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Howie talks to Rock Legend Peter Wolf

May 24, 2010|

Rock legend Peter Wolf joins us in studio before the Double Play Concert with the J. Geils Band and Aerosmith at Fenway Park in Boston. Check out Peter's new album Midnight Souvenirs

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Broncos and from a new balanced world headquarters building moos is off Holloway cars show state. Rep Michael Moore -- -- -- rear ended in a serious car accident this week by a suspected illegal immigrant immigration status of drivers that are licensed is not a new thing that the students who. -- -- What state police tried to explain he was in serious trouble the suspect according to a report just -- -- that he was going to go back to. Might country Mexico quote nothing is going to happen to meet fans and I mean you do is encouraging people to continue to break the law howry. Racial profiling takes us back. Words and we. First character of our nation is demeaning to our country that we would. Move in that direction. It's they need to us as a people. -- around talking threw his hat key and a host of others clearly do not know what the Arizona immigration law provides. The federal law. About with yet another -- -- Barack Obama or Eric Holder anybody else's expressed any concerns. Allows immigration officers to stop anybody basically at any time anywhere for any reason and if the city of drama how. Card WRKO. Radio networks. -- that's for. 1877469432218774694322. That's the toll free number -- how we car -- on its. To break up pleasure to have -- in the studio Peter Wolf well it's great being here. Thank you for inviting me from the -- -- -- -- Andy's got a new album out -- Order off of our website Peter Wolf midnight souvenirs and tomorrow night you will be at the Wilbur theatre and yes is salute the solo performance -- -- the midnight travelers which is a band of some of the best musicians from. The world's come to pull over the -- decree until the creme. Top shelf of these musicians from New England. And this should be -- is going to be at the will move very intimate sit down performance. Full bar. I think there's maybe 2030 tickets left to whatever finish. Though but the people need to get tickets they might -- calling the Wilbur box office or more go to Ticketmaster yes -- great. Ticketmaster dot com -- October box office so while. It's it's great it's great to have -- here what we're gonna take a lot of calls here and just you you know if anybody's got any questions -- wants to reminisce about -- phone calls you guys that did this -- -- I do I know you did I know you didn't you know we have some when we have something here which in many they impede -- may bring back some memories will get it in a moment here you -- on -- BC and yes there was a mass effect I was one of the on the first day that I would help start the station I was the program director -- music director. Hello gentlemen and L Perry. And had the will to Guzman to the show McCann in the history of -- -- -- has got to come -- -- Leo it is the latest connected from Alabama gives Calder you stolen have a little photo shows -- come on baby called a -- coma -- let's go let's get -- -- -- -- has got to come out that the rock and roll is all about. That can you say Alex. Now I can't I if I. Let's listen to RKO William Ellis Alan noted this was I would start at midnight. Yeah and it was the only. Showed her head real. Are -- rock and roll on the FM dial because everything previous to that was on the AM dial. Right so people when people discovered it. They've basically Woodstock nation when they discovered music on FM. I was the midnight power struggle from midnight to 7 in the morning seven days a week and the greatest thrill from these seven days away seven days a week I was a dedicated -- -- -- -- I loved it. And my guests were Muddy Waters at hello wolf Roland Kirk. I had and Van Morrison I had Led Zeppelin The Who year old guess because they should. They came to the after the show after the show in the new boss who was the first place that many of the British fans came to play this that would come from England the Boston played the Boston Tea Party. And then come up to my radio show and it was the first actual. Airways that they got in the states so I got to meet them and then as the Kyle's been. Became more more popular had to leave. Radio prisoner couldn't do it seven days a week then I started doing that we Jones never started taping. Though it's a -- taping it wasn't as much fun because -- like -- radio right -- dressed. This yeah that's -- that's the only way it should be right exactly. You know -- Bruce's friend of mine -- -- -- come here come in yet or not but he's he used to work that the BC and when you come back for the birthday every year oh yeah. And he says that -- -- one of the things he always remembered by the it was you'd say. You be about ten minutes and -- say. Don't get hungry. I can use a pizza. Say about a half hour later the cavs would start arriving at. And they would