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Max Robins 5/10/10

May 12, 2010|

Howie talks with Max Robins, the TV guru.

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That is the toll free number allowing our show broadcasting today from my lover. In can more square. And we're with the we're joined by Max Robinson as we always are at this time every Monday afternoon max is. Hey veteran journalists covering the broadcast. Industry. And he is. He is -- -- now VI -- executive vice president of lead paley center. For media. In New York City via their Macs. How -- you I have though here bush during those bearing you've got all of vote I -- -- did not. Well we I got a good so I got a couple of good sound cuts for you did you what did you hear would have on the Golf Channel yesterday. What. You do you know a woman named win Mick Murray. I don't advocate and no -- -- no one ever heard of her until yesterday that. She was a issue was an anchor and tiger. Woods left the -- month he was losing again. Yeah and does she she described that he he had a problem with a bulging some things. Only she she meant to say desk. But she didn't say desk she said he had a problem with a bulging. Put it well you could hear you could hear it it's -- bleeped out it's not that good quality by the. We should -- and. I think it could be a bulletin. Please get an MR -- next. Okay. Moved down to give me. That's right. The originally dubbed that's definitely a saver for a via blooper real 2010 may -- may -- even for the decade. -- -- -- horrific with a look at business channel of your -- you'll have been nothing but a anyway. That's that that's we've got another one for you here we won the playback before we don't want this is this is a mumbled Menino you'll remember Bobby your number four right. Of course remember about your favorite great -- you know the -- wake him annoyed and made it. They they they did AM they they they put us -- unveiled a statue of him I should say today. Yeah and it in front of the garden and a mumbled Menino had to say a few words listen listen. Employers and we -- amazing is they're remarkable athletes. Whose action a moment. Have a camera I -- The sport's. -- checks all the ball. Best way over the ball fair. Florida launch the hail Mary pass. Varitek -- upgrades. -- okay. Very attack. The honorable you'd Aeroflot you'd unit and unit another -- you thought it was Vinatieri who split the upper right so -- -- it was an -- back to record script Illinois now. Well he's a bit revert to mayor bill when it comes to when it comes to being the mayor he's ion you -- out. -- -- out of there or maybe by chaotic. Or ironic -- the before I AM Vick as did -- examiner. How we get bailout -- get us. There -- a lot of earth hour and spirits brother and brother and that's sort of boy Dick Dick just mumbled I was speechwriter -- It doesn't do any good news did he said Martin you don't frenetic week war. I know some of the smart that the people who worked for they've been pretty smart you know it doesn't matter what you write do you think anyone wrote down -- on back and come -- Do you think anybody wrote down Varitek then broke down Bennett -- very but he still couldn't get it right. Well well okay well one of 1877469432. -- question here though Robert Dodd how many seasons does the officer -- left. Oh at least another couple that should go away. Great show. 18774694322. Anything any other news we need to know about. What did you do it people to post today are we about all the the polity that he -- -- -- richest kid. No I didn't miss that come -- we gotta get hurt got to get our kids working hours it's ridiculous. You know would you know what Miranda Cosgrove sixteen years old that -- -- slowly making an episode how much a 180 grand. -- big one. Wow Lindsay Lohan is going to be sorry that she couldn't keep she didn't get started early our -- you can buy a lot more whatever she's used it. With a 180 grand a week. -- -- you know. Rico Rodriguez -- terrific give the -- says that the pudgy kid so good our modern barely beat making fifteen grand to. Fifteen green in two weeks yet. Yeah how old is say the weapons. I got a thirteen year old and she returns bottles you make like a buck fifty awake. I now I know I know. I can't give my kids would mean of their homes were there alone and. 1111. Years old -- make it fifteen geez we cool well -- anybody else there. Yep well you know Miley Cyrus I was surprised you must provide -- to longterm deal. -- -- you don't make a bid being branded them. Panama benefits you may -- moments when the other conference they're gonna call right. Right yeah right they don't. Those two kids with the show like good if they're quite good but could you could -- -- -- wanna throw the dvi out the window. Yeah we've wife of Barack Brody yeah all we have like -- by. Yeah that's the one I told you they they blew off mighty kids in Palm Beach yet. -- they're dead before picture. Yeah they they said that my kids went up -- they -- to -- a restaurant they -- it -- to win your autograph -- we'll see after after we finish eating in the late in the race at. I think he just got blown off kids -- we remember we were in the back of a restaurant they were the front. Industrial enough they did turn up they left without coming back to see my kids. -- of making twenty grand a week. When he early in the week dead body weight -- -- when you are not much here I would ask the turnout like why am I. Why why would -- -- do anything worthwhile that hit him in the bridge of -- from the Q bureau. Wow. When he -- the week yeah. Two bit my kids familiar you know gotten engaged to him or something. 