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The Colonel on Iraq

Apr 20, 2010|

Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that the killings of the top two al-Qaida figures in Iraq are "potentially devastating" blows to the terror network there and proof that Iraqi security forces are gaining strength. Should we finaly leave Iraq?

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And. Broadcasting from a new balanced world headquarters building Morris news star -- cars show there. Early morning October 18 Iraqi Security Forces with the support of US forces killed the two most senior leaders of al-Qaeda Iraq. During his series of joint security operations mr. create your low. Passionate about fighting for California's -- She is we are. Well a lot of side. No we. I know that's why the young man was talking about what we need to repeal don't ask don't tell which I everywhere. When you're angry you're rational. Until it is -- compromise. And you get mad at the wrong party or the wrong thing or whoever is the presidents. Have moved back and many of the team layers they are going to do business vision. -- they don't know it. No Julian who vacationing holly -- -- colonel David -- what you're gonna come back Hamas powered card W arterial RealNetworks. Wow it's easy avenue and hatred. Big trio called. Finger. What is. What do people all. Teeth I'd like I had -- Dole is that food protein in the ocean and the harbor how I come. I'm sitting at the -- that's -- -- mosque to. I'm all about it revolution particularly back then c'mon. -- 8774694322. He tussle and scandal they are now banana. For his -- 774694322877469. Poetry to do is toll free number to this. -- are -- -- -- -- into the vacationing handing in his red Speedo with his wooden shoe permissive by operation how he got. Along was beautiful daughters I think the plugs -- down with -- and dad's family the dogs do with a daughter wanted to go redo the -- -- -- -- No bigoted -- -- at the sincerest. All lord got a -- he did you know telling me that rescuers take the dog to you know -- he has somebody come to the compound to while the Obama. Oh my god he really is a rich masters. -- Have fax 6177793467. Six and 77793469. It to those who have intake of breath from inflating -- Sarah Palin dolls and Michelle -- dolls. I found. Two call it a given what we get a new poll question Tony -- Two is that for you could you do that tone -- We get. Welcome back up to finish that potential home working pretty hard. We design published -- what problem were -- probably do is talk some about. These two bad guys were killed in Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the consequences of that it it's important -- a big success. That. We killed two al-Qaeda guys mas me was the bigger of the two finished -- dead. And this -- done more Abaya Iraqis. In the lead US the back backing. In operations and very aggressive it's very good news. And I are once again our our guys and this case that the Iraqis have done good work -- glad to hear. And what the poll question is saying this -- is time for us to get out. And I think it is that has been time for more than 34 years. Woo woo -- about 50000 soldiers there. Are like our friend of mind that Kevin and -- main South Portland, Maine news. He says let -- -- at reservists. And mailman. Is on this just I think he's just came back believe. That applies to talk about Kevin is that's the need this more than fog the back of our reservists National Guard they did a phenomenal job. But after I'm going on eight years. That's the consequences. A great guy. Richard misused -- -- and his family train the Iraqi military I think we've done enough. That's my head and then have been very successful. When we get we've we've done good work there it took us a long time to figure it out politically am a senior military leadership. Untreatable questioner that they'll begin. Yet that is due until I wanted to work until we get we'll talk about Iraq and the consequences and a minute what is the poll question ma'am and -- the result. It's so while you can take DePaul and how I cart dot com so that and the poll today is should we finally. Get out of Iraq now. Yeah version where we're results of this thing. And 69%. Agree with here. That's gone now it was everything I know how scary that well okay instincts and to those who don't wanna get out. You'll think it's time to get out. Yeah. This is going we're going -- almost eight years. We've had forty east 500. Plus killed. We've had about upwards of 40000 wounded. We've had all was 7000 Iraqis killed in the is just numbers on the -- in Baghdad. Aboard the morgues in Baghdad. That's. A lot of people. -- -- and the billions and billions adults to discontent. We did not think. Can't we got the same -- they've got freedom it's