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Scott Brown on Health Care

Mar 19, 2010|

In the five weeks since being sworn in as the Senate's 41st Republican, Sen. Scott Brown (R) of Massachusetts has often sided with Democrats – and seen some reach across the aisle in return. We will speak with the junior Senator about the Health Care vote.

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9432218774694322. We're just if you want most -- -- showing unit go to war website how we -- dot com click on the live audio streaming we'll do the poll question later I wanna give as much time as possible without senator Scott Brown. Scott thanks for being -- here on how -- car -- -- a look let me ask you something what part of January 19 Scott Brown elected to the US senate did they not understand down there. Well first call -- good good good afternoon it's good to be here I'm sitting in my -- the person Syracuse University. At jog that I should I dare say she knows how to spell and sort of -- -- you have to write him a tuition check. -- -- Well you're I didn't -- -- interest in May be -- or don't get the message especially. When the CBO came out the -- -- and -- costs trillion dollars in still has a lot of the special interest. A -- -- that we problems shaking her -- that the end you go to try to ram something through by you're using parliamentary maneuvers and political chicanery take to get something through that's in her statement and heard a lot of folks -- to country. Do you think they're gonna pass and on Sunday. I'm not sure I noted when your studio which is a good friend saw an idea we're very close to live. I know what the different regions of decided not to vote for a good. I don't think they content on that boat and actually I think I support Steve thank you so assessment as to why he didn't evoke foreign. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right -- where there's a legislatures you know it what about what do what about the the BB. Threat so the statements are being made by a Orrin hatch today -- they're gonna so they gonna use parliamentary by a per maneuvers to slow it down. Force vote after vote after vote on this thing -- is tyranny and we have been there very long. Scott but added it is there any shot that that that that strategy can prevail. Well I'm sure com aria. I've been trying to get the wheels of government moving. And by trying to act in a bipartisan manner in which you let you get things done but the way that they're trying to do dished up and trying to ram things through. There's just not appropriate extension. It's well we should be doing bench. How our calls going in your offices if I didn't already know but but you know why should I. The commission asked a question. -- called respect I mean for on this on health care I mean where oh really -- how ironic. If there are there actually people. You know one big health care plan that's being pushed the majority of them that. A pretty good majority he tries they -- emerge now that it should so far. Gone and it's morphed into something that really. That is not what people want they they were unchanged thank -- they want. He's done better and you always have the biggest problem and that I'm hearing news in the talked about healthcare per year now. We have a say in China that illegal immigration invest and financial reform. Russia the last time you heard and it -- talk about jobs. They want jobs our. In Milan judge that I may be able to afford health care so I think we need to get back to basics and and it's sad that we're not doing so. Have but if you play do you talk to Democrats and tell them what happened I mean if they have does anyone ever ask you about you know the sort of the jerk around Charlotte what what do you tell what. Well I don't have to really thought much I think they're aware of because a lot of there. Citizens immersed in this state this what what happened then and masters since resonated throughout the country should end world whether I'm traveling and errors aren't gonna New Jersey which you know -- in the New England stage reaching -- Specialist Carolina it's it's. Where British you know -- one reason everybody was so happy when you wanted it was discus you know you were good candidate in Marshall was a bad candidate all that. It what everybody thought -- driven the stake through this health care. Fiasco. And now it's back it's it's like it's like Freddy Krueger. Well it's very it is very shortly try to shoot -- -- plan that and a sense at all those Scarborough it's about half a trillion Medicare cuts the -- all I feel going to be over a trillion dollars and the benefits to our Stater. Are not going to be there at the medical device company you're going to be hurt dramatically that the -- it's associated with a military Ochoa tried -- going to be hurt dramatically. Elders are going to be hurt dramatically in the doctors nurses hospitals announced -- -- and have some real problems for by the same types of servers and they are. I've been down there have been able to get the briefing and through these additional analysis even. Adding to the analysis I hadn't and obviously Stevie -- shirt you know -- and an almost of others to as well that. You know the Senate claim is not appropriate