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Obama: A one-term president?

Aug 17, 2010|

Will Barack Obama be a one-term president? Yes, he might last that long. Honest to goodness, the man just does not get it. He might be forced to pull a Palin and resign before his first term is over. He could go off and write his memoirs and build his presidential library. (Both would be half-size, of course.) Do you think Obama will be a one-term president?

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Now it's time for the how -- cars show I believe that Muslims have the right to practice their religion. As everyone else in this country. And if we shut down shot down a mosque. And community center because it is two blocks away from the site where freedom was attacked. I think it would be a sad day for America I think it's standing up for America's founding principles shows strength. Not -- bliss and I applaud the president for taking a stand you. I don't crusade to save that says the president is disconnected from the American people on this issue but. How often do you describe it he just doesn't get it that this -- insensitive move. On the part of both Muslims who want to build that -- -- dislocation that still quite get it. -- the heart of collective we Americans -- -- still have a lingering pain from 9/11 Nazis. Don't have the right to put Albania is signed next in the holocaust museum in Washington truly never -- the Japanese. You're putting up precise next to Pearl Harbor howry. Car by the dumbest thing that any president this -- candidate is -- Michael Dukakis said it was -- to burn the flag Hamas powered card W our very own. Radio network. One 87746943221877469432. That's the toll free number. Of the Howie -- showed today and every weekday if you like to join us. Today were broadcasting. Live from -- or bad. At one of ten more at fell one glanced down street in Tim -- -- right behind us central Central Park the thumping of the New York Fenway Park. -- eleven mosque of the -- Manhattan. -- but -- that it's not even in the rights that same central park's body but of the same part of town -- a mosque. Right behind Fenway Park and a come down to visit us we've got a few magnets to give away a few postcards also I'll be happy to sign. Come on down if you're heading -- the game tonight against the -- Los Angeles Angels. 18774694322. If you would like to join us on the air if you would like to take part in our daily if -- like what was the show on the Internet you can always do so go to our website which is how we cart dot com now we cart dot com. Bad -- click on the life. Audio streaming. And also what how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll question. And -- CNB what is are the poll question today and a one of the results thus far while the poll questions will Barack Obama be a one term president. Yeah I don't know the results and we'll find out the stuff. Okay I'm gonna say yes. Most ninety finds 5% yes they do work cock eyed optimist solace but I don't know where Harry Reid turning against him on the -- question I was kind of surprised me. Well Harry or Hillary read is that there's a guy who's just up to what save results again. And you know he's he's up for reelection this year Barack Obama is and he's got plenty of time to turn it around but but. But convince these he's he's capable of doing it by the way the we have the up podcasting up from mutt Jeff Harry's interview last night in in -- -- from Friday night yet. -- we have that up yet I believe we do guys -- doing. That's silent erupted you know with good can. It was not a conspiracy folks it was just one of those things we didn't get around to a last night so what you can listen to yes see there is -- -- the they -- and yeah must try to camel -- so you -- opportunity both of are there you can listen you can listen to everything either you both sides. We we expect them more as time goes on 187746943. 2218774694322. That is the toll free number of the Howard -- -- consisted get right out to a with the for rock for one term president I'm just gonna piece of the oldest all of a sudden we've -- a lot of stuff about a one term president seems seems kind of early in these are good. But it's all just. Conservative web sites are talking about this. -- here's -- couple of the American spectator. It's a good bet. Right now but Barack Obama will be a one term president the enthusiasm the once shield that this hyphenated American has dissipated. His supporters although numerous still numerous have discovered he -- Bill Clinton's centrist instincts. And even his charm. Do you keep bush mania that swept the country from 2006 to 2009. Finally burned itself out. It's always possible Republicans were nominated that's not happened so often before that it should be considered likely. Yapping and Bob Dole had a Republican John McCain and yikes they weren't George would neither of the bushes where that great either come to think of it. Now they'd soon be the defense that Democrats is with is is that at this point in 1982 after he was first elected. In the wake of an unpopular Iraq