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Webgems-Oil Spills

May 24, 2010|

We continue our webgems, and focus on Obama's handling of the oil spill

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-- -- Listen here. Good morning and welcome back Thomas -- on what is turned into a nice Monday little -- has -- turned out. And that we have to unite people would have we have broadcast -- new balance. Headquarters building your right we only got through one of our web germs last hour or so. This might be your first time hearing at this our daily feature which we usually doing our earlier. Where we go through some of the big news breaking on the Internet play you the sound day. Willis starts right now with representative Alan Grayson he represents Disney World. Which I think he explains a lot of his political how what he does say radical known as a progressive. In hearing is comparing these GOP to al-Qaeda. Florida's most controversial congressman is that it again during an interview with channel nine. Set to air this weekend Alan Grayson attacked Republicans as people who want their own government destroyed. Why would you want to put people in charge of government who just don't wanna do it. I mean you you wouldn't expect to see al-Qaeda members because pilots. This is just. The latest in a series of controversial come. Well actually you would opt out. And I think he analogy there is said Democrat senator al-Qaeda they you know they wanna crash a plain -- wanna be at the controls so they can. Destroy the American experiment that's what the Democrats are up to I think. I think Grayson as usual wasn't too gross exaggeration gross oversimplification. He equates people who talk about limited government. A less intrusive. Government to more fiscally responsible government. As people who want to hear -- government down cannot -- guests is a big difference there's any difference between and our guests and people who -- believe in a smaller. Roll off. -- -- the founders' vision for the country now how does the founders' vision for the country get made into al-Qaeda. According to representative Alan Grayson well as I said he references is there exactly -- -- It's a small world after all also -- -- us speaking of entertainment at the Jordanian Roy Jimmy's good guy who travels the world. In search of life good food and you know if you just to -- the name I would've looked -- consider who is this guy but I would have seen Hans of this as I flip the channels from time to time out. And he's in Timbuktu and he says no samples. You know exactly -- -- Dell okay and they got known when he wrote a book on what it's really like in a kitchen which was very you know where he got a lot of press for -- because he talked about -- really your conversation that goes on how -- -- out how they deal with -- things like that a lot of people were shocked. This is him talking about the Tea Party in doing political analysis. Sort of a force to reckon with and for centrist members of both parties may -- the fear. Bring back our panel -- -- -- Ted Nugent and Candy Crowley everywhere and you could put him Marty would what do you think. Mean I I don't just treating hell -- on his trail a book about PO wallop about the assassination of doctor king. And about particularly. About the Wallace for president campaign in California. Back then and you're looking I think it basically the same demographic a lot of marginal very angry. White people. I'm pretty happy about the Tea Party because I I think there there ensuring that no reasonable deal likable -- A Republican who will be -- will be president. And they're taking over the party in in a way that that makes them. Look more or less crazy if -- were conspiratorial minded person I would think that. Michelle Bachmann for instance was a creation of some evil democratic group to make them all look like Bloomington since. That's entity aboard any. With Lewis is why people should stick to what they're gonna I was gonna ask you first of all pitching -- commented -- -- that's a good panel you know Nugent and -- real facetious okay. -- Nugent wrote -- news or be interest and why of Hawaii in. Why on earth would Anthony board game B our current political commentary guess again we can all play the game because we -- about view of politics and around limited experience with and so you know whether -- chef from a butcher or baker candlestick making it can operate. I think it's for demographics while I think geez I don't think it shows on PBS but its tracks that kind of New York and I think they want to attract the kind of viewer the TV show is on perhaps settled up. But that's if there were ordained for you now sir let me ask just you think is any validity to his point with -- -- to the Tea -- And instead damaging the Republican -- it if it in I'll just use we did a little good little. Discussion on -- -- ten to ray and Paul dynamics. On the night of his election. I'm with the T Friday there with me in heads up Washington was basically his