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Apr 2, 2007|

Esteemed Boston Globe sports writer Gordon Edes joins Tom on Red Sox opening day. Don't forget, WRKO is the new radio home of the Boston Red Sox!

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For the Boston Red Sox today of course is opening day for the season 2007 last year eight colossal disappointment. For those of us who live and a live breathe and die by the Red Sox in tough times live breathe. And celebrate by good leads to great baseball -- from the Boston globe who joins us now on veterans forum Gordon welcome. Tom what do you think 10:30 in the morning too early to goal in the ballpark connect. Never too early I never have but ever to relate. Take some swings watch -- takes a mid field hang out it's never too early. In -- -- we struggle Gordon trying to figure out Iran Iraq violence in the streets it is sets have healthy. Diversion ancestors such a lot of by history everybody in town is excited. Well if you 17 that it's getting under way yet today Tom in I think. There's considerable reason for folks back home to have a lot of optimism about this ballclub to be sure. Well I was going to ask you jet ski give us a general overview of the offseason moves what you seen in spring training. And then I'm going to run a handful of names by about I'm I'm just interested in you general observation I was before the first pitch of the first game. Well I think they'd admit that pretty astute observation was made this weekend by Michael all that the team's third baseman when he said look. You know this team is good not that nobody has to have a career year for the Red Sox win as long as everybody does what they're capable of you know they they have a chance to have a terrific season in and obviously that's the three big moves in the Nazis some word we're getting the new only got me and -- -- well. And the new right fielder J. D. Drew. Focus free agents. And then the biggest mobile ball which is as my colleague. Dan Shaughnessy point out this morning that makes a Red Sox Red Sox nation went global this year and that of course is getting Daisuke must it's us and and so firing heavy -- everything that we've seen that from Matsuzaka the hype is warranted Tom. I mean yes he struggled in the last couple of starts with -- command and all but but his array of pitches -- his presence on the -- I mean it could be cured. You know third -- should be declared a national our local holiday -- to move up patriots -- it happened so everybody gets to watch his first start against the royals. I'll -- half half the nation -- Japan is going to be watching you know of trying to figure out. You know the the satellite signal. No doubt in in what in my -- if I'm getting this correctly now that skiing world. Be played in Japan what let's see it's starting here -- its delicate little started to in the morning in Japan. It's actually the next day is that the next day for them because of the dateline you mentioned J. D. Drew and that was one of the four guys I wanted to talk to you about comes here with you know what a little bit of a troubled history of people say an exceptional athlete great tools and yet. Criticized sometimes by his teammates and -- manages and a history of injuries what's what's good needs view of all this this stuff. About this guy and what should we expect. Well I think it's the key is what is really come whether -- space helping. And and for a guy who's gotten the rap output for breaking down a lot not playing unless everything feels a 100% the reality isn't in two of the last. Three years upon -- was played a 145 games spots and I assure you that the Red Sox would gladly take that you know maybe -- the most jarring thing for Sox fans is that. Drew was going to be replacing a guy tried Nixon who really epitomize said that dirt dog mentality the with this club you know guy -- -- who who you know run -- Wallace forehand and -- is not that kind of certainly not that kind of personalities certainly not that kind of player you. If anything the rap on him this has been that he's too passive and you know the thing is as. One of his critics or I figured it was actually -- -- the manager of the tigers. Said -- look people have been in in Fenway Park are going to be complaining about this guy's passive this when he's leg -- out triple that the gap you know he is very athletic he gives the Red Sox another athletic dimension in the lineup he's a guy he's not going to feel it on the basis for you Tom that he's going to go first the territory of basic he's going to go first -- a double in in the -- -- -- any place probably average speed events in right field not much of an arm -- seven bouts dating -- -- because it's on the shoulders on this. He's lost a little bit of the throwing. He got -- I hope and I I love to root for a guy tell overcome whatever negatives are out there and really demonstrate to everybody that hey I belong here. And -- and not to you know about not to not to laud his passive that he Arab -- whatever else one might describe it. A 162 games that has to be the most difficult of all the seasons in professional sports that's that's a marathon within a marathon. Very difficult I think if you if you do a kind of ahead batting had challenging. Let's go out and take the hill like care you know like it's the USC Notre Dame game -- -- -- football. -- and and isn't enemy you have to give him the benefit out obviously you know a couple of his injuries. You when you break your -- economy that's that's not like your injury prone I mean that's just something that happens in the course of the game. Course of the season and you know he says that now that he's 18 months removed from surgery he's as healthy as he's been in a long time. Now that's great news Coco Crisp had a disappointing season talk about an injury he stout enough he was as hot as a pistol last year but for five games into it. Thinks that -- to unravel how does how was he looked as I know he hasn't hit well this spring what's your prediction farm. Well actually time he he finished spring training on a high note he hit 400 in the last week or so games after coming back into it hurt shoulder a little bit there during camp. And missed the body came side he came back and that. In -- 400 in the in his last eight games. You know it's interesting of course when -- came here last year was with. A good deal of fanfare music I was going to replace Johnny Damon at the top the Red Sox lineup using I was going to play center field. In -- you know -- a year later those expectations obviously have been diminished you know one by his performance last year because he was hurt him and -- by the fact that. In this sense the Red Sox are tired of looking forward. It's that the somewhat less from him this year mean he's not going to be hitting in in the one -- he's going to be getting in the case at all I -- the rookie Dustin Pedroia. And you know early in in this sense he could say well. Maybe direct talks a -- so little confidence in his ability to deliver what they thought they were going to get from him initially that you know -- it's funny Tom even when he was