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Web Gems..Rahm lets loose

Apr 21, 2010|

Rahmn Emanuel let's rip....

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Welcome back game good morning gave beautiful Wednesday signed continue to climb and this guy another continuation of the great whether we had Monday Tuesday today will. Continued maybe we'll -- -- tomorrow. And all sorts of things going on by the way we have broadcast balance. World headquarters building right. And that this is the time -- over does that feel that. Feels great that feels great to -- about comfort from head to tow time for webcams we -- anywhere that we plug off all the biggest stories like Sarah. -- hot and now we're gonna start off with Chris Matthews and John Heilman Heilman. Is that is -- is Amy's a co author of the scheme change yup we have a million for an interview I don't know several weeks ago. And now this conversation about. How about Tea Party protesters in trying to makes them analogous to the Oklahoma bombings. Look at these poll numbers which only measured Republicans. CNN ask Republicans back in 1996. A few months after Oklahoma City. When they thought their rights and freedoms were under imminent threat. 52%. Said yes CNN re ask -- this February it was up to an astounding 70% of Republicans who say yes. Their rights and freedoms are under imminent threat. That would all the statistics for you -- stuff put up advance -- such scary statistics and such data elements you know and in so many ways this moment feels like. That's moment from McVeigh is our -- and they're very thorough. These guys that this have been the thing the last several days. Well the president said this remember to call president element yup exactly the president -- you Al wild. Doctor David after recent chuck about the present and if you if you mention of NAFTA -- tells contemporaneous -- -- -- I was when it was so President Clinton did mention this he may become the comparison. In -- I don't. I don't know that I don't have instantaneous and preferred recall this but I don't remember the country being yet. And you know kind of on nights in -- of controversy and political combat in the intensity. That they're reference and -- around the McVeigh here let me explain something to you might not have on your head around okay. They are complete and absolute liar hi hi hi hi I'm still not -- -- -- might help us storyline that I think is effective and it doesn't matter if if there's any resemblance to the truth than Bill Clinton is the best -- this. Because Bill Clinton sits back he gets all thoughtful and he bites on his lower lip. And just as glass and his hair is now white so guys you know yet he does is he right when he does the big con that works very effectively now it's sickening these people are sickening they are haters. Everything Democrats accuse the Republicans are doing. They are very familiar with and it is why they feel so comfortable handling the accusation any political group they're gonna be -- G people fringe people and that's probably -- that that is true the at the -- -- But you folks were -- the -- Party and you didn't see anything. Dangerous. Anything. Frightening. Thing I know ally has seen anything like that in any of the tea parties except when liberal show -- them. Sailor role is upsetting if -- Chris Matthews talks about Republican purges. And Stalin. How's that. How's that for making you feel good about their commentary. How -- that could -- you first set up. Hot hot house after a good moments in the next -- -- -- -- -- -- -- delegate you've guessed that just showed up why we're doing web jams. Does that sitting in the hall calling me -- -- -- live right let's move on clear that. Now coming up what happens the Republicans who don't march to the right wing tuned. Well getting hurt this is stop and ask this stuff I've been watching this like always they studied this thing is is that one of the reasons that the Democrats got 90% the Jewish vote for example last ground for Barack Obama. It's not so much love him or knowledge of him. There was this fear of this theocratic gun toting party who begins but more more right -- more more Sarah Palin that'd been two years ago. If this party the Republicans keep going over to Pailin -- and and gun towers and Second Amendment types I think a lot of people in the suburbs sophisticated view of all backgrounds are gonna say. That's not my party. No Second Amendment types you know isn't the Second Amendment I don't watch for people who believe in the US constitution that's for sure you don't who's in that group whose president Barack Obama. Well he pretends they don't believe them well how hot hot hot you know it's I was taught how hostile Hamas. Rahm Emanuel listening him. Ripping. Sure you they're dropping a lot of bombs at the White House staff. And we don't created new industry here of green technology green jobs. Those are the challenges that he's met head on the view and I believe when we're this -- -- -- make progress on our fall off all forward Democratic Party. In trouble in the but they did it's it's not the challenges. Path to a -- of -- that is so -- got caught up. Hello I'm now what do you call this -- school vacation weekend kids might be listen I'm gonna rely chief of staff for the president of the united says that's just call. Did I but yeah. How long have to admit I'm. -- -- -- And do not say I'm having not bad the right yeah. And I approve this yeah. Can't 100 whereas Sheikh Hassan. Quiz. Okay and then sit you're sitting in my home no that's -- the blog is you added afraid he's an hour an -- early aren't a lot -- editor Joan Walsh. Very familiar with hateful right wing pundits but she doesn't know there -- new York county and Palin and. Yeah ninety. (%expletive) -- and stuck with that terribly and still keep it public and you can still locked in twelve U I stuff it. -- let's yeah the Joan Walsh extreme voices -- They're extreme voices on the rise or moral responsibility to call out people I I believe on our side itself. From me if. -- me call I mean it is The Who would you -- what would you say I only no can't rebuilt irrational and good food and nothing to stem. -- -- -- Yeah we don't think it's got married yeah. It is true -- left okay. It definitely brought out his -- an all time they -- sad I mean my god all right so let's read from the Washington Post we'll talk obsessed. Harry has lady had when. Yeah right in front of you on your -- Okay. No. Photos that Charlie Rose is on the line cooks. I see Charlie online want. Out. I -- -- zions is surely this is bad now zero. -- Leary though to argue it's great being here well liked. Pat not just bigger dog dude why John LU I hair I -- it. It ballot measure any day now any day now just you can you -- -- according jagr witnessed glad that'd be really helpful. Yeah some strengths. But played up huge amount rat -- Okay yeah yeah he's still looking for -- And so I don't lock it down yeah. No way to -- -- That the blood. A little -- yeah process. -- -- -- with -- well no I think advisers is there a time violent and Collins a dumb stereotype him or call but surely you.