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Howie and Max

Jan 27, 2010|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube.

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-- 18774694322187746. 943. This time every Monday afternoon we're joined by max -- he is a a veteran journalist and covered the covers of broadcasting industry mainly network TV and cable TV for many years. He is now the executive vice president of the paley center for media. In New York City. He wasn't available on Monday but he is available today so max is joining us here two days -- are you -- max. I EM how we just barely right to Scott out of Vegas with my life you know I was gonna. I thought I might have to call you give me out of there you gonna drop some names forest now max I'm gonna be dropping names -- Why I was just I was just telling sending four went on the air was at dinner on Monday night with Judge Judy Shimon. And about forty other people but the but look at a dvd Kelly. The creator of the practice -- but I gotta say judge Judge Judy that woman her age she has the best face money could buy. Is it. It is a do you think she's had a Botox treatment before after his speaker Pelosi -- most recent park street -- -- tell government the State of the Union Address is this evening. Let's just say that the TV judiciary been very good to -- The Judge Judy I mean. Admits she was wearing some sparklers how we I I I swear she could just cash those in and everybody in Haiti beating. Max you know I too soon to make that took max you're you know you're you're joking and cracking wise but you know. It's a sad day for us UNC or mine and I don't versus the darted to the air wretched. Stretched the basketball team is and John and Elizabeth Edwards to a my fellow alarms and have separated the I am I am shocked if I'm shocked -- a RKI in particular. I know how we judge take a moment. I wonder if this means he'll be marrying realty. It's really really really really hot putter well I'm all for this campaign to give -- the national acquire the Pulitzer further -- Hey man I mean. Today today today. They covered the story when nobody else would touch right. I don't know I think I like the editors saying to -- who did they say its checkbook journalists we don't journalism we don't pay off unless the story pans out. I mean way what is the New York Times the Washington Post all these other supposedly respectable papers -- someone gives them a story the winds of the Pulitzer prize they get they they get their -- guest. For the rest of their lives and nobody ever nobody ever tells you there's been a quid pro quo right. Absolutely Howie I mean this is today that now I know that the -- publish some dubious stories over its. History but at least they were spot on embarrassment. They're debt debt it's funny because over the weekend that's I was listening to something the radio heard the interviewer I mean the editor in chief. Interviewed and they've broken all they -- once -- broke the stories about rush in and the monkey business that's very hard want to keep it thank you very much Jesse Jackson's love child Jesse Jackson's love child. But -- Gary Hart when he was a front runner runner for president monkey business John Edwards and end and Rush Limbaugh yeah. I know he's on the stand there's no but there's a lot of others do we just they they just slipped our mind you know I mean big that they deserve it they they nailed this guy -- nobody else would touch this story. He earned a whole OJ thing they broke a lot of news even though everybody knew that there was they they were spot on you know. -- everybody know I mean the guy was a sleaze ball. By the way we will have the author of the new -- Andrew Young his -- I guess that was the final straw all the liberal a lot of final straws for whatever what the -- did the book it's getting all the attention that's out time yet I'm I'm I'm actually tell my night table I can't remember the power that's the guy that we're gonna have a lot. And and and it's it's a terrific book about the about the about the the good 2008 presidential campaign got. And but that this stuff when they read that that excerpt about the the Edwards. I mean if if that showed up is a you know monkey business made for TV fictional movie. They were just go okay that's an irritating that's how we -- make -- stories right. Exciting news this is how pornographic movie with your pregnant mistress while your wife is at home dying of cancer. I think would leave that on the cutting room for Macs I know that's reality even even -- even even at the monkey business -- -- -- give -- the -- -- nor does feel -- we network but -- -- even -- the -- -- we have our boundaries yes -- -- before we move -- to begin taking your calls on television I would just like to say. To the listeners up their please not try not to let this destroy your integrity. That your your belief in the integrity of graduates of the university of north Carolina at Chapel Hill up. That's how -- I just I've ever met MS has paid for by Howie Carr and Lawrence Taylor. I was could decide how we car at Lawrence Taylor. And Michael Jordan Michael