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Coal Mining Tradgedy

Apr 7, 2010|

TNT talk about what happened and what should be down

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-- Here how -- we took our trip to Africa and visited. His home country in Kenya. He'll hear about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Yeah outweighs. The. -- women much -- Green. Blue everywhere but I just about. Back then my. -- -- And stocks -- -- I am such a DW lord carrier oh there wipe that smile off your face Geraldo reporting. Well nothing really smile about when you read about this coal mine is -- done -- if you. Everything everything can suck it. This occupation -- -- -- -- try Georgia and video of them underground it's it's really. How ridiculous thing to do. Your life but if you live in West Virginia the highest paid people. Are these miners that makes 73 grand a year almost as much -- taken the the toll money from drivers gone through the tolls on the turnpike. And it's it's grossly go down for ten or twelve hour days short of thousands of feet into the earth it's tough work it's dangerous work for many many years -- Diana black lung disease. Because of the circulation problems the respiratory problems that caused by constant exposure and that type of environment. You have this this explosion that apparently was caused by a buildup of methane gas principally in maybe some carbon dioxide. And owner who apparently has been repeatedly. Cited. Four. Mine safety procedure. Violations in terms of ventilation and escape routes and safe zones and holding the ceiling -- You know make you make sure there's adequate support in the tunnels that they have to do we have a caller the last segment talked about strip mining is an alternative. But the environmental. Devastation. That's caused by strip mining. His C would be one of the factors I think that would -- congress to say wait a minute to. Let's let's not just go whole hog into a strip mining because the Europe and and unintended consequences that. Results from this and by the way not unique. Two of the West Virginia into this company. A horrific mining accident in China. Last week from the week before in a series of mining disasters in China that continue to occur when we talked about regulation you and I get into our arguments. About the scale of the scope of appropriate regulation. -- -- China. Is you know his music iams behind the United States and other countries in terms of what it allows its entrepreneur -- to do. Okay you done with China yeah I just can't just got to make it does make the apt observation. Don't parallel activity in other speed -- this guy blank. Chip who's the CEO of Massey the the coal mining company -- he was in the news last year -- and actually sixty minutes do feature on. Because of his questionable relationship with a judge whose campaign he financed. And apparently this judge does you know any ruling comes reform goes. Remarkably. In the direction of -- The owner of the mine -- the fifty sites say 58 citations in February alone for this month. Which I don't know if that's a lot -- little it's hard to have any contact Joe -- -- -- because we don't know the scale of operations -- for the company Blankenship was interviewed him several times on several different shows yesterday and he's. He's saying we have one of the best records if you look at us is accompanying. We are above average in terms of our level of problems that come up. No level of deaths anyway you want a measure us we look pretty darn good he said but this one mine apparently has tons of trouble -- got. And weigh -- when you Suu Kyi we don't have a lot of context within which to make comparisons are observations. -- how's it also up to make the point yet. We don't know whether the number of violation troops in to us and he is at 58 just last month alone. You don't know whether this guy is just a renegade a complete maniac. Who's gonna drive so hide so ruthlessly. To pull out two to extract every ounce of coal and make every penny of profit available to -- at the expense and at the risk of his work as though the miners themselves. Or whether you have on the other hand it could be. An overly zealous driven. Bunch -- regulators who just I have an antipathy to the guy and say we're gonna get this SOB and nailed to the wall and they -- writing a violations for an you know because the cafeteria table wasn't. I doubt I'll give you -- -- option which is that in the -- in the scheme of things the citations don't really mean anything I -- which I guess where you're alluding to with your last point you know when your in the restaurant business health inspector comes along. He is a checklist you'll hear about restaurants being cited for. A number of problems when they get inspected. But the the the level of 341 degrees and it's 42. Yeah that's not a crisis but -- -- in from the outside you don't know you don't have a differing Chinese rat which would you dangerous and important however. The ventilation is one of the things they've had a chronic problem with apparently in the mind. And ventilation is key to this methane gas which apparently at least through a sealed. Wall -- they have from an old mind this is a theory anyway they think it's coming in from there and then a spark ignites it there's an explosion. So. It's hard have context so Blankenship says eighteen -- the last twenty years his company has been safer