presidency Ronald Reagan was. Pretty -- in the polls he was he lost the pond. Of seats in congress. Did not 1982. -- in the economy took off it 1983. After the the tax cuts than the this with a ringing out of inflation kicked them. But Tom -- was saying. Saying that today though we may well be the opposite position the new tax laws -- for 2011 are still unclear. Tax extender legislation is making its way on Capitol Hill even as I write its final shape is uncertain. That is an important reason why capitalists are sitting on a lot of capital right now hiring a sluggish. But it is clear that tax rates on upper upper incomes on capital gains would increase perhaps sharply. We know what Obama thinks about the rich even if he is one of them he thinks that they should be punished wants tax lot of reassert its punitive role he is actually the opposite of Reagan. In this as in many other respects. So what he's saying basically is that this as opposed 82 being a bad year when things got worse. There when things got better and 83 of this from 2010 may be a good year retrospective and things will get worse. In that 2011. We come to Roger Simon who's kind of kind of a liberal blow hard for politico. His EC is the headline on his column today is Obama the one term president. Question what Barack Obama be a one term president the answer. Yes he might last that long. Roger Simon thought he was with a beautiful people he's not gonna get invited to to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow. Where where -- -- she's staying amateur market -- penalty 40 my goodness. Back to Roger Simon honest to goodness the man just does not get that he might be forced to pull Palin and resign before his first term is over. He can go often write his memoirs and build his presidential library both with behalf size of course satirist senator etc. The candidate. The president says what do the polls say the recent CNN poll found that 68%. Of Americans did not want Hamas felt close to ground zero. Which should should mean that's all she wrote let's move on to the next crisis. It appears however that at least on this occasion Obama does not hear what the polls say. An unidentified. Chief of staff to a quote politically vulnerable house Democrat. That doesn't narrow it down very much there a lot of them. Told James Coleman and Maggie Lieberman a politico that Obama's statement quote probably alienate a lot of independent voters and quote. There -- a lot of Democrats were spooked in tough districts today -- a lot of Republicans are licking their chops right now. 1877469432218774694322. It's what do you think I'm just gonna throw the question out there do you think he's gonna be one term president ever -- can turn it around I. The that this that this this -- thing is. Is very disconcerting I mean it's just keep the he doesn't seem. Two to understand what the symbolism ministers a story in the New York Daily News today about. How they got they already got strip joint they don't meet Greg Gutfeld opened up the you you know via the bar suspicious packages that gave our. There's already plenty of strip joints down there lingerie shops -- say it's kind of off funky area and like the old Times Square. This -- this is just the a provocation you know I because I think moderate Muslims understand this those of the people will look like the woman that have been on the bill look. Bill O'Reilly show if you typed the there's this is not this is not something they should they should they should want it though. And certainly the president of the United States should not be signing off on -- I heard Michael Savage last -- it just again you know some nights of in the -- -- some might have but he says -- use of what a weird situation the president of the United States. The Jewish mayor of New York in the terrorist organization Hamas all agree on the same thing they they don't want a mosque. On the site of that -- near ground zero it's. I can't I cannot believe. There was a great headline in the on the American -- dot com today BM to New York dropped dead remember the old let's say the old. -- some people say some people say now was in the New York Post was up. Tonight the annual Jimmy Fund radio telethon is coming to Fenway Park on August 19 and twentieth last year's event raised four point five million dollars and this year we need your help to meet our five million dollar -- In the eight years of this. Well I don't know what that was okay. -- we lost so we were lost there for awhile okay we about the phone number got 1877469432218774694322. -- happens. Some New Yorkers literally did drop dead nine years ago because they chose to in their wives by falling from the top floors of the world trade towers rather than wait for the inferno that killed by burning -- -- asphyxiation. President Obama's Friday night declaration of support for the ground zero mosque was a giant middle finger in good New Yorkers in America. Now why would I think such a terrible thing about our Obama forty answer cast your mind back nine years to that -- on September 11 2001 you remember it. Some of your neighbors may have