Jordan well you said a few -- says if you -- -- the wind that that's ever proven that he had sex with that porn star. You know. Jack it's. What they say they -- how. Let's tell you what I don't I see. Under Murdoch not. -- Tiger Woods did not go to UNC went to Stanford University okay okay okay. -- Eliot Spitzer has never been to Chapel Hill for the best of my recollection. Didn't didn't didn't the former governor of the great commonwealth of New York didn't he. Didn't he go to how good yes I believe he did I believe he did and he indeed had some liaisons some of his later liaisons -- west palm I believe. But that's true also have a residence coach and I are. Well Paul -- and all the god only knows what goes on across the bridge Macs that's why we that's why we have a drop bridges so we know. Ourselves. Yes yes it's ends a moral of the Nassau morass of I don't know I'm -- Well let's take some 1877469. 432218774694322. Your next -- -- next with Howie Carr and max Robbins from the paley center for media go ahead bill. Hey how -- doing today. I've actually I was lender in the you would do real well and -- That's fine no. -- air at eight. And then come January -- didn't show I'm back I'm wondering cast it's gonna be read notre. It's it's absolutely been renewed it will be back I'd look towards some tie game in the summer. I'll -- August. That literally have to wait that long term. You know sometimes. You gotta wait for the good stuff. Well it's it's a tremendous show you John Edwards used to say -- -- look. At -- well I might catch some pretty good case that the -- -- -- -- but -- The place really call bell 18774694322. Did you notice Fox News Channel was at number one last week in the ratings for the first time since November of 2008 -- think it's related somewhat to. President elect Scott Brown as no I doubt it calls them. -- coincidence. Or something more. Xavier next with how we card and max -- go ahead keep. They tell -- that they're -- short order -- also run -- network shows of course. -- personally is. Ten items or less on TBS that there are back. Haven't heard through desert night yet don't know -- show little little little growing stronger alternate start interpreter. You won't check this out and it's coming back very funny show don't know where to go. All went so what network is not always sunny in -- Arianna I bet Sally FX out there. When mr. Danny DeVito -- of course. Thanks for it at face another guy who didn't go to UNC by the way -- thanks keep that 18774694322. Markey are next with Howie Carr and max -- go ahead mark. Our way -- longtime listener since the eighties. Acts. My new favorite show on TV is. Odds are better off and I've heard rumors that it may not be renewed do you have any any word on that. We're gonna check it out to see if they've made the decision I'm better off today yet. Okay it's very funny show I appreciate it. -- when your -- -- with a beautiful people you're getting behind on some of these pressing questions -- believe a little bit rate it BI how we one of the reasons I went out third today yeah. At one on one interview session with Bill Lawrence. Who was the co executive producer co creator of the show Spin City and then went on scrubs is this show and then cougar town results show. And really funny guy good guy although he did say this is your TV money having if you hit series yes he did one point say to media backstage before he went on he said. Up -- MX will be right with judges got to call my winery with. A -- one thing I will never put you on hold for -- so I can talk to my winery to winery. I'm having a problem with the varietal successor rights how. We can't decide on them the blend. Who did you have -- Glenn that you ask him. Cork screw top. Some tells me if you have a winery you're at your court guy you're court kinda guy yet. Nice guy good guy and he's given a lot of people breaks in the business but and and also. Core counties gave his wife apart you know it's really interstate his wife plays the Courtney Cox. I character's best friend the out and the guys. Is this his wife's husband who yeah very tractors connectors but is it is -- real -- you know up. His bald could stand to lose twenty dot -- it's probably doesn't own winery the I don't -- a little bit. James your next with how we guard Max Robinson go ahead James. Hi there well then that it was just bad you know you all I'm Michael feel all they got investor. I always June 3. Yeah I'm Michael C. Hall it is the prognosis is pretty good. He's got hodgkin's arm and and hopefully the guys oh we'll have a full recovery mears opened. Terrific actor and two were used another couple great series. Thanks James. Oh hey how we before we take the next question yet always sunny comes back this summer. And that other show -- better off Ted they haven't they haven't decide there's been no decision on renewal but it's not looking -- great. Not what prognosis Graham throwing only Edward's marriage. While vets care that's been canceled. What -- their matches and she didn't know any of this stuff until this book came out. This was this was then that means she had no idea what was I know achievements