message. Within 48 hours he was it's he was self destruct with the may 24 hours have with Michelle mad now whatever and I'll -- all their change. Is going on you know go to the parties trying to find -- equal or Rihanna then understand exactly how to integrate these forces and in into the into charity and make it work but I don't think that's a bad thing. There maybe some political damage Ford but you know Democrats. Go through same process when there they. Party on the outside to. I you have to find your voice and figure out where you're gonna stand. To our recapture the energy of the marketplace he can do the job the next like. I guess to challenge for the T Friday as I see his they they claim for themselves and -- and and really this central premise is. We are not a political party we are a group of disaffected and somewhat alienated citizens. And that. Is good enough and and of itself but if you attract a million adherents he'll likely to have close to a median points of view it's had to therefore be. Have a coherent. All the Tea Party is not a thing the Tea Party is an umbrella under which people are standing. As they -- if you voice our opinions so it becomes the my own label for the energy in the marketplace that says. We're very unhappy. With what is going on in Washington and on the state level as well and we want change so that we wanted to be a constitutional country when we wanted to be a country that's not. Bribing us with money we don't have been in putting our for our. Future family members -- in permanent death and you know I think that's a good message how it gets integrated into. Republicans which a big part from what the Republican Party is it too much like the Democrats in that there institutionalize their status it's their part of the that group of people who -- like the big government because that's money they get suspend him. Can all right I guess I'd advise the T try to keep it very very simple you don't wanna put the country and to hockey you wanna reduce the debt that the country is carrying. That then is a principle that you can apply across the board absolutely. Sarah Palin. Yeah and whenever Sarah Palin loves and tell us what she's just got this in Jack noted the thing that she did with the death panels. Is probably the greatest two words in the history of politics. And she just has this ability to know when the moment is to strike. And how to strike in she's going after Barack Obama now for failure to respond to the golf Katrina spell. Is that a good name for help Katrina still in the gulf Katrina this is here Barack Obama could trade as they're not. Well I think that there is perhaps that -- hesitancy. To I'm. I don't really know how to put this great state except to say that. The oil companies who have been sold supported the President Obama in his campaign and get our support about him now. I don't know why the question isn't asked by the mainstream media and by others if there's any connection with. The contributions made to President Obama in his administration and the support by the oil companies. How about that is he in the bag of the oil companies because -- to tie with the I don't think that's what's going on here may be an influence. But I think the reason Obama's caving in and is because he doesn't want to be associated with that it's her interest in the political approach considering what happened in George W. I -- -- Katrina pressure on the Obama administration role has been while this thing is scary. Who knows if we can even fix it if we got involved therefore let's pretend were involved but -- let BP do everything. Yeah they they have been any number of press releases that indicate that they have been on the job since day one day one day one you remember we did -- cut. A little bit of properly it probably ten days ago about and yet this thing is unbelievable. Todd what it's still into the Louise. In a coastline and that and then go fishery I think honestly -- know you this is going to taint I think now permanently the Obama administration because this almost unavoidably. The Leo whether they were responding well or not. This is the kind of thing that's gonna drag on and just be a thorn in the issue of the country in a way that Katrina couldn't -- to trade Katrina was a one time events. And even still Katrina hasn't been dealt with some Obama came into office a year and a half -- hasn't done anything. -- Democrats took over congress in 2006 they still have a respond nobody's offered leadership. On rebuilding. The -- Gulf Coast from Katrina. And nobody knows about it nobody pays attention because is not a daily story this oil thing is a daily story it's amazing. So it wasn't just Sarah Palin did James Carville a whacko leftist Democrat the guy who ran now Obama's campaign. I mean Clinton's campaign Clinton's campaign are Clinton Al elected he's a Louisiana guy yeah he loves his Louisiana got a personal interest -- listen to. Start and I am from that they're from VP last night -- executive and and as I