succeeded in forgetting it but you remember it. Those nineteen -- hottest mass murderers on 9/11 with a lifelong products of saudis Saudi sponsored -- propaganda. It's easy to summarize their message even without going to your local mosque because and terrain Tehran they cut it down the six words. Death to Israel death to America. Even though the 9/11 killers were silent -- so -- from Saudi Arabia that was still the message they implied with their mother's milk like tiny tots in Gaza are doing today. Day after day of Hamas TV. Death to Israel death to America Norman normal human minds can only resist so much propaganda before they start hearing it in their own heads even with the TV off. Consider what happens at a -- like the monster mosque that is now destined to rise in place of those capitalist -- symbols of the Twin Towers. I'm glad you asked that question because it is the crux of Obama's total of abject surrender to fascist islamists of what happens -- will be every single Friday night at your basic -- mosque is precisely the same hate sermon that you concede. On on Hamas TV. That's their job it's what Islam means it is total surrender to become my millions of all what including making war against your basic and Fidel. As -- of global scurbel six point so clearly having moderate against the industrialized media at your disposal makes it so much easier to brainwash an entire nation in record time. That's why the Saudi supreme most train new -- -- moms to go out set -- -- monster mosques and all the big cities of the west. If you've got to go to the sources it's not a secret they're happy to tell you about it because they know they've got the west -- good. They use their own constitutional protections against us. But what is interesting about our current occupant of the White House is that he's been subjected to a lifelong propaganda himself once upon a time. Buried so Toro was a cute little tight no doubt it -- a whole bunch of battles columnists. Muslims Jeremiah Wright subjected him -- decades of consistent anti American propaganda. It's one thing focused columnists and the Muslims could agree on American know that they'll see -- like the Massachusetts congressional delegation come to make of that. If we could look into Obama's unconscious we would find all those slogans -- -- all his life over and over again. They're just on automatically pop he doesn't write her problem. When little Barry lived in Jakarta before the age of ten he saw the aftermath of an enormous civil war at least as terrific as our own civil war. Perhaps 200000. People were killed. Either by the biggest Communist Party outside of China at the time -- by the Indonesian army an alliance with. Islamic fundamentalists. One of the bloodiest massacres in recent history. The little Barry was brought to Jakarta the live there by moment step that for four years ages six to pad. Propaganda anybody. He preachers. No wonder Obama chose to sit at the feet of Jeremiah Wright for twenty years after Harvard Law School must've sounded like old home week told. So what do you think if you think he's gonna be reelected or not. 18774694322. You think that rather depends on who's up against him because what they said you know thinks they said. Mean he could probably beat Huckabee but I don't think that they'll be Huckabee the they have a way of that the other key -- the other party has a way of putting up a candidate who'll win when they have an opportunity to win you know. Mean let's face it John McCain it was an underdog I don't care what they say about the economic collapse of September 2000 AP John McCain was he may have been hanging in there but he was probably gonna lose in the end just because people were ready for change. Think people are ready for change now. 18774694322. Republican leave on generic congressional ballot grows to seven points largest this year Gallup reports. A new Gallup poll out this morning finds Republicans have moved to their largest lead of the year yet with fully half of registered voters say they favor the GOP candidate on the generic congressional ballot. Gallup says the new results fifty to 43 with Republicans gaining another point in the last week indicate the GOP has suffered a brief period as as -- the brief period of democratic momentum last month I never understood that brief period of democratic momentum last month but there was -- based on. Gallup polling occurred August ninth through fifteenth so what in the is so where would include. Early. Reactions to the Democrats. Announce support for building a mosque near ground zero in New York City. Gallup warns that the that the party -- -- president with less than 50% approval ball tends to suffer heavy -- horses in mid term elections which come November. Second I think that's a that's obvious is meant. The Republican surge coincides with Obama's newest low weekly job approval rating up 44% and is attributed to pardon. And part of broken bones of support among independents. So what do you think 1877469432218774694322. So this morning was in LA. Then there was Jai -- you know traffic is bad enough in a way as everybody knows it now awaits us now there that now he's stuck. He caught everybody up at the traffic you people work. Violent movement. And last night and early this morning and before that he had been in Milwaukee. Now he's going to Seattle Florida and Ohio before his next vacation and -- guess where its next vacation is yes you know where is next vacation is. His vacation is going to be in Martha's Vineyard home of the beautiful people. 