gonna be unstable Iraq government for the next ten years 510. Instability in Iraq is going to continue. My heart because of Iran's influence does Iran Iraq retired yet. Partly because Spitzer tribal nation held together. By dictator before we took over. And freedom is not only is this is ugly to democracy is ugly and is not a US democracy it's Iraqi to -- that's a pretty -- It's the on the toes of of the Shia Sunni religions are. Prominent. Prompt. So our guys our service members have done enough in my opinion. -- pro am surprised it's only 69. I'll be because. I think this reaction is. Not political wings were used for target of Jordan's image I talk about it it's not on the front page is not on television. People like me and not do indeed be on this. In any on any network or anywhere. The war in Iraq in Afghanistan is on the back burner I think it's a mistake I think we need to keep it public. And on in our -- and its forefront. But. We've got a rat Afghanistan we have to contend with and I think we've done all we can do Iraq. -- always should do by the way and I'm glad they killed these two guys. Mosque in Baghdad and I'm glad it was Iraqis -- lead and they and they are now. Doing the majority. A military operation in Iraq the Iraqi military and police we are they can do the Intel elect began akin to logistics like weekend at the communication like we get is no question. But they are finally -- -- the last say ten months. Literally to our guys stay in train. We used not to conduct operations -- don't -- -- -- Dave on volatile what do you think Steve. -- do you think Steve. There is simply for a -- body -- You know last gynecology before the news break. They said that would that help bill. You don't buy insurance can go to jail. I hate to break it to ominous start true -- can even be fine they took. Took almost provision that if the bill. I -- I like this pretty -- it's gonna cost money but does none of that in there there's a lot of it lot of stuff on both sides but it's. -- right but what EU right in minutes it's it's. They're Republicans and a very good job Democrats sucked at this. At -- the air warts on on on the negative aspects I don't know why Democrats and fight back and didn't. You have some bit of Iraq and make. Can you imagine if you would -- voted. For McCain and Palin. He probably would have had a third more because both of them wanna start bombing Iran as soon as. I think they're Roberts well I'd I'd. But much sure but I'll tell you that's the military. You don't hear anybody in the active service -- -- the air force dvds to talk while bombing all time. Talking positively about doing Iran we can't we can't do with the threat third county can't do it. Can't do it I whole pile -- and I hope that McCain and Palin would not done that I don't that the military can stand a third war. Well I agree with you colonel but put an end. You got certain people. Who who think like you know in if you party who think that the government taxing too much and spending too much and Paul -- -- -- but they don't wanna cut any things. I'm young heart immoral -- half wanna cut the final very well I don't wanna cut Social Security or medical. You heard what Steve and I haven't heard the Tea Party talking about -- the war -- hybrid -- but anger by the government. And fairness I think again I you know what would you like Latif right now I think it's gonna movement that we I like the fact we -- move not dead he's yelling what why don't you like a. Well because their messages illogical. Are how -- are seeing people with signs saying. You know a government no government. Health care. On the other side and a -- they say don't cut my Medicare. I also saw a docile some people -- kill bush. That imagery and have died in the Iraq War. And Gary designs a laugh out loud I mean I guess it. What colonel column saying is if if you want tax -- I -- -- cuts in spending you're gonna tell us which program you want cup experience -- good enough to say stop giving money to -- Cornell. But I I look I agree I think did but the answer is is -- efficient government that's been the answer I think you're right I think that. -- that respect. Probably no money in the eight inning and others on his donuts and answer them all the -- have to cut we have got to look and plug into raised taxes. -- I asked him. Colonel all the mining that the government spend 90% of it in either Medicare. Medicaid Social Security or the military. They're the rest of the ten percentage just discretionary. So what are you gonna -- they don't want to try to anything's. -- -- detained in some of these that I look eight. With that and we will -- got a lot of Don of the days. When we had war bonds will work to. When we try to be nice Steve LB -- and last year we privately financed World War II. -- call