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Max Robins 8/16/10

Aug 16, 2010|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...

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Why an 877469432. Components assuming Texas hosts. Saying that Tom DeLay was -- the house speaker I know that. The news quote unquote news reader does not itself won it here in Boston. 1877469432218774694322. That's the whole free and number of the powered car show if you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon. And this time every Monday we are joined by max robins. He is a veteran journalist -- and it's covered the broadcast. TV industry for many years and he is currently. The executive vice president of the paley center for media in New York City security answer. All any and all of your questions about. The TV that is are you their Macs I am indeed how we how are you do very good very good so are you sorry you can't be -- tomorrow to go to the game I just breaking my heart I got. You know how I just well -- a long story I know that Qaeda. You're you're places will be taken by some us some some kids who will be very happy and his wife but value that are those those were your seats we'll work it out so let's just say I didn't for the children's -- -- I didn't -- the children. All right 18774694322. Way is -- thing going on in Leo world of TV is we. As we not so anxiously await the beginning of the fall season. Well actually this a couple. Premieres of cable shows tonight yeah Showtime's bringing back weeds. I don't have to tell you what that's about how. We've. Weeds that okay it's about W. Eat eat green. Yes pot. I have no common shares I inhaled but but but but but. Not only that but a new show called the big city. Where so tell try to make fun the fun out of a woman who as. Renovate a milk toast. Teacher who finds which she has cancer and then decides she's gonna live everyday like it was through us. It's a comedy about cancer. I guess that is they voted -- you know cause that is a new con Edison our concept I mean I don't. Even bigger monkey business cocktail we -- over that it will no doubt thought we don't quality standards thumbs down on the big city. I'd just. I can't go there anyway it was well actually you know the show breaking bad with which has a lot of fans among listeners allowable its car radio program. Deals with a guy who had been diagnosed with with cancers but. I don't know man it's that that's a tough one I don't know I don't know and I'm going there yet I will I will be watching the return of weeds and Abu watching mad men and and I cut I might be the only person in America by. This new show 1 AMC that's writes that the less than it was episode three called rubicon. It's a real -- of you know comes three days of the time to work and a spy mystery out. Put -- how we could use a little bit more value for it now growing on me and or three up. So it's intuit nobody's even kissed. Real. And that's what ended what -- the criticism he shows they can coordinate what do they think did their their competition is now all people you know people don't even have to like go into the next room they just take lead the computer with them and they can be watching for value for their entertainment dollar while they're watching these shows without women taking their clothes off and maybe they figured it yet. Folks that were multitask and I don't know. And they just would stick with like -- good spies story. At 187746943221877. I've I'd. I I noticed Keith Olbermann has been booted off the the -- up pregame shows on the NBC for Sunday Night Football games. I that that was a wise decision if it. Yeah it's it's it seems it. I mean think of this people who've been -- I booted off that so it's quite an illustrious list. Between -- a Monday Night Football. Yeah I mean. Let the news and opinion guys stick with news and opinion. Right I don't understand is it was third such a shortage of us well I I know he's a former -- -- but now he considers himself you know be all Walter Lippman of the 21 century -- Why did you wanna be on the up pregame show to begin -- I can't figure it out maybe they thought that it would be good promotion for his. Musings about the political scene and MS I don't know I'm not a big fan of those pregame shows to begin wept but does that make sure that was like government or don't like government first magnet. That I make sure I never went near it. I -- deal I mean. It's just as. It's a rare purse I mean there's a lot of terrific sports casters commentators on there. I was hoping they'd prefer the pregame show they just bring in Joe name I think in my few cocktails that's right at that. Now that's entertainment you know what do what happened -- and this afternoon's game. I don't care about this afternoon's game shouldn't accuse. I don't see I don't -- JaMarcus. Russell loose drug league again for the raiders now. I couldn't care less about the team's drive going to -- -- -- it doesn't get any better than -- and why they -- -- -- -- 1877469432. Duke. If you got a question about TV for max Robbins -- series the vice president from the paley center for media in New York City leave your next with Howie -- and max -- score Hadley. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- say I agree I'm glad -- upon showed a summary of everything but it happened -- debate before episode three that I would really confused. But my real question is justified we'll be back. Yes it will terrific show. Ratio -- -- thanks late 18774694322. Bobby your next what cowboy cargo ahead Bob. I -- a good guy. The good guys. The guys who are -- optional. Oh yeah I don't think it decision's been made on that yet does that show struggling. It's the fifth at that that's -- -- check -- because -- -- tell -- the one I'm looking forward to our hope is good that lives up to the -- Is so boardwalk empire that's that's the Scorsese to that he directed the pilot that that's about kind of in Atlantic City in the days of prohibition. Really you know Emmy Awards are -- HBO. Looks terrific but. Then the trickle if you shoot you that doesn't knock you went to a camp like so many government most days with the another and how. How does how we I think we should make a TV show under the expendable this. I've -- -- -- -- and Mike's deli when I'm up from Boston I'm gonna I'm gonna do a sequel to the expendable still be called the expand the bulls are all you -- you should wait only until till he starts doing the cheese -- subs that are steak sandwiches okay. -- -- -- -- -- me he's good newest T he's gonna do achieve state with a blt on top of all all the basic food groups and what I don't we budget that's right exactly and this is like that that's that's heaven on earth that's it's pretty good. Wait a blt cheese steak combo. How we -- I don't know is that legal. It's just sounds wrong Mac sure but it. And I haven't heard about our other they -- the ice cream chain appear friendly face. You've heard about their newseum which I've via the -- -- couple must look beyond the -- email. Blast list for mother Ralph Nader's in science in the public -- whatever they call I grew up. What's really is doing to kill it's. They -- they have they have they have very good grilled cheese sandwiches are extremely popular. So they've put that they put they put a grilled cheese sandwich down. Then they put it in the eight bit -- 88 cheese burger patty downed with some bacon on I believe. And then they put another she uses another -- another fried cheese sandwich on top of -- So you're giving you're getting a hamburger bacon into grilled cheese sandwiches to. All awful. All in one real. Yes I could feel the blood slowed my arteries as we speak -- you wow and a group while. Now that's full value for your real dollar -- -- like 5952. Sorts kind of I mean it's kind of a by a few you know that it could. If you want well they throw you know -- -- for the include Lipitor the a -- -- next with Howie Carr had max -- go ahead -- They guys. They Alec it's like to meet in -- and whoever -- and they count you wanna thank you probably entertainment. You've been over the years appreciate it. A Mac help wondering if you go to blockbuster there's like thousands and thousand the titles but go to Comcast on demand then there's. Are are few and I was wondering why that is looking like a revenue source for them. Is it a rights issue -- -- the storage issue or white reflections so much can era. A short story Jim writes and if you haven't try to get. I mean my wife's been using it isn't the Netflix streaming service is great if you're big movie. They have all the old titles that you can't get on Comcast. Yeah they all they have it I mean if you're basically dealing with a huge library. But just to watch him on the computer all right you can put -- tell -- how we it's it's getting easier and easier to hook your computer up. Through your TV and and you can do real wealth with that effect I guess Apple's coming out with what's called the is rumored to be it's gonna be called the ITV. Which is kind of like the apple TV box for less than a hundred -- this fall. Which could be real easy plug and if you wanna stream movies and or or watch the shows that are on who. Look for the. -- Thanks record. -- -- blockbuster they were there was speculation that they were about to go into bankruptcy it's I mean it's only a matter of time at the max virtually sure it is I mean that's why I think Netflix has really outflank them. That that in what is -- the red boxes you know go to the -- local supermarket a 7-Eleven you want a movie for a block you know. Yeah beat that. Yeah exactly you ICI he had least to -- leash usual lines outside blockbusters I mean blockbuster killed off -- -- your mom and pop TV store. Rentals and now now what's being eaten alive it is and it's it's funny -- -- don't remember that if you go like on the weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Terrier next with how we guard Matt Roberts go ahead. -- hello gentlemen I'd -- -- -- as well. That's our American -- They -- spoke with people will give away their but get them through crux there they get paid for being on the show. I think they do get that they do think they get a few bucks yeah. Well -- but that's gonna do then I can -- a joke that until -- -- -- -- the bells. And not talk to people. They can think I don't but I didn't item -- others say after the. That's why the shows a lot like life itself is -- -- -- I know it's a bit Terry art imitates life of the. It's an -- I -- tiger one quick to