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Memorial Day Slight

May 26, 2010|

This coming memorial day will also be the first time in (?) years that the President of the United States does not attend the memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery, a time honored tradition honoring those fallen soldiers who have served and died for our Country. Where do you think the President should spend Memorial Day?

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And we. Brought -- from a new balanced world headquarters building. It's. Star hallway cars show for decades we keep on talking about solving the problems of the border and we don't. Truth of the matter is that you've got hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers coming over the border and that gets people. -- I appreciate the additional 12100. Being sent of the guard as well as additional 500 million but she is simply not enough to use. I say that because of my many visits -- the border my conversations with the Border Patrol and the timing will take to train. An additional 3000. Troops just city Arizona Mexico border. We took the reins and we said we are gonna make sure that we don't slip into a great break and we are. -- child if he wants to. To demonstrate my ticket to a guy who doesn't support. His point of view. Now how the Lawrence and I'll -- Reggie -- I'll make you feel bad about yourself Hamas powered card W arterial radio network. -- it's so exciting is that there's going to. By Barack Obama tomorrow he's going to ask a question and answer questions from the press. Of course Robert Gibbs his Press Secretary -- has been castigating. The co conspirators in the lame stream media telling them their asking too many -- questions about Louisiana. There embarrassing. Them some idea that's not their job. What did. Barack Obama himself say it one of the press. Black tie events. All of you voted for -- most of you support me all of you voted for me isn't that the truth in the Washington press corps and now he's always gonna. Deign to. Answer their questions isn't that. Wonderful. 1877469432218774694322. That's the toll free number of the Howie -- show you like to join us. If you would like a -- of the show on the united you can always do so go to our website which is how we car -- com how we cart dot com and click on -- Audio. Streaming. Also what how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll question and today's poll question concerns the decision by Barack Obama. To take his second vacation. Over the Memorial Day weekend sense the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Usually most presidents not always but most presidents. Lay a wreath on the tomb of the unknown. Used to -- soldier of the its service person now at Darlington. You can't do -- genuine DNA testing you'll always know witness. I think so what they -- the -- called the unknown what ever but yeah so. The the one unknown serviceman or service person. But anyway they he's not doing it he's going to Chicago for a bit for a nice vacation. I wonder if he's gonna RBR. Our big White Sox at home and Kaminsky. Field this weekend I wonder she gonna catch one of his -- you know the Chicago White Sox that's his favorite team they play it Kaminsky. Forty -- Kaminsky Kaminsky. Comments he rhymes with Al Len ski. Alright -- what's the poll question one of the results thus far. How should the president spend Memorial Day. Should he be taking the second vacation in a month or should he be laying a -- the tomb of the unknown soldier he should be laying a wreath. 79%. Went to live every okay. Now we're we will talk about this and while we've got some real a lot of stuff to do today. But we wanna do our our trivia question giveaways and tells her which is gonna give -- something. Yes we need to get away are some beautiful flags if for memorial day O'Connor rock and cement block a flag. Okay we have three we have three flags to give -- three questions we will giveaway three flags today all right three nights -- from Rockland cement block and flag. Ditch the that the only place to go if you want to -- by a by a flag for Memorial Day or any other occasion and so we're just will dubious 187746943221877. 4694322. Dave your first this afternoon with how we card go ahead give their day of. I -- What what -- what the question Howard. What female political figure has had a best selling author move next door to her family in order to write a book about her. School had -- I don't know. That I get taken guest says there's you know how many how many. Female politicians would do be worth writing a book about it this particular moment. All day -- Barbara Boxer. That's a good -- -- but it's wrong they call 1877469. -- it's a very weird story which I'll get to one moment as soon as we get the winning entry John your next with Howie Carr go ahead John. Hold on John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's right Sarah Palin you work correct hold on you're getting -- flag from Rockland cement block and flag. Yeah this is very strange Joe mcginnis a bestselling author remembered Mary Joe mcginnis. He said he wrote the selling of the president 1968. It was a great book. Those along time ago it was in his twenties so. Nineteen see he's got to be in his late sixties early seventy's now. So why is she she put down their her FaceBook. Joe announced that Todd that's the