187746943220. Okay wanna take some calls max. Bring it on how we let theory got. John your next with how we guard max -- from the paley center for media New York City go ahead John. I don't know about a little pair of them could prevent the bit rate of work first Bono benefit -- Talk about it. When you're not eleven years old so you don't deserve fifteen G. -- and the big viewed either the defense had that's not prepared and of course -- auto -- it now what I'm back but boy I'll but it did it the other world on the History Channel. We're back -- back. I think is gonna get is gonna come back where we are we're gonna have a -- producer -- big look -- You have to -- down. Thank you thank you John. 18774694322. Terrier next with how we guard max -- go ahead Terry. So from -- -- -- -- domain. You are very he had to escalate our Macs are American -- I'm sorry Americans. Can -- and American -- Yeah it's good show -- -- of the discovery early in the network there at the show where these two guys Goran B gold. AMP bar underneath oh yeah he's -- -- I have to be honest with you I've never been. Really exactly I kind of neat idea of knowing he'd like they are good. We have all these quote unquote. Try your arms up here in Maine that seem to have all these gold and he can. And stop flight data and William and it actually gives you between eBay they have to -- -- -- he. Yeah yeah yeah. This -- just as usual big guy Phil Gordon although some guys get beat box Europe and old aluminum gap behind and they turnaround infallible 300. All that's great also this is a liking antique roadshow where you give somebody the good news and they walk away happy in this case she is empty it is the American bigger you rip somebody off a million -- -- you'll laugh at their face. That a lot of. Illogical and as some guards the bad guys didn't they don't look culpability of the robotic five letters yeah. -- actually kind of -- union rejected -- But. I might be anti roadshow Macs but let's do this show seems a lot better than not. I know I don't want it could Obama to visit him at the theater accrual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So your next with how we turn max -- go ahead -- I really wanna know. That's what's gone -- but not -- that -- coming out. I before get to have forgotten it's gonna get bit earlier caller on -- that -- underworld yeah word yet they have been renewed. On the forgot we still don't know we don't know we're gonna have to forget it. -- -- been written. Apology. Thanks so. Brendan your next with how we guard max -- from the paley center for media New -- Guys how to go and do a quick question big Mac one is not that I'm complaining and just gave it seems like I'm some of the basic cable channels like TNT and FX. But it is gross polluter in the languages doesn't turn to bet you Greg. And the second question is justified and have bad about US Marshal my wife I love it how that doing everything. Okay first question you know the rules that regulate cable -- -- would have been heard different than notebook hard -- -- It might not sound -- but -- you have more you can get away with. And language all that -- him. Okay if we're justified. A terrific show and -- sort of late show. Doing extremely well at the strongest premier -- good -- Come from the Pentagon more -- Leonard that great great crime writer. From my home town. -- -- -- -- -- you've got formally westerns writer but now market dries up. You have to tip formerly a copyright or Koresh earlier General Motors to right right. Yup yup yeah I -- -- it's doing real well I think that's gonna get picked up aspect couldn't be happier about it neither could I agree with -- great show. Excellent thanks thanks for in the way America -- big get picked up. American pickers get picked up 1877. Forcing -- David and I'm in Britain. When he's American pictures the first thing I thought of was my nose. You know look at this formula I would think it'd but I -- -- -- in -- here's David you're a restaurant but the thought. I'm looking Hewitt you know if there's the role model powered what are you doing. It's it's cool chilly here among the the I'm under the -- years Shelly -- under the -- today there wouldn't mind being in the -- a little bit 18 this global warming you know -- it's it's -- it's like 45 degrees. The wind is blowing up from the north. 18774694322. Like hey Al Gore could not be reached for comment if you Joyce your next with how we guard max -- go ahead Joyce. Thank Kelly and that this of the morning show the Bonnie hunt show. And it's going to up the FDIY. The usual we've been out of of people are watching. Hey go get me you know I get -- -- and it's fun to watch TV. They weren't through a lot of those are more those variety -- -- talk shows in the daytime don't -- max. Yeah how we a lot of people drive a lot of people -- that they're really -- children and uphold daytime TV things got coverage. It helps more people have worked at -- Right up some people read diet but pathetic. -- don't get they you -- -- and I know they got booted up. Thanks -- us 187746943223. Storm that's soap opera channel. Yeah how's that doing. It does okay it's very good it did this -- good clear at the bug that bit about I don't know ignited the home and it it. It's not -- expensive program but I got to think long term Howard they've got a problem because you know a lot of people already -- so proper behavior they -- pull the plug on one. I was like you think guys I can I keep thinking it's a dying genre so I mean why do you need the reruns yeah. When you could open up I mean it's not like you know was as the magic radio where you can you know look. From the old radio shows and you got nothing else to put on the -- the way they could use that channel for something else. Well you know maybe one -- may not -- the future -- the let's Kevin your next with how we car and max -- go ahead Kevin. Hello actually giving it certainly can't. I got a question that would -- except bring back -- out always ready until about ya yeah I'd be going Bernie coming back pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I'd like cable channel he got beat him watch like you'll read you'll -- that -- -- back. TV shows right right it would make good job I thought maybe it was so accurately and I know it's coming back in the ball. Right exploring. There will Thanksgiving in the ball 1877469. 