just be like the whole street would be thronged with people send them over pizzas that are elderly all the -- the guys like him the interns in the lower rank and producers that'll take all the pizza Solomon Mike from. For weeks afterwards that do have an off the Peter Wolf pizzas well this does might be true but I think you might have emulated that because I see here and beyond that I. Actually the best deli food and towns and I've brought to you from Leo's placed into my favorite breakfast nook and only real. Restaurant -- Harvard Square it's Leo's actually Leo's boy's diner. When they're great so that they're -- to about seven and I'm and there -- seven days a week we OC and then now ya Michael sole woman brought in some yes it will grow Formica for about your -- Coolidge corner calorie royal artillery old -- here and down. Thank you Michael -- bring him in the -- -- isn't much of that and there's our Larry has just arrived in peace stood. He's -- you lived off your pizzas every year he he didn't have to buy any food for Ramallah there where there went the pepperoni. Now knowing how -- Chris what was the first rock concert you went to. I think and you I'm glad you asked me this -- think a little but I think it was I saw. Slide in the film we stoned enough Providence sun hung up in 1968. I'll give an interest in fact sly and the family stone came to Boston stay here for about a month and a half. And they've played at a place called the psychedelic supermarket which was on commonwealth avenue right near you. And for some reason is they were so the resident band there and and that was before their album came out people don't realize I went to see him quite a lot. But it was before they actually recorded the first record on Columbia. And I was working when DJ and I broke their first. One of the first singles but -- I was in Boston for very long time and he also. Like you like myself with the DJ in San Francisco you -- that -- anywhere in the -- and -- some later on at Harvard Square -- -- -- at Harvard stadium they were there we're doing some kind of fund raiser for somebody yes and I saw him at a very sad concert in harvest group at a place called Jonathan swift's aren't there right maybe forty people there now is very sad to see someone who. Changed the face of music so dramatically to -- -- -- so far from grace and -- -- -- the sad story there but there is still alive right he's still with us in certain ways and still out there and certain ways. But -- his talent is undeniable. Got the movies the more somber later his concerts got blessed my son was in Fayetteville, North Carolina and 71 he was about three hours late -- -- we're doing go to bill. I was going to school at UNC and so we went down we were a couple of us went down there and you know we end up and well we we went -- to the base for a while -- -- we came back out and you know what at a concert and have a good time. Just lie I was I was something else he didn't he was one of the -- actually a list. We -- there at the -- the most famous these do the most memorable concert for me would be there in The Rolling Stones and 72 when they got arrested on enough problems down from Rhode Island yes I was there it was that that the Boston Garden correct and the mayor and -- white came out and rolled up his sleeves and said. Do not worry I am going will let the trains run all play and we're gonna get -- I am gonna get chief riches out of jail in the place whether. And in the meantime I got to pull all the cops out because I -- riot going on down in the south and the need the cops that go fight the the people in the south and so was everyone gonna behave themselves yeah we're behave ourselves. And that I'm only good thing you like you said I'm gonna have the trains open and then like 130 or so we all walked out. Expecting to get the Green Line. There were -- -- but not in the world. Those the first woman ever heard Kevin White lie to me personally. You know it was not the last but it was the first like like. Well did Q3 got a jail he did keep Richardson a photographer some come off the plane and I think that's what happened right I think there wasn't a photographer. Yeah I -- access. -- -- And had a little more serious than that. 1877469432. To listen I I heard that tell you what -- the. He wants had a baby sitter named by the name of Norman Rockwell. Well not yes I did actually my dad was a singer and he was working up and Tanglewood the Wen -- -- first started Leonard Bernstein was the conductor. And my dad would like to do shopping I was always a very ventures child and love to draw are so he would take me to this. So when he knew. Up to the studio and sit me down. And just generally give me crayons and paper and yet -- art studio. And I was young child I didn't realize it was Norman Rockwell who had son also by the name of Peter the sexing me ages myself. And -- really sweet gentleman then you're gonna show me who what is doing and ask certain questions I must have been about seven or eight. I remembered and when I went back. Too -- to