say yes. Well waved back you had mentioned Arnold bang yeah he's not telling -- realized -- would go wiped out pops cat I remember 'cause I love I tell you think. -- the voice of did you have what at which that would support that -- have a chocolate chocolate. I don't know I don't. Exactly. Yeah need to trunk. He's got that -- -- yeah thanks for the call Kerry won 8774. I'm still not clear whether he was born in Brooklyn or Chelsea. It. SI used to see -- -- his -- -- quad -- so I don't know who knows how in the you can't trust anything anymore. Davis Scorsese series there was an article in the New York Post today about -- They're they're having Brooklyn play the part of Atlantic City at the really well I think they use in a sound stage there where they've recreated the kind of the prohibition boardwalk in AC. Thanks for the call Terry Wayne your next with how we guard max -- or have Wayne. Beta they're Dell what can you tell me about failed series articles. Coming back oh that's a favorite of the colonel's. -- -- -- Yeah I know I know that now there's a show with full value he likes gladiator he's always like gladiator movies he's big on the gladiators answer. Thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Let's see here. The book on stars are -- there's another critical look at some. Color but. Just trying to turn a -- Police are out there on the streets these days please ask -- is that's got a please ask max Moore I can I can find the great American fourth of July and other disasters by -- shopper by Sam -- please. -- That's what it says I'm just reading off the messages here I'm I'm stumped on that the great American fourth of July and other disasters. We're gonna look up at four. I see him shepherd. 18774694322. Macs I've had some bad luck -- this week I was seek seeking out a new war new series of bee movie so I want to get the dvd collection of I was going for the crimes doctor owned by ago. That it I went to two places and they had discontinued it. Currently for lack of sales -- I can't believe no one wanted to buy a big and the crime doctor to the collection of the crime doctors greatest pets yeah its its hard to believe. To what am -- gonna go I don't know I've tried to boldly breaking into the present it's about it is that there's a few series out -- elected caller call before asking about justified. It comes you know that that's based on Elmore Leonard Leonard character that's a show I really think you like. For example you know I think you'd like Friday Night Lights if you saw another good -- you know bomb. They have commercials well that's brilliant so you -- have -- -- -- DVR you fast forward I know you gotta push the button. That might be in the you know -- your -- might be otherwise occupy with a popcorn and a cold beverages house coming back yes definitely big yeah. 18774694322. Palm your next what Howie -- go ahead Tom. I -- one. Just checking it did you heard anything about our boys in return there's EB. I believe self latest coming back to TNT. We're gonna -- right euphoria. Thanks Tom 18774694322. Mike your next with Howie -- and max -- where -- high. Good hey how we before we get to you we get at that great American fourth of July is available at. Blockbuster with the blockbuster. And so quick get doubt they'll blockbusters before we go out of business before they file yeah. Or maybe the day they file to him in the big clearance you probably could pick it up for a block it. Let's see you rock how we let max know rule book on his -- episode for last night's episode was a stinker. And Netflix can be streamed to you permit your main TV via T. -- V Tebow or Xbox right if you have a Tivo or an Xbox you can stream that is true. What AppleTV what about paprika on scifi. I believe paprika is coming back. -- let's see here Brian you're next with Howie Carr go ahead Brian and Mac truck it's high. Hey how lay out to -- Medical super max. I -- here bill lawyer earlier about -- aren't mandated at a new episode. Now if your house tonight it's it's the middle of the summer it's gonna be rewrite. Well today and out of the -- In the fall probably in towards and the September. -- enact -- just coming back January 2011. Okay and by the way also says you can also stream -- book on on PlayStation that's from Kevin in Houston Texas. There you go. For Macs HBO ran a show call tell me you loved me max said. Once said it was coming back but it hasn't yet any chance it is. Tell me you love me yes. I will gonna double check on. Which I'm trying to remember that show how's Boston how's Boston medical billing. That's it's doing OK I mean that's we talked about that last week how we they. They do that documentary series comes -- ABC news every summer where they they focus on hospital different city -- I think last summer they did it out of out of Baltimore. To Johns Hopkins ratings for pop shot. -- ladies for top. OK not burning up the house you don't exploit in opera house what. Jersey shore. Oh man I I hate to break it see how he but the numbers don't lie well we our revenue numbers gathered at their most are once again proving there's no such thing as bad publicity right away and -- just two -- -- -- all got a few hours -- I mean. The only thing that kills me about that is to -- pitch that first the