432 to wreck your next with Howie Carr and max -- go ahead -- Yeah we are I guess I don't. Take a question -- I was a ratings for the Pacific don't. I'm okay I think that I think did HBO was hoping that it would be like. That their first big you know war spectacular they did and I don't forget there -- quite quite detract. But I you know it still has picked them. It -- there's been a Brothers. Guy you know I think they were looking for another band of Brothers David hit -- broken through like that. I actually helped quite frankly I mean I think it's good it's stupid big band of Brothers that the bar really high. -- we're not I don't know what you are credit cards are really getting. Really engaged. All over the place it really did they do it in Vienna Brothers there didn't seem to have like a real -- -- that period room. But you know it. I think it HBO was really looked every bit of good thanks. Okay thanks Rick 18774694322. You know maximum thinking about a summer replacement series for the monkey business channel. But tonight would not be a good night for the premiere that it scantily clad women at Fenway Park. That could put the you know I'm glad that we're really what we're keeping it -- -- really -- boys because Obama definitely is a benefit remodeled the monkey business channel still play out nothing but class. That's right that's -- it's a it's a funny thing max you know they the temperature goes down to the below fifty degrees in this you're scantily clad women on the straight. No -- just. Pamela you're next with how we guard max -- go ahead Pamela. I haven't -- that high. I'm a huge would have meant and I realize did not highbrow comedy but I don't -- -- -- not a bit. That I'm wondering heard about where -- can't wait. Yeah and I'm just did not want to live. They've got the beacon big body did great Alicia Keys might oh I'm sorry Firefox are you have done that -- It's. The senior gold how are you -- down. No wait wait wait let's let the let's let's Pamela Pamela take a guess how much as you make it. At exactly probably laying -- -- Randy don't know. All right you make it more than ten times 250 grand an episode we are. A million -- million bucks if gonna hold losing oh my god sixteen. I got it they've -- honest to god it's. I know we don't think it's -- how to make a big deal but Beckett hit it really good at what does. He's terrific -- and it it's how we got bit -- -- in the top become a television. And I'm wondering affordable the Bud Light for the Wellesley high school -- What you're not gonna wanted to know stroke for Charlie news. You can expect that you know what -- -- what it. Charlie you've got serious personal problem bill really big question mark but you threw that. Out thank that was my question thanks very much like to -- what -- got. Thanks Campbell 18774694322250. And how many episodes of the -- him. How did we pointed to a point eight victory here so he's making like six million a year. But how we I know I should have an outcry. I -- should -- everybody's garage -- -- Bobby -- a rising tide lifts all vote that's about all our boat is ideally what they -- -- to. Bobby here next with how we guard max -- glad Bobby. -- -- they don't like I just wonder what out what happened show change salute on ABC. Our idea is that it if we gotta admit it that many people watched that show or I think everybody that watched it's called into the powered cards but. Did just you know it was an expensive show to do. Again just didn't have the traction and I think another thing that happened how we could. The -- with a lot of drama going to be the lead -- and where did they have -- cockamamie idea where they put that Jay Leno on -- and there was just. Lest we it was big for drama on Tuesday and the dog -- -- with the victim of that of the Brady bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Flank your next with Howie Carr and max -- go ahead frank. I gotta love this show that was really really on the bruise on what you're gonna show valid the Big Bang theory. Big base period viewed. -- the -- great what are those fact that they've got to be bright guy -- the little boy they did for all the find the volt is really really accurate. Yet they they've got bit they've got great consultant -- -- fair bit -- fun -- show. And it really has broken out the last couple. Wonderful job I'm glad yeah thanks for the call it that -- -- frank wreck your next with how we guard max from school ahead -- Inaccurate data laden ordered question for ya. When Jerry or bark come and Barack -- intimidating. Carry your -- was. No longer he's not going to be down for breakfast react to mine. When you. You do know Jerry this is like 23 years ago death -- Actually somebody I'd do it a great guy. -- I like help you figure terrific -- that -- you. Thanks for the call already yeah but I don't think this show it's been that I picked you know we're in good with Jerry -- the bishop ever been. Max thanks for bill what does this week will be talking to you next -- I -- little bill little warmer. All right how -- you next time your restaurant let me know come up with the company. That did bill. Thanks max. That's max -- from the paley center for media New York City 18774694322. -- Howie --