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Jan 20, 2010|

Upstart Republican Scott Brown rocketed to victory in the race to the U.S. Senate yesterday, steamrolling Attorney General Martha Coakley's layabout campaign in an against-all-odds triumph that sent shock waves from the Heartland to the White House. What message would you like Scott to bring to Washington?

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Rows goes from a new -- world headquarters building. Others here's our color color should let me just saying -- -- -- thank you from the bottom of my -- my family's hearts we are here continues to board read I'm nobody's senator except yours are. An -- -- Scott Brown Republican maybe there's a new breed of Republican coming in Washington maybe people find look at somebody who's not beholden to the special interest in the party and cool look to if you just to solve problems. You're low. This guy -- those of us who run for this US senate seat a thing or two I'll play and I. He and you really did the unimaginable. -- lead guitar. They go for Republican Scott Brown it's deliberate premeditated murder for healthcare. We have a serious -- -- -- -- has been de facto amendment to the US constitution and an anti small. It is outrageous yes it is going to be shut down. Now how the Lawrence. Granted. It was -- high powered card W arterial radio network. My heart feels like an alligator. How -- you know. 1877469432218774694322. The travel lady got stuck in a cab come on over here today I don't know why she's arrived yet or not but -- she should be here at any moment now. 18 suited we're gonna have the fat lady sing and -- or whatever the fat lady sing and -- we didn't we were pretty sure the very. Palin and of the five hour show yesterday that. That the -- lady was saying and but we didn't she didn't arrive in time it's great everybody's very happy I know I'm happy I'm dry. You know I told Bill O'Reilly I think I called it first on the on national T. -- she is. All righty. Anyway I Bill O'Reilly said -- you know -- -- are you calling this thing now we and I said yes I -- -- -- he said he said the safety of -- long are you willing to jump in the Charles River tomorrow. Like bill -- and I said I thought about a for a moment I realized a model on etc. I will only benefits a sure thing. So I said sure I'll make that bet and the Arroyo mom dry. One I'm wearing a shirt that says I'm not a felon. We have -- -- CBS news crew coming in shortly they wanna talk about talk radio and that talk radio's role in the Scott Brown's victory I hope we played a role we we certainly tried and certainly everybody who was who listens to the show. Who listens to all these shows and I got out there and voted last night it was it was great I I loved it. It was. Did they they and by the way if you're looking for me on Hannity at midnight they canceled Hannity at midnight they can't they call me about how o'clock. And that -- was canceled and edited the show with the Hannity show what kind of fall apart in the last segment anyway the first show it was plan and I wasn't surprised on the cancel that. But anyway I'm I'm glad to be here we're gonna talk about this all day where we're very very happy about this we have a sound cut. Barack Obama just gave an interview to ABC news. In which he said that they're not gonna try that not gonna try to watch we have many things -- before Scott Brown is sworn and I think we have that cut right now this. My assessment of not just about Massachusetts but the move around the country. The same thing that struck. Scott Brown an office what me and office people are angry and they're frustrated and not just because of what's happened last year or two years but. What's happened over the last eight years. The same thing. That swept him into office I know how that's our right that is incorrect there's one thing I -- well I just wanna make sure this is off the table. The Senate this certainly shouldn't try to jam anything through until Scott promising to people Massachusetts spoke he's got to be part of that process. It's not the same thing about the same is the what swept you win the office was the did. Good dislike of the Bush Administration in the financial collapse. In the fall 2008 what swept Scott Brown an office was being dislike of you and how you've handled. The aftermath of the financial collapse. Which was largely brought on much is by George Bush but also by mr. Barney Frank. And but so is like going to be any it is going to be anything meaning movement on not on health care I think health care is -- I you know in the it's certainly appears to be. Defunct here. As of but today. And secretary of state William Galvin he's the chief elections officer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has given Scott Brown a letter -- -- has given his legal counsel former judge DM Winslow. A letter saying that he's the he's been elected to the Senate and he has sent the letter on. To be secretary of the Senate to senate majority leader Harry Reid and two senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. And they they now have to wait. Until the cities and towns count the overseas ballots absentee ballots -- 1955. Of them obviously. 