monkey business yeah they should have any I think we stayed too late lunch that they are some BI don't know what am I know we're gonna Elvis looking type show here are called mister chairman that's an entire. People who. Around here and let's see here what's whether -- what's your opinion of Jim Belushi is new legal comedy called the defenders. I've not seen it yet so I don't have an opinion and surface. Surface that didn't -- that was pulled a couple years ago okay I guess to OK we're just getting through the 71. FF FF. Area code jog your next with how we cargo ahead -- max -- go ahead John. I've been more activity going belly up first on Long Island house bike course you have faxes out. Any chance hurry our shield movie and want to know what people out of touch with you watch TV show on ABC coming up I. Well I've I think Mike Mike Michael checklist is terrific arm I haven't seen the pilot that we got we've got it here and I wanna take a look at it. There's been rumors about a shield movie one of the great things one of the great and alleys of any series with that the final episode of the shield. They didn't kill off the hero so they could bring it back. But I haven't heard anything definite to be great to see -- that terrific show much missed. Here's one Danielle it's Bob fired from real housewives of New Jersey. Is that right. Yeah I heard that by about. What what's is channel guide is she -- what -- is she the one that was in -- and had to have spent all of -- -- you're on apparel and kidnapping charges and drug dealing and she's there. And she's a real life guy Jersey I was all right -- -- -- real housewives of Revere beach with the since -- is -- held against you yeah. You're beating up are like mobbed up Italians. Now yeah if I thought it would do what -- have a lot of death resist the same one that's a different final a different one okay. Notably class. Yeah class a million pounds lives. Rob you're next with how we card go ahead rob and max robins. IMAX. -- he did that that's at a cost well if you did the newest one of the week can stream of two weeks of Netflix. And now your question how many big heroes -- people who make chaotic at one will be to finish up -- various. Sorry. The Herald Square at the political war we're gonna -- the various. So we're gonna wrap it up but I haven't heard any details about we're gonna check that out for you. You know people how we -- that they biggest RadioShack selling a pretty cheap Boxee can just plug into the back your TV if you wanna stream stuff from the web. Oh that's okay 18774694322. So in other words -- to tell me max is the end of broadcast TV is coming even faster than we Providence. Yeah it's not gonna happen tomorrow how -- -- I'll tell you there's already specially months you know people who are of limited means in this tough economy I think that's one of those hidden numbers that. I think a lot of people unplugged your cable and satellite service in there and are working all sorts occurrence of workarounds you can bet a lot of college kids a lot of kids just out of school. -- eliminating columns are looking for way they can say Bob -- you know saying good -- to. A hundred bucks every effort now we're just look at and ours on our DirecTV bill and -- I euros stars I don't I don't watch bars anymore. And I and I never watch HBO and and cap the you know said she didn't mind it's -- we just we just chopped off and save 26 bucks a month -- like. Like that you I don't there's a lot of churn like them I mean you know although with stars you are missing you know Spartacus. But that's. You might reconsider the colonel that if you believe the colonel what he has to say it James you're next with Max Robinson how we cargo ahead James. Hey quick question and it -- for you Ali Mac deadly warriors that's coming back. I believe it is -- double checks if we get a date for. -- and now you know Highway Patrol is on Hulu. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna -- -- how you're gonna run out to RadioShack did that -- not actually bad news -- the god ER. Don't don't let the -- Thanks James thanks for the tip one of the best there's always been about a week that's right Josh you're next with how we guard max -- go ahead Josh. I thought it. I'm just curious are. Out what are in the morning I watched these high priority bus station. As I didn't paperwork. All what all of dugout there. Max I don't tell you what -- side by its vision for the morning of what. All -- -- -- in the morning. And what is relating to. I got time for us TV program. Very very low very low but it's it's a funny thing is that you know we're joking around a little bit but. What has happened. We're getting up earlier -- earlier going to work people have longer and longer commutes the other news starts now in Boston 4:30 in the morning yet. Yeah and they and if they weren't getting numbers that wouldn't be put on. Yet American a lot of -- is -- must have no doubt now it's not exactly like people tuning in for americanized dollar Monday Night Football right exactly. -- okay max thanks for a B a -- -- all the seal later this -- looking forward to how we think OK but by 18774694322. On how we car. We move through the greens are just better. What do you think yeah. This outsourcing. These.