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Finneran Loves Charlie

Jan 28, 2010|

Is sexiness and good looks vital to a political career?

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Here. I campaigned on the promise of change change we can believe this woman went. Right now I know there are many Americans weren't sure they still believe we can change -- that I can deliver. Remember this. I never suggested the change would be easy it's time for some GMT. Families across the country are tightening their belts and making tough decisions the federal government should do this I'm proposing that we. We take thirty billion. Dollars of the money Wall Street banks that repaid. To help community banks give small businesses. Hello Feinberg an -- the American people heard this stadium. And then reflect new America recently and didn't address the challenges we face Tom threw an Arab man known -- much of the country to stop in the love Justin from under the umbrella of world. World headquarters building and I forgot it was black tonight an hour picks Tom I am talking to -- Paulson -- -- -- I was taking. WR -- on the side Thursday morning. Cold coming in. I was in the twenties. We got up this morning. There are enough fans go to heading down. Hi tomorrow I think is nineteen degrees. He since I -- -- the which I know for you that makes you wanna go to the ocean and -- that show up take your clothes off and -- right -- For normal people let's -- ever did that song was set up brownies they run it and the Wall Street and guys know and of I have no they didn't invite you how I'm invited but I don't know they have no. And I don't by the amana Iowa but that's crazy. -- -- it's not spark it's just it's. It argument I mean you don't it would that he can take the call I honorary usually come out. You know 6065707580. Degrees jumped the -- and another 22 degrees this -- what -- this I think. They all have the car running to -- I'd like to see the shop the -- you know hot bath they'll play the character of the people opt out. But rob let's all the cars on an audio volume I would bring my rule -- starter right into the ocean. Picture that -- -- big -- crazy if five it's entertaining but there insane Scott Brown continues to upset the world and it's just so much fun it's so much fun as something about this farmers jacket -- cause -- jacket -- I don't quite understand the impact it's had and the fact that he is. -- he did the centerfold. Rather than being a negative for that we had we talked yesterday about the double standard yes yes can. -- in -- Iraqis getting into this whole idea if there's a double standard between good looking guys and not good looking. Guys she mentioned dimensions Jim Hogan -- ski who ran for congress a few years ago and surprise people how close he came. To winning that seat up against Niki Tsongas. And she's suggesting that if if Jim Logan Huskies kind of less. I deal male specimens show up then Scott brought -- that he didn't look like Scott Brown. Don't live in order doesn't do triathlon so yeah and he hasn't focused on that -- just slid about -- also -- couch potato while our you know drew drive throughs in you know. -- -- -- Hello look up here out because others countries out there and try out all adds up. If he did manage to win Ted can do well if he weren't so good looking she says -- Zogby poll. Have brown a state senator with virtually no legislative footprint. In a virtual tie with President Obama. A former state senator or virtually no legislative footprint in election match up a and obviously. It must is looks must have some nadu an -- but I don't think it's that big -- deal deal. I think it's a fact of the other how big a factor would you. And a well I don't know if you can measure because there'll also -- also some other intangibles that up. You know it's so much depends upon the mood the economy the attitudes. Of candidates as Scott Brown caption. A media different factors breaking in his direction plus he's a he's a handsome and affable guy yup that's that's a that's a powerful combination and and a set of circumstances. With the circumstance but we have. Unemployment. Distrust frustration. Over reach on the pot of people kind of the lecturing you get from so many put. Runs through some of our members of congress yup first of all John Kerry. Good looking guy what are the ugly as men in America do you start looking guy. Now that was the politician Tommy's and a -- -- no I thought that was Tommy with a back slap. Oh yeah that's where you're gonna say it is why don't use it was a good looking guy he's not a lot less sexy guy I can't realize -- said that. So full headed here to know why after that total Kenny -- obviously disproportionate -- idol are