just around the same time I'm saying to him in a -- seizing these other dispersed and say he's saying while the EPA. Doesn't have any problem with these -- since. Lo and behold now we learned that the EPA contacts and BP. And tells them they have to -- less toxic dispersed since the. I think that the government thinks they're partners would be peak I think actually believe that BP had some kind of not allow a good. Motivation here and that's that's one -- on a whole father is is they're not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And oddly enough the government seems to being gone wrong what -- and end that I that. Guys guys -- -- check demonstrate these people don't wish you well. Now -- that's James Carville. Warning the Obama administration. That partnering with -- EP is not gonna be healthy for them. And you can hear the emotion he is upset about what's happening to his stake to Korea he's he he's an emotional guy anyway he brings a lot of energy to ordering a sandwich I thank -- but on this particular case only this is -- is the start this this is strike -- close to home. And as a democratic president in a democratic congress and this involves -- the environment to the economic livelihoods of Louisiana's. And death he says hey Obama White House what the hell you do one. Other -- and what has it James get an early on conservatives were attacking Obama's administration trying to say look this is Obama's Katrina and they fought back against that but but. I mean do you do have to raise questions about this Interior Department and the CPA. This is it absolutely did and I and I think I was gonna Democrat doesn't it is most people and on the demonstration that's a good things there -- -- everything. By Hezbollah would BP didn't strategy they haven't and it did seem like lackadaisical on distant and Donna type. -- like they're inconvenienced by this this is some kind of giant -- Think you're getting in that way in and and somehow now they feed you that you led BP -- I'll boy it's not born a white it's growing out there. Is a disaster of of the first magnitude and I got to go to plan B 2000. BP to handle it I think it's out of political fear that if they get too close -- get covered by that oil well I think they're gonna covered anyway well curiously enough I agree. With you I think there intimidated I think they realize what they don't know if the best engineers that BP can put on the -- have not been able to figure this thing out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tick -- Kabul's observation that the White House is blowing this look at the two people who jumped on this Sarah Palin more of our little -- tomorrow little bit. And she does recognize political moments of political opportunities when they come along in sushi is draping this right around the presidential -- The other guy who's acting more locally and I think really. Very impressively from my perspective is the governor down in that Ian guy Bob region -- -- he literally said as of I guess yes Saturday or yesterday. You know what. Went -- wait many more for the federal government I'm tired of this crap my state is at risk. They are starting to build sand berms. Literally across the coast so -- does he wants to watch it now he wants to build new island he lost to build Delilah accounts you're the you've got royals -- it to capture the oil that is otherwise washing -- going he would -- to the estuary. Out the streams into the -- as all of those of the food. Sources if you will and the only you know that that that's where the young -- the young shrimp. Everything where was Bobby agent all month ago I mean who you know to me easily too he did have a good PR weekend he was on a boat he invited the media come on look what's going on. And he is stepping into the void I think it. -- -- -- -- common did DP growth and so look I'm -- BP I'm tired of the White House I'm not getting any action in May be right maybe a month ago. But the beauty of doing it now Todd is this he his he's able to point to these thirty days that have gone by roughly thirty days that go by it's a look. Trying to play by all the DM rules IISPD to do this I got I asked and expected the White House to do that neither one of them did it I can't wait for what I. Now on the political level but if a month ago he'd been out there are the president -- somebody about their showing some leadership and said hey let's build these. Let's build these things says they're claiming they have to wait for environmental studies which are your new environmental studies when there's an emergency -- 6172666860. Do you think Obama's blowing. This oil thing in a big way what do you think about what Sarah Palin saying and what to what to James Carville sent. Is this going to be a political liability moving forward -- good morning your NW RKO. I good morning -- My ballot there are it's. Says you -- we've seen yet what is not the White House's response. To media accusations are all is actually. No lack -- elect a leadership