1877469432218774694322. Additionally Republicans. Maintain any and it in this -- Gallup poll Republicans maintain that significantly high here. In losing yes -- about voting this year than Democrats do it's 44 to 28. According to Gallup 44 to 28 so in other words the Republicans are gonna be out rain or snow but Democrats and not so much that's why it that's. You know how pathetic this is Obama as well when he when he tries to make a big deal out of Social Security. Talk about waving the bloody sure that's what they used to say after the civil war you know whenever the Republicans had their hands full with the Democrats. That wave the bloody shirt of this of this the us civil war. Bloodshed and blame it on the Democrats now the Democrats try to blame if anyone wants to get rid of Social Security. The blame on the Republicans who but I want to know who who they think it's less than two. Most people. Who -- in. The quarry in the prime demographic voting groups that don't collect Social Security yet don't think they're gonna -- -- they don't think they're gonna get better they they think they're gonna get I think ticket's gonna they're gonna be means test that. Where they think they're going to have to suffer some kind of arms reductions I mean they they the -- They may not read the newspapers but he read the headlines on the Internet to have whites say that Social Security is in the red now it's it's five years before was supposed to go into the red. It's supposed totally run out of money at 2037 of nature at -- 2037. There's only going to be there's only going to be one. Person paying in to Social Security for every one person but it's that's that's. That's on Social Security so what's it was gonna be paying for all of -- social this Social Security. 18774694322. Do you think though Obama's gonna be a one term president. And how how we get -- vote deep deep do you want you know people at the we talked about this before from always interest of amnesty you know people who. Who. Voted for Barack Obama in 2008 we're now. Sorry they did so due to people who voted for a Democrat for congress people. They were people in New Hampshire -- voted out -- good senator Johnson in north thoughtful guy for a a rubber stamp for Harry Reid -- rubber stamp for Harry Reid who was now war. Getting ready to what were a lot. The throw or did throw Obama overboard on the on the issue of the mosque in New York. 1877469432218774694322. We'll get you were back in a moment somehow -- car. Red Sox aren't so hot this year but. Boards don't hold oppressed us for this news Brett Favre it's going back to Minnesota I know that's a shocker for everybody. Bruins' training camp opens two weeks. 18774694322. You know the Bruins the eye on it. Hockey team this announce his marbles -- say 318774694322. GM your next with Howie Carr go ahead jump. They captain good so thank you. You know there you could do a third major -- believed he had all but -- tell you there's some days I still cannot believe I'm an utter disbelief that we elected such a radical waterworld and you know America hates them. President and I'd just some days I still can't believe at all. You know what -- what Jim the only thing I would say I agree with you totally -- I would say I can't believe they elected him. Because I don't you know I've got one of the 47%. And didn't take part of the out party. That's right but we don't like joke radical in this country head you know he'd hit more than happy about it shows you strike. There's no way he's gonna get reelected the other thing is this Afghanistan's war how he. It's here. Vietnam saw what Carl Levin got pride in the face today could be support does give us. I don't buy -- if they can you believe that a but Democrats moan about senator. -- Michigan got got the high today by the by the Cindy Sheehan code being types. Went to a lot when the last time a democratic president got eaten by there all because of an unpopular war that they didn't start but that they don't know what to do about what a -- -- you know be it -- Lyndon Baines Johnson the man who named you never hear invoke the the Democratic Convention. One Germany would help. Yeah thank goodness. Thanks for the caught thanks for the call Jim 1877469432. Don't go looking for those candlelight vigils that they used to have a you know for a head from the court houses -- -- comments. Used to be wanna meet -- right next Florida where I live every. Every Saturday night I know what I think it was one might during the week and I I don't know where those people went even though there's more -- more Americans being killed and nine Afghanistan. Now than there ever were under George Bush