you based on May be -- Hawaii I don't know I. I let's go through auto parts full had a hand I -- you on now. Regular guy just regular three ordinary -- comparison Bardner got Jim McGovern ordinary looking ordinary. Barney Frank. One of the homeless men in America now. Now let's keep it ought to worry this somehow people -- office Ed Markey we wasn't a battle now he's another guy with him my sprint he's -- right now now a -- -- -- looks -- a weasel start let's go -- -- -- go through some celebrity music but speech Jim Clancy. This exhibit and sexy sexy -- they that they don't women's involvement a sexy I don't know -- -- good guy what you always are also they say that talk. I can't I can't let it. It chips in good shape with the band I'm very very personable. Ferrell there's a personality. Fight sexy yeah. Tell us they are just met and how often does not give you mentioned Jim McGovern Matta might capital why are also -- Jim McGovern -- not life how hot did yeah. I can't -- it hostility. -- made -- what can bet he I guess you are main desk so I don't really reaching deals -- good looking guy I can't remember already lost my congressman from the size of western mass and nobody ever is innocent until she Neil. Don't tell how don't know huddled on another. Reseller and got impressive he's not don't do any kind of Arkansas who sent a -- might have when he was a young so I know origin juggernaut he's -- in the globe today all she's doing is focusing in on the one. Politician we have the state of Massachusetts. Who happens to have posed for centerfold does try out forms and as a good looking guy H fifty looks forty -- that's an advantage I guess. But there's no proof in the putting. That you need that to have but but. On the other Helen helps but it's not decides on the other hand there is no. Great Jim McGovern sensation going on around the country there's no -- cap you on our excitement as a matter of fact he lost to the worst candidate in history Martha -- so. Maybe -- ought to suffer the what do you think 617 o'clock the new six accept. Sexson hit a six -- you don't realize by the way the pioneer of the this and the judiciary and the idea people -- married sister just read that again. If he weren't so good looking. -- Zogby poll have brown a state senator with virtually no legislative footprint. In a virtual tie with President Obama in an election -- states -- with virtually no legislative footprint. They feel perfect description in unison on Barack Obama want him as we're really -- is that the -- friends and in the and then a couple of pictures did say. Now what a whole does this phrase apply -- and so you could do you got a lot of fun with this one. A state senator -- Richard virtually no legislative footprint. Is does the supply -- Scott Brown the most powerful politician in America today because he's good looking yes you know Steve good morning your NW RPM yes. Here tomorrow and I just I -- I didn't know what my hello Abdullah on their bullet because there are we talking about dude. I made I don't know what what go about their past -- Big -- -- if they get it I log out. You got to talk about dude I mean let's talk about the Democratic Party in the ladies in my cabinet mark let me come on now what. Let's move on the Republican fell apart and also talk about the pot Laura Ingram -- what when he talked about what. Morning row Florida groups smoke Coulter is not high just yes and had a example she's to skinny right Sheehan -- are both. Our scrawny yardage just weren't -- Boris scrawny. Yes -- I don't get them -- differences or when -- with Laura Ingraham you know you still get this hard ice woman persona during of their matches her physique. Now when you're with fan culture delightful funny -- -- -- -- like Australia a real ID six is that tribal person yeah. She is she looks a little -- -- gentle little thought in the aftermath of last night's state of the union wear clothes that don't even get a -- toast of the listened to half a -- is a good idea of one of those songs that nobody can hear you going to talk still hotly competitive free trial of god if only I was like please tune -- -- the president's state of the -- get if -- -- and that's what -- -- -- I know I -- a final weigh in on this side could look impersonal thing. Out of the -- the one guy had -- eyeball. -- -- -- resilient. I'd ask -- that doesn't work article above the -- -- Mario battalion as always said. Yeah he's he's coming out with some good people you would want to vote for based on their allies I drove in a black number Italian he's the most famous chef and American ball okay -- -- and -- maybe after -- -- could be the most famous chef but Mario's the most famous one you can cook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that's