first dude that he's moved them right next door to -- she's rented the place for the next five months or so we moved all the way up for Massachusetts to live right next -- -- Well he writes a book about making. Knowing of his many other scathing pieces of quote -- quote journalism we're sure to have a -- look forward to with this treasure he's -- wonder what kind of material -- gather while overlooking pipers bedroom my little garden in the family swimming hall. What but he gets weirder it gets a lot weirder than mess. You you go to politico. And I've been Smith who's the media columnist for four politico he talked to Joe McGinniss is sun. And asked him. What the hell was going on why Joe McGinniss said had rented the house next door to Sarah Pailin. The novelist Joe mcginnis junior said we tried our best to intervene but alas his heart wants what it once we can only pray for him now listen to best. He's convinced that pod. Will step aside in when the time is right he'll be there right next door to pick up the pieces. So another awards. If this is true don't. He is Joe again this author of selling of the president 1968. The guy wrote the book about the a Big Blue or green -- doctorate Fort Bragg. -- North Carolina who killed his wife and gambling and tried to blame economy Hanson -- gang. He is basically stalking -- pale. How weird -- and gas. Pump. Are right next next one here gem here next with Howie -- Okay Jim this is a national. Political figure. Yesterday was at a barbecue over a pre Memorial Day barbecue or Walter Reed hospital. He's this guy is known for saying stupid things here's what he said yesterday. I didn't serve in Vietnam. I don't wanna make a Blumenthal. Mistake here are attorney general from Connecticut god love home. National figure says stupid things. God problems should be the case. Aren't they you have you are collects our. Although I -- one from all the identity a flag one more one more. 18774694322. Brand than your next with how we cargo ahead Brandon. Do their brand and -- who is ahead in the latest poll of the Massachusetts governor's race. -- -- -- -- -- Your correct -- hold on you're getting a flag from Rockland cement block -- flag OK that's it for what could be gone for 694322. 18774694322. Stalker. Stalker movement sort of share panel. According to a -- own son. In political slump in the minutes that summoned some weird blog but you don't always you know where it came out. Does get insurers know about that. I've had stalkers to -- nice. You said stalkers it's not pleasant now. This but it was never you know waiting for -- to step aside so when the time is right he'll be there right next door to pick up the pieces it was more what's the wanted to kill me about it that's a different. It's bad but it's different this is this is just the the root -- this. 18774694322187746943220. Okay we're gonna talk about this so Memorial Day. Situation here. Now I am I gonna say that that the so first time that a president has skipped Leo laying on of the repay a look at some of the stories on the Internet. In 1980 Torre. Ronald Reagan was involved in some kind of economic summit I don't for the Camp David or wherever he was negotiating with congress. And the recession was just in the bill a major recession was just standing and he was try I guess who was trying to get some more -- more. Concessions from a democratic controlled house. So -- he sent George HW. Bush to Arlington Khaleda -- Then nine years later 1992. George Bush you know he was presiding over recession. But it started when he was president and he was on the campaign trail was running behind and he didn't he didn't go he didn't -- he he didn't. Who laid a -- either source not but it's unprecedented. But. 1983. Unlike 1992. There there's a war going on there's two wars going on as a matter of fact. It and you know we're aware and we're in the process of a surge CNN in Afghanistan. Yeah you would think that Barack Obama would want. To wait to read but again this is a guy who didn't the cancel word you know -- -- off the national prayer breakfast you know which again is it its its kind of a tradition. Are you a one hour Reagan was certainly not a a religious person you didn't pretend to be your religious person Bill Clinton was not a religious -- all the -- pretended to be a religious person. But they all they always had these national prayer breakfasts and that's canceled -- -- as well. And yeah you know they're they're just some traditions that that -- you should. Observed. In the Memorial Day it's it's often forgotten now. It. It's become just another three day weekend. But it it was. Set up after war after the civil war to commemorate the war dead the work. 500000. Americans on on both sides the union and the confederacy who died in that -- I was in a country of probably 1510 to fifteen million people so it was a huge huge casualty list. And boot the war was fought between the north and the south and you know one of the reasons the major. Do I know I know there are many reasons an underlying economic causes a seller of seller but these beat. The outcome of the war was the freeing the slaves. One would think that you know this guy who so. Ostentatiously. If it accepts the mantle of being the first black president would want to commemorate. Memorial Day which is designed to. Bid to pay tribute to the people who die -- Freeing the slaves -- again among