patient do it better -- that people deserve it. And this stage we're trying to should play a larger and bigger role making those determinations. Who does the bill benefit. Scott. -- does benefit how are sure there's some special interest Scarborough it's little pork projects were you know people that -- Long and hard to you know Kristen and changed their bill. -- their -- -- -- benefits individual senators and states but they're there will be additional coverage of people that don't have it that -- Costa. People would do that good at what cost to the people of Massachusetts who. Already have the insurance. You're gonna have we're gonna basically this be subsidizing other states that failure to act when we acted and we actually need to get a handle on costs here. But why are we just throw this old friend that we have no without trying to make a real good faith effort to -- just structurally. In an address congress whether it's great dealing with -- additional call additionally we delivered -- sort of mandates. Well let go social should have insurance strange and -- Talking about you know I guess crappy plan that I learned that it costs too much all that's it -- the most addressed the boss. -- -- -- What do what about there's -- that you saw the story in the paper today yet there's another -- 295 million dollar hole in the Massachusetts state budget and other blaming it on the on the universal health care plan we have I mean. Do you do you think that do you you voted for it do you think that was not -- now to vote for it. Well I am I don't know I don't because. What we're doing we're basically actually make the uncompensated healthcare pull people going into. Emergency rooms and not paying their bills are not even bothering -- you know to emerge from coverage the most expensive. People making 6078000. Dollars -- just walked in and using those so you're paying a 10000000034. Anyway. Now we're paying it in a different area hospitals and -- -- -- are doing better and obviously we're we're getting in terms -- -- reimbursement -- we're trying to -- from the federal government. Willie Reid delivered you know tort reform these to be included and it's not -- winning the -- coverages. Need to be addressed there where we deliver just an ordinary piece of mail. How we know they need to get up to the modern technology and using the Internet more and deliver those services -- a better way. I think we can do a lot just to save money and and they they can then they're not willing to make those structural -- change here in the state. People are people buy this this whole process that's going on down on Washington. What would you tell people to do this weekend before the vote is there is there anything to do. Well -- pure Christian -- certainly all the congress congressman and woman and looked know how to feel and they can and that they -- friends -- took the country you live or other congressmen are on a woman -- on the fence thinking column. But. I think that's the most effective thing that they can do if they can -- -- a lot of congress a lot of those folks dying minutes from the on the anymore they're inundated. Do you think if you think if this just past that the Republicans will take over the house and the Senate. In the fall. I'm not sure Ali -- eventual political punished but I what I do know the people want better. They want transparency we want airplane the government they don't want these backroom deals and and then -- about -- and just commentary in the new reason or entry I think you said it. Gymnastics. Just to put something true that the people the American people don't want them to get something like sisters some type of political maneuver parliamentary maneuver. -- gonna basically change once ships that in the entire economy. Without a bipartisan effort -- worried that initial right Social Security your attention things over over history. They're truly bipartisan way to do -- many had -- response. Loyal to my personal -- and what bipartisan. Yeah -- -- or else being different there -- but -- all the special interest in the back from your Little Rock shake our heads about. It's it's morphed into something much much worse and and then we're going to start over and and let the states. Because they're allowed to individual states -- -- saying you know what. We'd like to do it like Massachusetts we think we can do a better because we Q why aren't from we've learned commissioner of Massachusetts mistakes. We love the coverages that they provide remote -- she -- pride that we we really don't like the cost. So let another state doing and of the federal government -- a light -- participate in and comparing -- -- I'm wondering if there's one size fits all. Which is good for our state has been -- much. You've got fewer times bigger trouble call Scott. Sure okay 18774694322. We won't give -- spelling test either a -- take your word for it that you could -- circus. Yeah chit chat your next with how we cards senator Scott Brown go ahead Chad. Based server out this generation of odd -- -- on the cape mask -- -- it but first day era. Campaign there. Lou -- thank you up and II exe spent the last hour get through to dull on and I did get through and I was told. There's based he says these he's on the -- On the fence you believe that Chad. I don't. I don't live on the I'm not as quick get talked as that are brown is that I have in my feed you maybe could contact -- And find out though what you heard what you were born around during your campaign I mean I was there with -- during the campaign and at what people were stand. In Massachusetts. Chad you're overlooking one thing -- -- isn't going to ever face the voters again. I -- but you know it. It's still -- what he still represented me our mom on the tape he still represents -- and and doubt I was out there on the cape. And people who live -- -- he has zippy says Needham and you know I would -- -- statement as word because. Cheap ear leaving me. Wanna make their their right decision men and do something that's better masters there's just take for example -- they're -- think there's. Waterways is quite taxing medical device accomplished what we have -- over 200 medical device companies in Massachusetts. And by all calculations we can potentially lose. 22000 jobs because what they're doing -- that 3% really represent the process. A lot of those companies -- there's gonna love my kind of new startups in the state victory five million dollars in profit there it goes -- that 3% tax. So that's just one factor mr. Heidi patients and they say he's gonna be paid for that. -- paying for the first four years receive any benefits for. You'll -- acute pain in Britain Italy keep talking they gonna bring down health insurance cost. But now always as somebody else from the cape December India facts. You're gonna have to pay for your health insurance and for the next four years you gonna have to pay a tax without getting any of these purported benefits. How -- so -- just encrypted they have just increased. The the the cost of health insurance when they vote for this exactly the opposite of what they're promising. And you're still paying for Massachusetts. Your carrier. You're culture anyway because you still need -- so. Thanks for the call Chad bill your next with how we car and US senator Scott Brown go ahead bill. They look at Google delegates on the said they got a bridge to the big -- -- -- that they try to after. LP -- stuff that applicable. To discipline the question. The fact that those -- we. We the world like to a really we've started Bedford falls little -- -- what the thing goes to a -- it's -- question. We know hundreds intent trillion dollars between social security and Medicare. -- that -- actually had another title. Yeah Scott Scott how could. The problem with the full isn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes I mean he's got -- got a good point -- mean you -- -- where drowning in unfunded liabilities now how how could they I you know why we I know we've been through would listen to Barack Obama but how they make this argument with a straight face that we can afford edit you know it's another mega entitlement program. Well -- you really can't you can't. That we're we're running at a meeting deficits right now and we we've really. China really does its own. A tremendous amount of our debt we chant keep spending and the deficit just. Reaching almost thirteen trillion dollars all the -- up almost to a three trillion systems in this administration started in and we can't keep. -- more more more more money. Today fiscal restraint. -- you an arm -- reluctant. Just saw we're probably. Try to distribute more -- that some -- we have the same -- we have to try a different tact. Facial call bill Leo your next with Howie Carr and senator Scott Brown go ahead. -- -- -- -- Do we lose Leo Leo's gone -- -- next with Howie Carr and Scott Brown go ahead wade. I guess were -- some problems now on our phone system as we are so often do go ahead way to go ahead. Okay upper left fill method to visit them I wanted to say that about a lifelong Democrat turned independent and I voted with Scott proud I am proud to have done that. And I've been calling congress and over and Richie -- And letting them know that I expecting no -- from them court. They don't agree with what I'm saying. So I told -- There vote is a matter of public record and if I don't see it when it comes time for reelection. That. I would remember them. And that's important sure you and others to do in your area because. We do work for -- law and when people say I want you got help here the first thing -- -- exploit have you read what -- trying to do. -- note so why would you want -- tacit. The civil or want you pass something like it actually why. Ability -- good work and then what I do say I don't know antagonizing everybody but or -- -- -- -- -- -- believe that people should. -- -- basic coverage. But right now my concern is. How much is it gonna cost problem much. Actually they're going to go off. In what type of cuts we going to do make it all work and I was that they're going to affect our state. Because we can. Do it better than you can start over and we can do. Six is to keep it solvent and function until we come up with a better solution. Thanks for the call -- Steve your next with how we card US senator Scott. So look around it finally what people like you run number you liberal will be back so there was that. -- your name any -- here here finally. -- I wake up wake up