1955. Overseas ballots are not going to which changed the outcome of the election that Scott Brown won by a 110000. Votes. Beneath -- probably had a couple hundred moral votes who was margin at least. But they -- they can't officially certified haven't told lead they get the ten the ten days goes by now -- the Senate can decide what they wanna do they concede him immediately they can they can they can do what they wanted though. But there's not no one here is trying to water hold them hold him back. And value you just end you know he even -- even party. Barney Frank of all people is saying that they he had the better not tried it did to what is as Barack Obama put it GM -- throw. So it's I I think it's all I think it's dead body you know lead thereof there they're frightened you know I again why would why would you give up your seat. For ten million dollars in. For for renovations of the but courthouse in your your county seat would be you'll have to be crazy. No not congressman is gonna do that and they -- you know lead the they hear they hear the footsteps behind them. 1877469432218774694322. I just feel like bill great it's it it's just wonderful what happened dime I'm so glad that -- -- worked out this way. I even enjoyed the speech my wife was saying you know this was anybody other than Scott Brown you know you would you would be yelling at the TV set about the speech you know and talking about as his daughters and -- you know about everybody gets the guy saying what he said about as -- it's just that I you know it just would be it would. I don't know we just appear too personal to me and I turn the channel -- probably what but I enjoyed watching it watching it because it it can what you know he's right. If it is of it was a victory over the machine and we all accomplished at the machine is out of control here in this commonwealth. The machine deserved to have happened to it what did happen to what they you know they. It was it was so bad that much of a marked fifty to 47 news if the election have probably been held last Friday probably would have been. 89 points but you know she got out the machine she got out her machine. They they they didn't have the turn out they needed in the in the big cities they didn't have the turn out they needed in -- It in the the black wards in Boston and then site and in places like up Fall River New Bedford. -- and warrants at sedar at sedar. But. It was you know -- Republican does not have a lot of margin for error in the state you know I mean this this is that. 52%. 53% it's probably about as good as a Republican can door around here. So I I'm I'm extremely happy the way wet and by the way so we're just sent this to me we may do more on this at The Herald. But it be interesting to take a lock at the congressional districts and see which ones. Were carried by Scott Brown and which ones were cured by Martha Coakley it's a boy just sent this to me on the on -- fax machine. Barney Frank sister sort of mentioned this -- early so well I saw about -- district of war -- area was was definitely taken by a by Scott Brown bat -- -- Wallace and that Mickey song gasses and Jim tyrannies. John Terry's excuse me. But I did actually a nice of -- Barney I'm sure -- district was Democrat because he had Brookline and Newton and Wellesley might. Home town was that was -- high basically. Coakley won by twelve votes out of I don't know what is that the about 12000 cast but so once I mean this thing guess what. Scott Brown -- Barney franks district. It's some pretty it's pretty amazing a 114000. Votes to 100 diamond. Barney -- district yes a 114000. Votes to war 11200842. By just a little over a thousand votes so basically the other parts of Barney -- district had to compensate for the fact of Brookline. Which 75% from. 6100. Votes for Scott Brown 2600. Votes for a prefer Martha Coakley. What are some of the other big -- for Mansfield 5900 votes for brown. 