what what are they saying in response I think being a little odd. Others are doing a lot of I offer saying -- we've been all over it where there are every step of the way you are department heads are there everybody's there needs to be there it -- -- I think it's true what they're saying the people have been there -- I don't think that's with a complaint is the complaint is that there's no governmental leadership. You know what else -- taking a backseat to BP and letting BP call the shots. Others to validate period -- the -- I did eat contest those accusations saying there's no leadership and eventually did not action. Why don't think there -- that's specific responses saying oh we've been there every step of the way well being there is not doing the job but they're not responsible leadership failure. They're just got what they're saying we're responding and and this is one of those ones where righty I suppose -- -- put on that Barack Obama hat for a moment. I don't Mike Weir and put -- to try to play W having a guy who I'd probably do. And I'll I'll tell. Try to do it in it's this the government does not have the technical engineers on its staffer on its payroll. They're hoping and praying that the BP people can figure this out and figured out quickly. But sometimes in politics you are just taken a lot for a ride you had nothing to do with the -- but you are gonna inherit. All the follow in this well scary all the follow up smell out apparently so watered us but -- do what they're doing is apparently for political benefit keeping their distance went. The government's involvement their go to the government does have resource is to bring to this I'm sure that the the knowledge of the naval people for example. And some of the explosives people for figure out solutions they should be intimately involved with the decision making leaving it to be. I don't think his bring in the full resources and knowledge level the world to this are really wish of the best minds in the world working on this Jan your NW RQ good morning. All right guys they do not I couldn't afford but what do you think after 9/11 that that kind of RS securities backed out that. -- are we gonna until they hit oil -- where we got a -- they should step what. -- should've been ready. I think you're asking too much of the government. -- it's such a vast thing to think about. How are gonna be ready on water supply how we going to be ready on food supply those are huge projects are you ready on the shipping containers the 5000 shipping -- -- did that come into Los Angeles I. I bet you do know went skinny and -- 100 -- -- up big possibility. Right okay well I. I I guess you're right and is certainly you would think that on the most basic level they would've anticipated this kind of problem. And made sure there were regulations they -- and they thought they had they thought they had a double engineer with the Chevron valve and and a NASA shut off -- and -- That stuff something blue we have something inexplicable so the engineers think of the shuttle -- of that terrible tragedy in a folder from MRIs. And the heat shields -- tiles out to peel off the engineers somehow or other made a miscalculations. Something happen. -- and I did but see there's no excuse at that level for those miscalculations because well that's one of those things you know is your primary vulnerability so you should be able to manage in good times. For what to what the worst case scenarios are gonna be comin' down the pike the trouble is human nature especially -- on disciplined. I'll lazy kind of -- like we live in in the just feel if it feels good do it -- People don't cover those bases and certainly in our political system is not a lot of incentive for investing a lot -- up possibilities we get all motivated. Usually after this tragedy but not before. Now John you're an X and WR KR -- there. Good morning guys you know. It's absolutely shocking it to receive that. These guys have singular. Focus their focus is. Bush was erratic with genders. That they can end up blitzkrieg. Didn't it that's all they care about they don't look at the lack of attention to jobs. Look at the lack of attention that it deficit. But that it lacked objectivity oil spill it better about it nothing mattered the agenda Matt no baseball could get the agenda -- -- And just this morning I start really at times article that five additional deep water permits have been issued since this bill including several. All those being the one that bypassed the normal waiting period for this study. Of the impact study so so so let me -- static doing anything and it went -- I -- at the White House door once a once I. Good question and I think you know you raise a good point we'll talk more about it coming up 617. 