war box. Eminent people people that this week we have changed I my I don't like the fact that people upset enough DL and make science. I'm much to -- right now is I haven't heard talk about war -- I just yell. A -- -- the way they pacing of the government's going it's mostly about Obama and because he's present he gets it. You know it they pay taxes or do I Obama cut taxes. At that yet it about the taxes. If they come idea. Okay Steve Elliot yeah yeah yeah I know we did I did the problem is is. That the Tea Party movement is getting an awful lot of attention partly because of Palin -- because of Limbaugh and the -- cable 24/7. Com -- my -- yet it's effective but on the rack to rack question I'm trying to get to his. I'm thinkin' that it's more than time for us to come back that we've done everything we can do their man and Andy we should be doing -- we should now be -- any more blood. What they were correct that's what it's time for them to shed blood and they about a NHL a lot of it. Thank intelligent numbers of dragging kids civilians killed not US numbers on what the US government would not. Disclose those numbers promote -- through these are numbers from morgues. In Baghdad not even countrywide. Rob -- mission Robb and governor Dave Hunt valley guard rob. I really know what do you like people want a lot of hope we get less government let different drill our you don't. Less social spending. -- collect cut out frivolous lawsuit today about five years from now. Caught out fraud not it is hot spot years from now. Pick we -- -- you make you get that I can much respect when -- and I. Giving you the same respect -- -- he got let me get this -- -- usually -- disabled -- I was under the Millie you're organization I was there. Yes how does that also pushed buttons and not talk about global war. -- Parallel tunnel between two key market movement and the end of creativity that why -- -- -- -- by organization like al-Qaeda. What I keep you know what we. Leader out -- in Iraq yet today acknowledged talking about that -- lot of. -- kids. I distrust. Said. And I agree with it -- thank you -- addicted to crickets are coming out everywhere. The deal would turn on the national media don't talk about that I think yeah Iraqi -- creativity a lot of well I'm just I'm not a rat. I think we need to -- art that you are -- kernel absolutely Powell we do. It slowly develop an effective strategy. July -- there are people people need you every day enjoy freedom -- we do. I don't wanna know you know Obama accountable to their. I agree I I I don't. Building up the military force along the border. And I don't -- -- lot. Harder to -- -- You know would you know what country borders Iran right. Iraq right so you want you want milk I US military forces to buildup on the rat. On Iran Iraqi border serves. Yeah truck stop on this is brought up even while we think these guys. Out of their -- all right we have you want you wanna move army and marine divisions which -- on the you run more right now. I don't know which would be more strategically position rob -- -- that you are you here all questionnaire. Did you know you guys are exhausted. Let me ask you this let me say let's do -- let's do would you do let's do this would you say it was moved I don't care to divisions on the border. Okay one of net oil output up our -- when this man. That's 4% of the oil we -- the rest when all gonna slow down and you just out in five all to Yeltsin yes. And -- -- as you do is say hey -- Hamas in Palestine. Policy trouble. And Hezbollah and rot in Lebanon and you cause him trouble we're screwed rob. You can't threaten. We leave that militarily don't have an option to cheat that secretary of defense wrote a memo there are no good military options Enron. Undermine -- yes of course I economically we could play some games but you can't -- -- did you. Colonel. How bad start to make the world aware out the fact that they keep their people down with that year gap in and got buildup the world court. Just slowly -- -- toward a lot. Some but not divisions on the -- yes. Want to know why it's respectfully disagree -- again because at some point somebody's got to take shot out of and it might be Israel did know what if we have this start. I've got back. -- prop forty that would you really talk about gonna award the rock. Now I'm not talk. About all talk about putting more pressure yeah. Quit the US stage yet do not work it happened not. Okay Bob you want this you want Israel to be shot up. I've got it it out of back. Inevitably are ready to -- a shot at Belmont and the other in the next five years. And and that's what we're tree that what you guys who were hurt me -- portrait. I. And Iraq and everywhere we can't -- we are guys are exhausted. We have been fighting it out I'd tell you can't who puts