studio was as I passed the steps I remember exactly. Precisely go there or maybe every other day it's a different hour to our. So he was he was quite a guy and there's a wonderful museum now mr. bridge yeah Norman Rockwell amusing if it's worth books. There are no CC this is in this is one of these new things and Cuban radio yet daily basis Peterson you have to you have to war make sure that should turn off of the yes -- PS yes cellphone to override our god -- I don't door all the time or turn on. Turn on and turn off 18774694322. Again. Peter Wolf as with us from the BM and he will be at the Wilbur theatre tomorrow night tomorrow night with the midnight travelers right. And you were talking earlier army will take some calls you're just -- moment. You were talking about how things have changed everything is fragmented you know whether it's our Radio One and there all media is fragmented certainly. It's the same thing in -- in music isn't it I mean nobody he can't it's harder to become of a big shot Austin band and it used to be isn't it. Well I think it's worth some music brings I think music it was the first major. Show is say industry to be really dismantled by digital technology. And then it's now moving to journalists and moving into radio. Moving into many fields of TV many of the field and into with the music. Industry was really the first one to be hit. And a lot of people feel low near the record companies is that there's lots of different theories like and talked for awhile on on that but I think. It it is something that because obviously here it's here to stay. But it it it has caused damage and more and mostly. It's given the sum of new bands -- advantage. And a great disadvantage -- that don't have the concentration. But I was coming up where there is specific stations that really supported you -- and also -- radio today -- the music radio. You can do it you oil which is good and that's why I think talk radio so popular but music radio and not all of that but the majority of music radio. The jocks can't play what they feel like -- they're programmed. And they're do so much research that you lost the personality and of abandon this plane on Tuesday night. In the old days -- the Jockey Club do you play on Wednesday. How much about the voice track and I mean a lot of times there -- you know there how many mid day DJ's or even left in the whole country mr. This is true and so I think that's why college radio so important then there's some small independent radio stations for music that's very important. And a satellite has tried to fill the void. But again you're right it's very fragmented it's very hard and that's why with his new album the next souvenirs. I collected there's some great duets one was Shelby Lynne who's a Grammy Award winning artists. The other Neko Case is another award winning artists and someone who you -- I know I love I know you're gonna say I love him. Moral -- immoral and that was one of the highlights of my career. -- is -- sit next to -- the record distract. And we did it right here in Boston actually wryly that he was doing. He was and why did you bring him down here well. I didn't know we have all this food. Pat pat pat pat pat. Swing and all our staff. And well you're very very good with. Okie from Muskogee is drug fighting side -- was two Brothers so yeah that's right but you know with the blue Merle. That those are gonna -- and down my country hawks yes there you walk on the fight and site today you got it. And that Merle. Actually we're very interesting gentlemen very bright German and politically very astute it is not quite what you might think he would be. His politics are very broad and he's an interest in men and one of our greatest songwriters and singers he's on the highest shelf -- who in turn make battery there -- -- not sure Ray Charles. Merle Haggard he is the creme dollar credit. The best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a everybody showed up its admiral so I thought we were gonna record turned out there was a Cracker Barrel on world got lost because Cracker Barrel gave a special. Credit card if you believe any Cracker Barrel for free yeah. No -- like Gregor -- was -- junior Gotti -- you we he all was would be there that's the cracker barrels quite quite a place. Now did you find that out. How right I think I read that somewhere -- good -- that do or maybe somebody that some would call me are you somewhat -- rhetoric but where he will he come across the Cracker Barrel. I think he just when he was in prison and that you get the -- would get out of council -- I don't know but we all know is that he they had a couple of big -- -- they -- a couple of -- sit -- and he insisted that they go to Cracker Barrel on everybody and all the other guys the where there were going what what. Come back -- maybe at a Cracker Barrel credit card to how the process. 