and yet the candlelight vigils have with the candles have all gone out. 18774694322. I BI sent to -- off colonel hunt yesterday says you know he's he just. -- he's going back with fox again you know he's and I said said bill that's good news that you've got re signed by fox is that the bad news is they're gonna want to -- Kabul. Whitney Canada with a time when the Taliban but get arrives we sent me back an email a couple minutes later sit there are already there who have. 18877469432218774694322. Debbie are next with Howie Carr go ahead Debbie. On the carpet the hot but it does debit -- Hi Harry calling regarding OT eat -- -- president they start the show where it. -- -- -- All I got a little bit about what Melanie T shared it with -- puck -- up but not. Mr. Obama doesn't act he cannot measure the eighth street -- it read it people going door and started knocking it inbound. Indeed he will be long term. I mean you're not only -- very motivate. The OW I can't you know what I think they don't get I don't think it I don't think the people the moon bats and now Washington that the journal lists of all those people he's certainly not gonna see it on. Martha's Vineyard it's just that people are are really. It's seven it's it's excuse me it's 77 days from today eleven weeks eleven weeks ago. It and not and people are people are just gonna walk slowly to the polls are gonna park their cars and walk in there the gonna keep their mouth shut and they're just gonna they're just point though throw the rascals out. Actively thank you can that the ballot box one -- one I want to show us your name we're really looking at we are. Like almost -- it's about at the ballot box. I think everybody across the country has -- the page go -- Awesome had a barbecue farm aren't funny barbecue by the lake in about 35 people showed up my husband IB upbeat barbecued it was awesome. Good good. Good give my best when you see him thanks -- 1877469432218774694322. Billy you're next with how we cargo ahead belly. I don't I know we are really great show and I enjoyed listen you guys they are. A -- -- to -- I traded guard -- as a one term drug. I pray god that congress. Should be thrown out damage you can edit and Alison well more than what a surprise said. He wants some mosque built menu you are. You know that he agrees I believe in my actual which camera I might sound like a radical they'd -- to model. There's nobody out and they got through -- day and if anybody stand -- right so they're gonna be labeled as as I've prayed -- Are gonna all right -- -- they just go Paul last week I think 32% the American people think he's a Muslim by -- like I took yesterday I don't think he's a Muslim because I don't think a Muslim would say something like. -- -- you know the people in Western Pennsylvania cling to god and religion if he's a Muslim he's not -- that you would that's all the way to describe people being religious is clinging. But I understand they're you know certainly a lot of people feel that way and and -- -- the unit you know they had a big -- they I've mentioned this yesterday to they had a big -- debate last year at the White House whether there we're gonna actually have a Christmas tree in the White House. You know they -- that -- he'd even you know we just automatically it's it's a reflex action that -- more mosque at ground zero but. Putting in one way he was thinking about my -- a Christmas tree. What do I know plenty of non Christians or non believers to a Christmas trees just because it's a it's a nice thing to have you know the winter solstice the shortest days of the year. But they I don't want free it's okay you can actually -- above previous ledger got very -- I -- I like you can shake. I don't know any transmission either gonna gonna go up this year. You know without them being here not far -- asked -- tree grows up it's over it's it's a big problem. Thanks for the call Billy at 1877469432218774694322. Susan you're next with how we cargo at Susan. -- -- I had I hit it out this guy is a wonderful president he's just the president -- the wrong kind. 350 which I think it would -- during what he'd be a better present. Well I don't know -- They know. Venezuela. You know. I don't know Venezuela may be I think Russia and China -- a little too a little bit -- capitalistic these days Barack for Connecticut trial. And error area that would rather be in the country that's awash in oil but has -- ration gasoline. Doesn't Nero has a -- be black got rolling blackouts this socialism is worked out so well for. -- they can't hurt to lol ladies played netspective supermarket about. You -- -- the other I and I wish back about she's that this city opened. Because I was always so liberal socialist. -- don't negotiate have a -- a liar he's -- mark this I didn't vote for that I. Wow wait it out what you said. Oh I can't tell yet because they were you know in the NEA group. -- Yet if they do is that this is a beautiful people lab on guessing. Oh yeah yeah yeah let owl pellet shouted -- don't like these new word Marxist. Re let's heavy duty an old lady yet. So anyways but what I can't speak