every well you you want to give more divisions he can't just bomb -- Me ask you -- yeah. Let them go ahead with their nuclear program -- -- Name a country rob that we stopped three years ago. The Bush Administration said we're not I don't we are -- North Korea. They blew up -- true nukes in front of us and then launched missile in a Sea of Japan we did not. We have never been able to stop another country and developing a nuclear -- theory. We have but we can stop them from. I've been an art mainland right. Of course. -- chorus but we don't stop everybody wins dot Pakistan North Korea or India read it in recently well. -- wanted to know what happened -- will awards right. I don't what are we gonna wanna stop you have -- -- rub rub -- rhetoric you did not rhetoric that you can't. Stop you wanna go after wanna go after the Iranian. New projects. Let's -- most wired -- -- this -- on the ground near do you know. You -- that. I know wanted to move more strategically than that we have already in Iraq. In night and that you want to move to digital of the board robbed. -- -- We're gonna -- you know. Agent did put it on the Florida the you have to. Nagin try that one but you can't threat and threaten Iran is not to work and rob thank you well. Larry I don't let it -- you can get a look let Iran we -- this trying to get in Iraq. And Iran are now tied to. Economically at the -- That happen in -- last 203 years. It's a solid economic ties between Iraq. In Iraq. Iraq Iran a time they have religiously. To this year religion. The guy that controls almost 40% of the seats in parliament of Iraq. -- a guy call mock also honor this soldier all killed Americans for like five years get them think all the Mahdi Army. This little journal to journal -- about it durable. Hit and it -- US in Iraq he and he is actually funded. By Iran. And he's controls about 40% of the seats. You -- -- it's become very complicated because of the unintended consequences. Of all Iraq we've actually made Iran more powerful. So anything we wanna do that Iran. Is now gonna have an effect on not just. Hamas and Palestine with Israel and not just Lebanon with Hezbollah but now -- Iraq -- that big complicated we gotta get this bad. And neck and nine -- somebody's side the wall as much is it nice and sound will not work. Right now in Iraq. But it might well do we might it might with Iraq help us. We get our guys back. And get lead some to train they need to rest and Mike Lee on the date on -- congress Michael. They -- -- that you mentioned durable. Journals yet again I have -- kerosene -- TDs your eyes a -- delta does the job. Yeah I -- police suffered from a severe inferiority. Complex and Canadians are famous -- They hate America they hate that. -- -- -- -- Can't stand -- made -- three million dollar today don't opera eight net credit sure he may be a joke and he's look he's he's a free every free country. I can map JOK I understand that but it's getting I don't know what I know what the outward from hatred for America and it couldn't -- -- -- -- elderly read -- good -- and we gotta go critical you gotta you gotta support Israel every couple of data rate to it anywhere we want to model. They -- but they have to protect themselves we want. But drivers -- the temple they had. We want to run. You -- When they get that drop but he ran. Do what you ball. If you remember when Leo it really am related to the West Bank do. It change yeah and Greg Norman LaMont. Well yeah it went on trial what apple -- -- Utley didn't go well but that they are we completed this situation. Then that put the politician took over at -- like that matters. Can't rewrite history didn't stop any missiles coming in they never got that they never got to get the two sold -- released. When it that he -- what those recent war eighteen months ago I was -- -- Columbia Puerto. Michael. Colleague Jim until had no effect the Israeli and they create these really going up against. And tell us more they did missile gonna stop firing and never got this soldier is released. Goal look more wars sounds good it is very complicated if we if -- if Israel we allowed the -- -- kinda -- our mission. Can we support them almost half -- percent and we should but you let them bomb. There are consequences. If Iran gets to do something. And we're gonna feel the effects -- we get with a lot more we can do besides bombing Iran. We we have we we still haven't put enough economic pressure on them. Like half the -- dealing with -- -- economically and we re used China Russia Australia. France England up most of Europe. And East Europe -- dealing with Iran economically we have not putting pressure on them. Robbie on the Dave on -- guy rob -- thank. Hey Carl first got there are caught -- Q -- you finance. I think it would be everybody obviously than carrier