than the industry average. Where the leaders he says in safety innovation and continue to -- be more creative. In the area safety than any other company in our opinion but you know that all means nothing to be sharper. This is government regulations job. And it I just find little little amusing that everybody automatically says no this is a problem with the the viciousness of the ugliness of companies well you have an atmosphere where. Companies we want companies to be ruthless we want them to go ought to produce doesn't mean they shouldn't take care of their workers doesn't mean they shouldn't do good things but the natural tendency is like Wall Street. Wall Street is sharks we know there's sharks are fairly much better -- from their shark goodness right that's what drives them to make -- economy happened and make all kinds of wild investment happen. You need to regulate them. But you also need to accept that part of life part of the drive to achieve is that sometimes you're gonna fall. We build a bridge we know -- good chance somebody's gonna -- building that bridge. Would you not build a bridge because that's somebody's gonna die. No no you don't but you wanna have you wanna make sure you have reasonable safety regulations in and this is where you know we we get into the you know tempered regulations reasonable regulations of these is such subject of words in the in the hands of a reasonable prison guess what the regulations that come forth will be what. Reasonable but the Iraq people who are zealots. The Iraq people who are not as they -- people who think they have a mission from god and sometimes they have until end up. In the regulatory. Business sometimes they end up as. Police are prosecutors sometimes they end up bowed to doing other things you see it in every walk of life and of course that leaves the rest of us who are reasonable. I'm very very frustrating could we go back and forth. There's this you in this UNI wanna see capitalism. That unfettered I wanna see people pursue profit and achieve profit profits a good thing and noble thing a great thing but. Again this has to be some type of balancing has to be some type a sensibility brunt of these things. -- what do you think you're the good guys and the bad guys in this to me this is a failure of regulation. The day they coal miners should join the coal mine owners are doing what their job is which is to get the call out of the mind yeah it's a job of the regulators who come and it's back to make sure they're being safely operated OK there's always going to be attention between those two things that's good to have that channel and that's normal right. Tell me how what's so tell me specifically then with the failure is they wrote it up I think you said 58 violations just the last month. Alone now again we don't have the context of that but is it a failure of the regulatory. Activity here. That they did not go -- in closed the mine now down one of the regulators who's in every you know a couple of channels yesterday said. He said that we don't have the power we have the power to cite them for a failure. As soon as they fix the failure that's the end of it doesn't matter if there's a failure twice today we reported they fix it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is about congress. Reaching in in artificially interfering with the private sector. And the exploration. For what in this case call all -- a lot of so Reverend Wright I would have jazz and if congress wrote a statute that get of the regulators the power to not only right up the violation. And then and then take the next step shouted down you'd say this is ridiculous this is so all you I don't know -- wide basis for doing that would be as long as everybody's operating in the same environment. -- doesn't matter how much you eat you make you more expensive the coal miners we need to call. If it is our Jack give one company advantage over another we'll let you do it reasonable -- how law would be -- -- serial Massey coal is gonna operate under this standard and taught Feinberg called companies can operate under a different also into the implementation of their could be an even know certainly that that it would -- the first time that's happened. My my problem is I think that the government is an actually good enough that doing this because that companies have too much influence over the political process and potential whom would you give this -- At least in government right you and I have the ability and millions of other Americans say you know what that congressman's a moron and those regulators -- let's get rid of the congress and make sure they get a new set of reasonable regulators and we when you go who who else would do this no government has to do should understand I don't think the government's doing well okay I think their fallen down on the job 6172666860. Who do you blame. You saw Blankenship interviewed on the newsrooms all over the news in the -- CEO of this Massey Energy Co. Is either -- Because they're try to make him the villain you should've seen Diane Sawyer asking her questions with this sense of impatience that he was clearly the -- If indeed she may grab some are her it was gross sales and now that they did the same thing and channel forward is that CBS or it I think -- Harry Smith yup they do the interview like they've cornered the bad guy. I don't know if he's a bad guy or not but I'd like to see -- little