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Obama Fan but know No Players

Apr 5, 2010|

Carlton Fisk, Frank “the Big Hurt” Thomas, Tom Seaver, Rich “Goose” Gossage – all names that any Chicago White Sox fan knows by heart. But today, while being interviewed by Washington Nationals booth announcers Bob Carpenter and Rob Dibble, President Barack Obama couldn’t muster up a single name. The Commander-in-Chief, who has referred to himself a “White Sox kid” during the interview, was hard pressed to name a favorite player on a team that has been around since the late 19th century. Are you surprised?

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77469432218774694322. BV six an eight callers right now. At 6179311680. And you will win a fifty dollar gift certificate to the -- restaurant arsenal street Watertown. The GM has been serving the best Greek and American style cuisine for over 25 years. Starting Thursday visit wrko.com. Slash parks where you can buy a fifty dollar gift certificate to the -- and restaurant for just 25 dollars. To win tonight call 6179311680. New England perks from Boston's talk station AM 680 W war KO. Okay as as promised. Why would this I don't know I don't understand why you -- how we get just over into this kind of mask. You know it really me talking about. Yeah. Even -- it -- my whole life yeah. This guy I'd like to get to watch golf tournament whenever I can limit to what they get big. Ask your -- the best golf tournament you've ever been through writer who's your favorite tennis player and this guy hey this guy Barack Obama he's got no quote. Mean he makes you makes John Kerry look like go like a Bill James. Abstract of this -- -- you know at least -- John Kerry they asked him who his favorite player was as a kid and he came up with a that his problem was it was a guy and played on the Washington senators. You know it was a Red Sox fan but he just so I have a favorite play you know have I have. Eight followed the game so we knew Roy receivers was I mean it's all obviously he knew he followed it with a great right so anyway. Barack Obama today it's the is its opening day day in Washington the Washington Nationals they're the old Milwaukee borrowers correct together Milwaukee Brewers know the not expose all the explored the Montreal Expos okay -- I don't claim to be a big baseball -- a mask NJ part here. So he goes out he throws out the first pitch -- -- number one I don't understand what politicians do that anyway because they get booed right and to everybody has a big laugh I mean obviously it's like going to be like George Bush -- out the first pitch which you know go on for weeks on the late night shows. This you know you blink you gonna miss this one right so then afterwards -- is another thing that's part of the the tradition I guess that's going up into the radio or TV both. And and talkin' to these guys. To the play by play guy and you know you're supposed to just show that you're one of a guy -- You know it's kind of like when he went into a bar it during the 2008 campaign. I'll have one of those bugs -- Beers you know. Origin or John Kerry you know -- that you're going into the -- we. Cheese steak place and then asking for what dot pro alone or -- on his on his cheese steak. But anyway so this is gonna start so to set it up Barack. Immediately hangs himself -- -- and I should say digs himself a hole he'd dig himself a hole by saying that his favorite team. Was the Chicago White Sox. What your paper White Sox players. You know. Thought that. Just one you know the truth isn't lot of -- I like to. Me why did not become a Sox fan until it went to Chicago. All I was brought up the Hawaii so I have -- execute. -- -- name -- when I moved to Chicago. I was living close to. What was that commits to -- -- you -- a couple trips this film love and the nice thing about this boxes and real blue collar baseball. You know we always teased about -- -- -- and Joe The Plumber used to go there bring home style. System. You know -- -- me whoever figures -- advocates are present all of. -- -- -- -- No he -- or make it jokes about -- you see that he's you know he's he's a blue collar guy you know who pays for those outside. Of what was that commits to. -- perform. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not always talking about -- the -- jokes about it Wrigley Field up on the north side at town that's that was the white collar team. And Kaminsky part of that commitment to our Kaminsky park. -- oh boy. How he -- -- figure he really wasn't Kaminsky park. I don't use Everett either park but I guarantee that he was or he was a Wrigley Field guy as opposed to Kamensky park. Oh my goodness that's always benefits to part. He's made that mistake before. It even have you just been to a movie. Feel and who doesn't seem field of dreams right. -- Shoeless Joe. Jackson and these these the guys who through the 1919. World Series for Arnold Rothstein the gambler the men out that in the movie as well. Everybody in the war you have to be a baseball maybe just got to know something about American history is just read it read a mob all The Great Gatsby. It's let's say you know Arnold Rothstein is in my eyes in The Great Gatsby. You don't need it I know you know anything about baseball he does moaning about history never read The Great Gatsby either apparently. -- Here and say right at the end -- the announcement. Pearl. Eight. Yet Mike -- it's yet Kaminsky park it's my second favorite after