other things. And it with this is a big -- issues to be a big holiday when I was a kid in in western mass. The other headmaster of Deerfield Academy was lieutenant frank Boyden and he was he was born eighteen believe it -- -- he was -- and 1879. Who's in his room he was in his mid to late eighties when I was a freshman Deerfield. -- and so he would obviously he I think his father was probably a a civil war vet and he was from Foxboro. Massachusetts. And it and he grew up around. Civil war vets and I mean this was this was one of the biggest days. Of the year from this injury this was close to Thanksgiving in and close to a fourth of July. In terms of being a major holiday in at least in in the win one there or the you know the more traditional areas of New England. And and it's just I don't know it just seems like it's not the right thing to -- two at the pass to pass at this thing up there. Pass up a chance to to pay your respects and -- -- I know we said. Mean at the -- I think that was like what a year ago he said that. Yeah I mean everybody got a chuckle out of that I mean lead these mop he's not good at these kinds of events. He he's better at you you know shouting down -- don't ask don't tell heckler at a at a place where he feels more at home I EC and Francisco. Then he is at the at Arlington but I -- -- you wanna be at you know if nothing else that you bad guy is now. This -- today. He's down 22%. In the daily presidential tracking poll 23% of the nation's voters strongly approve of the way Barack Obama's performing his role as president. 23%. 45%. Strongly disapprove that gives Obama presidential approval index rating of minus 22%. The lowest approval index rating yet. Mean it's not the way you know -- being it being in Chicago one dollar relaxing. When everybody's thinking about earlier war always is not the way bigger picture your approval rating up but I mean that's a tactical thing though that the the reality is it's the right thing to do just or at every level. That's why you're the commander in chief. He's the commander in chief he paid tribute to -- to the men. Who came before you. Who fell in a noble cause. -- your next with how we cargo have -- Hold on Floyd go ahead. Hey hey Ali. But to -- I mean even when you go to pick up the bag of money if it's that big you get to do -- itself so we know why he's going to Chicago but I mean. Can't be surprised. By a guy that absolutely abhors a wrong military why should be able to play a tribute and what he's -- -- act liberals to explain to -- why the people that defend our country and died -- -- don't deserve his respect he has no idea. How to be present that you never adds you get out some pencils small like -- the guy won't even where African -- why do we expect -- the Vietnam memorial thing. Right now you know live C -- gonna show up with a picture not likely they -- Thanks -- 1877. About the president I don't show -- for the final Sharapova a -- You know the bloggers in New York bloggers who are said the way the -- left wing bloggers are saying well he you know which is pretty you know he he he's he is up paying more respect. To the soldiers the dead the fallen heroes at at Arlington by not using them missed its. Like earlier present shoot claps. -- they're calling the soldiers. Read that on a red state today now -- now they remember these are the same bloggers. Who. Who said that the network camera crews should be allowed to to videotape all lead. Caskets. Coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan effort to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. What were aware they get you what what what did the left these and there are media allies want to use those caskets for other than props of course. But it was propped against a Republican president so now a democratic president this is it's that that just that makes me sick. We -- richest -- -- just their. I don't know I don't know I don't know who -- what they think is -- -- I don't know who they're rooting for I wanna know they're rooting for I just don't understand. Why they're wearing for the other team and I had that the do they think that somehow why al-Qaeda or the Taliban are where their sympathizers are somehow going to -- So we changed their minds about gay marriage. If if they if they were Everett to take over or they were gonna get a foothold in this country that how long how long do these. Lefty bloggers think that last jam your next with Howie -- go ahead gem. They wouldn't say how he stick like -- out Arafat if they did and myself thank you. I don't know how we do it best coming just total disrespect. Maybe if there wasn't a war or would you say this toward gold card and maybe if around the corner. Bid then mightily important that you go I don't see I'm kind of glad -- -- because this is going more and not against some. What is it just blows me out of the water it's another study his arrogance. Yeah right -- arrogance or just his oblivious mess. Yeah yeah I don't want that don't. We're both. Doing it right at what point do more editing at all this this -- I I just don't think he understands that it you know eighty TO talks about it at all you know why mighty my mother's people you know they go back to war the colonial days and mighty my uncle was in world war two and I think he says he was one of the liberators of the -- one of concentration camps in Italian Europe in 1945. I mean the EU so he's trying to establish that he has this the connection to the American tradition. But taking up arms and in and then again I you repeat the phrase and noble cause yet -- yet he can't be bothered to. To go during wartime. To to this is to of this sacred ground. 