is very. How come keys felt disrespectful. To cover it up that name it she says. At that Catholic university. -- You know and no prayer day. That's right I forgot about that yet he won't even go to the prayer breakfast with the -- Christian enough priests and ministers the rabbis. -- -- did he ordered the he he ordered the us crucifixes are covered up when he was at what Catholic university yeah. Right down yeah but I you know it might go most of my -- and I have stepped up against the iPod but let's face -- -- Gabriel you know she is. I don't yet she wrote the book about why they -- she came home from might I don't know what fanatic some might end up but anyway. She said they always market territory with these Cordoba. This is not about they want that buffer practice the religion. They -- a market territory they thought they. Record right now I might not like you know it's it's just. If I secure -- Bloomberg is going along with it these are what is wrong with that what is -- with these guys what is know what's wrong with -- war you know. Liberals -- does that -- Liberalism is that mental disease. I don't -- -- disorder -- for the Karl Susan 1877469432218774694322. I wish you know that they haven't shown it real I don't know if they've shown at all since the first day it happened but he remembered 9/11. Women and what made makes me think of it is this guy and American thinker writing about it today when those people were jumping off of off of the world trade center for the ninetieth floor behind the hundredth floor. The update the the chaplain of the New York fire department -- gay guy was he was killed and he was killed by a falling body that day. -- -- And you know and and what -- what it. What did Deval Patrick say all they did mean and nasty things to us but it was a was a failure of understanding and Deval Patrick let's let's give him a pass on this either. He's he he's come out of the you don't. No one even asked him. About it are not that anyone I guess asked Obama either -- think about it these came out just set up for a for building the mosque in New York City. Even though they did mean in -- killing 3000 people that's mean and nasty. 18774694322. Mean and nasty is C news CNN pigeon closing another twelve I had a kicking it that's kicking and under the fence where the -- can't get it. You know not killing 3000 people who won eight sevenths. I'm doing some why we're trying to we're we're here that I can more square here at the Wofford well watching that it it hits and by the way it's a big they're all big and he's come in this way and things like walking across us to if you got the wrong number -- -- 18774694322. For a -- next with Howie -- go ahead warrant. Is agreed to -- hearing from the side of the border telling you what near Montreal planned. And I'm just wondering if you've had a chance yet to investigate the Bill Clinton -- Republican congressional candidate. George demos DE MO ON dot com -- don't vote that Nicholas Greek orthodox church. -- my church right somebody asked me I heard rush talking about it he talked about yesterday we talked about it again today. And -- so let's -- to make your parents spend on this George heroes tried to get the church rebuilt as well. We want another rebuilding the church has been there for years and years but they're pushing -- -- what Bloomberg thank you. Yet the CD it's George DE MOS dot com that's right George it worked out I assume he's agree quit what what stated he problem. Can't she at the moment I just forget okay well look at Arnold. The connections went Psycho you'll find it very useful. Yet no that's very good because some people were asking me yesterday we don't have by the way we don't have our -- are texting. Computer here to our capability here today but some people ask you -- it tell us more about this fact it's saint Nicholas's -- record the -- church correct. There for many years to -- across the street it's beautiful building and they're not. They drag their feet the Port Authority dragged its feet for a long a permanent fund is they rightly accuse him permission they rebuilt my agent to rebuild the -- -- -- -- for years and years and then again. Also by the way the church was also -- -- hit by debris from the from from the jets after they had hit the World Trade Center correct. I think -- destroy completely completely demolished the result of I think there is even kind of -- possibly because that's 'cause the end rumble and other debris that cleared up. But does such it certainly should have been seen to be for the -- -- the Clinton -- I mean. What's mocked doing their that's not even the most complexion -- -- New York City in their opponent over a hundred mosques in New York City already. Either that went right if your listeners would -- would check it does that you love it. How short my leader George Steve most dot com we'll check it out thanks for the call for thank you close the doors and not pull back. 18774694322. 