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Foreclosure or Fanaticism?

May 5, 2010|

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer told a radio host that she’s really unhappy that she couldn’t use the Times Square bombing attempt to prove Tea Party “bigotry.” Elsewhere in the media there is a cynical theme growing that Faisal Shahzad was driven to violence by the loss of his job, the loss of his house, and his anger towards former President George W. Bush. Is the media trying to forgive a terrorist?

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Broncos -- from a new balanced world headquarters building moves news star Holloway cars show. Happen at Times Square was not an intelligence failure in fact it was it was a brilliant wrap up of this guy and put -- know what I'm really afraid system next time one of these guys are gonna get through what's -- -- do it in this country you can see the Tea Party being you know being strengthened. -- -- There is part of me that was hoping this is not going to be anybody -- tied to any kind of Islamic country because. There are a lot of people if you wanna use it. Yeah. Terrorists didn't intend to justify a writing off. People who do believe in a certain way or come from certain countries or certain skin color is just turn. And if it can't be confirmed that his house was foreclosed on -- in recent years I mean one would have to imagine that that brought a lot of -- Pressure a lot of my heartache and actually went no we. I'm concerned about this administration's penchant for going outside to the world and apologizing for America we've done nothing wrong we should stand our allies in the defense of free. Now Powell in the Lawrence. He had been yeah. Laser like focus on that Hamas powered -- WRKO. Radio networks. Laser like focus. Laser like focus. One of those phrases. But sets off -- BS detectors and at. 187746943221. 8774694322. That is a toll free number of how we car show if you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon. Give us a call at 18774694322. If you would like those who show on the Internet you can always do so go to our website which is how we car dot com how we cart dot com click on the live. Audio streaming DL also what how we cart dot com we can take part in the could take part in the daily Internet poll question CNB what is today's poll question and what are the results. Thus far. Should be a felony to hire an illegal alien. Yes it's should be. Currently checking in act 89%. To -- is legal up -- down. Mom. -- I think it all go down just a little bit. -- that would be my prediction we'll see how it how it works out. All right it's it's that time. Of the day again and -- it's time now to twelve -- first of all let me just say. We US on the hope -- -- and there's nowhere to go but up from the jump line after yesterday's fiasco with the -- line and so I would advise Sarah asked. I would lead with -- anyone who normally. Tries to get a message on the -- line and was shocked yesterday that to see the the pathetic quality of the messages but got through and and said and said they they they left my stuff on this cutting room -- Which is what -- from Chelsea said to meet today in a facts I swear I didn't. -- you did not -- bled and CNB. The -- missing you don't know you I know you don't you want your batteries don't confessed. The stuff that you haven't been accused. You know I mean that's that's -- the way we do things here in the United States. You know dummy up. Asked to -- -- say you watcher Miranda rights read the I know -- you had nothing to do with that fiasco yesterday you left fourteen messages they -- The were serviceable. It's -- -- disappeared in the first three messages were from the same drunk woman and again if if it'd been you know. You know goal from the drunk woman that would have been fired I have no problems with pat what -- for good stuff I don't care you're -- got a terrified it's the same person over and over again. But this will incoherent gibberish. Big it got through and I and I apologize. I am sorry about that. So that's that's all I have to say and I if you wanna get if you wanna get on the chump like today is a great that it do so. 6177793467669. -- excuse -- 6177793469. And by the way if you wanna get -- police -- fax Friday you know what's 48 hours away in a little more but it's never too worldly he's 6177793467. You can send in your funny story about the police. And you could also was -- wrko.com. Howie -- at wrko.com. All right. What's go well what's up put up some stuff for a to a couple of us a couple of our questions here will be giving away. T shirts today. For our for our winners of our rob. Of our. Trivia contest that I. 1877469432218774694322. Right here regency. Hair what's and you look at some stories like him. And give here okay Jeff your next with Howie Carr. Jeff. Hi Jeff what is the what is the professional basketball team at the will be wearing special jerseys tonight. To show their solidarity with the illegal aliens in Arizona. The last time. Los suns but that's close enough yes indeed we all wonder you know what I wondered Jeff I'm wondering -- that you know since it. Isn't asking for a ticket to enter the arena is not a former profiling. I really like it was. I think everybody I think everybody should just go to the sons and say I'm not gonna show you my ticket you how the you know you anyone would ask me for a ticket is a racist or Nazi. There is no such thing is an illegal basketball