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Bullying 3/30/10

Mar 30, 2010|

Educators at South Hadley High School could have stopped the torture of Phoebe Prince. They might even have saved her life. Yet they failed to act. Should schools be held accountable for bullying that occurs on their campuses?

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And. Broncos doing from a new balanced world headquarters building moves news star hallway cars show. We'll say hello everybody. In Baltimore. 240 rallies are meetings are somehow on the fringe there's still going to be. After court that questioned my legitimacy. Getting the old times when we the nation who are now more than ever bet when we me commander in chief not. That's not additional opera fans -- lecturing us -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay senator Franken. We saw portions of the health care -- lower cost is that the provision giving seven billion to find jungle -- I have got to show it to rewrite no offense to provide physical activity opportunities promote healthy lifestyle let them live is up for the federal government is okay liberating army -- -- -- is still ahead after -- didn't know enough you have. Answer that you have to show up right now from how we. The investigation revealed relentless activities directed towards -- designed to humiliate her. And to make it impossible for her to remain at school before you prefer. Became intolerable. Now president of power should. Colonel David Hunt slimy -- I don't. On your breaks and get beat what they thought Hamas powered card WR -- and radio networks. 18774694. -- juju that's 187746943. Do you do. This is Kimberly I'm announcing a phone number on a British. The fax number 6177793. -- -- seven that's a fax number. These guys the trailer parks down into credits or Ireland trying to wanna. Operate the sump pump at the same time period listen to radio show and blown up Sarah Palin dolls. The jumped lines six point 77793469. Then that we had no problem jumped line lately because of the hated how dare to. That can bring it on. Again we could use of Dave Thomas jumped line is they don't time but generally template. You listen to us at how we card -- RKO dot com. Quite a great website at how we cart dot com entirely corridor comes you could trigger web site. Great stories -- agrees -- Top stories news stories. Cause a lot of attention and locally or not she's happily we're gonna talk about. And some nut jobs running around the woods and until -- themselves. Christian militia. Doesn't talk about that. I'll probably not a doctor about the Catholic Church which I'd love but it -- not even. Local we're not gonna call in about it and I am very disturbing stuff about what the -- involved -- get deaf kids being molested. Com. Really pisses me off. That the church continues to have these problems. Because you're keeping silent about it but I think they have these English for sure -- who should talk about the bullying in the beautiful young woman from Ireland who killed herself. But we have a poll question and what is that -- the results of that so far. Should schools be held accountable for bowling that occurs on their campuses and -- percent. He runs and scored 189%. Say. The amount of twelve elevenths which cannot on my guess is that their school administrators. It's. The now committed. That debt is that there's this is an old one doesn't want anybody cares but it but it is a triangle. This is still admit that the base or and then this is -- this to their parents for the student in the school. And it breaks down an awful loss for the parent levels to a level and the school. Clearly and in this case Ahmedabad met this young woman down. We've got there in that I -- the political Hadley Massachusetts. The Boston Herald by the way its cover this thing 1225. Times. Com. Big big big story in inside. Oh me Brooklyn second tape and now we will will be back among the living on Thursday. Coming back when this Thursday. I do -- a -- he's watching his basement fill up again with a lot of which how he's doing is is one in Ghana breast purple -- does Sarah Palin doll and -- bodies some book. Because so welles' original water along with the apparently prison -- -- is good news stories are. Well I looked at I'm just -- -- of the boy but what I've got to -- I love is when that the leaked into the storm. Is this the newscast is standing beside dims as a wanna pores over minutes before it's stored it's. And and anticipates that the -- gonna collapse and heightening our attention in all fine but I there are some. Families in the Long Island and southern Massachusetts. They've got to worry about this but I am sorry I just don't get that the national. World news attention of the lot of blame getting in New England. Soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq terrorism. Kids hanging themselves -- And now again. In Russia blowing up trains women terrorist called black