a fan way. Fenway Park. Your Kevin you're next with how we cargo ahead Kevin. How we are neglecting you didn't slip and say oh Lynn ski park. Up up up up up. You're right it is little more time middle and -- park that he's been Kaminsky park -- was that commits to put up a how could -- Brady bill Brady you let the barrel. Thanks for. The a thank you Kevin -- President George Bush had -- Mets had said again tonight or John McCain. Just imagine. You know they if they get away with so much crap whether it saw him. Sunday morning talk shows they say all the unemployment rate is gonna go up because -- economy is so glad. But all these people were discouraged when bush was present are gonna come back again and now the unemployment rates gonna go back up to 10%. -- and did this this is just this is absurd I just think it you know like. Well I was a kid Nellie fox the first you're able followed baseball was 1959 Nellie fox was the American League most valuable player in the early win. He he was a guy won 300 games they had many men know so he should know many -- so. He was a Cuban guy Cuban. Player. And you know go I mean just. Goose Gossage he played for the White Sox right help desk. Carlton Fisk after he left third after he left the Red Sox you know what he played at Fenway Park. It makes you think moved to Kamensky park right. All right what a couple of calls on this if you wanna laugh at him just we will go there for very Long Will just have a few laughs about this this is the push play and then. When your paper White Sox players. You know it's your name. Know the truth isn't a lot of -- I like to. But doing -- -- about a mile and a Sox fan until it went to Chicago. All I was brought up. Why so I end up actually -- no place for. When I moved to Chicago. I was living close to. What was that commits to partner. Community can't use the tunnel includes this -- love and the nice thing about this boxes it's real blue collar baseball right there we always -- very. You know there -- politically. So the lines of it's windows they need to find those figures -- have a good time president. And if there was an ace -- -- Reggie Jackson yeah. We're about -- -- what about cell band -- -- those -- some good teams you know those were some world champion teams. They they broke up that they they they broke up that he admitted that the money just like you did Charlie Finley did Billy didn't have the money just like Connie Mack didn't have the money. To name two more names he never heard up. Connie -- it Charlie -- Even a big fan. Just part of me I'm sorry practice is part of being an American citizen. And always an American citizen. How bay Sox fan until -- moved to Chicago. A. 18774694322. Pat you're next with allowing cargo ahead pat. Power you I gotta buy Vista now after a beer man I thought it through -- and they'd bring in -- world. I -- a hundred bucks here that -- here for free under radio program. The good guys are trying to be one average Joe nice blue blood like years and I think Biden white had a 360000. Dollar year job and let. -- -- urged the court bearded yet control that -- colonialism governor. Or did you hear the the -- cut that came out about her in 2008 then at the convention in Denver she said one win we went home to my husband so when we went to my husband's home in Kenya. Do you admit that that's what this afternoon -- are. We gonna -- that went through. You know how how have best a couple of talk shows you'll hear -- next they -- so we'll have best. But you know did I get no one's -- nobody on the late night is gonna have the kind of fun that they should be haven't witnessed site. All right I know that's that's all they -- rather think beautiful little builders Joe Biden what do you know run and that my spot this. -- -- you know Paul I had made a greeting our favorite Alley because you're right he won't play it but you gotta make streaky -- pleasure out. Yeah we got I just have to go on to free republic dot com and some obscure website and grabbed it and put it on and we we we took an office there. But now I mean I'm sure again like I said I'm sure will be I don't know will be appealed beyond that this done well beyond beyond the Russia host Russian show tomorrow that's about right now. I betcha didn't think somebody could be scary for -- that the outlook but I don't think anybody can beat Kerry just said. -- you don't like I said Kerry got caught in Hawaii say he was a Red Sox -- in his -- player was in Washington senator spam but that. But at this point two receivers for the help those who receivers was much more alive back then right at least he proves he was that he was watching baseball this guy obviously has never. Ever been to what this was probably the first game is ever Manto. -- -- I usually call -- 18774694322. Billiard next with how we cargo ahead bell. Probably in Abuja that even those who thought hope was that people hospitalized. If you look at what is David saw a tiny bubble. Yeah how about Steve -- -- -- they detonated out of bed to do that being sucked into this -- such a clown Alley. Veto do other local to go to that the deal the fist mocked it -- -- or as the joke but just is so -- I'd give -- basically how we didn't grow basic it isn't even a good job but because it doesn't know -- -- what the -- If bill I wonder if he knows what team Michael Jordan played for in the NB. They're also looked like it was it was a closed the -- -- lives I was gonna say how it usually have a wind up with to