camp. That's what I say. OK what are how how tough. Yeah you're right I'm never got none that I was ever big Phoenix Suns fan to begin whip but I will never root for them again now hold on Jeff you're gonna get T shirts from the -- -- car show -- 1877469432218. Set. Okay am I this is going to be a very easy one this next one here just who I haven't I have a dollar research that they on this on my my questions. -- your next. You know -- audio there. Good this is -- uses -- this is basically is T shirt giveaway here. -- ignore well teenager. Who has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly running down for other teenagers. Does he or does he not have a history. Of mental illness according to his turn. Our including but how important. They know I don't I don't yeah. Did you ever ever what do we do together. All the blood letting you. Although I'm Donny you're -- your body gets a T shirt -- that's it for our questions of the day I have to read this story to get -- you've heard about the Phoenix Suns. -- nor well teenager charged with attempted murder after allegedly running over four others with the minivan has a history of mental illness. This works so well. For the guy from Lincoln Sudbury high they're they're dusting off again less than a week later. And has been hospitalized. Three times for psychiatric problems. According to testimony and hang them district court Nathan W -- -- national. Here's two names he parts his name in the middle Nathan W -- plane struck. Was ordered held without bail after pleading not guilty to three counts of attempted murder. Wrong. City he. -- -- Zoellick has a history of aggressive behavior. He has a history of intermittently hearing voices. The do not give him commands. I have a history of hearing voices still. Every day with Barry Armstrong a 4520. I hear -- ten seconds. And that's a voice giving in order meaning I have to wrap it up in ten seconds. Sometimes I hear a I hear you add voice telling me. You have a TH 121 plus. And you're lying around for some crime you're about to -- the -- I'm just thinking about it CN -- can never you you know who I -- like a boy -- you know like with the bottled water I like to be prepared -- I have a history of hearing voices. Funny when you're I had that sometimes that happens. The voices say his name. But he is not heard them in the past three or four days and he did not hear voices. On the day of the alleged attack -- This is it what what this mess are we I mean what went does the judge say. -- -- -- I was born at night but not last night the guy who runs down fourteen -- because they have his fight with them. And now now somebody comes in to court and tells me that he's here he's hearing voices. Shapiro. Said he's the doctor yes. Shapiro said Della planes was prescribed psychiatric medication. But to date has not taken that medication which was to help him sleep so in other words he's got the prescription if he takes it that proves he set. If he doesn't take it that proves he -- right Pauline it all he needs is the prescription. And -- is okay. As far as run a -- ball over. -- plane. Watched the proceedings well he gripped the railing dividing him from the rest of the court room. Is that supposed to be something special I mean he's he's in front of a railing. You know if you're if you're waiting in line to buy eight tickets -- to buy an -- -- there's a railing chances are you're gonna grip. The railing because it makes it easier to stand up it doesn't mean your you have any kind of medical problems does it. A woman believed to be his mother watched with her hands folded in her lap go figure. She's sitting down the -- folder hands in her lap. Well boy 187746943221877469432. All right we'll move on other other topics here -- of course the main topic of the day continues to be the the situation with the Terrell bomber in new York and that what's what what he is. What provoked I love this to it you know they say has the motive was a mr. I tell you what the motive was he didn't like the United States of America he hated the United States of America. That's the motive okay I'm gonna tell the Associated Press that's they can quote me on that. Here's the here's the big hit -- again he's a victim just like this kid who ran overall the other but high school students is it is now victim. This facade for us docile shows Dodd is eight is a victim to always add by the way let's sending. Can we hear the -- -- or stuff and this is this the stuff like torture by yesterday. This is -- a woman from MSNBC. About how distraught she is about the fact that the guy is not a member of the Tea Party. And by the way Jonathan Alter the FB -- columnist for Newsweek magazine which today the Washington Post has put up for sale because it's such a money loser won't be in business and into the into year -- that'll be in business a one year it definitely won't be in business in two years what a loss not. But anyway this the columnist Jonathan Alter has got -- has got a quote in in his new book about you know something about Obama worshipping. Who knows who cares. But he quotes Obama as calling the Tea Party the key backers. And of course his defense is going to be that he didn't know that tea Bagger issue is a is a swore. But it's funny though that apparently there have been other reports before this book came out by Jonathan Alter. But in private Obama calls the Tea Party people -- backers. Yet somehow -- when he's in front of told us teleprompter of the United States he