only -- Say they Charlie -- -- Charlie Baker is the next governor Massachusetts in case you don't know this is excellent outlook and strikingly he's -- he's a tall good looking strikingly handsome guy and hiding them is -- big. What time is that Minnesota to terrorists and Tommy has trust such Alexei Kara what if this -- sexy and talk. They should Clancy is -- sexy I'm I'm -- -- John Kerry's long faces gorgeous time. Shall -- this one out of the three designated as one Iraq I'm white nose wasn't an and his shall he's driving off the road right about hot -- this. Ideas he's tall good looking guy Heidi. Hi eight Helms maybe we could hear the obamas got on don't ask don't tell you know how to -- -- six to -- a six cell -- yeah. Height helps Buehrle does no look it's a tall guy always when the president assurance is not your. Almost yeah almost completely different. Now people you know did you miss -- -- -- -- a hot -- This kid generated more courtesy you've got it right -- are Dell Urich yeah derail her brood of Hague code I used generally -- -- -- -- -- Okay all we'll try again went before the break it took a call for which -- like you're they would marker -- -- Okay he's got a number of countries abolished -- I used to teach what you got you -- -- and it's always. This change thing -- -- you know. Well who will clean and not a -- simply -- it took bush eight years until he did go on ahead I'll boulder. -- actually search. Will carry an action to drum music is usually much Stewart pushed. All good clean up the match up would speed. Earlier in Utah Jerry who is your sexiest politician. -- Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot. Shiites all right -- anywhere where are already measured bush and and India Barack very troubling habit. I'm going back and bring in who have been with just such a topic don't know I was as old as you think bush is he's used by the judge Jerry is is Barack Obama do they actually lose it was more handsome John Kerry or -- -- -- and a half mile and half crap. Hi this is what you've -- early oracle it the birth of you. Can't you guys so just it's definitely an unbelievably bad it is unbelievable to -- them. -- -- -- -- I hate to admit it. But yeah it did that thing on the apparent is actually true when you're on unannounced exercises district village -- and out ran against our. -- every point just desire eloquently as Jim Brown I -- -- us around it. We had to thank margolick while one was he didn't look like drop out until we didn't have a healthcare. To give you know do you -- that extra. Yeah out there then healthcare really crystallized. It in in our presents a fat pitch right over the plate that he can -- did he didn't have that specifically I doubt that if if if this of the moment or now if Mickey suckers were running in this election cycle for the first time. Organ -- wins it doesn't matter that he's you know looks like farmer brown I think all the Democrats realize it's a very different than now much more difficult political environment than anything they're faced in the past you know us -- switch into sports speak. To talk about the election I -- -- an organ -- wins and has put in their present tense is a guy like they do in the talks sports where did they get that from by the way. Maria and access W or give atomic taught here. -- good morning act Arlen Specter is living proof how they. Beauty is only skin deep fat ugly message clear true to the old. -- o'clock o'clock o'clock. This is an inspiring talk this is an idea this is bringing -- the best this week about the best and our Rob Jones innocuous -- taste even after accusing. It's Scott Brown of getting worried is because it was good -- Debbie Stabenow senator from Michigan. I don't know what she looks like but you know who is hot -- Hillary Clinton the governor from Michigan. Grant now Jennifer grand home she's a Texas law JS -- she got run broad industry just says she was born in Canada she's a kind of issues can knock. By brilliant Michelle Bachmann is also good -- and she's is is Michelle -- younger look at of course the best looking of all politicians is Arab males are pale against young she says she's -- she's what does she do you do about that cover runners world is so you're drooling over it you know and her shorts and -- I want to online. Comes back up every day when I'm -- my computer -- -- good morning Iran atomic taught. -- -- -- Wanamaker congress develop this whole thing about god -- proud to apparently that's why we have preview we about the song here I think strident you know what I Emil -- -- -- good -- -- -- -- they -- good looking -- -- -- -- try to -- If he's running a risk you know. -- if we're just -- if the public is beginning to give him