2666868. Beautiful Monday -- -- -- top -- solid 680 WR bill. Well -- I think it's very. -- -- -- Now. Obama ended. Bottom line was Sara Taylor -- So raise -- right back into the bowl Missouri. The equivalents of Sarah Palin on the other side. Somebody who has no political risk because she doesn't have a political career but she has the political gravitas. To comment and create a conversation to force a conversation. Into the media marketplace there she is making Barack Obama pay. For the fact that he's ignored the gulf oil spill. Is there any do the Democrats have a kamikaze pilot like this you can just coming crash and then not totally upset the marketplace of ideas not of. Her stature not a curve. Media does an impact no question about it. You know Grayson would be one of those guys who is kind of an unrestrained Bob -- but because he's so one restrained and so over the top. He doesn't have the credibility that she has and it's not as if you -- right takes -- very seriously. We've been critical of her for not becoming a more serious do not know what it what it's strictly that she has the ability to turn the spotlight on whatever subject -- -- and he has this knack celebrity is an interesting thing and she has she does have a -- there is no question about. 6172666. Seats succeed do you think the Obama administration is falling down on the job. In terms of this oil crisis is really catastrophe and it seems it's reaching that level where. The dammit you know did you see the story of the globe did I think Saturday morning where they talked about the an oil spill at -- forty years ago and how shoe off it's still there are there pull some out of the ground and it's to the oil still -- -- Heidi ever recovery is started talking about a multi decade project. -- to try to -- cleaning out an estuary a mosh with all the tidal creeks with although the plant life and the animal one marine life -- in that. In this is incredibly devastating that's where I think. Not only has Palin hit a home run verbally with her putting on the Obama administration into the spotlight. In on the defensive. But the engine doll -- in dollars -- LR Louisiana governor Louisiana Bobby G adult he goes so people are looking fought. -- -- Action is showing me a picture of you doing some so he becomes the action figure over the weekend he said. How are -- not waiting yeah I'm not gonna wait for an EPA study American wait for sign up from interior American way -- sign off from Obama so I guess I'm stuck in the build Louisiana barrier islands and I'm doing it right. Now a great idea got taken booms I am totally -- boats and military moves that's from BP S. That could happen is let the feds arrest them. For -- damaging the -- you know that guy politician you'll be president and -- politician's. -- and so they arrested me for protected by people yes my. Penalized on the -- on WRQ good morning. How Don Don. All I gagged western. I'm Margaret I end up oil it worked their best to expel it to blow while. A payment -- -- the 5000 feet of water pressure that this. -- explain just -- and I would ask them make probably better than 101000. Pound urged wearing isn't a lot blowing. Roundup bike battle couldn't beat a water so what can be done. Well. Number war and big government BA you know yeah. House designed by -- and they want an old -- there's fires burning down port but I hear how. No that's a good job. Because I don't I'm not really good is soon commission that's an investigator report back on the -- and six months. Big government has no expert piece important now a blowout that's not crops and on the sidelines what -- -- people go what they do. But don't you can help you help. -- -- -- -- help us understand the DP people we confer a lot of expertise on them they do this for a living. What is it is zero way to do this they keep saying this has never been done at these. Didn't -- heavyweight my -- my and now where it oh well. You you do just. You do swallowed the site about what my head the way. Create so much pressure -- you can listen now so install done why don't you put some explosives down there to seal it up with -- rubble. All -- much on the order demolition and honor the military has smart bombs they could send them there. I I have some might be is you know like called that I first call Scott Brown mr. and I called the white house with ideas on how to contain his. Do they do invite you to and then wants to know our mason who shot. So -- actually -- -- anybody be sort of scientific background. -- were all lawyers. What Scott -- up and -- White House. It base senate capped at 5 o'clock everybody. Our top I thought I. They didn't hide -- -- then save them right -- and also things have gone 6172666. He would succeed Tony with -- inside. Best I've been running common try it must -- look got a lot of ridicule. That followed this chart before me yeah. We're showing that in the field. I don't think he quite knows. -- -- -- -- is an engineering I stand up and address me and then go up and protect our intent. And my solution for this to plug dead -- -- -- is that. They applied myself tapping our. Went along broad coming through -- just -- by displaced -- the -- -- the golden brown you -- like it's attached to British captives. Do drilling and shaft