3000 for Coakley but again you -- little what you need a lot of towns like this Brookline 15000. For Coakley 5000 for brown. But doesn't something and seventeen on the seventeenth yes Friday it says -- CF 5270. Newton 23004564. -- Coakley 1100352. For a -- brown. Tray -- and those are those are pretty up pretty amazing numbers here let's see here. Houghton on media's way guess who -- went for you yes you can yes of course it went for Scott Brown 8900 to 6500. With some of the other big ones for him. -- Mario that's kind of surprised I think you Marion is a beautiful people Marion went for Scott Brown thirteen 102000. Okay anyway 1877469432218774694322. This is great were all very happy will be talking about this all base or whatever you want and feel free to gloat. I know I know you're not supposed to gloat you know you you you do it's -- you're not supposed to be a a a sore winner. You know but I am in this case this is -- I don't know this is right up there. Jay from Chelsea was saying the C he he rates this number three after Iraq after the Ed king victory over to caucus in seven DA. And Reagan won the 1980. Those were like real -- Drobo pay backs in this was a payback that's what makes -- that's what makes this one sweet. I have to say Reagan won Reagan in eighty would be the big greatest election night that I can remember. And this would probably be number two and I put it king would be number three I think our number -- any got a few more around here in 78 you don't -- -- that explained. How sweet it was. To knock off Mike Dukakis. All right 1877. It's always sweet to knock off Mike Dukakis actually 88 was a pretty good night so when bush the bush knock them off. 187. We have a call led to what Scott Brown were hoping he's gonna join. We have met it many calls into Scott Brown. And you know Garry guess what is -- not cleared out his phone messages like he used to it's funny how that works isn't it. 1877469432218774694322. GM your next with Howie Carr go ahead -- The captain. Pretty soon he's not going to be answering those 10 o'clock phone call the earth anymore either you know that don't just. William answer why today I call that -- nine I figured I'd give him early in the morning before other before they use the phone messages added up. Everybody you you know we see he's got one of these phones you can see my number and in my numbers an easy one -- it's pretty clear what has. And he'd be dead he didn't -- messages what can I say. Well how -- better if you're -- could you know what I'm. I'm -- we give you -- lot of crap that you had a lot to do that then I'm -- from Maine and I wouldn't even know on this guy who we was much less seven the little check right candidate yet been on your show. Pretty regularly and -- realized that he would -- you know investing insult you know you'd started the ball rolling -- tell you that captain and and you deserve a lot of credit for that. Banks say you know Jim I will I will confess you know when it when he began his campaign I thought this was a dry run a test test run. First state wide office I thought he was running three G in the fall. I'm you know audio and you almost don't stop saying that -- you know we what I call at -- in the won't stop saying that the and you know this is good this is not what it's all about I'm running for the Senate. -- what it took me awhile to realize that jump but I did I realize that a bad that I can I came around did not. I might try I've always tried to help the guy you know I mean he's in again I I -- the first -- are. Kind of liked you or however what do you mean meaning you know I'm gonna run for a better run for state office you can't do that your Republican not gonna work nine I'll say. I just said the seven I thought was out of reach you can -- -- and Emily Gillette and eventually. -- -- -- -- I said he I said you got a good chance to be elected AJ. That's what I said. I don't that was I don't that was what he was don't want. But you know I'm glad again I am I can't be happier I I would were obviously I would rather have him in the Senate has the 41 vote here to stop stop healthcare. Then then being the aging you know BA BAG. -- Martha Coakley and before hurt Tom Reilly they didn't they never really did much. Without crying they never especially political corruption but they can always make the excuse they don't. They don't have a Rico statute error racketeer influenced corrupt organizations statute that the state level that they can use. Targeting a wiretaps that says you know from state judges -- because just because of the overall. -- even read my collection extends into into law enforcement and the legislature are obviously here. We're you know everything worked out for the best job it'd -- really dead and it's it's great when it does have -- -- occasionally. Yeah they tried to sum up my thoughts you know what the dirty politics she put out some of the dirty politics in the world how we I mean that was discussed that and I'm just but I -- and I'm glad she got her clock cleaned. Yeah she she did that that was bio bio stoplight. I I was -- had a watch in the football games over the weekend Jim you know you could you couldn't get away from it. Thanks for the call 18774694322. She only time I ever saw hit piece on the weather channel. You know you turn you wanna just find out you know when the just always gonna start. And all of a sudden that -- you know someone is walking around practically whether a war with a a coat hanger dragon a woman into an -- I mean that it was it was horrible horrible stop it was all. Was all of BS. And you know it just didn't it didn't work she she since. She's that you know she can get reelected I thank you end. You know they're not that someone will appoint her to a judgeship this is the only thing she ever want I -- that you. She obviously doesn't care about being the attorney general you know I mean if she if she cared about it should do something she doesn't do when he -- So all shifted to now just get reelected and you don't even if there's a Republican governor. Just to get rid of rebel while they'll probably appointed to a judgeship that's that's her future. 