windows command. That. How he's gonna -- is fine. As we said he's take an -- today a day off to -- out the his basement and two. They -- all the inflatable dolls -- working in the basement. I know he's got Michelle Malkin and it was cutting culture and it was couple poor Paris open his dream blow up dolls to be constant attention. At the same time gonna pump out here a basement and life does not easy for now. -- -- The brain she just came back negative so we I was leopard and but the big -- theory is still out there. This -- the fact that the big shoe failed. He -- hurt himself had to go hospital is is I think the lead theory where where is how we okay. So. Enough distraction. They had nine young young teenagers charged. In this death. Of this beautiful young girl love -- prints. How has this in western -- a belief. And the rundown is a big -- very young. Who comes in from Ireland as a student in town. Dates of football guy jealousy from his old girl for some election. They've got cyber bullying we've got threats we got two kids two young men was -- rape charges. It's outrageous that this happens. Criminal charges Donnelly against the people and the young pretty people involved their lives -- -- by the way. This girl's -- she -- around so badly she went home she told the parents potential school nothing gets done. Pockets -- all the way home from a library and hanged herself. -- do well in her younger all in the anxious to punch. -- -- -- the district attorney of it it -- in the of that area. But let's just an attorney Elizabeth she rival. Says the school didn't do good but it's not criminal sorry you're wrong. None of -- -- wrong together. And we we if if every -- for kids go to high school system one drive that helped Colorado to public. There's an absolute. Sense of responsibility. That I held on school. When they when it -- goes the front door. -- information known to investigators thus far. It appears that -- these death on January 14. Followed a torturous day for -- in which he was subjected to verbal harassment. And threatened physical abuse. According to the investigation they -- harassment occurred while she studied in the school's library around lunch period unbelievable. Walked in the school's hallway near the end of school day. And after school she walked -- Newton street toward her home. -- harassment reported to have occurred that day in the school's library. Appears to have been conducted in the presence of -- faculty member in several students. But went on reported to school administrators. Until after feed these death. This is not a single incident -- this young woman they should just happened library they raster and she hangs herself. This is cyber bullying -- to festering rage issues here this just continuous Holbrooke weeks' period that this young woman was harassed. The parents. Go to school. Complain and nothing happens if you -- so -- every so when you're like one of the school. Is that the legal issues that you write about being sued or you just don't give -- -- Okay did you is it because how -- You majored in just a blind eye to this kind of conduct -- it's the young woman dead. Nine kids it charged that their bet that nine. Again two of them throughout our -- rape. Which can mean there was sex but she's underage. -- -- -- a certain age period no art no argument often. -- but -- blow what is certain agents in certain states Massachusetts is fifteen or sixteen. Ever does an age limit there's an age. Well I appreciate that there will be people who believe that no charges should have been brought this case thank you and others who believe these charges do not go far enough. The decisions were made after considerable thought and review of the evidence presented. We saw those charges that in our opinion are the most appropriate. For the actions of these students. Yeah let me correct so badly. Not -- -- have so -- It's a it's a public school. All of us who had just to a school. Well watch him grow upload them lovable. Com bullying has happened to all of us -- does everything around it. On this this. What's happening lately -- with the Internet. What's happened with texting and section and column what's happening with the aggressive nature of some of these young men and women it's Chris criminal behavior. They should absolutely should be charged those involved with with her current mission went grass in the sport but the school this should not escape sound that we should not. And that the district attorney may be only charge -- -- they can figure when but I think putting the school -- superintendent. Library wherever it will whoever was we should have witnessed this did witnessed this. Paul monitors where where they are. They didn't -- -- rampant bribery charges want to defend themselves schools -- it was -- -- have nickname not the money to defended the -- young woman on the shelf. I am -- getting younger sister finder and in the hallway. The issue is not that young