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Chumpline 4/6/10

Apr 6, 2010|

This is the daily Chumpline for Tuesday, April 6, 2010.

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Finally the chump like Mitchell plan is the recorded voice mail message service of powered car show. You can call and leave a message of any hour of the day or night including weekends which -- a number feel like to leave such a message is. 61777934696177793469. We may or may not play your message at this point that this time every weekday afternoon. Today's jump line is brought to buy Lumber Liquidators Lumber Liquidators has an incredible selection and the best prices on hardwood flooring anywhere. From 99 cents a square foot. Call 1800 -- today for all your home and contractor need to logon to Lumber Liquidators dot com. Yeah how leaders quote that's great profits quad -- -- -- Let's -- their problems kind of you know Obama didn't go -- baseball. You don't have to go like baseball right it's not it's there's not a law that says you have to like baseball but just don't pretend to like baseball well there's -- There should be a law that at some point you. Wouldn't know certain things about the common culture. That you live and no I don't watch American Idol but I know about -- London Simon and those people you know I the it somehow exceed throat I mean how could he not know the name of a single baseball player. -- -- Through -- -- -- sort of both that both good and hard recruiting brochures. But brought cooler did -- -- jaw and carry a book book book book. The Butler Bulldogs. Paging Joe McCarthy he -- senator Joe McCarthy. How it's clear that the good old days for during the red scare. Joe McCarthy. It was on to a few things he went a little overboard. Yes he got a bad ice -- for pretty much every day of his life for the last six or eight years of his existence. But. Was he that bad. I agree with the caller. You got there we use these sort using code red -- -- -- -- And I look forward to him on news that a dead man's into. So cheers and distributed details Hopkins because Israel. I think these third think kids will never forget that. You forget these there Roddy. We're gonna have a dead body of a park this year. Expanded usually -- fuzzy bunny outfit on this. And fuzzy bunny slipper. Still getting fuzzy bunny. Comments here two days out east is that today Easter Tuesday. -- my am I correct in assuming that when you're left with your kids -- -- the -- He'll propose -- -- allotment. Quite possibly quite possibly with -- also -- moving vans. I don't think you'll be needing to leave and he any forwarding addresses either with the post office. It's as you'll put the Menendez Brothers are. What the hell you talking about I I'm not talking about miss treating my kids I'm just saying why in the hell should I be. Why should I be on the hawk. For. Paying for some. Third grade education that's gonna end up cost them like fifty grand a year I don't my -- -- -- -- believe. That you kind of have made them feel entitled so that if you Iverson cut them off. I mean it it could be held and then. See India what evidence do you have that I have made my kids feel entitled are you kidding me. They I don't do nothing for those ships. Really they get the newest cellphones they get to go on trips against -- Americans I mean -- care what you call ideal outdoors so far one of them I know she'd rather hang herself out the window Simon really. What you call Charlotte the one who doesn't work what you call a cellphone and see what number you -- united together each doesn't have a cellphone anymore. I took it away if there well that months and months that -- dollar officers go. Now guys she stole -- sisters that we told the sister of a little sister if you ever if you let Charlotte use the phone your phone is gone through so now she doesn't letter use it. And last night does the oldest one came down when I was watching the game and say can you log me on to the computer because I have the secret colts. And I said no I'm I'm busy watching the -- doubles in the Butler Bulldogs. Forget about it -- bad. Now we have heard -- this -- can -- about your daughter I want you know but. I don't know lose. And they read that I'm -- -- because like parents. -- -- see could be a little little I don't want to be a leader but everything every -- little help. They don't have that the only thing we believe I can't get addicts in other words they are cool relief that the. Or wounded or. But only as that guy full of self pity I think he's also herald reader today as they used the word groom. In that story about though the woman in Worcester County who supposedly was grooming young boys for sex with an image right do you see that story. But I I didn't so I hadn't heard the word grown along time in this context. But they decided to drop the charges may because there was nothing there. She had five kids say Jennifer brought in this Foster -- I wore it she was grooming him for sex that's what they said -- the guy the kid ran away so. So the DA has stopped grooming her for felony indictment. So I always. Well your favorite comments -- not go into the ideal basketball players. -- -- him -- -- tells us about three holes and Michael Jordan but it would -- -- Three post well how about. Hansbrough. About Ty Law above as Davis title author and Ty Lawson excuse me -- -- close enough let's look at Barack. We're talking about -- I knew I knew three players right up about you want to keep going there's another getting Tyler Tyler Zeller. There's that drove. Drew no drew was on -- you know who's at the physical well anyway I know they -- to get junior are getting yard is another one can send. Is another one. I got plenty of help but worry about it. He's you know -- Carolina. Duke and Tiger Woods having come as well okay. Tiger about to win the masters. You just won the national title and Carolina often and I can. Never -- it out. I shouldn't even say this but that you get to the finals of the could've been worse right. I had pretty much your daughter of Butler Bulldogs can't say what that matters will battles. I thought they hit -- -- She did ask me last -- the when he schools have apologist that are is their mascot. I don't think so David. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're allowed to do it differently and you can't put the ball I don't feel one itself -- the people. Not the what was the other guy I mean -- understanding. Come on yeah had a noble people the -- commit cellphones walk into stores and press -- is always. It happened again last night during the basketball game. Highly this is -- from MSNBC. Did you do we really should should know men -- didn't get the Mets called quit we meet here on the show dark political walker 3 o'clock. OK. The answer is. In all. -- -- very well okay. Did you just you know maybe graciously say no I really can't but thanks for asking her did you Sri scanner I just said -- all. It's like -- stalked by these -- bats. What -- UN non. Let's move out I don't get an okay you know give me 10 deficit to still do periodically. I -- -- on fox because they have an audience and it's in the audience on Fox's large and conceivably they might tune into the show how well you're always -- who was gonna do what -- -- out when the 2008 and a new book is -- will that make you more favorable for going and Amazon now sitting there won't do is they'll still be nobody -- and why should I go so why should I go on if I can't make any money off an appearance. You know -- the doctor Johnson said no -- bottom block had -- wrote except for money. And no -- bottom block get everyone on MSNBC. For any reason stars I can say. You know you think you Michael wandered into a weapon maps pancake house. And look at getting whipped wouldn't say I guess that fat girl. I think he would say I'm going to a different him steak house that next time among very. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling Kelly -- is you jumped. Mindy thought he really like their Mindy you logged the pancakes -- -- She she said she was very disappointed when she found out that he was just using your first on unspeakable violence and Normandy. 18 -- -- -- Vanity Fair later a Mattel but they've Vanity Fair fair about as much as I got as as MSNBC was gonna pay me for going on on Sunday and then that day. Which is to say the doughnut. 18774694322. That's the toll free number and how we are short you'd like to leave a recorded voicemail message. On the chump line that number is 6177793469617779346. -- We mayor metaplayer message at this time each -- -- the -- the troubling number again 6177793469. Today's jump line was brought to you by the Lumber Liquidators Lumber Liquidators has an incredible selection and the best prices on hardwood flooring anywhere. From 99 cents a square for call 1800 -- today for all your home and contractor need to log on to Lumber Liquidators dot com. -- -- in my am I correct in assuming that when you're less severe acute lead in the he'll put all of going to be -- allotment. -- if it's going to be a lot to a locksmith.