never ever mentions. The word tea Bagger so he's got to know that it's a swore on on the Tea Party people and ECE -- you know. I thought this was a guy who's gonna end all the partisan bickering and NBC and he he's making all these slurs and he's thrown at the F bomb at the white house correspondents' dinner and all this kind of stuff. But anyway let's listen to what can I just wanted to tell you that that that that mr. mr. bringing us all together mr. post racial president. There's is referring to. The members of Tea Party millions upon millions of -- solid hard working. Americans as tea Bagger should and we all at this point know what -- beggars is or weakened find out if we want to so anyway this is contessa -- talking about how distraught she was when she found out there wasn't a -- member of that basically a member of the Tea Party she doesn't say that but that's what she means. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are a lot of people who wanna use the -- From terrorists didn't attempt to justify a writing off people who do believe in certain ways or come from certain countries -- Skin color is to turn away he's told you this justification for really outdated it. -- It was good when I read yesterday it's better today which she says that -- really outdated bigotry but of course Paul wanting it to be some kind of native born now American citizen who votes conservative is a registered Republican rather than this -- five sol. She is Bob who's a registered Democrat that's that is not old fashioned bigotry that that is the cutting edge. Bigotry. And apparently that's a that's a lot better with contessa brewer that cutting edge MSNBC. Type of bigotry. Now city let's have a guy from CNN who's blaming it all on the up foreclosed house of -- -- face all they -- shot the show is dog. Then if it can't be confirmed that his house was foreclosed on. I've in recent years I mean one would have to imagine that that brought a lot of pressure and a lot of love and heartache hard on extremely. -- That's why that's when he wanted to plant the it's an issue before moms. In front of the theater where. A matinee performance of The Lion King was taking place -- -- wonder how many children. We're in that theater wanted to reach Holmgren. Would have been chopped up but of course it was okay because he had suffered some. I think. Losing his. Losing his wonderful. House. In Connecticut. God I I just the the excuses these people make it's just it's just amazing that. That they they can't. Grasp what faces them I mean is as if can passable or this net -- I guess who was on without Chris Matthews last night really maybe this in the CNN guy forget there that all kind of runs together. -- -- that's MSNBC got the Harding guys MS OK he's another okay so apron well beyond the hard guys CNN by the -- party is going beyond to party's MSNBC. Okay -- that's right okay we have heard the -- part let me hear that laments sending this -- now this is that not again. It's not the fact that that hundreds and hundreds of Americans would be -- all. Well they're just trying to enjoy a nice spraying. Saturday Matt Broadway matinee in Times Square. It's it this guy is more concerned about the political implications. Of the fact that -- say an Islamic terrorist who was gonna do this. -- will of this what happened at Times Square was not an intelligence failure in fact it was it was a brilliant. Wrap up of this guy and let -- know what I'm really afraid. Chris is the next time when these guys are gonna get through what you gonna do this country it's gonna rip it apart because people are going to be looking for. Quick -- immediate answers. The house so. I you know they're gonna let him crack down on -- you know what who knows where it's gonna -- that you can see the Tea Party being me you know being strengthened you're gonna see. People blaming the White House for situation it didn't create. You know could affect feel that you can -- yes that's. Let along listen listen that I don't know that's where we need to be in it could affect the a -- at. That's what he's concerned about it could affect the elections that's -- that day you know again -- it for you forget the casualties did -- they would be called collateral damage as they used this busily used to say in the first gulf war. Then they don't care about the Americans being killed it's how what's going to affect the election how it's going to affect. But -- some idea how what's going to affect the added that the democratic parties socialist agenda for the right now we're gonna paktia -- contract -- -- for a long time. But. It could affect the L hat. Okay 187746943221877. 4694322. Lets face it will take some calls on this or work part about the the Times Square terrorists and as we go along here 18774694322. Michelle -- got a great column today in the New York Post. The Jihad these marriage fraud scam and she's talking about everybody seems such shock to disguise an American citizen but it's it's it's pretty clear isn't it -- what what went on here. The shows odds path to American citizenship he reportedly married an American woman who mummy on in late 2008 after spending a decade in the country on foreign student and employment visas. Is -- tried and true -- formula. -- hottest have been gaming the sham marriage racquet for years. And immigration benefit fraud has provided invaluable cover an -- for US based Islamic plotters including many planning attacks. On New York City. As I've reported previously L