemed to back tracks and it wasn't really talking about you know whether wisdom of the mosque itself. What's your view of this. Well my you don't just said that the gazillion different bad times and -- One of the things that -- distinguishes that among nations. It's freedom of religion and religious tolerance and it has been a founding principal. And a heralded principles -- the beginning. And debt and a I think that the sooner we separate. The violent the terrorists. From that peaceful teachings of Islam the religion of Islam the better off we go will be. Part I don't get had to get that question then carry about the I -- I know we cannot our governor you've tamed the east and that is a good good thing whenever it happens the governor Governor Deval Patrick has been our guest we're grateful for that. Look at this -- nine just lit up and I think this guy might have a speed dial -- -- it is such Alley baker who's the governor names Talladega by name said you're being too negative. Charlie. Morning guys you book a like what I'm out there -- and every single very bad for business people especially small business people and and the governor Kenny can can we want but the bottom line is most small business and I talked to. Wolf more recovering in an -- only just -- and there are well aware of the fact that. Massachusetts super great contracted -- without -- they're well aware of the fact that the state faces huge fiscal problem this year -- next year and -- very. Couldn't get to the fact that the governor basically says he won't rule out raising practices well the budget deficit next here and we although the small business. As the hardest time -- north bay in fact increase is being increased his big changes in regulation all of which they've forgotten them marked so this for the past. Warrior jolly admit there's you know a series of trust statements with us and on the -- the campaign trail some of which you've just not repeated and they all. Sound rational. But how do you how do you. I guess run those through what the governor has pointed out six months of private sector job growth including 191000 jobs added. Just last month. Running counter at a national trends indicating that there may be is something quite positive going on a Massachusetts. They're -- -- employment numbers you know month month over month to go -- full employment numbers -- They have -- moved up much in the last four months or so which makes me sort of wonder what's going on here overall alert -- that in the economy and any other thing I was very. There were still down -- 150000. Jobs so left for years and that's over 300000 people out of work. It's irrelevant trajectory and some of the stuff you talk about. Sort of not getting back to a or fire what they're great fight you -- Yeah I don't think that's reasonable is I know I had thought well so you can't help but he's looking north of the border. To New Hampshire there will be unemployment rate is is five point 8%. Which we have five point 8% unemployment rate Massachusetts could be over a 100000 people were considering who -- And part of the reason there are five point 8% relative Vick artery and it could very affordable are open for business and they get stuff done and they don't wait factors in the -- effective. But do you think there's anything positive going on right now on the stand -- our -- -- Any time any told -- just -- good thing I'm off for that I had tremendous. I have unbelievable and I think a lot of people I've -- -- vote work can mean I was earlier this week goes. I was. And Norton is having a support group that just. Sort of got -- -- -- group of men and women it started getting together to church to talk about their experiences try to get a job. Send. And only when you -- your heart good luck to -- every morning Vick did not and there. And they're going up there and -- -- -- -- there and try to fight their way to a 1020300. Applicants for a lot of the jobs they're trying to get. And and then -- -- I -- happy if they make it to the final 25. And -- -- so while one of them get jobs and that's sort of validate. -- the levels -- furthermore. The disappointment and rejection that requires significant here is very important that went by helicopter might wonder you don't give. If it is very positive is out there are almost four but the bottom line is. We still refused big budget deficit the governor hasn't ruled out raising taxes every small bit of -- talk he'll. Talk about regulations regulations red -- regulation. And Massachusetts unwillingness credibility if barber an adult behavior with regard to wall and boy oh boy that they think -- well. Really well -- what you react when you -- if there ever jolly what your reaction when you hear the governor himself say is that the off messaging your words. -- creating an economically depressed of affected. Why am I shocked that the governor thinks I have -- however to have -- Massachusetts economy. But I guess wherever they come as my words for the most barter reflection of what I hear everything will come out they're talking. Food system folks and to businesses and to