187746943. Are so lucky defendants there. Some lucky defend its. You know as opposed the water immediately bit and I exactly. A lot of -- law and order pipes on the on the bench in a state courts in Massachusetts George you're next with how we cargo ahead George. -- how good are you can't because this is a huge victory this -- you know Kennedy's seat or the people treat the Kennedy was better for four decades. They pulled out Clinton Obama. Every dirty trick in the book. Anything that they could dig through and -- still won by -- over a 100000 vote then. You know I don't think got Obama's bold going to be ringing too much data go out -- helped put the campaigning at the -- days of supporting candidates. The democratic candidates. Our our our by the wayside in this used to conservatism on display last night that blunt and I don't think -- message would be much different -- Sarah -- message has been. It's just in a more polished wage somebody little little bit more experience when it came to politics. It's the same message in it to start this is gonna snowball how this message started well I really think Taylor broke the ice -- he carry that waterway that. Any other Republicans are running against Democrats all they gotta do is debate up. And just go after the issued 'cause that's where Scott brow beat the hell out of her and it was in the debate. On the issues she was a good -- the headlights that's -- UN on the issues. You don't was interesting. Over overnight you started read these stories like Eric burns from the F former aide to former herald reporter and a former and -- sometime made brought a future rate two -- Mitt Romney. He's one of the guys we've been calling and he was working for -- Scott Brown the last few weeks. And he was quoted as saying that you know terrorism was an underrated issue here in this campaign. And -- you know that it was almost as important as healthcare you know talking about being pro waterboarding etc. And then I saw this morning on The Today Show Scott came out said the same thing that he thought terrorism and you know hurt limp wristed our response. You bring an end the -- get mode defendants and that. And in just you you know give it 88 he mentioned it in his seek in his acceptance speech that was a great line about the yeah you know we we pay we pay our tax dollars -- it to stop the terrorists not did not give them lawyers for criminal trial -- that was a great line. It you know what she was very she was very weak on that George. And I got it that's yes that's usually that's usable issued to revamp healthcare goes away. You know you still have that issue right. Yep and -- deficit spending you have tax cuts. There's a lot of Gonzales got to do is go toe to -- what Democrats are comes to if she's anywhere and people are generally conservative in the weighed eight. Live their lives state where are they spend a little money they shape a little money to prepare our you know some emergencies. And that's how the majority of people live image. There are always want the door handout that's never gonna go away. Bet you -- I think we have them -- number if they don't seem like. It seemed like that around here George. You know when you talk about we thought when they -- it as a landslide and it was 5247. Right and in Massachusetts it is your right. Of the total although I mean it's they you know that's not a huge number that's not a huge margin. Well you know what they got used Connecticut lookin' -- really tell operation out eight based slipped into a new Democrat -- AG air. All the and so they got a little -- here and also also at the minute don't want. It's just collected issued debate amid many tried UK edge in -- where do you stand on -- think -- -- scared -- -- -- -- -- eased into our. All this. Who preached global warming it in making that our our our energy comScore if -- go right there on the checklist helped -- get a moderator that lets you do that. Eighth inning in the conservative values or their return. I mean they look what happened last -- because they had David Gergen a 88 hyper liberal a you know way out moon bats from Camelot hide the JFK school of government and and Scott Brown not took a little woodshed. She actually Meredith Vieira this morning on The Today Show try to Qaeda. You know put -- in a -- -- taking object Katie -- what -- say it was a white when he was gonna do everything