going to be huge mistake we've got to keep basis -- I Iraq are many many years. Who could always really -- American -- warlord all the -- all the Urban -- away every poll I've ever. No no no not the belief that 2000 I'm -- just. Now well. We don't have a sort of problem that lot of military spread around here anymore. Yeah Afghanistan and I've you know why we beefed up the people all the very get bad things straightened out correctly we should have done before -- order direct but. I mean every keep I manage Jack Jack there's gonna be a more military we can keep in -- Herrera. Employee yes all right out of all time. The Iraqis. By the way get a say in this and that I think all of them have left in about eighteen months or less is trainers. Larranaga got they got their freedom and they get to tell us go home. And there's an agreement that the Bush Administration signed the Obama -- holding up -- saying yes we'll do it. That's calls for the combat soldiers to be -- there and I think it within eighteen months but while -- gonna lead trainers com. And we they need a bad break committee gonna have a breaks -- literal. Oh absolutely I mean yeah I mean we like used or were spread out really sensitive organized way he -- only indirectly to be honest what they are thought it was a big mistake to begin a little bit what Saddam Hussein kind of cap. I ran and Shaq can -- create an -- away. Got my blog within I don't think Bob that I don't act -- us any safer. I and that's -- I don't know I mean it it did -- he was there but. We got to carry or drag it going to. I was saying only country that there are the same situation here -- -- public battle we should get rid of these dictators still vote you know can't do it. I know I look I I just I'm telling you the long run. Going to Iraq economic any safer. We feel like guys killed we did good work -- But. That the argument is long gone that going to -- made us any safer yeah Elway but but we need we did okay. We got guys very well trained however I think we've done enough I think I think we are gonna keep. Some bases there may be too. I don't see. I think most of them are going to be trainer should. The Iraq and military and police and rob thanks to call -- and thanks to YouTube thanks. Chris what. Christian Christian or Christine. Okay whose. Christian and has no business -- -- on -- -- finally karma right. Well. -- -- wanted to tell you anything about military strategy. With the -- we'd talk Powell what we're doing all there at Warwick demoralize our troops would demoralize our guys talking about. We got to -- it would -- the world whether we like it or not. Yeah. I'm not saying we haven't done enough there. About say it's a popular alt Powell the talk old guys down is demoralizing that like human scorecard to the -- which we don't. -- real world where there is the same reason we want to Germany we have to be strategically. There were the police of the world start gas and until it won't -- people -- up to what we still. -- don't wanna -- so we go there but we're very selected to lead we got. Where -- where it matters to books are politically that's -- That's that's that's a good reason it that's it that's amazing we -- go to Iraq that's fine but that was never said would you -- I agree with you that's fun -- went. Well I want you and I know. Look that's a minority interest say that bush lied and do nobody said oh I see you Peter say all -- I don't I don't we don't know -- I think it's of that argument to make I get I think there was incompetency. Its highest level I don't think there I don't think realized how the going to be able to. I think I think there was incompetency at highest levels militarily in intelligence and our. Incompetency not -- it slow at all levels not just -- duck congress save -- soldiers or. Small all the people back up but I don't. Back up behind him before he did what it only one out there because I was not only -- I was one of I was on the radio and television talk about clouds -- the I was wrong. The Intel isn't bad then as an excuse it by the way but. The big -- where -- we don't wanna fight here. Both financial and moral -- could we don't wanna fight here. We got pulled in World War II because they attacked -- in one theater. -- -- -- Well then there's the other argument there wolf Iraq didn't attack that's welcome where there. I Greeley -- ordinary people and -- -- -- solid not huge line. I would wily Russian they kill each other and just general okay look at all of us to see you think we shouldn't you wanna stay in Iraq. Q I keep the same number as we don't know you wanna bring some buys back. I don't wanna get all of -- out of another war because. Liberal rhetoric but why we should be there why we're not there where there are guys are there at the run aground. Ever want and