rock star status like they did Barack Obama but this guy could end up disappointing a lot of. People Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy you're missing one big difference when you're US senator. You don't know people -- voters don't know have any idea what you do. Well that's a good point but I still think it would be you know sure the guys good looking sure the -- speaks to good games. You know and I think it may be no doubt the role WB qualified to be president. I mean c'mon let's see -- can -- trying to say and the guy is ready for prime time to -- Obama he's gonna disappoint every one way ticket apple logo no. You mention I like I like the point you make because he could have that it could be that shooting stuff phenomenon. We've all seen it happen it's got off putt he is sizzle -- for -- when -- fizzle out his where Todd you know says hey you go without of the US senate nobody knows. There may be. A difference in the offing here in his -- but the difference is inevitably he is gonna clash with and take a different position from. The congressional delegation on something's -- John Kerry. That will highlight. What has shown afford not existing and that made a more powerful Kennedy may well need that opposition like yourself are gonna be a superstar might. And it right now what do you audio elected would -- how he's got -- the biggest most successful politician in the history of mankind. IA will stop his plan if you send me down there. And what happens Scott wins in a piece that he is now Hercules is he Studds -- -- if there's a pattern that develops. And it might very well happen because a lot of politics is about the -- in the give and take of compromise -- does voting a certain way. His base will not forgive him for law breaking bread with the Democrats are voting in that way. And that the liberal and activist Democrats will always be hunting for a during what are -- normal. Asked David good morning -- WR judges I ask -- quick question David. Why almost 47 years in the US senate what do you think was Ted Kennedy's greatest legislative achievement or the worst one. I have no idea where your dollar and you'll get this no I'm asking the right person because every single person who calls would give us the same answer -- they would not I have no idea except they. Are New Jersey failed to get healthcare notes from that's why he's -- lion of the senate committee held for 47 -- incremental progress. That inability to get reelected. No well that's Carly got what do you wanna similar CSX -- on. -- -- gonna tell you -- Joe Lieberman need a real winner and if you remember. -- Janet Reno unlike. Our -- out of Reno she sorry Janet Reno is a shot good -- -- -- guys Uggla who Janet. Attempt at its. -- -- -- are -- talking about children rockies' home in the Golota in the country back to she says the -- factors key for Scott Brown to send do you agree with that. On the one hand it seems everybody we elect is pretty homeland. On the other hand he's he's not just got elected to the Senate he has is now in control of the country and if you doubt at all you had to do was watch a they trembling. Running for the hills Barack Obama in his state of the Scott address last night it's sonics are 680 WRKO. RO -- -- -- On Boston's -- exclusion stadiums are Kerio. It's. Okay. The jump in the -- I am Charlie Baker. Let me sum up in one -- -- Governor Patrick who takes thirty minutes to claim it's nice there's -- address -- it's. Just usually just -- hard. Wrong how right another honk ducks now I don't badgers also handsome -- panicked about as good looking guy you know who else's sure strikingly handsome -- That -- Now strikingly Mitt Romney. There's a line you cross over radioed OK if you -- he's yours and the Barbie doll territory ha ha ha ha ha. The male version yeah about but I can't really Ken -- he walks into the Roman women go home. He's just pocketed by the way -- asked to do with fitness you bureau pat how how they run. They run what are you Kidman and this last theorized function that has just got -- here that's of this. Told by the way are you -- -- your you're reveling in minutes now who has more handsome in your book and John carrier Mitt Romney. Pop pop up. I -- -- I guess that settles around the ground is the best looking guy in Massachusetts. Better luck in the -- yes no serious -- -- and does that does that didn't bring him the presidency that didn't make him into a boy wonder nobody he he he won millions. Pot based upon his looks and -- thank you lost only one from -- -- -- was the government until -- -- and nobody got around okay so let's let's finish the analogy -- -- -- want to run for president and he won't win. And I got what -- AZ and then then mid -- first senator Ernie lost. That's true but he lost little lion of the Senate they exactly that's the biggest fraud of them all stopping. 