families on the campaign trail. And I don't. I don't pretend to be anything other. And that it voiced its economic after the people like doctor every -- well. And what and we we ask the governor about the loss got to believe that you recently. Have become more outspoken about the mosque in New York City what do what is your view is this a good idea bad idea. We'll let -- don't let position and it just the pretty much the same which is was. -- I -- -- Mikey we went there's the crowd -- -- for seven years ago and it was well it -- installment ground with a stable parents are -- We did you walk around there and you feel about your articles of clothing and look and the family photos then. In the note that the book says there that there friends and family or lost fair and it's unbelievably sharing and I just feel whole thing is that's sort of a sacred burial ground almost. And and I honestly -- I would have voted against putting it. So close boot so closest site New York should take place this -- go well that could put it. And you are not Debian that is somewhat saved by the way you're here in danger of being under investigation took so. Yeah I know that's wonderful. -- -- the beauty of the political discourse in America look at the beginning of the -- I think there. Respect -- I think the vast majority of people. Would prefer to see this located somewhere else in new York and I don't think that's an unreasonable position at all given the importance in the significant forget they have a lot of -- Dollar maker siding with Harry Reid we knew we hear him Harris and W like they'll -- -- until. A friend not a lot of a jolly will let you go thanks for joining us a great point counterpoint would you we and the governor. -- -- -- has been our guest most recently have a short break by the way guess who's coming up after the break jail wonder hope Tim K not. Ollie you have that -- is this like this is almost the equivalent of a debate to Tim Cahill will be our guest on the audio on the PS right here on AM 680 WRKO. Still -- failure Boston's talks to you shouldn't AM -- W Ontario. -- Don't. Good morning welcome back to the -- and -- that's not a judge Joe Joe of course is Joe Maddon fell. DNJ the political reporter for fox Tony five he substituting for Todd vibrant touch away for a few due to the days of a well deserved vacation. And I hope -- -- to join him self up on that Alaska cruise. What a show what have we status with the -- well we started -- very early tomorrow with a lot of things but Ian Bowles secretary of energy then to the governor. Then to challenge bacon and in a moment to to what Tim Cahill wants to call in and weigh in now all of this dotted. The governor wanted to talk talk about the jobs report right he says 191200. Jobs private sector jobs all across the spectrum we described including manufacturing had been edited July and that's the sixth straight month he also says it's the biggest. Single month. Job to jump that security in twenty years now those are impressive statistics -- here -- area jolly baker says wait a minute this isn't exactly happy talk. About the every day there's no businessmen smaller intermediate says businessmen of the businesswoman who feels any sense of confidence the united -- unemployment -- still does not go down and so you know -- -- -- -- -- the -- here honestly don't think -- I guess it's up to -- showed -- try to sorted -- try to figure -- out and to help the voters themselves -- figure -- a lot of this stuff to go by -- we would -- and finally talking about the long term and I quite an -- depressing that can be. That's right and then re having another candidate now join us now he's in jail if it isn't an independent it was a with us yesterday. But he wants the -- -- now -- the other two candidates come on right -- Right right I agree we need equal people. Opportunity in the tank and appreciate you give me the. You're trying not to ask -- probably has some of the governor's talk but Joe wanted to summarize -- little by little -- yet because we're talking to governor was talking about a negative talk to people talking things down and I asked them if he was talking about Charlie Baker Dan this this was what he said. Do -- I do I think that the department. It's been a bit of -- to keep it did you know the worst off. All of us are the better but it treat him politically I think -- on an upside down about. Now do you agree with the governor on that. Now I I don't necessarily agree with the governor are at all I think -- are not is to point out the weaknesses -- -- -- Charlie. The point out the week it is being -- administration. The way rather than than not. You know if you eat the governor doesn't like because if -- go back and again and I think the fact that we are without the last job today. In this state oh we sent out the water port connect same. Hey -- there we go I have watched the F someone like -- -- probably talk about well we still have. Thousand people walk unemployed people on 300 -- why not a Big Three 1121000. So what you're doing -- talking about the -- first thing the government doesn't want to face