against EU what -- kitty super cup case today. Now that you're misrepresenting what -- -- until especially the state of Massachusetts they already have health care not about that the issue didn't he let. Bear to get a -- that this from the guy who -- shabby and shops you went would you try to work this out. And that's what you have to do you can't let these lips aren't TV on the mainstream media to work that art murals. Right thanks for the call George 18774694322. Marie you're next with Howie -- go ahead -- Probably for the first time Amanda Wright I am false -- -- -- Massey is kittens -- I'm so all disappointed do you know. What have I done now. Why he isn't. No -- not do in the backstroke. That's how -- today -- I would bet -- recession. I you know I thought I thought about that later on -- I I was so confident that I had won the bet I just thought it was I just thought of it as a joke I. -- -- happy today obviously -- until you are right right now you're right I mean what it was a one sided bet what. And he. And detonate and 200. Different Hudson. -- didn't. So only I was sitting there I got there I rushed to the studio myself like I wanna be the first guy to say the Brown's gonna win on national TV and so I get there and I feel like I gotta tell you rip off -- my dirty sweatshirt I put -- the the that the the shirt with the collar in the high -- and they sit out in the studio. Any talk at them. Geraldo about Haiti. Like three girls carry. That's not my fault about the city I'm not waiting to go into the game you know what Meehan code already the nice thing. Very nice he had to respond try to make this week I mean -- the top of fox. I mean last -- you just let me down. Okay I'll try to do better what about my teeth though did you see my. Asked me why it crashed around I couldn't what I can't pretend you actually saw. So I got you know this is my chance you know when Marion marsh the democratic consultant sure election was gonna slip her arrest rate there are. -- although it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they were sneakers. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's why you would not place really I did tell if you would Hector Luna head no matter how good they tell you you know. And Sharon Cheryl thanks for the call. Up by 18774694322187746943. Two to talk to your next what -- we cargo ahead Turkey. That's twelve gauge. From Rhode Island I -- -- Well okay my -- this morning. What are you talking about all you -- a Republican winning. I mean. Okay okay out of Massachusetts. I will get -- didn't didn't read it probably didn't. That's why you. I mean I'm actually. That's right and and patches Kennedy your congressman. Says it's like guy it's like the Romans feeding Christians to the lions in the coliseum. I'm so -- so what I tell you -- dropped. This -- -- -- -- then we're gonna run out of the ground rent we believe the productivity and then you're really. Thanks -- -- call cookie based approach call 187 -- you're right there's somebody said. So we -- them message on one of the blogs last -- had for all you people who voted for a Rob Brown tonight. I hope Ted Kennedy haunt she'll. -- you know myself fourth Ted Kennedy's gonna haunt me. The might also gonna get. Mary -- compact -- haunting him Michigan to be right behind Ted is he's behind me. 187 brush your next with Howie -- okay we'll take a break and -- would -- back to while more call 187746943221877. 4694322. On our car. 18774694322. As election returns came in Tuesday night represented patches Kennedy of Rhode Island. So and it's clear that the voters wanted quote a whipping boy for all but lost jobs and foreclosed homes. -- role -- pardons could be true or not the coliseum on the lions would be brought out. Kennedy told reporters that the capital on Tuesday night. Does -- undergo some kind of you're analysis Pasteur at least blow into a the so Bryant -- like senator -- Lucci know used to have to do before you can issue these statements. I want I want to know what he was on when he was there when he was talking about the Romans in the alliance are pleased he couldn't get the name right and the candidate he was endorsing zone and I mean why why don't -- -- only a press conference. -- 'cause he's the son of the guy who was in the safe for all those years that's why. I mean I don't wanna book and they're not getting it so they want to protest you know you can't blame. But frankly the fact is we inherited this mess and it's becoming -- It wasn't my dad's seat it was Massachusetts seat why did -- was honored occupying every six years when the people of Massachusetts. Voted. You had. To -- a -- and how long they had the seat I mean and it's pretty it really is amazing. They got that seat in 1952. You're when you're 1952 was that's the year I was bulwark. Jack Kennedy had -- beat Cabot lodge. In 52 they G. The old man Joe Kennedy -- the support of the Boston post which was than