61726668. Succeed Marcie you're on WRKO -- taught here mossy greens Mitt Romney and strikingly handsome right -- Immediately happen I would like so called speed but it was much too long. Nothing you want to -- I can say despite the -- -- We're looking at polo it was bad -- of -- going up and down up and down. I hate to say this I just cannot ban that moment and he knows that that helped land affairs is dead. You -- beautiful you authorized by our own okay. But you know what I have to say one thing yep -- -- they've found that Badillo was done a lot of space and and I Cobb in and we talked about they helped plan and he actually thought I was surprised it is it. Who don't -- and say that but you know and I said good. The main -- Marcy let me funny or anything but I idea big fancy policies kind of hot -- knew where does that come from. I might be of the power thank. -- I think Hillary is not tell. You don't. -- you know the amassing meant scary my -- even scarier than you and John Kerry must you mentioned -- -- Steven goes yeah the guy that you -- -- state senator ups and did -- is that he's about whether congress gonna pass health is good looking to -- I think they made everyone of the nursing home watch -- What's hot hot hot hot hot rather than give the -- the hot -- -- -- I. It's gonna be good morning good depth scandal like that was made the area. -- Asked if I. Meet. -- its -- 13. Cuff ha ha ha ha -- I'm doing -- that. I should be reminded me you're drug commercial you garage have on the radio pulpit talk -- -- -- Obama I -- the -- And I don't religion and no relation that continued to drop. We'll talk it yeah that's right -- no god no he -- The -- right both -- the President Obama then remembering that Tony that's during it. I feel good stuff TO -- month. Does go on and on do. You recommend that you get your friends speech leotard about Scott -- -- the try out all of the -- apple. Triathlon is that he does. Any -- big -- kind of marathon last night you state through the whole speech well I'm Reynolds is a more flexible mobile home viewing -- through now again that's that's the type of Florida does is it -- business and photogenic as you go as far as I'm not ha ha ha ha ha ha that's send me right up there are discarded around hell difference in this category does not -- mark your next atomic Todd. Yeah I have ever used. -- pay your QB for the I mean the news release. But their true before the ground Coakley you know election you have to what do you like who broke brown are Coke we've been -- the other. Before calling -- will -- huge. Period two cents -- that I called -- that I liked. Scott Brown -- It's true and apparently -- -- with you on that. Yeah and huge studio to melt or. Bill -- -- Martha Coakley you ever look at that Jupiter. About 1520 -- literally called him a real trip that should there would be the controller Robert is that. So when we. -- well over to Obama. Met jump. They both kept good here but Obama below this year look funny. Yeah here's. Everything so close cropped brown win. So Scott Burns a better looking guy than the president and you know to head match up. But don't -- and the taller guy usually wins I think Obama's little talk a lot of stuff I think I think Obama. Is to all of them both -- -- -- -- and you're not gonna find a poncho of them that don't are a double chin or anything else like that so they have the -- you know the appearance. A fitness -- more than the appearance the they have the actual fact of fitness he is when you'll know that the diet the political dynamics is -- to change describe round and it might not. That might not that when they -- pose. Printing less than flattering pictures now I notice less than flattering pictures of Obama. Are getting into the -- -- memorial basis partly its fifth potter fatigue in the exhaustion of. The job you remember with Scott even -- Coakley was running ads in the in the attack can't -- always use the most. Despicable looking photographs they could you finally got the Red -- final and everybody in politics knows. You know there -- less -- -- photographs taken from time to time it does not appear at this point in my eyes that the is a bad a photograph of Scott Brown and anywhere brought only when he gets out in the Senate bill going to the Senate photo Rome. And they'll do the bad shot and they'll screwed LA -- purpose -- they have non violent place after run against him. -- you're on WRQ good morning. Hey guys I don't you bailout I want to open last night you know they -- -- the audience like a little later. -- B movie screens half the -- I mean. What all those people they were like -- old white guy who can really -- the women your lips. They don't do it with civil space would take up the screen -- like that you like what would you do it. Biden it'd be a Bobble head early human being -- had been going up the alcohol. He was fine but Biden doesn't just jump up when the applause line comes he starts. In anticipation. Smiling and nodding his head in a union in affirmation -- knows he really plays or not he knows the speech well he also knows he knows -- camera -- and I got into portable dvd player weatherman is brought to probably SI thought -- -- I think maybe that's what many as one of the new I -- exactly might your WR -- hey Mike. If you got them just go try to recover from cricket JPEG quote fear and and Hillary are always shocking was made it very obvious problem I'm out globally. It's. A he's serious yeah blue. I don't commit suicide or better couldn't imagine that -- idea daughter of the congress Henry Waxman. -- -- I would like you to dial Art Shell lot of delivered a lot I mean this guy is like a -- -- awful. A lot finally I think we see a pattern developing here and that is that. In the entire United States congress Scott will be the only even mildly attractive human -- No not -- give us a -- competitor after Barney Frank I. And have to spend some time while it -- Richard Richard Neal. Richard hills -- good looking guy is he's Chinese. He takes care of himself he's fit yeah -- fitness is a big thing I've about a way it is very import that Scott Brown stay with that. If for no other reason and it's great way to relieve distress. Whether it's running what are playing hoops whether it's C could -- all right Astaro to enjoy it by the way John Kerry stays quite fit does -- biking to swimming and triathlon Donohue I -- than Paris Illinois for obesity. He needs a new landlords tech needs and knew I knew some other strategy and new gig. Well the thing you do it doesn't work have to change all good morning you're WRKO. It. They probably don't. I don't know about dog that -- what the president very -- -- back to people. And AMP spirits I -- everybody Garnett the other twenty quoted Saddam yet it's coming up. All the Christian right well they're good they're good good good start so well well. Bode well let's look what do you do all that -- was -- Paul you're a member of the Obama cabinet. I thought so it's it's good to hear from you but to be honest next time you call. All right be upfront about New York Jon Hornaday is just a little extra cooling yeah that's that's. Aren't dumb and John hey what's gone on John pay I have to get off the subject of all the ugly people know about Michelle Bachmann. -- -- You -- congresswoman yeah she's had let get good look at. It -- addressing this is -- And it also about the blonde woman from California was also congressperson I forget her name and -- smoke cannot do this you really yes you hit that you guys. You know you get out -- meanwhile two more recent version that's the guy that got what they know are you kidding me if anybody ever looked like you I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A young -- hopeful optimistic -- although -- Very very much by the way like JFK and Jackie yup and the two little kids and that was like the unbelievable American feeling was this idealized version. But what America's -- was looked like and in Sasha and Malia are just perfect little kids -- most lovable. Michelle I find refreshing Michelle says you should have my doping has it was -- than any that don't you got allies -- three more fresh. Before the campaign began the -- was only doping UN and they weren't pursuing the big lie -- well. All -- in the campaign was on she did say this the first time reserve are proud of this country. Which in normal circumstances would have excluded somebody from eligibility for office -- in the case of a black candidate there nobody attacked them there are different circumstances that -- but -- hung up on the -- fact I think she gets off you know what happens -- a woman candidate for statewide office fails in Massachusetts. John gets hung up for a couple weeks about. What is it about Massachusetts why can't we elect women and maybe because there are many good female candidate doesn't mean that might be. That but maybe it's the luck of the draw does have been so few female candidates there haven't been a lot of them. Nevertheless I find it a little amusing that it's a good topic to do a call my insurance it's all fair -- it's is an easy one this is kind of a male and then you talk about Romney's talk about JFK -- Scott Brown bubble but talk about Rogen knows he is just kind of liberal Mary -- -- that -- that that column writes itself lets get Paula -- you're on WRKO. It's so good right now -- up.