big girl should. Have the Pakistani terror district during your love you and your depth. Get that and just -- out cap and parred around until at present there and have washed up the flow of oil. Just simple simple solution. We're just don't just help us understand what's a self tapping plug. And shout -- your machine itself -- and -- carried out. And then this candidate -- showed a captain Derek kind of Kennametal. -- and I'm glad to try -- plug. Okay all right so this would cut into the bedrock and would form a sealed. This got us to fix a big oil spilled a quick shopping street are indeed foul ha ha ha what a great day words are there. Yeah thanks sex and this guy is sexy -- single. I'm just just so what are those -- he did say did not wanna be mocked and ridiculed -- all he took his -- top -- -- still gonna. That's I haven't to a I would then I was there and not -- -- -- I'm should be in his impatient you know what I don't get about that would save port one. Little pipe inside the big pipe you know and they are now drawing supposedly ten or 15% of the oil out through that little -- one. To draw out some small percentage of your -- -- one maybe you'll get in five -- -- whole thing up with those. Now right well then let all draw out of the top and put it into attackers and take it away down. It's I mean it would seem to me at least in terms of a mathematical concepts trying to fill the hole -- WHO well leaf overhaul. If you can get you know let's say five or six of those pipes and then maybe get 7580%. And then you begin a mod -- I was at around them -- And in an effectuate a -- easy for again I probably do it in the studio series. He -- the best waited to squeeze something in theirs to squeeze something that doesn't build resist the case so when you shovels hoes in there to suck some of the oil out. You're not increasing the resistance dramatically like you are when you -- plug it. See that effectively plug it with things that are still allowing new order for the oil flow Q so you're not getting that huge resistance when you try to shove something in there. But you know say it I'm sure it's hard working a mile below throw off -- I have below off groggy the next atomic -- on WRKO high. Are you out -- listening right now. Are you -- blowout. I don't know it sounds like me you working on trying to plug that hole. Well I think -- all of it back -- the I didn't wanna blame blame. Blame game boy around I think the problem is. Our -- -- -- dual profit the profit first they'd be second. Mentality of these companies that was one like the governor about -- -- edit that that was one. Our belt they've now which spell. We were -- beat. Okay why wouldn't -- -- that it before this disaster happen. Not if but what. But -- should be fair I don't know if there's a way to test these things I don't know what you can do when your mile down. And that we don't ever institute these kinds of regulations until we -- reason to. And they've basically gone forever without serious incidents is the first sentence given my GQ about all these oil platforms. -- to survive. Katrina -- a force five hurricane and there was no noticeable damage no noticeable loyal released and and so up until the explosion happened. Everything appears to be -- hunky dory and taught an hour on this so show all the time San drill baby drill. Do more real baby drill guys I think -- task -- sent down this notion that there's not a lot you can do okay it's a -- down you know. They got that oil miles out that is is because they Aaron Miles I'm just as hard earned run hundreds. Real from the surface down and then you'd begin drilling into the bedrock. Is very very different than now trying to fix something which had exploded down there. -- on methane gas explosion did you not -- and so that destroys everything now are you working on rubble. At about a mile you know with a broken -- the pressure restaurants around -- something around is unbelievable -- now I'm saying is it's hard I'm not since -- possible looks like clearly it was -- -- play today tonight thanks. Wayne your next time inside and that's proxy highway and. Global warming made it to warm down there at the other that they need a cooling -- a bit stay I'd like to know why Obama. Is that putting NFL what they go around the world any time any country has any remote. National disaster we are there at their Beck and call wired people here to help bar. Well I think you know I think you're responding to kind of the bring in the Marines saying that we do but I'd be more interested in the brain power. They send -- -- APV for the best brains maybe they've had something like this somewhere else in the world in the -- who have some experience may be smaller scale. Yeah Jacques Cousteau David Cameron looking for the Titanic they should all be here right now. Basically it's American British know how I mean -- with a Vista it's Americans in the brits who kind of national much Sean Penn who who shall I -- that he was there or this vote -- query is now and we.