men and women don't misbehave. Don't do things wrong of course that's why we have parents why we asked is why we have people school talk we have adults teach him. It's our job to correct that behavior and stop stop number one and correct it. And if it's not. To seek appropriate punishment court to apply appropriate punishment wherever this. You don't -- did it doesn't get to the wanna -- -- these young football players -- music center don't all the schools. And because and many cases that the the teachers don't don't get paid enough where there's not enough love form again. But we stood there is a responsibility. That it do you have now all way and that library and -- classrooms. If you're gonna be allowed to do it by that by the town that could -- lawsuit. -- that comes out of the charges. But Donald C council Hadley and I don't agree -- all that town the the school is also -- charges tarnished somewhat by an. Kids yes. The teenagers involved yes as just South Hadley school system. What would this happened I know -- -- calls -- -- mini golf from teachers who defend the tactic did nothing they don't do anything sorry. My mind. It just at a young man graduate from public high school the main day were involved. They absent was involved god -- you had to call the guy up there who did it. This an assistant principals and teachers who actually involved. Hot and it and we need him to date because we're not there. What we're not there. Did -- is not the parents to not responsible. Upon young men a woman goes up but they are responsible safety. Clearly put them on about any of the hours at that they were on school property. Hands down no question and these young men and the schools should be all charging women should be charged in this that however there were a little company. While they George -- Dave -- -- -- George. Hey Jordan go ahead I. Yeah I've been schooled diving into those that this is just horrible situation things you know nothing is worse -- bullying it. It you know matters picking up someone that. Generally weaker -- -- -- is nothing more -- in the world. The startup concern the sort of struck in the Bob there's -- a blown herself up but this -- just disgusting and it didn't escorted into. Responsible but I think a probable glider whatever the parent situations this girl I'm gonna bullying my child my kid that I'm going to the house. And number of people ruling that parents and out bully every war of those terror that I don't -- and it's not a huge person but let me tell you what. The parents have to start getting the -- the schools marketed do it sometime blog sports living in -- Buick eight is apparent you have to watch your kids. You know what they do know what they're involved in the best Djibouti in the you've got a piece -- spokesperson. How far -- -- and let's take this do you think your kids being bullied and you go to the pet dogs and you confront the parents of the bullets because I brought. The next -- a week later. Your kid comes and still be bulletproof at all how -- that -- you don't just to figure as a parent having done that. Dot I had to do would you talk about but just a Big -- make sure that they know how she about to kick the door and it gives that she -- All right well I don't sure senior with a bully where and so maybe the parents. Of the guy got a girl there were only in the scripting even now in joke. By alerting those terror and hate your cubicle in mind. Maybe they would step didn't stop. But the next time it's not Massa got the first scenario happens. It keeps going what do you do we want to do was apparent -- school to. Good it'll do the next started a parent I go to -- -- -- -- guitar WW it and you know what baseball bat -- about whatever. Cops come I'd get arrested a little -- below what they know this situation. And I'm gonna tell the cops are critical get arrested again. Until they stop bullying like -- they may be they'll get to the root cause and fix that you -- school. I do not know again each parent individually -- these key aide to Obama had locked up incarcerated because -- You're gonna go back. An attempt to that school the dual core -- white Cadillac doubt father continually. Direct -- there are pulling his -- quote -- what are what are we doing wrong here and I can tell ya gonna get arrested over over over what. Look at -- -- the -- we believe his cool. Nobody you know what -- -- and finger but for my kids being able alienate delta delta with apparent what up because one. -- -- that no -- -- doing what they were doing and second I think most parents for the most part not all. What would wanna stop things I don't know what's going. Odds are good what I -- -- throw away from me. I -- talk about people show the people bus stop how much did -- I'm -- -- harassment. This is it made -- bullying it's like bigger guys take it on -- women to -- our young boys. You know gang and apple gives us to be bowling in its use should not be allowed and so