187746943220. John you're next with Howie Carr go ahead John. I have it. Am I I think I heard it say a human good that Ronald Reagan but not a religious man yes. And I usually don't disagree with Cuba Eritrea to disagree with your. Well why why did this I mean you ever went to church. You think they're very very devout Christian even -- give the child. But it but again John I you know again the at some point you have to -- Why didn't -- go to church. And the -- -- Barack Obama doesn't go to church you know once they can he's a devout Christian right. -- Bill Clinton won the church nobody was thinking he was a devout Christian. Right but I mean usually if you're a you know if you believe in the doctrines of christianity union usually try to get the church tocchet. Did you bet I I think he tried his best to put god in everything he did. Any wasn't a moral man you know get his failings like everybody else Sunni Arab and -- marriage and he admitted you know he broke up the marriage to what the Jane Wyman and billion you know you you know they his biography as well as I do I'm sure by. -- -- I mean he was a good man but I you know he just was not I don't think he was a guy who wore his religion on his sleeve. Well yeah I did it every newspaper ran up front payment yet Wikipedia they weren't cared so much that. Now don't don't believe everything you read Wikipedia Johnstone but the leaves very little of what you read the Wikipedia space shall call. 1877469432. To bill your next with how we cargo ahead bell. A mere. You know. I'd -- and stick -- analysis. Just got erased all 1960 people what -- Vietnam War. And I'm really proud that I've played change default. In Illinois National Guard it sort of blew my weight yeah. But a -- So what had to play that -- farm bill I thought I could -- a -- for your some thank you for your service to our nation. You are -- -- there's -- there's one on one more thing you know I've always enjoyed. This station they play. Patriotic to own and -- so marches and particularly. This song. Right here. Can't hear it. We decide to move on 1877469432218774694322. You know all the station on the radio stations an hour and all the TV stations there ever thing runs 24 hours a day in the old days. Was kind of a -- and I didn't like it when you know my favorite top forty station signed off at midnight 1 o'clock but was kind of -- the of the national anthem you know. And I rumor going -- before going down a North Carolina when I was a a freshman in college. And those watching channel five the ABC affiliate words Jesse Helms was slowly and editorialists. And they were about they signed off at 1 o'clock and you know what they played. They didn't play the national anthem. They didn't play god bless America. They played -- -- Whole -- we shall lows in the land of cotton. -- I -- yeah I was south of the mason Dixon line for sure. Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike yeah. Dan your next with how we cargo ahead Dan. Every hour so it'll walk -- merit that. It is or was it say it's a lot more homogenized now than -- used debate. Yeah out on my camera down -- if I had a serious question on the record comment and I really don't know the answer this source or energy or rather than president in the recent past sort of backed off. Yeah I -- I just know I just mentioned it does nineteen 83. Reagan was at a was it some kind of economic summit the was going on and on so he sent George HW bush and then it may be true. A bush was campaigning and he messed that those good but it know what is missed its its nine -- Our attitude our truckers say in the can't be odd thing to be stopped Obama orders are -- small potatoes but anyway. It'll work on the weekend you know what I Maine and it's say it's open to think about. Did your comment that you made about about these -- -- the first African American wouldn't keep your air each have a belt and out like a burger let me go onto the Lincoln Memorial or somewhere -- has been. You're gonna stay that -- can replace them so that's why he's going there. Do Lincoln freed the slaves of by the F force of arms of the army of the Potomac Dan. I know that despite. These you know that's what people are are. The grand our grand army of the republic the GA are you still see that you still see those roads occasionally you know the GAR -- I mean I -- I would guess 90% of the people going by on driving by and the world don't even know what the grand army the republic was. I don't know I think he ought to -- them. Now why I. I agree but district get any any any a long list of things we could be mattered -- -- -- the one a little smaller lot. Yeah we've been mad at him for all the other -- -- -- -- -- bring this one up for -- for that for a little bit you know we've been blaming him for us so many years as so many that this the crazy spending would be. But lack of attention to the oil spill all healthcare. So many -- crappy appointments to the Supreme Court 18774694322. A really bad attorney general named Eric Holder there's so much to complain about your right 18774694322. Somehow we are. I'm a fan of W mark -- on FaceBook today by visit. Y 877. 