corner of the government inspectors who allow a mine that's dangerous if you operate. Let's see what they have to save themselves this is so devastated to a community to most of these have been a really small small communities everybody knows everybody else their families -- two tornado several family members 25. Wanted some people lose a son. -- nephew and uncle it I mean this is just amazing and by the way in West Virginia is just such a poor. Poor state they'd really don't have a lot of up. A lot of options nominee it just it the hot breaks when you. When you read about something like this and you think what might have been able to be prevent they are the highest paid. Guys in the stay anonymous or people talking a secure family members and say hey if you -- job. That pays this much you have to leave West Virginia is going to be some rescuers -- nowhere else in West Virginia get a job the pay 73 -- here. It's in -- slightly you know what's that other one that the television show that's been on for awhile the Deadliest Catch. So similar to Alaska he go out and those that I mean that job is I believe I think he's -- the biggest loser. As always our biggest losers the weight loss -- what -- -- the Deadliest -- as the Alaska crab fisherman. Oh my god all I started work on his the -- -- -- work brutal work now you make good money here ritzy for several days equipment Iraqi you lose a man you lose a leg equipment malfunctions storms. The vote goes on it's crazy where but -- you know people feel a sense of freedom and of obviously economic top -- you -- and all I took. That's what I was -- as I was watching the sites say hey I would get a car and leave that state I'd get out I heard the person say that the only job you can get out -- pays 73 grand has gone into coal mines are saying I believe in West Virginia that's okay I would I would think West Virginia just leave struggles to maintain at least. Its population and of the the talented people in the state would look around and say well this sons and daughters would say in Obama did nothing personal but. It's home bottom I'm going somewhere else. Gone and we are -- -- your sound LC is September and you would tell -- something like that 6172666860. Your reaction of the story please. The its gross to think about going in that mine every day they do it because it's how they can support their families 73 -- goes a long way. In West Virginia to provide a house or for about eighteen -- you thank you work and -- I I would think the other -- the real estate is very very. It reasonable to settlers. He would hear a thousand feet below the -- surface of women you know these -- these unfortunately these -- is in its incidents have been going on for long long time. Congress tends to react to stories like this and they did. In the aftermath of the most recent. Deadly. Mine incident goes back a few years ago -- passed the mine safety act that required extra ventilation. Seals and closely areas that would have -- food and water. And an occasion yes providing communications equipment so if you trapped underneath is a kind of a safe spot to go through that give you for a final days of rest but you know I I understand they're harder to make money if I was the CEO I would be delighting in every possible thing I could think have to make -- safer now that. It's so. Awful to think about being down there without it tragedy happened don't suspending your days there. A -- NW RQ good morning. What PL you'll need to have responsibility studio -- as soon as safety goes in the minds. Responsibility pull these guys are there if there was an unsafe backdoor not admit it and I think irresponsible also about just view -- despite. So you think the unions are somehow. Complicit in -- we're going along with -- management unless. Yeah yeah yeah exactly I think that's explorer on this this bit BP did they just don't watch the workers. Treat them at their door and say that I think this is sort army -- an armed. That's an issue of same point -- thank you raising its one that I had thought of a bloody reminded me -- and I mean the United Mine Workers who always been known as a pretty aggressive union. In part because his standing up for the million -- the lives of their of their members this isn't. Can -- union where -- pushing paper from one side of the desk to write either in the big risk is so I gotta paper cut. And this is serious stuff and you would have had some very ruthless ruthless guys. Running mines in historically. Who would've just been grabbed for any penny and screw what you know death is just out of it and get the hell out of the way I gotta make another Bach Kevin US atomic -- high. Special I'm concurrent with this so -- -- last call but what I was gonna say that they would never put a person at risk but tournament so -- Send you -- have -- supervise and everything else so so there in the first person that would know that gangs that the people who are working down there. And I feel that that is the most important -- other regulations and everything else thank you very much. Thank you for the call frank you're NW RQ good morning to you. Hey Todd got down there are many unionized. Do you usually -- -- I don't know what the -- situations they must be. But there are unionized and union should not make sure there's dirt protected now and -- and there I mean he should do. -- unions. -- consumer help protect. And the union issued here it's a good point frank did you and others amid the union should be looking out for all this stuff. And I guess I agitating would be the word it's an appropriate where they should be agitating to make sure that the members safety is not. Put in in in peril this it -- the fact it did does not seem to have been that I haven't seen that and and in the news coverage does burn in the newsroom. I have seen him out of the need to do I know there's a big national union that covers miners were sure I have heard mention of it. If you know anything to help so with this police 6172666860. It's common taught and W march. His WRKO Wednesday morning plus dvd plus degree what's the latest on the British. 