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Max Robins 2/22/10

Feb 22, 2010|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...

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1087746943221877469432. True that is the toll free from the number about -- our show you like to join us here this afternoon. Every weekday afternoon at this time each Monday afternoon we're joined by max -- he is a year veteran journalist covering the broadcast. Television industry. And the cable industry as well and satellite TV. As well. And -- he is now the executive vice president of the paley center for media in New York City and he's here to answer your questions about the TV industry. Max thanks for being with us here today how are you how are you I was your vacation very good very excellent very excellent how why. I guess the first question is as is the Tiger Woods and. Scandal played itself out now is it I mean I am I'm tired of it myself. I agree with you how we got tired of a little while ago when I don't think so I think they're still big appetite for this and who knows how many more -- porn stars will come forward with. I want and I relish I wanna know more about this this disease of sex addiction. -- it the. I I'm I'm hoping that he can make recover I found myself yesterday on the plane coming back from Florida reading the New York Post story about this. And about three paragraphs Alicia what are my -- I must be still open to be reading the -- this guy was saying he was claiming to be a sex addict and he was saying that sometimes he has relapses. Bush and is usually good joke is is is the onion putting out a dead putting out of print edition now. It was that truce there was a story. I said I you know they can't. -- -- -- space that Ashley du pre and I could have used Ferraro caught and now I know your fellow columnist and that's where it. I wonder I wonder what her take is on sexual addiction. I forget about how well how David maybe there's some maybe you can you can join forces like you know like the famous should do those of the past like Novak and Evans got all right -- -- busy Evans and Novak Evans in the car and do free. A man so what's going on in the wacky world of TV it's just. It's -- -- all the time now that's orient -- -- -- what -- Florida forget that -- -- seeing huge ratings for -- the I don't get that either Macs I'm excited. Well you know I grew up in the Paris of southeastern Michigan and Detroit. The one place you can go south. You go can you go south into Canada. -- and we used to get television from a CK LW. Yeah I would desire -- really at top forty radio station CFO KL no we moved Robin Seymour anyway great station. We used to get up there this afternoon and this is back in the days where you just had ABC CBS and NB say. Every east -- in the we we we get the Canadian station and it was great for Hockey Night in Canada but. I don't know Saturday afternoons and Swiss curl and -- And I never only -- traffic shouldn't. I just switched over. -- -- doors -- there was some breaking news this afternoon on on. Locally you know on the Jamie bishop case edited the of the congressman used to be DA was gonna rush of the media. So I clicked over to the first to the NBC station which has the first moos. In the scheme came on the same thing with skiing -- accidentally hit it it looked like the the downhill run on a Saturday afternoon to many -- -- it look at the at the local beginners -- they did this these people just skiing around they would. What's that. I don't watch what I. I can't believe it's getting good ratings mean and. Let's you know when they -- the guy who gets how we I think it's the economy well I think it's a couple things I think. -- that it seems Americans are doing really well and it's so there's some heightened interest there could be I think nobody's got any money to go out -- -- I know I don't usually take the way to avoid paper baby -- you're out to dinner you're out about 300 bucks see something that. So movies it's horrible beyond or unison over watch curly and with the. Haven't CU we would you say you have no box and the only way I would watch curling his invited the bucks to buy a 22 -- double A batteries reported by remote control the. No I'm I'm with there with you I'm with you William. Com -- but I'll tell it to watching this new series and HBO I like I think it's got real promise what's that had to make in America you out. -- some of the same guys -- It is if you like entourage I would check this series out to -- This is basically if the guy's an entourage of one of -- never became a Hollywood star and they stayed in new York and they were trying to hustle to get. I think it's it's it's it's it's kind of finding its legs fun series fund series. 