cy -- I -- share wed Caron in mill Sweeney to avoid deportation for overstating his visa. He acquired US citizenship allowing him to remain in the country was later convicted of conspiracy. In the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that claimed six lights lives. I'll leave Mohammed became a US citizen after marrying a woman he met on a plane trip from Egypt in New York he became a top aide to Osama bin Laden. And was later convicted for his role in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa that killed twelve Americans and more than an injured. More than 200 and and killed more than 200 others not Americans. Embassy plotting. Embassy bombing plot are Khalid Abu Al Dahab obtain citizenship after -- in three different American women. Embassy bombing plot are Wahid Al Haj. Osama bin Laden's personal secretary Mary April Moret in 1985 and became a naturalized citizen 1989. -- on born child we yourself humbled. Convicted in a Hezbollah cigarette smuggling operation based out of Charlotte I remember this when they were there were -- in the -- to Detroit. -- American citizen just a fortune for green card how moods brother Mohammed bomb how mood Mary three different American. Women 8 mid eastern men who plotted to bomb New York landmarks in 1993. All obtained legal permanent residents by Mariane US citizens. So that's what this was all about. 18774694322. We have got to change the immigration laws I'm sorry that's it's as simple as that. This is we've got than what we've got a crack down. On on people skimming the system whether it's anchor babies. Whether it's political asylum whether it's marrying US citizens are weak -- to get control of the borders and I anybody in this said the C amnesty thank. You know while go over that later on to. A lot of a lot of these other terrorists got in through the 1986 amnesty which -- Ronald Reagan signed that was supposed to lobby the end of by the end of illegal immigration into the US. Disliked the 1965. Immigration act was supposed to be the end of illegal immigration into the US. It and it see it hasn't worked out that way we have got to get control of the borders George your next with how we cargo ahead George. The words to John Kerry I gotta get me one of them there American wise. -- -- -- that a lot licenses but anyway in -- laid out fish in the excuses by the Talking Heads. Our bet his mortgage or he would default on accomplished you restraining at a Pakistani camp for seven months. So clearly this guy I was training because it was so that. About a mortgage -- to Pakistan for seven months to come back to be so upset about it mortgage and blow up but innocent people. They've given your work in -- scenario you wouldn't last as mortgage we don't George a lot of people as you well know we all know people live that of Ben if you don't receive no notices of foreclosure there's still limited their houses. The try to work it out with the bank you know. And I think it was great police work but in -- reporters all over the news say what you think is dangerous and that is the only reason they caught this guy. What does this email paper trail. When he bought this vehicle offer critics as she didn't get 88 boats they'll keep paid cash didn't do anything there was no other paper -- -- -- except for that email and that. As he didn't about it he didn't go down to the department of motor vehicle she stole the plates out of a junkyard. Right -- pay day there was no there was no one. Cashier's check or certified check because he paid cash then another thing that help them how was the fact that he. When he saw the but listing on Craig's list he called that the other girl in Bridgeport on his on his cell phone and they they went back and they got his number out of the out of her cellphone. Correct I mean I'd rather be lucky didn't get that you know eventually we're not gonna stop all these and he -- get on the plane he was on the tarmac they had the plane back control. I don't and there are you know in their base and they're blaming the you know they're blaming -- air airlines in memory airlines may be they should've checked there -- therefore their mails -- -- emails from the US government intelligence more often. But they also a word the US government when he paid cash you know -- and they did and I'm not I'm not defending them totally but. But they yeah you know -- the airline had something to do with them getting caught -- Right so so some things -- systems which do you make good what works and then you continue to put the pressure on what what doesn't work in it changed its strong immigration -- the borders you know that our southern border. Or the way we treat terrorists are not trying -- in New York City. Or not trying at navy seal has someone got punched. Bit and in our Iraq Kamal we have to be constructed here. I know and then having these show trials of value of of guards at gitmo while these -- -- well these terrorists that are at gitmo have put on an average of thirty pounds in their first year of incarceration. I mean how much should they be tortured if they're putting on off half a pound a week. You know. Thanks for the call George 18774694322. On how we -- Wake up again. 