reality -- kill more people. Trying to find yards. Eight and out of work it is a war -- you'll go out tonight yeah it's I don't you know this -- -- and protection anymore -- Massachusetts. Pro whatever the good -- it is still what people unemployed in the Orioles go I don't know that good. -- to be to be fair about early to play the governor is a story line all the way out. When you are asked about the pension performance this a year -- -- when everything went south. And nobody and you point out hey that was part of a global and national. Stock market hit since then every governor the governor would say lodged -- we would get slotted as every other state and country was. But now we've done six months in a row here in Massachusetts adding almost 20000 private sector jobs. Just last month isn't this something the end and it isn't -- something to the governor's point weary says at least where were on the right track and better than any other day. A week god it's pretty practical I predict from when you look at got unemployment is doubled -- get sixteen point. What does not fit this is what the pension fund -- now and I'm really not this is what it is. You pick in the whole realm of my eyes and and we dealt with the same -- is pretty the only way but we've left defense in front bunker and would more money. And he came into this -- lot better -- got. And I don't know how you spin it into something really good other glowing slightly in the last six months they they are other continue well. I don't think under the democrats' policies. Upgrading factor -- gonna continue to grow up you tell you what they lied so he made a book on the screen but no one entree and it all right Barack twice as many people are reported today don't Governor Patrick took opposite -- it got to be held responsible for that. You say the governor's -- Guillen knows I was interested in that comment that you made you and he kind of shot back -- Charlie bakery basically said. The worsen the news he gets for Massachusetts the better off baker does. And that's wrong. And then you said is did you viewing -- the governor gets a little too. You you know. I don't know what the word is but defensive usually are trickling prickly -- I -- I was gonna work -- -- is that some kind of a personality flaw of is or what what are you talking about. -- -- -- personality like that -- big political blog you have to take responsibility child guilty until. You have to take responsibility for what you've done in this business what are the big big -- economy. Would -- the lottery -- and -- -- -- And then you -- -- what does not -- And when it turns out and and be held accountable for that all well the good in the batting neither he looked up our little ones take that responsibility. Very neat because it got back drop in politics. It -- -- responsibility for what we do what we. Putting bad and what accomplishments are now the governor didn't want to look at that that the class. All. And instead it payment they would -- be like in and out and the media and the economy go out I like say. Yeah not try to knock anything down under on the -- a good looking at the numbers. And the numbers show that we have 9% unemployment despite the fact that. We've brought some yard what does it mean you're that there are more people in the marketplace -- -- -- especially young people people are little clap. -- them the economy a Massachusetts was probably never stronger -- -- was from 93 to 99 give or take. A couple of months and neither side of that and Kelly Dick was right in the midst of that either for bill weld though all Paulson Lucci. Does he get credit for that all that was it really well and salute you with the autism child is just on the back of the bus along for the ride. Well it off the -- and forget sun I guess Charlie would take credit for the good but not pick responsibility for the bat. So you you'd if you want to take full responsibility. For the big gate which was always thought was put on their watch is well low ninety's and -- Then he can take responsibility for the economy but it he would only percent of -- In the Big Dig -- you should call -- percent credit for the economy when he says that the -- you can only ET FR word. There are gonna what it's a fair point to make them what he says had a two guys I work Falwell that some Lucci. Looked at the project and said the principal the principal was no new taxes when -- can we increase taxes will find another way to pay for this project. He then went out and became if you've got the author the architect. Of -- financing plan that you and the governor of embraced Iran repay a bridges is it's does that make baker. A bad guys are just the same as UN just the same issue when does the governor. My my a -- my prediction on what we put a financing plan to pay for RNC a limited number of big it is that would across the state. 