4321877469432. Through. This news just then art linkletter well not be down for breakfast. And they answer the questions that is on everyone's mind now that I've given you the said tidings. No he was not in the most recent death -- What about anything he was. He was in the march 23 death pool but he was not end the most recent death -- which was may fifth so the death toll continues even if art linkletter does not 1877469432218774694322. People -- funny. People are dead. Tom your next with Howie -- go ahead Tom. Glad Tom. Do their Tom. Robert you're next with how we cargo ahead Robert. I don't know I think the word you're looking for earlier is this whole books and our traditions. And our history in contempt. That's what he has. That's a strong word but I don't necessarily disagree with it. How could lead disdain -- that's a little ball slightly milder. May be content is a better word I don't know all of the thing about it. The other thing ought to mention Minnesota -- -- -- restrictive Obama is -- global immigrant here. How many days that he bet on -- personality stated we actually been in his office. I gotta fill in that. You -- what you -- great way Robert Robert you meet c'mon you -- if you're gonna use the green lingo he got to get it right his. Carbon footprint. Carbon footprint OK it's a good size good job -- -- Maybe a a little. You may he makes John Kerry you look like gay look -- look like AM Amazon pygmy. You know living in a prehistoric hut somewhere -- you're right he just he jets around but he remembered -- -- on Air Force One to what to New York for the date. That time there were -- the time they wanted to get some some -- some new pictures of New York City so they said they Air Force One up there without him even being on the plane. You're. I haven't why haven't raining here about this stuff. Why. Yeah and I don't think they're a little where Robert open what ever happened. At a candlelight vigils every Wednesday and Saturday night in front of the post offices and on the town common I guess nobody's getting killed and I Iraq and Afghanistan anymore. Right -- -- they are the green -- don't care about it now that he's the president. -- doesn't matter. Yeah exactly that's -- for the call Robert just like you know when George Bush at a 5% unemployment rate it was the it was the Great Depression. Barack Obama is unemployment rate is close to 10%. And it's the day it's the new normal. Right that's what they call it the no normal on CNB say. By the way there was a great column in the New York Post today yeah yeah you know they're they're playing meg games with the census worker numbers. You know the trying to like get to keep the unemployment rate below 10% for at least for a few months by hiring all these census workers. So this guy John Chris Dell -- -- the business columnist for the New York Post. He is found that several census workers. Who say that they were fired repeatedly and then brought back the next week and I guess what they were told is they wanted to be every time they got rehired they could claim that as another person working -- got fired three times you go down as three new workers. On the I mean it seemed like it would take a lot of a lot of paperwork together AE an inconsequential. -- in the unemployment rate but according to -- this is what they've this is what they've been doing at least in some locations 1877. But. You know we are gonna read that in the -- in anywhere other than the New York Post them a few other newspapers 'cause it's. It doesn't fit in with the template about how great Barack Obama's doing and how the economy is coming back. 18774694322. Talking on CNBC is they're gonna be a double dip recession. We have the out of the first recession before we can have a doubled that right and not commit to -- of the first round yet. -- your next -- how we cargo ahead Debbie. -- This is just in response to the Ronald Reagan question yes based he did have a -- crisis. And from what I read the reason he didn't attend church says he didn't want to. Contradicts -- or put people like in danger because he would be it would it's their. That's what I say to Debbie. I I know I I know but -- -- you know come on of the people it. I don't most of the people I know more religious like the go to I was like when people say why have I have my. I worship in my own way that usually means nicely played on Sunday you know that. Oh yeah and I agree if -- important then. The fellowship. Right. But see what I always say -- is I have special dispensation from Pope Benedict. You know -- Yeah. This -- from him but he's not so in -- -- Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. He also came for mom a mixed mixed marriage I think his. His father wars was Irish Catholics that's the name Reagan have but his mother was a was a Protestant and washed. And so he grew up in kind of mixed household -- but I think he was you know way they ate the Protestant that's what he was raised as. 18774694322. Julie your next with how we cargo ahead Julie. Thank you Crowley at the privilege. I just wanted to say and I know it's just one person's opinion that it's. -- that awakening when you know that the president of our. Wonderful country. If somebody cool definitely a lot of our country. And find it necessary to disparage it every moment that he can. It country do you rates the nation and each