you want to miss the old. Boy did a good -- accommodate get a good job. We -- -- did did they do we lost 4740. Five's the 47 of -- -- And it's okay hey I don't get I don't get targeted the reality is. We need to come back when a guy's gonna break we don't know for Iraq. I'm -- went public. And hesitant and -- -- -- Stop waiting for a -- it's -- like WR KR news bureau one stop shop for -- -- program going on in the world. This news Boston news talk station -- six AW. -- And okay. 77 point 6943. Q do -- dateline into the vacationing. Speedo wearing big issue cloth and Howie Carr did that get on Thursday. A lot more to talk about. That was still dynamite Iraq. Apparently Iran. And -- -- -- you would Dave on Family Guy -- -- how you do it. Value OK I have a couple of comments. One we went into our access totally because of the threat -- -- -- -- -- it the right. I'm okay. Now we have threats all over the place without sleep to really do much about it -- -- tot who really can rip everything lives but the potential deputy whip deep. Iraq. So I had I had my my sense about this physically probably -- the whole think kind of got it doesn't expand and I. Don't understand why given that we have al-Qaeda are all over the world we don't train people on Arabic we try to infiltrate different pockets around the world. Where that keeping on going to get it country. Yeah. Personally might -- headed to a UN resolutions as -- we don't but the main that would put convince you not the American public may inmate. Well like you like Colin Powell got it got the UN will -- end we it was Debian date. -- it would be the answer is yes we should be -- level concentrations of al-Qaeda but we have not been able to lead -- There's a lot about things we do we want more aggressively should be we have not been able to do it -- well we thought we had an -- in Afghanistan arena. And the guy turned out to be at triple agent. And killed he has killed CIA guys we have not been successful. Al-Qaeda it is tight knit. They're very effective. RBI fight him for a long time that probably now. Eighty cells worldwide. At least. So right so we -- -- we have to completely infiltrate around the world to keep we're just going to country we have to. Learn to infiltrate after -- different approach. You can take you can -- should be in charge the CIA and NASA's -- I'm serious because gas but you it's very difficult we don't even have that discussion. All of which is unfortunate even after nine elevenths. Did the way to go out these guys -- also a state sponsor terrorism we don't forget that we don't it's it's one -- al-Qaeda. But done things that countries like Afghanistan has a lot of didn't exist in countries like Russia countries like North Korea countries like Venezuela. And a whole bunch others that have that have supported him. But yeah you're right we infiltrating our our terrorist organization although the problem readers not to when he forced -- -- power. It's easy -- a difficult to do. Are we -- have to have them appear at not just. You know we have to be defeated respected around the world. Yeah I know you don't think we are right now. Now I think that the way that our president -- right Alec approaching it is not the right way at this time. So what are you will you okay daddy apologies to -- I thought I did. And we that they countries that I feared and respected do better in the SN one they. -- -- just get along I think that's why Iraq itself while they try to derail want to I'd rather rent thought they had WM date they would it. Okay but what countries right now do you think are feared and respected that are I ask you can. Anybody out. -- I think China would probably respect and I thank eventually had a titan poker precious go to the stranger respectable has been linked. Looks and I actually Iran is beginning to catch catch some respect. I think Iran becomes a problem at least partly because of the print for a lot of reasons but. I think China though -- got they've got economic fear. Right and that is what's what's happens -- -- good good ideas thanks a golf -- and I do you guys. A much more aggressive approach by this administration. They looked he's got a National Security Adviser and about mysteries name is Jim Jones since four star marine general Vietnam vets could man. And oh by the way -- strong -- gonna gunning gates is secretary of defense just Obama went. Who I didn't think was gonna make it ends and I very very good job another Republican. And conservative guy on my point is this administration has some real hard. Bitten male drivers. But the rest of ministers need to get convinced that the aggressiveness that we is talking about I think we've lost and had lost the edge within two years the Bush Administration oh by the way. Com that lot -- than done and can be done now and Jimmy does it was still warns we're going hey pat you on the day fund value card that. Yeah I don't want you. But you've got didn't pay I I agree that we can't get all my grandparents that he quite honestly I'm -- I'll clear at this charge and not -- about the governor. Wow look how long years. Politic not clear exactly three reserve and doing yeah IR. Thanks hi guys -- do we okay -- did you wanna be okay. I have got the -- are you all love that you don't did I measure people are. I don't go out. Okay what do you think about -- today what what -- my only job in the Marines. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I nice -- ice -- -- what do you think that. Army while the record partial idea but I mean I got very very bitter everything and parking them all love it. There I mean global engagement crushed Rudolph. -- we know people believe -- Keep going keep -- yeah. This thing here is there's you know ever worried if all you know that's endeavor shouldered. Say torrential moments -- -- -- -- with a task and mission accomplishment is Paramount in all. -- -- What they're hearing -- to accomplish our mission come hell or high water but what's been happening and that happening under President Bush well okay it. They're put any child hopes watched all the watcher at the -- -- however. It got invited these. They're all shadow old Soviet army embargo abide by. Yeah Iowa -- you and Afghanistan Iraq a -- that. Death. Then added that the number of them the problem I had that is that the marine corps generals the army generals. As well as political leaders allow those rules of engagement to get out of control. And then there's like guys like you fight but I think its its military failure as -- as -- political and you write bush did it was wrong. And a bomb restoration is doing similar stuff in Afghanistan. Because of a way of fight scene that McChrystal is convinced him -- of but the rules of engagement there are is extremely restricted as to what Iraq view. And -- and it -- our guys. Well that's the thing that they've been there all I think in my opinion they also are -- Geneva convention I mean you can Trace the history that very I mean. You know we're we're. Right right totally agree what you'll get a professional. Military force of a special -- or. I'm and be an example for the rest of the world -- all all Albert. -- that's -- options and -- so what can -- lost -- lost. Then all I. Hello I think I think most look of people -- Burleson served -- in the center gets what pat back Tucker I'm sorry adopt the rules of engagement these talking about. Talk crap and they would they do is -- hamstring. Handcuff. You know what however the right word is guys fighting. To the point where he had a card that has ten or twelve steps on it before you can return fire -- -- -- and give the ball -- That's that's how ridiculous. These rules of engagement have been and continue to be it -- thanked his service or a UIU working. And driving all locked up. I don't work but I have to report. How are nice well thank you service gob bless thanks and called the thanks -- I haven't they yet we'll we'll be right back. On daytime phone -- Now it. -- there is due today. It is brought in some delicious -- -- to Cologne is one of its August. That is some knuckle recount Rudy -- jetBlue wants -- great food. This stacked up outside the door. To break any other -- the show. I still like his good stuff problem we got only a cup okay. He inherited this call coach you don't -- allegory -- -- colonel you know god bless the military in America. Apps what's up. You know I agree with you that we can't attack you run now even though they're killing over 200 of our soldiers. That Joe Morgan Natalie wanna go totally wanna do but we can't do it because we have tried our hand because we. We go to other heart -- our enemies our energy policy. Now we regularly guys get independent -- -- we're good now it will be right back -- that's not on these -- colleagues are. Running a small business these days it's tough to keep up with the all the details and still focus on generating a profit but as an -- staff client I have a strong advance. I am Tony joy it chairman and CEO of toll goes eateries -- -- great sandwiches across California for nearly forty years because it -- -- -- money on essentials like health care retirement benefits and training for corporate employees. 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We are recognized 501 C three charity organization so you'll receive a maximum tax deduction what's more you'll receive a free vacation voucher of three days into tonight's. -- -- -- Okay. You don't. Thousand want to talk radio widow of personality and drove back you know. Charlotte -- and show every week very from the territory but only here on Boston's talks vision.