a different -- just. -- quote but diplomats Chicago would put even get that right. These people Chicago on this guy he doesn't know anything you know a couple of hours. How many days does it take learn how to pronounce Kaminsky park -- here in Chicago. Amend it everybody in America knows how to pronounce -- -- I know what's gone now but you know what I mean. Right and then out that we Yugoslavia's the end broad and have them do the brackets like you know the thing about college but. Know how to spell Syracuse remember that one a couple of weeks ago they had to do you spell Syracuse SY CAC USC. Soccer juice as it turned out. -- will little -- about bad college basketball I believe it'll blast that of a women's college basketball release stating like you know everything upload. This -- a third grade act. What's -- well in the movies. Thanks for the call bell was a couple days just fell in love and the nice thing about felons or so this is minuscule College Baseball. Kaminsky is Kevin said rhymes with a lead ski. 1877469432. To Gary here next with how we cargo ahead Gary. I would say they can't let it. They why it we wait Mike McGuire Russia officials. Euro look at that the biggest shoe gays owner loud and you know what she's that is Lieberman about. Well they've and that it why can't I can't. Yeah that's right -- oh what was I forget that the other was what do we do. I know what I know what the Nittany lions were how to he botch it up in middle lead lines mentally life got there you go yeah that's right -- middle reliance. Yeah thanks. The their -- by Joe -- turnout. Who want aides left and seven for its. Here's just a regular guy like Bjorn made. Could someone give -- my king by the Jerry your next with how we cargo ahead Jerry. They alleyway that put the -- any better than red dead. We're going to jump shot he had left the let shipyard I gave that the network will -- we've got a cut its takeover would make him look like this these. I don't I don't remember that when I I I think somebody said that he got there he actually got the ball put a plate so that was pretty good anyway that's that's good. I I've been having having floated out there have blocked out I know I've always gotten it to the plate but -- always been extremely concerned going to end it's the one thing you don't wanna do is bounce it in front like. Like a certain that seat now senior senator for Massachusetts when he was at Fenway Park. We'll vote well it wasn't Obama throughout the person that they never actually show advocates say they look. 87 cameras but -- -- OneCare they don't actually make it to get somebody up -- back upon. But I -- a little -- Jerry Howard has brackets doing tonight. I think he would Kansas winning bid made you or. -- -- hit in. The thanks for the call your paper White Sox players -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. Them. It's six -- Kind of a cubs fan you know really when -- but who are favored cubs where. I -- my favorite cubs player -- -- -- -- -- -- -- expert Christ's sake let's play to know. -- -- Ryan -- -- to a lot of good cubs players. 18774694322. While they're your next with how we cargo ahead Walter. No he just couldn't resist initiative got a lot of those c'mon let's start with the closest she's gonna count him out of the ball but Jill Scott. I hope. That. They have these. Should put a lot hero edition great -- yeah. Plus up. Bags -- call while their 1876. 46 but -- four ripped through duke this is not it's the one thing. It's like multiple things here you know this is. This has got day he doesn't know he says at first the I wish we -- the whole part where it talks about what a great White Sox fan he wants to that we don't have that. But we would pick it up when they're askew was favorite player isn't he doesn't know anybody in many keeps digging you know we keeps vegan and he says Kaminsky park. There are many tries to switch over to the cubs that he's making fun of other people for being -- why he'd wind sip Ers. I mean talk about up top. She's. -- an 877469432. To skip your next what Howie -- go ahead skipping. They are we eat it look at it okay. He's good all the lights suck our favorite Red Sox might solitary -- -- -- -- -- got marks. All the architect close all your will -- it was great. But -- -- Karl Marx better than another route buzzing but the 2004 -- I like -- I forgot all their names that. I guess it was all that white wine we were -- I'm in the bleachers at at Wrigley Field up on the north side. There we go there we go there we go over to the to the bill we sheep tavern. Where Mike where Mike Barnicle right quarry. Michael Mikey and Jimmy Breslin used to drink there one of my favorite columnists he works for the the sun chronicle. We are really limited Chicago in my noticed. Howard -- 18774694322. Well glued to the bottom of the hour there will switch off here. We've ever worry too much fun mark your next with our cargo ahead mark. Paid hourly I gotta tell you it was Chicago native who was -- small space capsule -- Kerry -- -- what does that Barack. -- -- -- -- was to easier now knowing dad he doesn't know were rumblings fielded the source. The Billy -- currently never heard of that that's -- piece of unbelievable -- What did he do he wasn't Chicago for twenty years mark what nobody though video. Copy of the sun times. You'd get termite in the long -- offices organized -- -- nobody was too. By the way I got one other little things where you wanted to know the centered on