says nothing nothing. It. Yeah it it is I mean did this is that this is a new experience for all of us none none of us in the history of the United States have ever row live through presidency like that's a mute. Where you know you could say you know -- Bill Clinton -- you know it wasn't a good man heard Jimmy Carter didn't know what he was doing. But you always assumed that at some basic level however inept they worry however corrupt they work they had the best interest of the nation of heart I. I don't have that feeling with this guy. I navigate when he was camp knowing a lot of new. Debt there was somebody else pulling his strings -- there was always the plan and and the people who don't. No this or I haven't figured it out yet it just amazes me. Well larger it looks like a larger and larger number of Americans have figured it out for whatever reason -- meet some people are. They had the health care fiasco some about the that it you don't the oil spill some about you know did this -- a -- there's hot there's a them untold number of reasons why he could be PO to describe it. It seemed -- breached the anti Obama feeling seems to reach critical mass. Let's just let's just hope we could stay. Thank goodness that hopefully we can only. -- now our sovereignty. Right I know I I agree I don't think I think we're gonna be okay -- I think I I have a feeling you know there was say god watches out for the United States of America let's let's hope so. Thanks for the call Julie. 187746943221877469. 4322. John your next what Howie Carr go ahead John. Yes our ally. It's it's very clear what Obama is doing my -- that the Chicago. What do you think he has. Well of course tomorrow I'm I don't -- with the Chicago for a few years I took my wife. This combo last year about a year or year if you want to go to just happened to be at the time when Obama or -- -- Did you go by Cabrini green the old Cabrini -- many of the rough neighborhoods. And everybody was coming out. Clocking forum community and he's going back home. Because he's not happy about the way he feels it is not happy about his presidency. So we go back where -- fiscal two consecutive gold back into the rock various. And you know to be -- coalition -- -- The you know John even the number you may have you may be onto something but don't you think the they -- the it's a lot easier to have a good time at Camp David Bennett is in Chicago even it even in his rarefied precincts of Hyde Park. We also opened his numbers are so now that I don't think you can find a comfortable place than Chicago. When used on driving through all those areas I'm -- we end up on the Gold Coast you know -- then why -- 110 minutes after restrict. Thanks for thanks for the call John 1877469432. -- -- -- Barney -- snide remark yesterday about the new Republican congressman from Hawaii. He said the is named some like -- why don't of the not a -- a DJ OU he's have about Asian descent. And Marty Marty -- the reporters should somebody you'd check kits burst it -- think it. Well well well well all that wacky -- you know. Of course you don't have to be born in the US to. Be a member of congress and of course I were pretty sure that this guy was born in Hawaii. I don't the I think if you know somebody really did ask him for his birth certificate I don't think that would be a Stonewall. If -- the by every elected official in Hawaii Republican and Democrat alike. A 18774694322. From now we are. He's still not refinance your mortgage we'll see you might be kicking yourself in the head you -- 18774694322. The only number of our our show your -- to join us. Peter you're next with how we cargo ahead Peter. At I -- right. I just -- disputed your earlier caller. Talking about that the arrow thing is that it's a very very important. Think that every president does I like I've been there's several times. And their Memorial Day. Yeah. In debt as an example of what go down there in 2004 are women had their say yeah. They were dedicated to awards to management yeah if there were trapped -- -- it will work to. That there. And what happens is right before the actual state by the president there's a ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. There's an auditorium right there are very little escapade are there any goalie -- -- -- first come first -- For -- -- -- the bush cares that you just went through a you know little screening yeah I might quit or -- before he couldn't get quote that a place. So. They're really understand it. And now -- report yet to be there. Now I I I know I mean it's it it's these it's -- you don't -- there are certain symbolic gestures that the president has they have a state immunity if this world the UK. Then this would be you know this be one of those duties that Queen Elizabeth would problem. Only other thing but they you know in this country. You know the the president has the dubious of the prime minister and the the king -- queen and that this is this is one of those buildings and at least he's taken a long weekend. That's the kind of guy is somehow we -- Memorial Day is almost here and it's really time to start losing weight I'm talking about the ten or fifteen pounds you've given up on. TH 121 pluses helped tens of thousands of people just like me to a quick and sustainable weight loss you'll lose the waiting you'll keep it off guaranteed. 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