sacked bot. You can't tell me this is the first girl that the idea that Edwards ever grabbed I have no idea. 187. Well did go to UNC. That's clubs and and -- Oh here's junior way as a oh junior junior because and I just wanna know 124 is doing so far. What enforcement pretty strong come back and and I I have to say is that as listeners know I'm addicted to that so. And checks already gone broke a hmmm -- it at the and I think it's a little better this they seem to be back on their game this season. Thanks for the call lot of junior. Bobby your next what Howie Carr and max -- glad Bob. Yeah Ali let's just talk G next. What question about the odd couple serious a couple of stopped them on TV land already have a place because toward -- ex wife may be. But they get money out of it I must -- I don't think so I mean as these shows has tended to run in cycles and get recycled. Really one of the funniest sitcoms ever great show great show great show but I think most of its available on a dvd. I -- a couple but I don't -- why astonished people that you just played it very well thank you very much. Thanks Bob 18774694322. Max I know that crops is not the right time to go into this without -- Roberts passing but can we. Pronouncement bonanza was one of the most overrated TV shows of all time yes absolutely -- you go back and look at it kept the well. You know first -- was in color they they just had that one opening shot of the ponderosa and everything else was on a sound stage and I think for about seven or eight years it was the number one shy and Erica I. I know -- -- it's what does it say about our culture our humanity I have packed off to was score prep school and couldn't watch TV anymore never sought. Am -- missing bonanza -- You guys so. Completely flabbergasted by this fact given that Charlie McCarthy was a dummy and it was the number one radio show in the country well. -- used to be a theory -- that is the theory of LO OP -- the days when there were just three major networks. And that was the network that defended the fewest number of people would accommodate -- Present. You know when you don't have a lot of choices. For I think I was offended though by delaying scripture that. Very you know -- had a heart of gold for the. -- who knows well Joe always -- in those scraps how I love the quote from Purnell Roberts don't they put his obituary when he left the show we said he says. You know the idea of three grown men having to take instructions every morning from their father's a little bit absurd isn't it. However that's summed it up perfectly fits with the -- we we walk away from what kind of doubted me yeah seven years he missed out on how we in you know you know we say. Yeah when you can get paid get paid that's right. Rob your next with Howie Carr and max -- go ahead rob. They out a Mac I did it yeah. There got a nice I got an idea for -- dock you drama maybe even soap opera and you picked Emanuel college slip politico infidelity. The way to the right time Lilly had John Edwards to put him in right there right now. Cameo by Bubba. Clinton I've been great -- budget. And then a gala and in the gallery this evening before I begin my speech there is senator. John Edwards stunned. We don't like the -- lead contamination from Senator Edwards. He thought he was gonna be president max can you believe that I think they're humorous and ego just knows no bounds you know you wonder with these guys. I mean it's like Sanford paying an island South Carolina you know what they think it aloud the quote though in the book -- in the -- he said to this guy Andrew Young mister senator Edward she said. They all wanna give me he would -- don't they know I don't care about dared -- I just want Roddick. What a great American nightingale guy here next with Howie Carr. And max -- go ahead nightingale guy. -- -- -- -- -- match I am even a bigger -- they shelled and yelled is this is you are below the erotic notre. In -- -- can you can only get a of course people DP Diddy. Really the first ones available. Come on come on down the paley center you can watch it here. -- have sort of -- -- court -- appeal it but don't. Not -- K. Action. Room in the basement here we really but he doesn't like something like the new heart -- it would sell a lot Macs but how much would it cost to put the Newhart show -- yeah that's just. Those are great guys and yet I would think you'd be pure gravy and and I'm surprised that there's now more than one season out it. Now we would never recommend this on the Howard parents car radio program. But something tells me there are ways that one could possibly obtain. Episodes of it. Really I got a call for little or no Donald -- Mac -- Q you've beaten. A oh okay there's this there's this phrase that we never use called file sharing but yes the base might -- guy Mac's we're gonna let her go and say a prayer firm I would hate how we just Mario -- before I go yeah just we get the soul train tribute here tonight assault trades. Give my best the Teddy Petr how I guess he won't be down from earlier our own we love Teddy he was good he was okay all right thanks -- have fun tonight. I'm Howard --