1877469432218774694322. -- whatever questions you got for max -- he's here to answer them he works for the paley center for media in New York City. And that's the place where you can see any of year old favorite shows just. Come right in right -- can we welcome you we will give you any days but Mondays and Tuesdays but for Patricia. It's kinda like the public library. Of old TV series. -- but you don't have to worry about reading for for the oh we have a lot of we have -- we did our collection we have TV from around the world so -- put what you might read some subtitles. 18774694322. -- take some calls max three and out how he lets do it. Mike you're next with Howie Carr and max -- to all time molesters of CK LW. Drake formatted radio. AM radio. Going. Welcome back Alex thanks mix I think how we should. How old -- show aren't sexual addiction and do other research -- true. Could the that's a big job that's a big job for one person I think that my fellow New York Post scribe. That usually -- reached at. The other he's not I wanted to ask me act about. The -- -- to -- and medium. To show. They're doing okay but it shows as they gauge their ratings generally decline and there's still some question is. To whether. Either or both will get renewed for another season. Oh really upset yeah. Aren't they cute gentlemen. Thanks 187746943221877. -- port 322. They already awarded by they'd put an IQ -- now I'm starting to starting to anyway about the walk out walk out in the NFL seasons not this next one but the one after that. They -- -- are they already thinking about the bad -- does that mean that's their that's their real bread bottlers and at first it is they think they gotta be given it some thought but I I think they're probably like that. River in Egypt how we denial yeah that's -- many other things that are immediate writing the rules are so so with the door. It's always every -- all these networks that are they say it now though that advertising is up all -- -- that teeny tiny bit. The F yes that is true there are side there are some signs of life and I don't wanna be a big -- say -- yes. And were watching ratings go up I mean I I think that the overall TV watching is off. -- America -- brought in disarray -- related to. A bed a down economy you know I guess that means -- you're at home watching curly and it's instead of a Wal-Mart buying a flat screen T. Yes yes. SA audio Wal-Mart was down that's that's that's they say. You know what's used to say what's good for General Motors is good for the US now its Wal-Mart. Right and Wal-Mart had a bad quarter. Mike thanks for the call another Mike go ahead Mike different might go ahead. Eight yeah eight. I'd like -- cobalt -- this series. Yeah we're we we hear you might forward check it out and therefore yeah -- V will be back with some new episodes really check candidate for you but. I'm in terms of its longevity hard to say. Yeah I mean. Show went WL because it's just five fight channel I -- -- it because I fight they didn't I was. -- Scifi is tough scifi stuff for big mass audience I mean. I mean you know loss this kind of scifi is is heroes and both of them of -- pretty good runs so. This sometimes they break out but it's tough you're right. Thanks for the call Mike what what you know we file when we hear more about that that show. One they would fun when it's coming back 18774694322. Joe your next with how we card max -- go ahead Joe. I how come they got a quick story about the women's curling at the caught watching the other night. -- -- voice command a room and she's just well what's so what you don't know what's well the rules of the game. I have no idea. Edited. It takes too long to figure out but I wanna watch this for the game you know. Do you so let's do sometimes watch the Spanish. Parent and I'm glad that it is true. Do all right great McCoy -- -- it's -- beach volleyball is another one of my Orioles aren't all port forward to an apartment. Outside -- out -- how we -- the once upon a time we just. We had about you both here at them at the paley center in New York in on the west coast we do they're -- would we had. A tribute to soul train I remember I used to -- sincerity morning New York television you could segue right from soul train. Right into. -- All glamorous ladies of wrestling no sorry office or how we operate this payment and there was one there was it was like the best two -- block until they tell us that way up to current events though Joe and we watch the Fox News generally yeah. But all I know you're watching how we under your watch you Fox News during the day two of the headlines America NBC on the points and elvis' that's exactly correct Mac snake you know. Well what can I have a quick question about -- -- The new season this starting in March is very. Yes we do think this could be your last season. Com. I don't have some health problems but again -- from the control. Then -- from what we've learned they are under control I don't know army Dextre might have another couple seasons ago. Yeah I think it's a great -- That's a terrific show big fan of effect. You know it was sandy who turned me on -- a who was a big and it got me to watch. Come into what I'm normally not a big series -- but don't let -- -- them. -- yeah yeah it's pretty okay lot of fun John Lithgow is great this list