badly is gonna clear response I like your way I like it but I I. The managing only in particular comes CTV children absolutely great attention to golf club. For differential -- Frankel and frank limited funds are we guard Franco. I didn't look at the EU. They edit that -- didn't get -- on the get all. I remember going to heights school on the Lebanese and I never like bullies here don't they I -- -- -- -- that bully the bully I didn't like some lipstick don't -- -- here. Stuff right off. School what was it how well we are. IWeb iWeb all right we'll let -- well the kid. -- spend a name I'll say it do you do schools yeah I'll watch it but I watch you didn't hold up go to school that's -- 2000 -- -- get it happened. How is tasty but at what happened what -- teach their attention though they're went up. You know the back then they did to me they did you know I mean everything like that they've pretty much -- this in the -- you know I mean there was still ongoing. And it was that hit the ball like thing to be handled it all right right from the event. -- whatever Frankel I have been told by administrators teachers is that the the lawsuits. Have gone nuts in the last thirty years that there are afraid to do anything in a classroom. And you know that's that's the whole nother subject that I actually worked -- the output from a body into the pool. And and look -- -- -- I like it did with the librarian. Now she should she should be having -- 51 K filed on earth but not with. Can I bring this and what does it do wanna go -- I I've known as the Big East what is it. At about 51 hey it -- in you know -- You know just the beginning of may maybe you know suspected abuse. This could be as -- July period as the future. As account book you're required. To report any incidents but a -- So let's just say it loud nasty when -- us is that you do when he got -- that's nice to diverted before 518. And that's why I think the -- should be filing. Call against South -- -- every why are required to do that. So you stop. My musical must see why this -- jedi did you notice in the last twenty years. Because of -- -- though to just major -- decided to teaches just I got stopped. All at less. I'm gonna tell you I I haven't been in the field well or I've been about nine years they'd automate and I think I know that. Trying to change you know we have the technology now. But. Also a big city like the future there are. Pretty much scared that the -- I think there are afraid to get charges filed on the belt. -- -- sign -- a sudden that's that's my point that cabinets -- but for me. To -- for me winning this is this is such an egregious instance this wasn't a one day event. These nine young men and women and they've been charged when asked this young this girl. -- angry and. It's. Really all hundred but that it need to be investigated that this this librarian need to be brought up there and questioned get off. It's crazy. How big was just a one day frank -- and get net I think you're I think I know I don't -- office you know more one jungle hung herself. But it starts in Liberia but this harassment what was going on for a long time Franklin thanks the golf guide Mister Ed the arm. As a welcome how was apparent how do you how how do you live -- this. This kind of loss. And he added. That unbelievable. And is it did the outrage is these families that adds that it's this is not -- -- Joseph drummer Dave on violent guard Joseph. I'm good I don't. Our little community. And there's there's. Excellent very wealthy community yeah Sharpton just talking to the parents of these children would be just like talking to the -- You're you're telling these cars are particularly European -- are strong girl when -- hurt themselves. Otherwise they're still Russia. So what do we do. They are still -- There's no potential -- going out of this -- there's a very small high school it's very closing community trail slumped spirit. -- -- -- These teachers were all well aware that this young girl from Ireland who was only here where the mother as a matter of fact she really have not put one block from the school. That the children in group. -- the walk by her house this looked vulnerable. What's the feeling doesn't I'm really glad -- -- what's -- -- what's the reaction insult that only about this. There's no there's no assurance our approach. It's quiet. We're shortcut to do that there's prosecutor. Cut the gumption to go where they basically filed charges. Are these kids -- I can only sure he'll -- a little bit of -- they love this what was on the computers. Other courage you know we pressure Schroeder. And actually open and they -- muted -- -- turnaround or not. The boy and -- got charged with the statutory rape charges it was because of their own admission that they had been the girl but obviously such a lot of relations. Yeah you get into this I'm. So are there a lot of other -- news trucks there are more news organizations running around South Hadley