18774694323. So you wanna take some calls sure I'd look at Dick -- called it was the first rock concert you went through. None is is is this this is really a spoiler because this was my baptism my sister Julia was a dancer and she danced on the Alan freed big -- TV show. -- -- Is the reason why the rock and roll Hall of -- -- in Cleveland -- great disk jockey echoing that many people. It is disputed that some people feel he coined the term rock and roll. But he surely made rock -- world very popular. And my first concert was and Alan freed rock and roll. Show complicate it was called an -- it was Little Richard. Chuck -- Jerry Lee Lewis joy Campbell of blonde bombshell Frankie lemon and teenagers -- in the Belmont Buddy Holly. To -- -- the don'ts the sheriff tells instead Townsend and and big. And where was this this was down in Manhattan and in the move does so the second show and moved to the Bronx paradise Buddy Holly wasn't on that one but beyond -- and I Jerry Liu and -- Richard then what I soared. Chuck Berry duck walk across the stage when I saw little Richard Pound that piano. Is that it didn't get any better than that and then -- Frankie lemon teenagers came out and saying why do fools fall love. -- -- You know doom and gloom. -- On the I just went nuts. And I became a huge I -- does rock and -- does for another day on I bought records went to the record store every day. Then radio was very very you're listening to satellite what does decade do you listen to them for you listened to some of the new -- type stations I listen to all of it. Kelly but I tell you the one I really. Enjoy a lot is the forties. Because the forty says some of the great swing bands seek Caroline. Seat Caroline Caroline they they hate it when I listen to the forty channel all men you get -- so similar great. Great I mean there there is so final Hampton for all of slash home yeah you can't get better groove and that and that's the interesting thing. That's so much of rock and roll came from or Indian Country and there's so much embedded in the great big bands and many people forgotten how great the big bands but to me. They're like we're Rembrandt does the pinging. -- they -- it doesn't get better than that now there's a new world biography of Duke Ellington just came -- see that it's there we will as who look hasn't -- -- but I have to I've bought the one on Louis Armstrong. And as -- new -- the came out on Arctic shore mean which is a really good ones and they. The one on Louis on charcoal pops this really good and if you like a little modern music -- -- another great biography on Thelonious Monk with who is afraid go to mine too I got to see a lot. And my dad it was an entertainment. Who was a singer his brother was his manager and his brother also managed that -- a -- twirl her. The world's strongest man and a -- My -- And they would need if you automatic right next to Jack Dempsey the and they were there would be the Cilic Christian people with puppets in the red parrot -- almost that would be Alamo Broadway -- go to Barbara yeah that's already so I've I was brought up another whole genre of music but my dad. Insisted I go see. Louis Armstrong and it took -- see Louie Armstrong. With Bing Crosby and it was one of the first musical experiences I -- but. We'll show you don't people lot of people my age anyway I mean the first we -- -- Armstrong was hello -- -- come like. Not even seem like a ground breaker let's put it that way bright he just seem like a -- smaltz a guy. Right -- -- well but history it proved right right I know I know hadn't yet and the pay you DI he had he had paid his dues looks like it's like -- would have been to many actors done. For instance Walter Brennan or -- -- they ended up on TV and people would forget the rich legacy they hadn't film right and even James Stewart and -- fund of people don't remember but they had TV shows that. Even last longer they had him. So the the big bands to -- so that I enjoyed. That's also a Boston. We had the jazz workshop that Paul's mall. All smaller -- the -- we can in there with fake IDs and they had not only Muddy Waters but it's good to see Bob Marley and some of the great big bands and then when he is on the turnpike thought. Article noted that it was pretty rich and because of Berkeley there's a lot of great players buddy rich would come through all the time has been. So and to me. It's like food. I like at all I I don't discriminate in my music if it's good a lot of good. Contemporary country -- stuff I have very hard time taken. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you hear an old Ernest -- cut or you hear Hank Williams cut -- and earlier Merle Haggard George Jones. There's something they're like in the early rock and roll that right that is like a great. Photograph that's the decisive moment that's captured. So you should listen to what we -- than some all yeah I would usually a matter of fact I was on Willie's bus I was one of the few walk off still standing. I was always sorry when they -- they from Hanks placed a Willie's place -- I thought Hank was hastily Hanks bigger than dwelling but. Well. I agree unless you're talking by Hank snow is very short no -- I think we know who I'm talking gets. -- -- written -- not junior either not -- Monday Night Football that I'll tell you very quick little story we're the Winston-Salem north -- Miller doing what they called chicken -- where you go up the tournament's come down. And Johnny Cash is also. Touring and sure every other stop we run into Johnny Cash and call Perkins though is get the sick and between call and Johnny and talk. I wonder if there was this very attractive woman on the plane. And she called me over city does in the band with a yes and she should do look at a musician rocker growth should do you like country unison yes. Since you said who do you like Eshleman favors Hank Williams who is well really -- I was married to -- As -- you're listening to sergeant saw no not that long I'm going to pick and it turned out to be Hank williams' second wife. Going merited Johnny Horton and yes jewels and our drove over Lazio should shoot some battle getting -- just existence. The very attractively dilemma it's a really gene is Billie Jean Horton with the name at that time. And the issues go we we were chicken hopping -- somewhere in Louisiana and a invited her to the show. And shouldn't come but I -- But Ilya that would salute that I got pretty close to -- millions on the U Tank Williams 187 says he has some good if our flex right who. No great -- 1877. For his last drive was a -- car. -- exact no no no relation. 18774694322. This is great new guy you're what every you know everybody well the -- Hank and I. But Niagara you're hey I would normal Rockwell right right the last days of Hank Williams and but I but I got to my -- look a Little Richard and Jerry Lewis I got to meet them and also I got to meet Alan freed many in my radio idols. And a I got to meet jock -- Henderson who was a great. Influence and in New York has yet to show what who stopped but do you had -- do ten rat now 1115. And you listen there's an acronym can chip machine. And he was something else what -- was out on I think get it was on the right hand dial it came out a New Jersey it was in new York and he was he was he -- some of the great great great music. He he he was a great influence and after him was the magnificent not a -- And then the gentleman that was here in Boston moved to New York that this document in the symphony sit. Boller who -- that Dave -- due to bobbled a big big data and and he broadcasted from bird land and that's how I'll learn all about jazz journalist and the simplicity. You're -- WLA say Hoya via a Tennessee life and casualty yeah yeah. What makes itself of course it's my fourth three doo -- jog your next with Howie Carr and Peter Wolf go ahead John. And clearly -- talk you guys. On. Great -- the swallowed the federal court I'm originally from Ohio and I must have seen that. Didn't Cincinnati -- the midwest there and an honest -- there wasn't any band. There -- a lot more that you guys do it. And it no matter what I saw you -- a back up as a headliner it didn't matter you guys toward the plate -- Without fail it we will -- can't finish very repute that would be good and I both agreed for how good the best Life Party album cover. Well thank you John and first law how -- always great to us the midwest was very special for the -- band. And actually if I had to choose one I would say full house is probably my favorite to. Yeah lovely -- didn't. It's still fresh and they still are in this Belgrade are -- -- your career a whole lot of followed judge it bit Jake got all. Our players do global -- it's very red magic stick some really haven't called you saw -- check out that new album years really look at afforded to they aired it. Good midnight souvenirs just got a record contract yes -- on birth how many people have those anymore -- still do. Then there was -- particular way and so -- check it out and leaving. Check out my FaceBook or. You'll -- let me know you think John. What Quebec's national -- Likewise thanks for the call John we -- -- -- it would would think we have to take a break in the will move call shall we want but I woke up I won't pick up all but Peters time -- -- calls on Bogart Peter Wolf as -- and like 18774694310. To do. I'll I guess I'll move on all I -- Banquet Saturday ago 18774694322. -- how we are. As they come out on your show. One from what are your little forty -- when my revisions. The world from the moment to the birthday shows. That's right the wizard yeah. Ball left was -- -- its. How I got I gotta tell you but they're very very good nervous wary and Larry this is great yeah. The great John Lee Hooker. We know. I know what -- I'd rather take phone calls vehicle I got a great show -- some great jolly good stories they'll say this. He was one of the kindness he looked like the meanest. Toughest. Guy who traveled alone. Can -- -- So. That he looked like are you and you didn't wanna mess them. But it was the most gentle sweetest man and he helped more people I know. And John -- with people don't realize a lot of people think rocket 88. -- the first rock and roll record in my opinion there's there's really not 11 but if I was to say