yeah. Thank show boy and it's not jazz as we say on video Spanish. Primetime variety show us. Brian you're next with Howie -- and max -- go ahead Brian. -- -- -- A couple -- the photos actually it is there any talk they've all been operated like that. There has been some talk but nothing definitive. All and then you know you remind him we we got some news on VV will be back this spring. It's gonna run on Tuesday nights and ABC we don't have the 10 o'clock we don't have exact return date yet they haven't -- yet. But it now. Another solo oh it does Spartacus. Is that a win win. It's the -- yes part of kisses original program that's on it's it's it's just with -- satellite subscribers who have direct target up. The up our cellular bright stars excuse me it's on stars. -- -- It's doing okay they made a big investment in it no word yet will double check but the last I heard they hadn't decided whether there and decide with these into yet. It's been like it's pretty high here constantly clothes. Yeah I think they have some I think they had some investment from overseas and going into it. It's always easy to get money for gladiator series and Linux who can say -- noted gladiators stuff. And another series Rome that was on HBO I know -- I both watch that. Purely for its historical value and a like our interest. In Rome last these eruptions in the background you know that's -- I could still translation you're still you're you're working out that's right that's right how we had noted. That that wonderful education you received SPQ are you could just have to tell us populous -- Roma that -- Well. Yeah. There's how we mix premier New Yorkers there there's -- SP QR restaurant in little Italy we should go we should. We should go to yell -- -- Tony bats there there you go okay good they make of fettuccine Alfredo table side that stood -- thank you Brian. But why -- 8774694322. Fred your next with Howie -- and max -- gore had Fred. Great thank you how I first saw a psychic -- welcome back and played I got a really good Leo let's let's put a gag comic Karl Leo. But are not so bad day for the colonel. How relic. We actually are laudable idea pale in particular -- now. Mozilla and the Senate that the public. Good but aren't there overall global. And then there really did. Back Nash 68 like 1960 demo I wanna say about Barack. There audition I want -- below the series and we are gonna ask you and I'm gonna bookstore at all these places flea market every -- I -- I got. Encyclopedia Wikipedia look it up and I can never find it. And how I dial on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for -- Rambo like three weeks you know -- off the -- to assume that this government. -- taken over by -- -- I have what it -- ship. But -- charity gorgeous daughters show was also ahead of -- underground resistance. I want to open game of that series -- can not. Are optional you war on drugs Fred would you want you know. Maybe it wasn't nearly forgot Alley. -- -- yeah let's -- I don't know what are your email. -- want to go to I would I do that button. I'm not really aren't watching as. I -- some of our most notable politicians were hiding ninety residents is that. While you're gonna -- -- -- Nobody how many hours I don't. True interim I can't get -- I really wasn't that show but our real like Croatia and just went off yeah. How it all comes. Will I outset get WW so I have to admit I'm stumped -- didn't -- I I'm stumped to a new and fresh data say you didn't give us a lot of clues you didn't give us much to work with you did not. You don't give a name you don't I was on the three episodes for. Why all but at the -- why is that they're DOS would take it out by a job quite a buyout -- solitary regime. And added Jerry Rivera president one ever was also. Running the underground. And there was -- headed -- -- -- premise but I don't know what happened you're out of charity since Mozilla have you lied. I can write your jacket but it still out on. Fred I'll try that you that you -- thrown down here this is a challenge we're gonna -- Jerry that oh just whether it's part of history and how we asked Marcus has been renewed for another season. Okay thanks a little -- -- use a little villages 1877469432218774694322. You know when your watching curling for a month. To further from the Canada you know what I was watching in western Massachusetts on Saturday afternoons. The polka shows from the it. -- tore -- -- among the various. Channels out there and people wondered why you we have issues tough week. -- Oh garden earlier age. I mean your elders tell you that the sixties in the fifties were great time you'd just you'd just element that you know that there were only three TV stations and some that some afternoon she had to watch the polka show or kernel believe some of the whereas the other way they were great days there was no direct TV in the 1960s. And you know I pods. -- what Jimmy stories who what you Lawrence logo and the one minute to limit on the floor was not -- -- Whereas your next with how we -- max -- go -- Hi -- -- and I want I thank you. -- and -- -- department say as a color found Massachusetts and a female caller going to nationals into me I'm thrilled and excited about walking going on TV I want. We are too we are -- were thrilled for you. Are some people are. -- barely sit nicely with a curling. I'm not but who is way to we have the bridge championships and they this year okay roadway just I'm I'm I'm just I'm my heart rates going up -- think about hey how we can you can't cure this list of dirty drinking games associated the curling but they really did get to why this is really so popular. We don't think. That's rarely -- have a -- though curling club that -- had a body in it so I had I wanted to go back. How good they know the Mitt. They -- for solving this mister OK thank you so much. So basically how we the attraction of the -- board is hot women with brooms and -- -- Macs -- gonna ask you some how much money is NBC losing on the steely -- some figures up to 700 million. I think that's a little high I think that's a little steep and and while they are is the loss is unsure in the hundreds of millions -- got to look at. The big picture and I don't wanna sound like a like -- guy who let -- know golly it is -- who negotiated the contract yeah but. I think that you have to look at it is as a promotional platform that they're giving huge audiences to promote their other shows. They've got it for their parent company and for their advertisers. This is they do a lot of goodwill part of their cause they have to really write off as a marketing costs so. You can't just look at it strictly want to pay for the rights how much it costs them to produce it and how much advertising revenue they bring him. This is -- got to kind of pull the lens back into the big picture big business picture. So is good luck at your competition who is -- look forward to say yeah. Well we can't get exciting places good crowd about how materialistic and -- made up it up. Give my best elements that yeah. While you're there are travel like about twenty miles down the road we go to Battle Creek visit the Kellogg plant that the. I can't get it how to -- billing. We're gonna check that out free I think just okay not great. Thanks -- -- by 18774694322. Connolly Kalamazoo not so hot right to -- All you're next with how we guard max -- go ahead Paul. They've XY -- but the this series life on -- You know I really thought that series have potential and if you can get on dvd the original it's based on the British series it was a terrific series. You know they pulled the plug on it I thought a little prematurely I thought I really like the premise of plus that have Harvey Keitel where -- might create issues so. Just. They -- like different had probability that a remake of the odd couple. David -- bill actually got to -- -- that are there. Not a bad idea you know not good actually you know I don't know put down in there where Hollywood how we're we gonna be doing that we're going to be doing dinner theater in Jupiter Jupiter always rallied to a judge coupled down in the I don't think I prefer Reynolds theater when this Kramer's Windiz Cramer get off parole max. I think prayer -- I think Kramer spent enough time the dog 'cause -- kinda rehabilitated him when they brought the Steinfeld. Crew Beck got together for commute through -- Thanks for the call Paul Michael your next with how we car and max Robbins from the paley center for media go ahead Michael. Hey hey good guys got another one of those little guys are members to. -- -- that -- from grown up the midwest. I grow our -- in Massachusetts and I remember they got a new power. Single nation yeah I think I think how that because it was a candid I think they went beyond the FCC you know they could go. I think they were like a 150000. Have to -- it certainly sounds like it. No it's never. If you wanna see a great on YouTube you wanna see a great rocker roll video now Bob -- before he was famous on the Robin Seymour -- Robinson was big disc jockey -- CK LW. It -- at a TV show. You can see Bob Seger in the loss hurt -- east side story. It will rock your -- When you go ahead I throw that out there. French Arabic Frazier -- acknowledged. Exposed to be comin' back for -- -- inevitability. French is doing okay okay I think when you they moved it around on the schedule and I think it hurt the ratings a little bit but. I think fox is pretty committed to that show. Okay Michael Banks CK LW -- it. Okay manager remember how of course there will they all have the same -- that's -- Drake -- Drake you know that's the guys they -- -- before he did -- Cahill was well you know what they all had the same -- package we have we have all LOR radio archive -- we have already here. What Nate said I'd I'd go to my in my own radio archives upstairs socialism anybody who was alive in the sixties and early seventies. 18774694322. Max thanks for being with us we appreciate it won't talk -- -- next week -- I look forward to how we have a great -- okay bye -- 18774694322. On how we car.