86 season saves. You gotta go to the case then go to the beach or some have a lot of work to do today. You know what kind going to be spent some time later in the excuse me later in the day with a great kids are gonna go here's some remarks by the other senate president Teresa Marie. Kind of remarks she officer remarks mum over at a little gathering up to one of the downtown law firms both sides have been invited to what -- gremlin is wants to listen to -- she get a little insight as to. What the struggles are a few opportunities reports can only in terms of in a budget and education transportation plans that you could hook him up all wire. So we have some tape on this. Cooks his wife works embryos in a goal that now often asked how Curtis is still -- Younger at a young Curtis the new comin' bambino of that -- to love there we talked about the coal mine disaster would you work in this mine. And how do you feel about the way it's regulated do you think they there should be greater safe security just take you in stride is going to be some deaths once Solano used to break. Took took -- Can refresh my memory we have a couple of -- the last segment talked about gee -- the union you'd think they have union would have been vocal on this right up front standing up for its. For its members -- we're not quite true the present day dynamics but. The history of the United Mine Workers. John L Lewis does the -- ring -- -- -- legendary name and labor circles he was the head of the United Mine Workers from nineteen X twenty. In 1960. Forty continuum that is as the president unit United Mine Workers apparently had more than one clash with the president Franklin Roosevelt as well. Some really really tense times during the thirties. In which -- felt Roosevelt broke his word and reneged on some commitment studied made -- regatta and -- more recently however and you'll find this relevant. Rich trumka said name ring a bell -- well he was they had to the United Mine Workers from 1982. To 95 he's now the head of the AFL CIO and you'll remember. Trump who was at the White House at any number of times in the past several weeks and his health isn't scary. You know so they have the Kennedy there -- gonna -- Obama had been talking about the tax on the Cadillac plans. And they're looking for AFL CIO support in there's a lot of back and forth theater would not privy to the details there but -- -- hit came from. United Mine Workers and is not a president the AFL CIO. So this mine to was hit with 897000. Dollars worth of fines last year which it paid 160000. So almost a million dollars in fines. No union there. And the company which owns a ton of but to become and in some big companies like -- fourth largest coal producer in the country they only have 76 unionized workers cinema someone small minor something like that. This is a dangerous place it seems but at the same time the -- Blankenship who's the CEO the company says in in general they have very good. History and that they eight you know last twenty years she said they do better than average in terms safety you also -- case that he was involved in I'm done there -- an excuse me involving West Virginia judge your -- seen this on sixty minutes a year or two ago where -- he he took three million dollars of his own money to get a Supreme Court justice thrown out -- because they get elected down there. And that getting his guy and then it ended up going to these Supreme Court. The -- -- they have their relationship between him and the guy he got elected because a guy he got elected ruled a couple big cases in favor of Massey so. It's we don't discuss controversial -- -- let's say the least to say violation we are off that means she runs a dangerous mine are not. And ultimately the responsibility is shared with the inspectors who go in there aren't have to make sure the government is in charge of making sure it's safe there the referee is on this. I would suggest that we don't walk often enough that the government regulators. For having fallen down on the job what do you think 6172. 