an Alabama did. Tiger went to its Johnny whatsoever for goods are costly. I thought mark. 18774694322. -- your next without we cargo ahead Barbara. Hey how reach out still when he dropped a pitch he added mom jeans on net. That's -- I guess I'm on and tell -- If you animal little -- wasted. So we are high and. Everyone is so critical Barbara. I don't know how we thought peace Angel and you and I just can't get a high wind and then got a lot scary got to be more -- tomorrow low wage should we call. Turtle neck because we called turtleneck pants. -- -- -- -- -- don't want to miss that we couldn't see how how I think you are. Always got a video of the pitcher on our website and it -- you can bounce in front of the plate either Denny I think he got it right did he got a bad. He's got it and I think they help some accuses south block you know more ways than one ticket can't go any higher than that of. Thanks for the call Barbara 187746943. To do you do not have to tell me -- have to have me tell you he was all left candidates. Joey your -- with how we cargo ahead Joey. How are great -- cracked up by the pull all like -- try to put it at the delegates. A you don't utilize any other figure it out. It like or -- by is that the week that American culture she's put everything exposed remembered that we get solar America he has some cocktail party gets. But what small chatter about baseball but a solid state. You don't like -- the -- seventeen member of the tiger yeah that's how they got Peter Graves to bail us out asking him some questions. Yeah. This stupid sport questions or discussion you know about what they need -- don't know why it. -- -- -- He did get busted today you know the only thing is Joey I just wish the majority of American people could watch -- -- listen to get -- like we're listening to him or not going to. You know okay this I don't want to be a more perfect. He hadn't just the kicker story for the network newscast tonight in this whole thing. It would be it would have everybody Rolen in the -- Sales and it's a big sports -- because you got them you know beyond the final game bottler and token you got that Tiger -- coming up at the end of the week. Mean this is a perfect. Perfect story and you know what type the crickets plays here's here's what you're gonna here at the on the network newscast tonight. Rather than nudge him by him in amend the play by play box the -- No he doesn't it's. Now it is it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt that we always -- -- cups very. They're appropriately. So why. And -- John Kerry you know. 1877469432. To number Kerry during the 2008. Two but 2004 presidential campaign ago. Well. But no score two no load from the bureau a global bird -- Well argues true. Of sorts for vocal critics. We have not cut. It wasn't a tennis match. Then your next with how we cargo ahead Dan. They carry only worried about -- a better luck clip position Obama had set it straight red white -- there was many Ort has. I know the good things for the call Dave your next with how we cargo ahead Dave. Always -- a good. Actually I am one of the -- Massachusetts. Residences the white Pakistan. Has I was at a playoff game it'll find that they want the theories. And accrued throughout the first ball but the first Spann himself mr. Obama. He went the Kaminsky park the. It was there and ten minutes before he used to throw out the first ball he was a limber and not on the sidelines so we did make a full -- Today he was that was -- third base line and that's the way back home dugout. Secondly let me practice Thomas says some debt 550 home runs and has a terrific -- going to be hall of Famer and this guy doesn't know the Alley isn't. Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game last year took I think he doesn't like we didn't. Frank Thomas was clearly his whole pretty money -- did not generate the size it is like -- C -- Carlton on you know -- -- he went elsewhere at some point but you know Frank Thomas who. -- don't need a more. Dave Howard -- on The Who Shoeless Joe Jackson yes. I mean isn't that that's the that's part of American just know exactly at a bend in the old black side sitting just right -- now. Women Latinos -- or apparently. I wonder if he knows who won the American League pennant 1990. It's just a lot of cups I like to. Thank you thanks Dave -- -- next with how would they want more call that we'll move on to a new topic -- you're next with how we cargo ahead Amos. There and it's got emissary. It is ultimate. Fate bought very -- all recognize you mr. Jackson yet but it is some white people out or you -- -- Yoshi used. I hate when -- really I think we send out there headset. And you know your favorite Oakland. Player and you would jump all over the country up. Actually you know San Francisco the giants were closer to Hawaii and Oakland that's on the other side of the base I was a big giants fan. What did you know Willie Mays Willie hope. Why -- hope. -- yet know quote know. Well -- again. Again audio did that just remember this have a few struggles tonight and it should quit around TV and you waived for this to pop up again and it doesn't. Just remember. How in the satchel the mainstream media all -- benefits to part. -- you could fill Kaminsky park the old Kaminsky park with all the reporters and the producers of the TV editors who will be. It's resolutely ignoring this. Hilarious piece of audio and video this evening and tomorrow in the next 187746943221. Howie --