8774694322187746943. Duke -- Just when -- got the taxes. This is an unsigned fax. This is Nathan W -- -- look have a stuffed bunny. Like -- groom dead last week but what if that's a good question the stuffed bunny defense so it didn't work very well that that. And he also discuss also wants to know what Shapiro be hired Jonathan Shapiro be hired as his lawyer again Shapiro put up a good fight but he didn't. Didn't. Mean any thing in the end that it. Auburn is gone. All that I told you he was I told you was only going to be -- cedar junction for a day or two and sure enough now they've now they put him in the mental hospital. 18774694322. -- square bombing suspect's wife had unraveled. I'm I'm trying to think if it's. He had been eight -- party member. If he had them been a member of the of one of these malicious in Michigan. Do you think they would run a nice story the Associated Press talking about how his life is on have unravel. Or would be something Times Square bombing suspect's wife. Had become a tableau of hatred. In the past couple of years his life seemed to unravel. He left the job but a global marketing firm had held for three years lost his home to foreclosure. Repeat again I -- how many people lost their home to foreclosure how many and how and how many of them decided that there response to losing their homes to foreclosure was to fill up eighty. As should be wit. Ammonium nitrate. And I'll leave in front of the the the Broadway theater where The Lion King was playing. He moved into one apartment in an impoverished neighborhood in Bridgeport. Anyone here ever live anyone here believe that an impoverished neighborhood. Raise your hand. -- ever won a blow up a Broadway. Broadway Show for kids. She is odd behavior sometimes seemed -- it was neighbors and he surprised the real estate broker he hardly knew. With his outspoken us about. You know -- you know the words I'm about to say with his outspoken miss about president George W. Bush did so. All Bush's fault. He mentioned he didn't like bush policies and I Iraq's cities Igor did you Urich who represented she is -- in 2004 when he was buying a home. He came to the United States in late 1998 on the student visa he like the united say it's a little bit 1988 if you wanted to come here. Wonder why. A neighbor said she is was generally friendly but had some quirky habits including jogging at night while wearing dark clothing. Maybe was just stupid. Steve your next what powered cargo ahead stave. Are you guys just you know putting aside the idea the guys foreclosure at all maybe he maybe he just didn't like the show. Maybe this is just taking bitter criticism for the next global. He was he was tired of all these cartoons being turned into Broadway shows. He was he was distraught by the a decline of the traditional musical comedy on Broadway. Exactly. I think we have to be a little more culturally sensitive to these kinds of people I know this is probably express themselves. I know he they have few words if you were outlets you know they they you know satellite radio there's a couple Broadway EI show tune channels but. Of the matter where where was -- out when your right state. You're right. If you don't like the show you ought to be able to blow it off. I had even thought about that Steve I'm gonna put that down this -- that this was part of did this was part of his life unraveling just just his Broadway had unraveled so we're so did his life thanks for the call Steve thanks for pointing that out. 18774694322. Why didn't just -- -- guys and dolls that's still planners and Jack you're next with Howie Carr go ahead Jack. Finally I could -- -- -- won't tackle water about it probably got up here so. -- Eight -- I was gonna say this say how many people are. People on the proper Moscow's -- people told to ignore the law they -- Walked just where we we know walk right. Yeah yeah it's it's such job that you -- why I wonder why don't you all all the -- issued an immediate. Just -- acknowledged the DOO. The same team yeah I mean. No no we're not I know Jack Jack you what you misspoke we're supposed to be on the same team you would think you would expect us to be on the same team but I you know when someone's making an excuse saying. The may be he wanted to kill hundreds of Americans are thousands of Americans. Because he had suffered heartache a foreclosure. -- that guy is. I don't I don't know what to say I don't know if he's on the other team or he's just totally out of his mind -- ball. I mean they just want to click all stick to beat you won't -- well why. They won't play at politics. Upsetting and I play politics. And it got so bad the next what is the big one. I mean what call we got a couple of calls yesterday from people who were just generally in Times Square on a Saturday night when the cops started you don't gut telling everybody to watch -- move along. But but how would you like to be a parent who was you know -- you're -- you know it's it's your kids six birthday and you take him and his two siblings. In to New York City on a train I mean anybody in in the whole northeast could've done that does play people come down from the way England not just Connecticut but the other New England states. Didn't do go to New York for Broadway play MF -- to bring my kids down on you know right after Christmas when it was Charlotte's birthday. And you know huge you going to New York the good to see kids Broadway display. -- and there's this guy who work and around outside try to blow the mop up. And you have people on network TV war the war saying that -- they have we have to understand his heart -- Jack. Yeah exactly did say it could alienate just makes it stick calorie despite its. I don't understand it just all right I just don't eat up all lawful work. I know and