right now. No no no I don't know. What are -- of -- -- the -- the story broken and what does that sort of this fully alerted when this story broke her rearrest. -- -- -- -- -- -- Articles about this for a long -- the police department -- chip to chip down. The teachers are trying to keep it down the -- and so keep it there are secure additional job and then that school. On anymore the world there's. And you -- -- arsenal worst kind of we get Vista style. Well let's just like the old days I remember what I was -- I broke when neighbor's window with a baseball but -- -- There's certain apologized smart yeah you should be a way to capture money to pay for their short ago so like -- -- -- They didn't connect detergent and bring them understand their right next to their children court and -- and they're cute child broke a window. She would be responsible. For yeah. That is -- that I'm a diet I don't doesn't sound -- read as if this was a one day. This is just happen to live this young woman have been harassed. -- for awhile all the dating and end. From a girl and her friends who -- who wanted this football player and she was dating -- it's I don't -- -- -- appreciate call give as the local idea of dominance of fabric. That's it's staggering staggeringly said. -- imagine the mother. John nearly Dave and finally courage John. -- I how we I got out my son had an incident at school. Where he protected that girl on the on the on the playground. That was being bullied. G the boy it was thrown the ball hit her in the face and say they're that would abolish. And nine he went over and any pushed -- the -- down and stop the boy from Gloria. And he -- he was the one who got in trouble. But she's. She's how -- was always. He was nine years old -- are using third grade when it happens. Most are very proud of what policy now. This can -- you -- fourth grade I must be -- -- -- it going good he's actually looking heavy right now. So what what happened then after -- got expect the strong. He. Then did he go right he he was reprimanded. And now I actually end had to go up to school and talked the principal voted. And yelled eight and what they what the principal told me was that the girl needs to learn just stick up for ourselves. I would just -- that's still being picked on by a boy. Nice did anybody say yes under the right thing besides you. No no -- the school and. If somebody needs CDs under the right thank you cannot be very proud. I ital my boy you ought to stick up for himself by diplomacy doesn't yet he. He's so well this school I was small boat on the side tonight got picked on and it wasn't until I actually stood up for myself -- realize. That would just stand up itself based optical and you. Now tell us about it Tony was right but this is these are not saying this is not many women young men women. On this young girl. -- nine women and two of the boys is dietary -- that they this this is this is now isn't it shunned it option very proud of me so angry guy. I'll get any inanimate wonderful that it could happen but this is unbelievable. The way the way that -- these kids the story about what -- Hollywood after on the Internet. And physically we're after -- -- -- and she'd gone to a mother who mother go to school and nothing happens and. I get outrageous I need to listen -- that we should be held responsible for that absolutely. The -- again and thanks for God's great story. Yep com would stay with artists and this this is just this too outrageous to let this one -- Harwood Rebecca de fund public are. Okay it's -- -- it's Jauron up there 877469432. -- 877469432. Into the toll free number -- -- -- good after Tuesday. How he's okay. In the end Thursday. Everything's fine teach you at all. Okay. The checked -- to administer general. Again the Johns Hopkins -- with its two best hospitals the planet. He's good he died Thursday. Not to listen might mean more. If tomorrow I think you have all these. Who has an image problem. I should of welcomed. But there's -- young woman from Boston University who helps us deserved it but she's been wearing a Boston College sweatshirt. Some a little bit concerned about what's going on her much because the do you terriers and a bass in college Eagles do Comex. There's no exchange there. So my bet is that there's a guy in Taylor's life it's given up. His circles is based gloves and come okay. And I didn't say allows until they don't. But I just I have noticed in a sweatshirt. I cannot succeed Terry is on there. Although the -- I must say get their asses kicked this year did not get into the far is -- gonna hockey whereas Boston College Eagles. I clearly in the Final Four. That's hockey you know what I can talk we're talking here but I know because Hollywood talking tough I played it I coached at. Playing college and I've coached college end up so there. And I want I did you start out up to out of domain to the Manson gals who wanna. The best ten car wash up there such