little bit but here you're your son. Word on the way to 400 or another way to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- been mugged -- reality. Go go ahead Steve. Well have a you know what we although you know I don't know if they had not beaten this the end of line talked to some of these people there's 2400. Free medical clinics in 2000 not across the country. Many people most of people they don't -- it percent of employed many of them have majority don't have health giving you know like you mentioned. And afford the you know the -- if premiums let alone you know the money have to pay up front before it really extend and many of them are veteran. Who don't have access to certain you know places like -- remained focused and other veterans. -- facility -- we help people great now wait until we can get it that a plane had rules. You know Steve Steve that's the plan doesn't go into effect for four years anyway you're gonna tell you gonna tell them don't wait anyway. So we push it out eight years after. You know are trying to spot on the -- but what will be greatly reduce the try to jump a little bit I'm not sure. Old could tell -- what may or Massachusetts or other states but let's just take message below those veterans come down. Too obviously a man in your interest earning years come through -- that the VA much Clark was -- the regional center and I was aware that -- subsidiary. One -- the head to the VA in Washington yesterday trying out this very issue. This health care plan your current is that the trip which -- hurts veterans in the tri care which is the if they're they're type of. Clearly Blair explained that Scott. We'll try cares if it is basically. Medical plan for veterans people who have earned that right they can go and and get certain care and coverage -- in BA in English it facility gun posts. And that's being effective. And if you're saying people are in participating free -- a lot of the final that we presently pillow go to these clerics to support. The rural areas were true portrait expo would not not be beneficial couldn't be self sustaining. In that there always is the ability for people to go into the emergency room. We we certainly -- that everybody in America is entitled -- that they've always going to a medical. Into an emergency room we'd like to do it better. But if there are certain you troops other people -- -- that we have. Carl wolf scare where people we helped police socialized care here in Massachusetts so you know those people. Well we're sure absolutely intensity. That connector and then into the -- -- -- and then maybe just not me -- -- Scott you know I know I know you've heard this a million times but I know what's making people so frustrated here is that they keep in -- Putin to keep offering up these anecdotal stories as as if you as if you're right is that there's no. Right to go to what emergency room with they need care and it's like they they want to and there's there's a problem with a certain small minority of the country. With health insurance and so the one they they appear to one auto wreck everybody's health insurance I mean it doesn't make it doesn't make any sense stuff. Well -- ministers -- make it clear what the real problem isn't that child -- that's caught the ball well right now that there would be when you have. Who crushed bush kill another and institutional were having their costs go up dramatically. People are saying darn eventually going to be better than what we have well we need to get a handle on costs here and if we do that than people are seeing. We don't want people may say that we don't want this federal interest don't we get. Have great coverage and regional crisis in New York has better question than we do Florida resort in a pretty good deal. Would do the kind of emulating -- a little bit there are other -- was saying you know what I actually don't really want the federal government controlling our health care sources and we'd like to do. Well sort of what messages does -- we wanna get a handle on costs. And -- -- we need to do and you know I I would hope that the administration and legislature will finally make those decisions just to get a handle on us eliminate some of the mandated. Coverages that you -- me what they earn year old woman may not need certain things that we need a community gonna just give back to basics. Thanks for the call another Steve go ahead Steve we'll let you go a couple minutes here Scott go ahead sorry. -- Scott it's the thought yeah I appreciate it and excuse to tell you that real quick a lot of pro resident of Massachusetts. And I felt proud of the mass legislature. It -- like governor when they voted himself here in this state that like to ask your position on why at that time. It was such that I hear why isn't now. Well I wish it was just touched every aspect questioner where it's just gonna I'm if I were both foreign and -- support and I -- Yes but it's morphed into something a little bit. Differently now with a lot of the mandates that have been pushed on by if given good lobbyist he won -- won some encourage you go. To the legislature and they do another little add on and and -- arms forcing insurance companies to raise fees and then things go -- again so. Because we spent