666860. I love this topic tomorrow I think about it because it invites controversy not just between me new -- an in in the listen -- those with -- tell you become educated. We also have the a situation which you particularly. Almost always talked about the irrelevance the functional erupt -- relevance and on non necessity. Of unions anymore that once upon a time they were the at a present I don't -- the exploitation of children are you just say they're the -- most destructive as a force just just influence yeah there are one of the most destructive forces in the -- -- response back he is -- these laws of human nature have not changed unless there's a countervailing balance. There will be people who take hideous brutal. Brutal advantage of other people it's the government's job to regularly that's the government shouldn't have to contract that out. Okay no they don't they I mean -- -- do the unions say use the unions and say -- the union's job is to make sure the guys are -- the quote well and also regulators -- is isn't it better to have to private organizations. You know negotiated out -- know -- unions early each organization the jumps on the back of articles in that your organization sort of understands opposition of these hundred members whose families whose incest is -- -- black bond. These 100 -- not gonna dive bar along one gonna bring vacillation we're gonna hit OJ JD stand your -- the one thing they do that might be constructive and then I do 350 things that are destructive. While I -- I while message by and judges Don -- apparently in West Virginia the union to just trying to say it stops screw on the hundred guys who go down -- myelin does under the you're at. And a killing themselves with this stuff that they dig out for all the rest of us just not unreasonable -- is -- direct don't go right to Vanessa. It is by Thomas -- It's of the best kind of colder as the by two men suffered burns blew -- 6172666868. Richer on WRK atomic taught here. Hey good morning -- I wish more -- I'm -- trouble we talk about regulators like zero expendable. I am a regulator. I dishwasher leadership -- got. My thoughts and prayers go out traditional Irish the killing members. Pitched right now which pitched a lot of -- Quote judicial water capital -- and it should vote failing. Out sorry I really matters and -- the first goal should be to rescue Morocco was the key is that how you do have family -- small dollar but he but he is I mean still that's the allowed just social reaction rich is absolutely right you feel hot broken -- these cameras don't through some of -- lost several. Members to went three and four family members just gone. In the night. They can't really think about that now I. I don't -- I check my -- what I walk out the door now however. I mean that's the end of obesity diabetes -- legacy. -- data Google -- Kurdish people. And how we wish it up here or there are more information addiction all right -- quiche. -- We bitch about it however. Any rush don't have a couple of -- How the actual regulation attached in -- of the departed. Why I can't and -- -- great I thank you can. Call I'm not sure he's mad about but I think it's true that we don't know much about it that's why we're having a conversation 6172666. -- succeed. Your next show on WRKO high. 200. People in house guys wanted to -- about a lot. And. You can you not want to talk you -- I totally. Opposite. Trick. We can't wait a little -- and talk to. Joe what are you talking about what are you talking about. Just a series of general statements that are seared. What are you talking about saying said it was absurd everything that he said was absurd from the mall he opened his mouth and uttered a word everything he said. Was absurd. -- Media stupid statement. -- an eye candy will still hold true and I'm really glad it wasn't. Plus a little bit yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what -- let's let's stay with the coal mining okay because I don't regulate coal mines and then we can talk about custard not a third produce what. What did the politicians. Do in this situation Joe daddy had you saying this is what the American people condemn. They passed a coal mining safety act. They have regulators to enforce that the -- and the regulators go out and find. Violations they cite the owner -- right amount thereof finds he pays some of them he doesn't pay others. Apparently there's an explosion in the mind the regulators and congress around fault -- this. Now attitude about it -- Construct and. Right I know I've got a jolt this this this -- -- -- There's no way you're really comes to the -- you are a moron not shut up. And Lucent in the aftermath of another mine explosion in glad that 2006. This -- mine explosion. Congress did what. They wrote in new law you moron because the I'll go -- was an effective and as opposed to sit on their ass and do -- -- does play adult white yarn. -- -- Yeah I talked. About a -- to cut my actual criminal. How -- -- have to move criminally the coal -- What are you can group. I won't -- let's slow down Jones who we gonna after again I wanna make -- understand. They. They were tried just told they rode up. Violations more than 580 well. -- -- in the mini is not working -- when they went there what they're doing isn't working so you know what I was did you know anytime and always say okay lamenting your Grasso I don't know what it does not enjoying the moron. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- Are going to wow. Yeah I don't need anybody off. I don't know the. They showed up in my legs. At all and I -- He's still got -- a lot of it needs another Alonso then he'll call and you believe. What you know maybe it's done and -- This -- alone and why don't leave us oh and oh yeah oh yeah another cold minus. I'm glad to know -- guy and drag you wanna meet god it's not good when you. Don't really. -- I can't believe this conversation you're. Not. Gonna -- -- -- You -- reading your mind. Yeah right yeah. -- There are the best new -- it's all I don't immunize. Believe -- all. I cannot believe I can't believe you are thought Joe made a lot of suggestions on how. -- -- -- -- how -- -- I -- glad you don't get over the windows there are -- afraid you're gonna jump to go by NATO allies since. Just how -- -- as -- in one and the -- -- I don't know why do radio talk about. Oh Mario Milano. We had not a lot of -- -- -- -- and those. Yeah yeah gates and not know love and. Yeah yeah. You -- about the pioneers are -- -- story -- tell -- your called Beckham by -- lunch time by what they don't want from a -- to a lot or maybe this -- got a criminal -- and on January I guess a lot of let me stop for a -- -- -- and I went yeah. Good he's got this all -- isn't gonna follow me to my grave moment. Joe had a real hot hot hot and RBIs in half had gone way Charlie my god my god might call me response time -- -- -- Tommy -- was include good for you. How do. Yeah he was a good game he loves you -- well yeah. It's on me. Coming over the next hour we got a new segment web -- -- -- heard it if you haven't heard -- in the car you know go to work week into. -- 180947. Otto. I'm Jennifer can shake up that The Wall Street Journal and. And many other. -- -- -- -- -- -- Then there is some thing now listen I do all it is seen young right yeah yeah. It's just good fun. I -- I joined the moron. My own. My okay. You win the air is. I'm not from the being downloaded. He had nothing oh okay okay okay. And by the way this Obama -- maybe -- you know. It's. I don't know why. Donna was that congress is what installing additional hearings on mine safety there that's good that's what Joe was calling out for a why they -- -- -- Well I don't. Eight and I don't water. Otherwise didn't win any input -- sorry -- says -- you guys to I'm not. Yet ready the end. Guys hot potato so complete does not enjoying the moron I just -- you keep cutting me. Yeah but I have never read anything so dumb in my leg couldn't hook up a. Are you -- them -- you know I am a very very compassionate Charlie clears your own little stress -- go 42 it is you know how long went once. Fell -- had a drink had the job market while you power up White House Obama replenished. Yeah no I had -- I think Joe would appreciate should appreciate the fact the congress is gonna hold hearings on this and try to. Figure realm what have -- we'll see if they're wrong groping in -- meanwhile -- we're doing the groping topic next hour. Young -- -- -- to the poor Richard you can read of the the -- and -- are well you are curious your -- I rigid. Yes it is you Richard you. Crossed and I can 2001. Never an announcement. That -- from the Kentucky coal association that there was -- of workers. And I had Bennett talks where the Ukrainian and generic. And so are -- had to do their bit academics rather than the coal mining but I got in touch them and ask. About the availability of miners and so why I ended up getting attachment Don Blankenship among other people regarding. The possibility of placing ukrainians and United States. And it turned out that -- out of it to the bad inform miners below ground they needed to be. I didn't first language fluency in English because although the bus in this much -- for the Mac which still. And the actual mining their -- and reporting an accident like the arbitrage just heard. You know. Then you want minister knows why how does that help with the conversation. Well it had been about quote money you have been speaking of the problems that would arise as a result of accident -- another thing is that there is said precondition is that the people who work group and it to have first language fluently. Yup so you're suggesting there's good regulation I guess it's okay. I thank you for having then into the mess that that's an interest and 100 controversial and himself has really -- about size like a racist hateful we talk about bilingual and taught English only we talk about English as the official language and hero. I think for fairly legitimate -- fairly obvious reasons you say hey it's going to be universal language underground. President I'm getting very excited about the next kiss my asked because we're we're do you say that's you -- -- -- that's enough of that is a good guy. I think -- I can't wait to sell it -- comes and and on Monday. -- 05 you -- -- and he and these guys do an outreach to -- every -- -- him easy enough is an hour which -- to us and our reaches dressing up these -- guard Brandon how we can catapulted himself into success exe -- the power from our mornings in the league. Right. There is Charlotte this -- goes jump right out of Portland man -- How are those women are jigsaw analyst speaking of Charlie Baker did you have a new -- Now know that the mess out Republicans put out oh I wanted Tim. We do you know we haven't -- also of Harry Reid and probably the most smarmy -- and politics all mighty god. I could get violent. From very few things but listening to Harry Reid speak. And I. We're gonna place on download for Mac dallas' coming up on our. Thousand want to talk radio window of personality -- drove back you know. Charlie Manning at noon followed by how worried are free but only here on Boston's talks vision. -- -- in the forecast sunny today heading for all volume in 84 cents at this evening at 770 right now 47 degrees and partly cloudy in Boston good morning I'm Bruce out of the woodwork geo news. Other than drilling a pair of air sampling holes rescue operations have been halted at a West Virginia coal -- hit by an explosion on my.