and you know you could say okay well M it's MSNBC nobody watches it anyway. But the fact is I mean MSNBC. Is -- guy it used to be owned partially by Microsoft and it's still owned by NBC which is General Electric. A General Electric is now selling it to walk Comcast which is the cable service provider Internet provider. For a for a lot of us. I mean these are these are major US corporations better that are sponsoring this bill each. Let's say and you don't -- a really ought to be put off the air I mean everybody has a right to their fur from the the First Amendment but. I mean what could. You can meg can some kind of common sense be exercised here -- so what he says it's hard -- because he wants to blow up while I got thousands of a -- -- hundreds or thousands of Americans. Is is that really. A good analysis of the what was going on here. Ali is if you looked out my daughter went back. Check twenty years you've you've seen the future news you eat just you gotta be chipped it up quite work right now. I know unbelievable. I you know I was alive at the time but after Pearl Harbor until Pearl Harbor they had they they had a very big movement in the United States was called America first. In -- -- there where US senators involved like Dave but I Walsh for Massachusetts. There were there were some of the best known Americans in the country like Charles Lindbergh the first got to fly a plane from the US to Europe. The national hero these guys what did I mean it was there were a lot of people involved they wanted to keep the US out of the war once Pearl Harbor happened there was a big there was a huge rally planned for Boston because Boston was a hotbed of America first. Because -- large Irish population they way they did they do want to help out the the UK too much. But as sonus Pearl Harbor was hit that was the tent I -- -- it vanished in India which isn't the the space of 24 hours -- that the giant rally in Boston for that next week was canceled. All the people or where there were a members of America first we're going down and analysts think and now I mean. How many how many terror attacks are we gonna have I mean how many have we just had since Obama became president. You -- you've had the of the Fort Hood killer which they don't wanna we knowledge you have the F through -- -- bomber. You have -- the -- the military recruiting center being shot up by a Muslim terrorist in -- in Arkansas. And now you have this thing in Times Square and these people are still make an excuse us for for these people. Bruno your next with how we cargo ahead Bruno. They -- first -- -- -- is that that caller two hours ago who said he probably didn't light -- Lanqing. I guarantee you he never saw a Lanqing. Did that he had he what I know what to order important cause said. -- not a that's right the I don't worry yeah but you know it and -- -- about MSNBC it's. I thought there it -- girl contest sought to personally I -- dot com. Cheap -- so work you drill bit sore but -- how -- will. If you are out if you don't you believe that Bruno would you say that on the air of course she would. Not the -- half a brain you're right she's very stupid. But but -- troubled companies spent of one of those lame stream medias and that is there's. CBS's sixty minutes about a year ago. They finished story. A Bobble all of these are Muslim marriages that were taking place and -- and New York little old person right on route 95. Based said that that a amber has tripled over the last two or three years. And it -- -- awards she did the mayor didn't know why eight. All these Moslem guys were marrying American women in that town hall with the mayor doing -- the. All she knew was that -- get 35 or fifty dollars primarily right. Absolutely right. Absolutely right have a good one -- thanks. No 18774694322. Robert you're next with how we cargo ahead Robert. The day our gadget guy that they want what believed -- going on. Does okay you know we're hopeful we as Americans they're supposed. Keep and I Al we're supposed to keep an eye out and abide by these American laws -- laws that have been. Put in by American President Clinton signed in by American president. Passed by congress he can't sign a lot -- passed by congress. Just like the governor gets analog torch passed by the legislature. Yes so -- -- supported the place. And now in Arizona we have people. You know fight up against this bill 17837. -- you know 70% of Americans. -- -- and are with this bill going on here. Well how about the acted in that it's the it's modeled on the federal statute it's they they they -- call parts of the federal statute imported into their own legislation and Arizona. And now -- now these are these people are saying they including the attorney general the -- -- gonna going to court to challenge the statute it's a federal statute is what it is re written. Basically to to war it to be used in in the state of Arizona. And now you have the the Boston City Council taking any a voice vote so that no one to recorded on a bet admit that they're -- they want to why take all of the city of Boston's investments in the state of Arizona and get rid of -- because of best. That that halts they're just they're just pandering adults 18774694322. I'm Howard -- Comcast dot com for details. All right we don't have much time left for this -- but I have good news and bad news the good the bad news is Ernie are well the former. 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Charlotte map and show every week there.