one bogey bogey children by John Lee -- released in 1948. Don't even though that all you notice you heard it and -- are good on so many people were influenced by a and it's just it's just. It's just a beautiful recording and it was mastered I found out when I interviewed. Sam Phillips. That Sam who who later went on to record. Hello wolf and DB keying the Rufus Thomas and any at this guy called Elvis Presley that it went on through discover. And Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis. And Johnny Cash and the list goes on and on a call Perkins and then he was an amazing amazing man and radio was his first look. So -- 8774694322. Witnesses Peter Wolf from the tomorrow night to come -- tickets at Ticketmaster go to Wilbur box office she's got a new album out. And it's called midnight souvenir issued an order that -- our website Howie -- dot com -- -- we're gonna take calls from the -- many calls the weekend should the general is next with -- go ahead general. What took a moment can -- guy -- I've got a global let's let's not put in my ma'am. Hey we debated tomorrow night Hillary right up front. All tables three K three also downs full bar so what are you gonna be drinker. Well I'll hopefully we'll leave you only get Betsy with the mood strikes in the where he calls for a -- from the DJ he's he's a local you know we all know in general I've I've -- I've I've seen in the many of function million minority don't know we didn't really started on -- and I think going back a long line in densely -- to and I do in the -- gonna we have -- -- -- but a. You know I just want to tell you how we people they're the people out there that you know I think Peter has just -- hit every -- he's put out. Is this song already the production has gotten better and better and I mean this new one is that to leave -- -- thought one sleepless was. I mean people getting -- opened by these because -- is just come. Smiles and in the in the production this songwriting it's it's it's terrific get I think it's gonna we're looking forward to a great show tomorrow night. Well thank you general thank you I'm not gonna -- -- -- -- -- Maybe yeah. Okay we'll tell you up okay. I -- California 18774694322. Johnny -- next with Howie Carr and Peter Wolf go ahead jointly. I -- you don't might say that I thought would be the wolf yes you are doing. I'll -- integrated stay in my life -- thank you we call through our problem Springfield and they started out beer good at promoting inside. Call and that's show was not so. And I I I can't believe on the way home I was disappointed -- all that as far as you played really didn't play one last -- but I how can you complain it was a great show. Paula thank you. In the end yeah I wish I could go to modified new year at the iron -- is closely got a -- there but. You know those the solar doors and move the Mohegan Sun -- was with with the dials -- And we're gonna be doing to something you might be instant no event be. The dials -- and -- Smith the going to be really Fenway Park straight law that targets and I think it's August 14. The but yeah the big guys from Boston yeah. -- billboard yup and a lot of people wanna say I had wanted to save myself. Thank you Johnny -- -- for me. This seat he's -- -- WHY in another proposal -- Hoya and I was forty stations exact I'll talk station when they go to the actually listen to reliability and other great places great town still is probably I'm sure but it would -- -- -- there are a lot. -- Albany. Oh yeah WP DR may affect me in the midnight. Travel as we displayed Albany two days ago. There was. Waldman is a great great great great city. I wanna go back to stand out it was a really great restaurants great. Bars -- them very very friendly people. That's before you -- tickets -- hotel. And that was that trans gender convention and there's nothing quite like being in a bar. And sitting and within the trans gender convention if it's an insisting vivid demonstration at the state house on on Saturday I guess and they than they had a march and they said the -- we're just like taking pictures of them they didn't know what exactly they were taking pictures up but. They thought it would be a memorable -- -- well are you there was Albany it was it was it was cool we had a lot of fun. We got a lot of fun but all these great city. Mike you're next with Howie Carr and Peter -- go ahead Mike. -- maybe I don't good I I did some odd time down at the Cape Cod coliseum all and you. Every year in the eighties and -- here. They might wish to call that the sweat box and -- Below is gonna talk data crisis while I'd give -- the real name -- I'm gonna see you're anyway I saw you wouldn't Steven Tyler I'm not Red Sox game in the -- And I says man I ever gonna show and probably ten years I'm going to that -- I got tickets already announced pumped. A good. Drug that it's it's it proved to be and adjusting even Iraq enroll. Yeah I got god -- nice seats and it's great talking have been following your career and 82 and -- -- see you every year at sea port five -- here at the