the largest newspaper New England may be the largest newspaper in the United States but definitely largest newspaper knowing when I went out of business shortly thereafter he bought off the publisher guy named John. In the end and even though was a McCarthy I'd newspaper endorsed Jack Kennedy and it took him over the top. Then he added until he was elected president than they appointed a guy named bin Smith. This beat quote the cold holder could be a seat warmer he was a a college classmate of Jack Kennedy's. They just kept him in there until Ted turned thirty and could run for under the constitution and then -- had it until he died last August. And then it was up -- the -- the seat was filled by a by the 21 centuries Paul. Benjamin Smith who was Paul Kirk so the Kennedy family has control that seat since 1952. It's about time that turned over -- site. 18774694322. How under the lodges have that's weakest Cabot -- -- grandfather had -- had they had the seat for a for a little while anyway -- for at least 23 for May be in fort terms. And the and then Cabot lodge had it for one and a half I guess. But so they had they had it like half the time the -- -- 18774694322. Nancy your next what -- cargo ahead Nancy. Oh hi how right you would get great on Bill O'Reilly and I really work with black I think one comment to make. Did you have done anything yet last night before Scott Brown was even born then. Jim Braude and I think he thought we're talking about who is gonna run against them in 2012. I couldn't help but Mike -- you Lana was the name make this stuff. Does believe that it's hard to believe that and that's all I -- -- -- -- You know why I think they'll be at CIA I mean I they're both liberals for sure but. -- -- when you're waiting for scope when you're waiting for got to come on and you don't know when he's gonna come on. They knew just -- the kind of fill the time it's kind of a natural thing to to fall back on something like that cozy media is gonna be up for election 2012 I don't literally hold that against them so much I mean we I think I mentioned that the other yesterday to a -- that was it that was all over the maybe not the newspapers but it was certainly on the Internet yesterday after I don't know who will be who will be running against -- I'll grab a few windows. It would just say that there are ready pressing matter this thing when he just he didn't even get a lot you know get. Get this morning and yet but anyway. Yeah thank you may face -- I Y 8774694322. Regular story here in here somewhere about all the people who are to hear us all the people who were to blame for the loss this is Howard fine man. From Newsweek by the way city the way of that stuff about fineman -- Keith Olbermann is now blaming racism. We did you read this is a mom she's blamed racism before a nice claiming sexism. Why they -- I thought it was blaming racism we said that the the truck was somehow a symbol of white superiority or something. I don't no idea how we know there are you sure about that -- I am I have a whole college like yeah like you're cut the F. But anyway yeah this is fineman and he he what he wrote the Democrats who deserve blame for the loss in Massachusetts and meet some of whom are really obvious. Progressive blog I didn't hear much of a firestorm early on about what an evil dude brown is that is now orthodoxy on the left but whatever it took the terrorist was dug up only in the last -- -- Or so it seemed the mainstream junkies gays and -- I've got -- from. Yesterday and I is that element I mean from data for an and that element from election Q&A -- and act -- want a guy want I think we had we had most of them from the day before we -- out of the -- -- talked about racism. Races and then today he added sexism. Okay well let's listen -- one for my yesterday that. -- brown we have an irresponsible homophobic racist reactionary ex new model. Tea bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians -- -- disagrees. In any other time in our history this man would have been laughed off the stage. As an unqualified and the disaster in the making by the most conservative and conservatives. Instead the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is close to sending this bad at Joe. To the Senate of the United States. Yet outside I think he talked he talked about the track -- he did talk about the truck were here we want about Danny he apologizes -- onions are in the I know I've heard this one okay go ahead wanted to apologize for calling Republican senate candidate Scott Brown an irresponsible homophobic racist reactionary -- -- model T -- supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom we disagree is. I'm sorry. I left out the words sexist. But I want -- of the story of the day brown upset by online criticism from some students went to that school and swore the entire student body -- I'm very sorry. For all the blowback from the right on this