with Cleveland -- he had been we have got for the Indians. They moved him a year later into the two -- in and and moved him over to left field. You know he'd take again Kenyan judge him on the basis of of the season in which he breaks his finger in the first few games. And the and the finger brothers swing the rest of the season I I would think and in fairness he can't. Trouble right now are on the TV hit 400 outlasted attend games would not on reasonable here -- he could do that I cannot -- bucks just for April and may Coke though all is forgiven. Well you know it's something Tom I'm needed and you make it as you can bring up that something important here I think it's probably important. For -- to to get off to a good start oh win over some of the skeptics he had didn't and the peace summit started story a week or so. Though I did have a conversation the laporte at once you know where he's talking about he doesn't care if the -- -- and all this and and you know it's not a player I don't go down that road because I think. Europe practically encouraging kids reality you know they cocoa you you know you're you're the. Oh like cringed -- when I saw that an you know in my other life -- and politics and made more than my share silly statements I saw that -- and I cringed as though Mike could get that quote back -- somehow or other. Slowly an end and and maybe gerchas so good he's a little bit defensive obviously coming into this season and and you know it but it becomes -- within with a bit of a chip partial to -- that's not necessarily a bad thing. Joe Lauria they want to show if these are all -- very competitive athletes you know you know that erupt close with him every day to book court man's Pedroia and Tim London let's go with Pedroia of the new guy at second base. A your colleague -- globe colleague Steve -- is not he's a business -- a baseball fan but he's out of baseball -- he says but that help Pedroia it was given the job it was almost like divine intervention he didn't even have to compete fart. What what you view on Pedroia. Is it is there anyone a Morrissey boulevard who's not a red you know that -- -- -- might take on the whole Pedroia thing. If if the Red Sox successive failure predicated on how. The number nine hitter and rookie second baseman perform you know then there's no hope for this that we trouble yeah exactly I mean it differently guided the Red Sox. Head and targeted early you know -- first pick in the old port trapped he's gone. Progressively up the ladder in the Red Sox system performed at every level he came into camp meaning in one's sensibilities like they made a determination that you know. This is a guy they were going to integrate into our lineup a new player we're going to integrate into our lives from our system. And but that's not exactly revelatory behavior by a baseball -- you know I mean. You hope figured -- farm system is going to start producing talent and look if you if the kid talks completely. On mistakes which I don't think it's going to happen it's not that difficult to go out and get veteran major league's second basement to plug into that position for the RSS season and they have a great safety net in Alex core but you know him as the USC pointed out last week. You know Mark Levitt didn't exactly lighted up the first two months of the season last year reader except for the walk up on and on patriots stay which we all remember. But you know he was hidden just over 200 -- middle of may so. You know they've there's going to be a lot of pressure on this kid did there's a lot of skepticism about because you know I mean couldn't he looks about -- big issue paper boy come. And and you know -- so he's not very physically imposing. But you know I think people -- have to -- the chance to supply a little bit here -- and I think you make a good point it's not as of the Sox have Bobby Dora Joe Gordon or even Joe Morgan waiting in the wings -- may be you have what have you got to go that Loretta Loretta was not lighting and a. You know I mean and and I'm a I'm I was a big Mark Loretta guy I thought. He brought a lot to this team back in and certainly in intangibles -- not hit all you know he pretty he brought his average up to around 300 until we get hurt candidacies -- kept grinding through and playing and in his own stats. South took a hit you in any you know any script -- he's got a little bit too much mileage on him you know he's range -- suffered in -- that. I mean the way Houston is gonna use in this year's utility guys who is probably the right way to go but. You know -- has performed on every level and and usually. Your performance on the minor leagues is a fairly good predictor of what you gonna do in the big leagues let's see what happens. Who -- blast player I want to bring up too because I know you've got other things to do for your friends of Morrissey -- tell us about timlin a big timlin fan. He's got a knee injury right now -- you know he's got some years on him as well I am open a -- for spectacular season what do you see ahead. Well I mean that the most significant that in in Mike's case is the -- at a march and he turned 41 in any you know we he would we can't ignore anything at the time here and you know last year might catch all the problems this spring he had the dead the oblique muscle issue -- and those are tricky things you know the good news is you know -- which now a couple of times. I the last few days found in that. In Fort Myers getting ready he's going to make a couple of tune ups were out. For Pawtucket and he'll join the club in time for the home opener you know that. Did the bullpen particularly this setup guys you know -- basically revamped the bullpen bringing in guys like Donnelly pinheiro JC -- Romero and in Hideki docudrama two to join might give in and you know appeal freely admits that it's -- middle relief that he's kind of scuffle this as Red Sox GM and and now last year obviously Rudy Seanez was a -- and and and Julie antivirus really struggled in the relief -- -- he did much better as a starter. So I mean that the -- -- that's going to be critical component of this club and that could be a potential weeks but particularly if it might does the -- a little bit here he says he's healthy I mean he's been a big huge work course I can understand Tom white. Why he'd be a fan of his but that that's an area that the Red Sox a potentially vulnerable. Welch -- Gordon was going to be continued very very frequent and close readers of -- column look flow to the continued conversation here on IK EO and as they said would not unreasonable here in Boston just -- the season with a sweep in and come back Kia. Come back army keep the -- -- time did you have that. David Ortiz is answer to me when when I ask you know it gave way to do for not Korda last season he just came into big island said. Same thing always do killed along. All he has he is unique he is one of a guide one -- lovable fabulous guys in baseball player but he's a joy to watch it Gary journalists into and to read Gordon appreciate all the time that you've given us he run for parents forum and I -- -- -- -- you back KO go get him it's open a day