700 million dollar I think it would be responsible. The governor blew out three billion up almost four billion dollars we try to we brought it around to a more reasonable number are. I think -- the difference between that play any other -- is that under god administrations -- billion dollars in surplus at that time because. Economy was booming. And -- revenue -- -- feeding expenditure. And what initiative to kick in some if not all of that money. And put into the big gate not just -- future 110 and it kicked out fifteen years -- -- in a way that they're not gonna be responsible or. The governor has done similar things I don't think create your -- support of other. Com yeah from financial audit point of view it work but it's not the best -- -- -- -- because we. Perpetuating a mistake that would got in the ninety's I'll warrant for every bit like what we do with schools which is we pay for. Project -- -- being built. Which failed tax revenues come into a truck spun and I think that's a better way to do what we become -- money off beating real threat and we haven't increased -- It would paying down debt was a bigot like both Massachusetts -- Americans want us to kill. Let's begin a finances you -- an independent candidate for governor you've been having some fundraising problems yourself. Is there what why you how does he raised some like 8000 dollars is this just in the first two weeks of this month there was isn't which is nothing at the rate you're going you're gonna have to be spending years in -- in making and having less and less money I know you say you're gonna use less money but. Isn't that an indication that the campaign is not doing that great if you're only raising that little amount of money. Well we'll wait till we record one point two million -- since we started in the traits which I think is pretty damn good for an independent who got rebel party. Infrastructure air or or access to special interest that while Republican and Democrat that. Even at this point and great more money than Governor Patrick catnip and virtually -- in Charlie Baker. And about as much as they combined with -- -- running mate this out so you know we're with one out walk to be spending money right now. Tom and I think what have as much money -- they want to compete and we start to want to go to trade starts he's got I'm. Confident we will be in the -- -- always this much money at the need. Want to try 27 in the Washington insiders -- out of this will compete. If they can penetrate like it did before then well do what without -- fight otter and and what Carlos thanks so. You've -- your you know it really. More money than Deval Patrick which you brought. But mostly highly beaten mostly your own money to -- yeah and I'll help well I mean I think he's lined Garcia showed us -- new independent I think he's spent four million dollars in the -- -- -- -- Dismissing the fact that money's important well likely to almighty absolutely. But we. Wait a lot of early and we held onto it because we haven't run a very expensive campaign that lets people send out -- that I. I think we called -- to. So that we can be competitive awakened in not in November. Timmy made the observation. That you know the jobs situation. Is worse. Honda governor Patrick if you look at the totality of the G is that might be a better the last few months but you have to look at the totality of it. And are more beyond that general observation. Is this something specific. We would say Governor Patrick and his administration. Have blundered badly on. -- tell us what X is EBO world what is the break point for you with Governor Deval Patrick. While I -- I give it to a samples -- green salt or if one. And it's over seventy million dollars in state money not 21 as you said in the debate over seven email Rijndael state money tied up -- one company. He claimed that we've created they've created over 800 jobs Girardi made the decision to outsource some of those jobs to China. -- got this huge mistake it's popping out. A fortune in any any you've created. 7800 jobs -- every million dollar that's pretty expensive per job and I thought why don't believe government should be in the business. -- specifically trying to help. -- particular company -- particular industry. Any other thing they blundered terribly hit in that in the casino debate we looting just -- people being laid off. Today it wonderland got a plane wage and probably apartment topic it well because the governor wouldn't compromise and come up with a solution that would. The only thing it -- ever actually -- them in the future. So go to Chile areas that the governor eastern hell bent on helping hijacked. Companies Biotech companies like -- -- which are important. But he doesn't care about middle class jobs and and other jobs that may not it is well. He -- important aren't worthy but in my world I'm very very worthy and important because the job of the most important things that we can provide for people. We're right up against a clock we appreciate the time he willingness to come on talk about the the they cared to Patrick Derek K Gil Troy Kenya. We're gonna have to reach out to Jill Stein -- sometimes -- not just to keep it going Tim Cahill has been I -- short break break outside line rider who just hit the area. Although it does a lousy mister wise guy diamonds could give the last four.