18774694322. C I don't we have more listeners that just Steven Montreal has sometimes. Sometimes like you mentioned at the Montreal papers is only one of filtering rabble -- was from south of the border don't forget Wally to Walter -- -- -- -- heard from Wally Wally -- merchant mariners so -- -- -- anywhere in the -- -- -- 18774. -- -- -- certificates up on the Internet how could let some other people -- be up on the Persian gulf. I can say yeah we use to get stuff from the aircraft carrier right Persian gulf 1877469432. To build your next with how we cargo ahead bill. Finality you better believe he's going to be a one term president and if god hates in this market than it is -- the scene but they do it. -- I -- it -- more the more I think about it the more he yelled I'm getting about it you know I mean this is 3008. And if so what's wrong with -- memory and Bloomberg the moon -- -- away we're talking about a guy who banned trans fat. It's right about now weren't sure what tell us what these but he also loved -- I. Because LA here yeah let let the idea that you LS let him without without the first dozen donuts. You know give me the first -- that's that's what everybody else. May get a phone number earlier to spot the what what's number -- Typically Republican National Committee and I column about Republicans. And I call -- our -- put them what. Which they want from people just yesterday you get a woman feel like I've been an intractable plead the all about them at RB was leading in Iowa. -- -- -- Huckabee got an -- like I gotta make a call them live but don't do it did visit to defeat what is to happen. Yeah I know you're young and I don't look. I think that forget Conan national Republican committee called Rupert Murdoch and told to give Huckabee a raise to a million bucks a year and keep them out of a fight. We've got -- -- a little district which are -- news channel. Thanks for that thanks for the call bell 1877469432218774694322. That would just be awful Huckabee screws up Bob Mitt Romney again with this with this warm but it's only this I mean it's just. I I. I can't believe that the people by this that Mitt Romney's a member of a cult. We talked to guy for two minutes I mean. If he's if he's a member of a cult the country club -- you know -- he's the he's the businessman. For god sake. What are Herbert. He's got he's got the -- he's got real Harvard degrees but what law and a business school easily. Choice they make amount like he's -- you know the luckiest. Well -- that Huckabee ran a respectable campaign 2004 squirrelly in that 2008. -- the idea acute that take that guy 1 -- a turnoff like turn off fox on the on on the weekends when -- stupid show comes on the but he's playing bass guitar with some third rate rock bands like that. -- collective. Collective 18774694322. -- your next with Howie -- go ahead Jerry. Always yeah very pro Bono BR that a -- maps. Don't control. Don't think it's such an -- you know Jerry I. I think Holyoke is overrated as an arm you know there's there's parts -- there's parts of Springfield that make Holyoke look like look like the Hamptons. Do you real point here here's my solution Bill -- yes and congress -- before. Despite it it would all -- more people and by eminent domain. Yeah take it apart. Built to huge obelisk. Monument. Are dead -- and what are repayable in big middle Specter. -- But if you're you know isn't it funny Gary that the same people who thought it was a great decision in New London two to take all these people's homes by eminent domain and -- and they give it to some corporation not that they were that much pro corporation but got -- they just want to take people's property. The government to have the right to take people's property they loved that. But how. Now old they're they're saying what the government can't take anything by eminent domain this is so this is a local issue this is regularly. These people have the right there with private property to do whatever they wanted to how come. How come -- for for private property rights for these people wanna build a mosque but they weren't for the private property rights for the people who just wanted to keep limited their homes in Connecticut. If if congress takes the initiatives that you probably get like 98% of Republicans. What and in a few gutless wonder have a. Well I think you get a lot of Democrats the door right now. I think you get I think I think it I don't know if out of high -- introduce a you know I don't know where the I don't know how they do it but yeah a year if they could ever get it become a bill before congress it would pass what they've large. The I think veto proof majority. Why it is especially in this election year they there. I mean how would you want to be some guy you know. They -- 24 Democrats I read this last week 24 congressional Democrats have done polls. And they had and they haven't released that she got to figure they're all behind if they didn't released a -- so these are just 44 guys we know. How do you think they felt Saturday morning or Friday night when they heard the news the -- at 18774694322. On how we got. 187746943. Due to -- before you about the election. Come on five he has a -- We're waiting for the game to start up Howie -- he's still not refinance.