east. And it's -- season and how he's gonna have all the ads for his place opened up cans and they're great people I can say that -- -- year. They just aren't they don't have the best -- switched this transgression Bailey's. Which is just down the streets. From -- So guys people own -- not the best clips -- had to say. Pilots we still do it as talking about this young woman and a TV print to a result. And so badly and the charges being brought to work against a nine. Students. By the northwestern district attorney Elizabeth Schable. And I'm and I there's a poll question which I send us come to this today so badly. The school administration should be charged. Along with the nine students is going to be more. My astute people charged in this this young woman from Ireland to -- with a mother stating was going out with good football player. It is the short version two story there was a woman young girl who was jealous of that. Her friends getting definition a woman other people ganged up on this young woman and mother went to the school the school did nothing. She's setting in the library. More harassment they they irrational way home and this young girl woman from a peavy from -- hung herself and discovered by younger sister well. And the school is blameless how. There's no criminal charges where sorry -- every brutal job. They don't get paid enough they take crap from our kids they shouldn't have to take. Because their parents who are involved. But or are we dropping kids off the door there's -- there's an assumption. Presumption of staff at least safety. My education safety. Pride in this case didn't happen so hopefully get some teachers -- can call it administrators and talk about this Christine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I sit right I'm a couple playing at its street got administration and -- nobody out they all lead to be prosecuted -- Com I don't my building and not paying their districts have that they -- tolerant. We're sorry Christina factor at all thanks to teach and you'll get I'm gonna. People since its teases you just don't make any money at it but what Bob what how do you -- Q school express. Which you just said no don't how does that work. Mom well you know like we're dealing -- -- -- right now and unfortunately I have to say we don't I doubt a lot until two street shortly after the fact when it finally died in the area. And then -- go to an administrator. And then you know our administration will suspect -- out pretty immediately once you know the child had been victimized. -- Tina investigate if I say my -- some was arrested by John Smith. How do you guys -- may not. Administration need -- due process. Com and -- Yeah actually. -- however you know. Children that Eric generally bullied -- gonna make -- allegation and stopped coming to school a lot of fear and you know it takes quite a while before they normally although -- let that. Here that's gonna make this situation words. So you know what should he care what can afford it are actually turn -- here is -- you know you tend to be a petite pretty clearly that it's going on. This clearly law Kristina I'm the judge called a 51 a statue said -- Massachusetts you have to report. Bullying this kind of talk this kind of cracks. Add sticky and he's feeling would -- that's. Mom I -- nor I can't say I bet I don't know honestly don't know how that works but I'm not familiar with it would reporting. Now monologue lawyer either registered arrogant ignorant. Hard to another child bullying -- out however -- -- right what teachers you know it didn't matter what we eat how we make it up money that. I don't like it that your parents critics argue that right. And you know that's the bottom line and I am a parent and -- you know the public fully right we are obligated. You know as much in the please stop there or anywhere else that. He'll let the public to make sure these -- here are safe and in an environment where they. Wearing -- -- teaching here I -- can you imagine grip the tip which is like today. As a teacher or student itself Napoli after -- did not besides death which again I mean -- nine charges and anymore but humanity attitude and what. How how would you would you deal with this is a teacher at school that has had an incident like that's how we deal with. I mean honestly proud teacher that I wouldn't imagine by any means that all the teachers -- -- did it all teachers know and I'm sure that there are. Funny teachers could they actually know would go -- -- stepped up they -- out something about I would act. Com yeah usually the teacher went strategic and Bob we start can -- a current I think it's better bullying -- It definitely take going to be out about it and got you know and then you know right to predict that I'll look if you look at you need to let me know immediately if they're gonna. It's uses just -- I've been up in just seems as if. This is Torre took -- is that the mother scoop full well that went