too much money. Basically pain for the uncompensated health care pool in hospitals have been over billion dollars a year. There was a bipartisan effort to say you know we could -- the best way to do it is to get. Everybody covered in one way shape or form from the Cadillac plan always down to the call shareware. To fully subsidized type one and political connector between -- give people more. Competitive firm deals so we need opener out we need to streamline all the way we provide services and provide. Notices and we need to look at you're getting twelve reform address them there and get people going back to basics. One more call thanks for that one more call -- what you -- Scott Dave -- next with how we cards senator Scott Brown go ahead Dave. Senator -- glorious afternoon it is the I hope you're concerned as Siam. Regarding the manner in the tactics that are being employed to pass this bill. Obviously the majority American people don't want it. So they create special tactics right you describe parliamentary maneuvers such as -- past. They get this bill through. Which I think quite frankly is political thuggery and subversion of the constitutional process what are your thoughts on that. Well. They've used a lot of what they're saying rendering out debuted in the past both parties have used to but it never ever been used. In something so there's that dramatically changes 16 of the nation's economy and directly puts. It's so much authority in the federal government to interfere with people's lives. That is bothersome and I you I'm always trying to urine and transparency and openness. And I think it sends a bad message people want to do better -- a full introduced something like they're truly means to. You by Parsons -- as evidenced by what I've there's a moment first post on their looked get a bill. It'll let you on marriage works pusher move this forward in the president just signed yesterday in a broad nineteen Republicans -- and the first time. Gosh they can ever remember when they're gonna ability and clearly it. So voted against -- third quarter of Kosher to allow it to go forward to over the post in the hope that they would find a way to. -- have a proper funding source would stop the process is broken and we can do it better and we need to get the wheels moving. Then took a little breeze from my party personally don't like a very clear that bill because they haven't on the way to police on the third. It is to be heard need to get jobs we did that get people worked in. There are several remote rural and remote dot -- even really thought initially at -- And so. Here's where there's -- I think the east Timor's independence and I'm hopeful that that the message was received Latin -- on both sides of the aisle. Doesn't demon past -- -- old cowboy movie. Well it sounds like demon you know yeah we know. Financiers. You know here I don't think you're just doesn't -- -- this person is not appropriate period to -- elect didn't stand up can be done it's. -- Yeah and it's not -- work either -- nothing this this the smells this -- ever will ever work in the long run I mean you know the poor people look for people know how many congressmen voted. Let -- -- attorneys general on the individual staged. You know filing lawsuits and remember. You know other -- these potentially challenging and no real long time before. You know let this thing is making money and helping people have a fear. First is the person you're expecting much brokering now there's there's there's billions of dollars in Medicare await America waste. Well -- now let's grab putback jam to the general fund. What are we waiting pictures just distribution -- I've been. Immediate tort reform or the -- wiley got it totally -- and then and destroy something that many people rely on. Intro for legislation sent -- right. I know I know it died I know we're all frustrated and so and so or you obviously it's a it it's a sad state of affairs you know that that we're we're in this situation where the. Well I'm I'm only I'm concerned that -- inside -- -- these problems -- gymnastic maneuvers there. It will hurt them in the next election cycle. I think the people were along with the it would -- thousand. I am importers and export -- all the other quick -- Everything you say is the time online in minutes and people are angry they're hurting they weren't jobs there don't want them war. Debt and they don't want more taxation they don't want more government control -- Massachusetts. You -- most liberal supporters. And I have a shared among them. And Massachusetts are saying your Scott. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't know that I never agree on immigration. Than a minute charger now Scott and we don't need to deal at all these are things he jobs. And the -- certainly. I know Scott thanks -- -- -- -- we really appreciate them and I've ordered the equator. Here are some sir I did your your your man Scott Brown was Scott Bauer was there yesterday I didn't really -- right yeah you -- -- yet -- -- -- city says say -- -- Joe Welsh sown -- easier guys on the K -- got to -- out there aren't here or an option. No no I didn't say that's got a methodical. The okay -- good place for really little shirt. Okay above 118774694322. -- -- -- --