coliseum. But again -- but out of Providence pockets civics down out. Now look how myelin has questioned what we're at war which -- exactly was the it. The kick drug costing. Our style yum is the biggest until I get confused who has felt that that was quite a place -- -- -- It was real mystery shops yeah -- Yeah how it's not it's like got storage bills that I mystery. Charlotte home of another of our stations WX the carry fayed. -- -- -- -- Well thank you Michael Collins yeah we are great -- -- -- -- like. If you look at the some good rock and roll come on tomorrow we will work we'll -- -- -- down. Right I thank -- Mike. The B people will be at with the midnight travelers should be at the Wilbur theatre tomorrow night again few tickets still available Ticketmaster dot com or go to the Wilbur box office. Stick your next with how we card Peter Wolf go ahead -- -- -- we were kids we decide we want to go group's -- it would start so kids keep was played at out of Bridgewater. State College I wanna -- probably January where seventy. Want and it was called some Africa. And we walked in there sit down did -- know what Jay gouge was fully open the show up they. It's one of the building which if they burned it up TNT it looked like a bunch of -- out -- that. And I'd say they were three of us there told everybody in. Everybody all everybody that we knew would always give great big groups to go to to TJ got it I think it was two or three years later. There was a certain. Virus gave the fuel we all feel it knew how to work it you get enough so. Seven of -- we get caught the first I confess I gave him a short already started and we just said the -- -- but he also -- we've made it. Well yet Noah I remember that who we played a lot with -- that that there were good -- one of the gentleman came from Arlington who passed away earlier on of them died of overdoses the united went through with three -- -- it's too that I know yeah. To -- of that there were really very important Ben Nelson did a great album with the dollar hooker. That there were very important helping John Lee. Find the broader audience no pun intended of course. I think that's -- gallery. Yes I would get a little blurry Ide was you talk about the situation this deadly but I don't -- so I was biblically right out. Both legs and Collins. Thank you dec 18774694322. Mike you're next with Howie Carr and -- -- zero -- -- Mike from audio lab but if I can get it. -- shouldn't say happy birthday to Bob Dylan on the air and maybe talk about his influence does not appear courier. Well yes this is Bob Dylan's birthday is a direct. Yeah and this is thank you Michael -- we're gonna see you tomorrow it sure do you already have your tickets I actually. If you don't -- -- call you later. I'll make sure you get a vote Mike is busy he's done it that -- eleven. He's he helps me with a lot of that oil file stuff. As another. One of his friends and when I was a pain I I started -- what brought me the Boston as the Boston's in school of fine arts and I never finished high school. So I don't know high school skeleton high school music and -- -- -- and -- and Harlem and once a week I go to the Apollo and I'd see. All the great shows an amateur night on Wednesday so I got to see James Brown Otis Redding Benny king the drifters. That Diana. Dinah Washington and everybody Gloria -- it was just an incredible education for me. And I have a little studio and there was a guy of being on the radio hey Jonathan Disney dot it just playing this great music. And so -- called the radio station -- -- Who is this guy is have a record out in the disc jockey just handed the phone to this young guy. When you talk to me yesterday on the pain and I was like 1516 -- the out. There -- so lot of pain man has legislature to windows there was an opinion is that enough to be Bob Dylan. And the free -- and Bob Dylan the free will about this before you were recorded for Columbia there was -- first I think it was first radio show. And does so I went down to look great college grads village and there are a couple people on the stoops of his apartment will brownstone. He ended up at this place called kettle of fish in the let's start a long long friendship. From way way way back and you did not everybody excellent Hank Williams okay Williams. And it wasn't for car not a got a -- Williams. Yeah I know I disown them I. That's okay thanks for the call -- -- 18774694322. What would go -- let you go now we -- about out of time this is good this was great Q can you come back some other time but anyway how are you tomorrow night you come on down and with we will plays like I got that teenage I get teenager problems really I gotta stay acute -- leave the carrier can tell you about okay. But but you could you -- next when we come yeah I well OK and I'd like to really think all the people call. And all the -- -- stands for all the years throughout the years all the people who come to my solo shows. They've really been great and we'll see him all the Marta the -- okay thank you Peter -- -- thank you I'm Alec.