to the school about this. Yeah Eminem and -- if -- if that's going to be true just because in the paper or because of at least charge doesn't make sure I get that. But I -- if that's the case this has got to roll -- badly act on this. Yeah -- -- -- you know like -- against it out -- apple are only now. I'm lucky Jack and the idea that's what's concerning to me that teacher at what would be at the administration's agenda -- -- -- because some have a -- please. Our fear lawsuits -- charge you want. I just heard from teachers to remind kids when school that the fear they were they worried they tell him strong. Why litigious society could not. It for standards it -- discipline class and this mystery of the states or maybe the different -- she's -- -- -- and strong. I'm getting are doing the right thing in the class you feel that way. What it could -- -- not good parenting. How did you can you do the right thing can you discipline. Someone -- EI can't talk. I mean I mean there's some limitations because we get definitely. I mean there's a lot of I'm -- -- feel as though I'm a level power that they do need to have a stake in the way you have to be very carefully -- kids. Amin I -- -- at one point bat you know your behavior -- -- at your home and I got reprimanded for that. -- and stuff. Right -- you know is here are scared I'd. But you know I'm why did I I feel bad I doubt very secure -- -- it's great sounds like you do know. Yeah I'm I'm I'm lingering -- -- that thing and I county. EU will never let me know if you do not like somebody because flower here you're going to be your back when you're going to be trying to. You know you need to have teachers who are not. Performing that really critical function get out of the -- Christina I let the kids like -- -- he's a teacher and -- really appreciate Colin. And and good luck with that. But you're right -- -- -- my in the woman's how they act in the class is absolutely reflection. Of their parents sorry. Truth thank Christine thanks so called. Jerry -- Dave on finally guard Jerry. There are -- Jerry yeah I thought. I have to apologize I spoke -- yesterday. Briefly we're talking about our -- -- -- there are trying to shifted gears to the president tonight. Didn't realize you're trying to talk to me and I think that's step -- tonight. Gary it's okay appreciate -- and I just -- of its. -- Brady a lot of -- -- what what do you think about this one today and so badly but I did its thing and. An absolute absolute tragedy. I mean bit of a woman comes from another country here whether -- I -- they have very pretty girl and you know. These chips are notorious something Irish step street children and my -- -- special election daughters and our Panasonic. He's actually a basic training right now as we speak -- air force and Marines are -- Jim. Always to be a gentleman helped train him to be a gentleman no matter what. And I said you know if you ever get -- our -- there were Borough or anything like that. And I hear about it it's going to be a real problem and -- But at the same token I didn't raise some to be a trust prior bowyer might stumble out you know there's there's there's a funny thing -- static all the little earlier today. Talked about going over and all getting now we'll let the politics there's an example you're setting for your child that is contrary to what you really. I don't know a lot of but but Gary it does she lives about a young daughters when -- do we kids young girls. What about live what do I have told you the Donna comes -- tells you she's getting pushed around and you. We do is we've we get down to what really happened. Then we know over in trop where it might make a phone call first thing you know sat up and so forth and try to beat shovel and figure out what's -- you know something. -- these chips today are so confused all they know is. There are little games are being played and hit -- news and -- this weather. You know interaction with a boyfriend girlfriend everything else play the violence so quickly. First thing you have to do it strategy recessed. Of course there's the caller said would you just said that he said diffuse -- didn't say punch and -- that I asked if that's Jack's going on. Is the point -- Yeah and they would have to -- bring it my way published study gives Al -- is okay in the basic training -- air force -- to guys and bicycle back. We gonna take a quick break won't stay with the Sunday once a -- are. You've been hearing me talk about charm and east -- 121 of yeah. I have no -- to locate who the hell is that. Crippled and yet you make -- up. None not -- I find that the you're headed I would ask that you did it. You are to be didn't have to -- yes you know because that's pretty nasty -- you can mean my god. Okay. Eight said that I just tell me. It wasn't that's something I like like I know I'm just that's element isn't -- not a. We'll be right back and they Don -- got. There are so many wrinkle -- on the mark.