from people who regularly motor worst things about Barack Obama in their sleep. When it came to the facts I cited to paint this picture of this horrific we unqualified would be senator we have heard. Nothing no contrary evidence no she's not you're not even a plausible looks we're here -- -- -- the last point. It can be argued that brown should have been given the benefit of the doubt after a supporter shouted at him that they should showed a curling iron all Martha Coakley is much. That he did not hear that perhaps it when brown -- said we can do this he was not responding to the lunatic in the crowd. The Boston Globe though makes an unanswerable point about that already low round really didn't hear isn't -- -- you statement later locally climate obscenity and the violence his supporters suggested it. Not only -- mr. brown not offering at all analyst John -- should take it was in California must not terribly well I don't really care about what they're about twelve people are tired and Terry what in the politics cuts. Please stop saying hey I can't take it. You asked for I want to but I wanted to try -- I don't track what we gotta find the truck. No we don't we know we know we have to find that well I'll find over in the next few was a few minutes I'll find out where -- truck was that. Let's say here's my issues now yes all mormons going about nobody has fax. What is government ever met a fact you can imagine -- around yelling at anybody never mine -- I think you -- I think he did use a few Kurds curse words in front of a student body wants at the ice at the local or regional high school. Yesterday -- pleasant to cursing out the entire student body no I don't even yelling. No I doubt he was yelling you Peabody he did use a few war. On toward the words but you know again that's it. God this is just so asserted than. In an Martha Coakley she's been attacked someone yelled use sock -- I want some video of that once a video of that you soc core mark. And by the way all you menopausal hacks. You sob sisters. From the the local the local rags. Including my own which is -- Iraq but the other rag. I would say I hope we got some grief counselors studio today because I'm I'm I just think it's it's really a hard thing you know I mean. You're just for Martha because she has the same plumbing as you know you worked you were just for Martha because she is the -- plumbing for you. Get over it okay she was a terrible candidate it's she didn't lose because she was eight. Woman she lost because she was a terrible candidate she was trying to sell people something they didn't want OK it -- anyway here's here's a couple people fineman blames for defeat. Governor Deval Patrick keep blazed the trail for Obama in 2006. An Ivy League African American. With good political and oratorical ski gaps. But the Democrat has become an unpopular figure in -- surrounded by other Democrats who have dragged them down by their own misbehavior. Some of the vote for a Republican Scott Brown was blow back against Patrick. Number and then -- final won the Massachusetts congressional delegation out of jealousy oral oblivious to us this group of thirteen all Democrats. Sounded no alarm bells and didn't pay much attention until it was way too late. They were all in the state last weekend again too late to do much good. While he was a combination of jealousy and oblivious this. You know I mean did does anyone think that. Jaw and all over. Or build -- -- there are -- -- and beings at this -- point or Ed Markey for that matter -- -- -- John Tierney com. Capital One knows what's going on -- I have a gift for you yet visit the truck. I remember we only spent time we're down with -- Washington and pat had a lovely assistant who was really -- with the computer yes and found some cold tea a fresh to watch -- guy went to school remember -- ask yes he listening online. He has the -- clip there you go he's emailing it to me glad I want to try one cop asked if he would like it. Yes we would like the truck. Eddie you don't have to know me to send me good tape. You know just -- -- until they show you know me and you know I want to good stuff. A you know that you know we don't have the staff we used to have been Ed so I have to rely on on you the listeners to help me out. Not just what my column given me great one liners and I'll be glad to take -- -- for the next morning in the paper or online but also with tape. He says the truck okay well we'll get we'll play that will play that we come back 18774694322. How we car. Yeah. -- -- But 74694322. We got the truck plant after the next break. Miles says the coliseum -- I believe they used to flood the coliseum for maritime games yes they did I sought and when I was in Rome. I shudder to think what would have happened -- the Kennedy we're driving it chariot with a twenty year old well -- near one of the flooded blocks. 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