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Airport Terror Review

Jan 6, 2010|

The air-headed guard who allowed a major security breach at Newark Airport on Sunday has been placed on administrative leave and booted from the airport, the Transportation Security Administration announced today. Do you have any faith in the TSA?

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None whatsoever. I've ordered tour important reviews Obama declared on December 283 days after the Abul McCollum allegedly tried to blow up a plane over Detroit with explosives hidden in his briefs. I announced two reviews. He repeated the next day the reviews I've ordered will surely tell us more. On Saturday the president told the nation that he had received the preliminary findings of the reviews but I ordered. Finally after returning from Hawaii to the White House Obama went before cameras yesterday and announced that he was well. Still reviewing the matter. I made it clear today to my team I want our initial where review was completed this week. When it came to questions about consequences would people lose their jobs with the intelligence community be restructured again. Barack was not ready to answer. We won't make a summary of this preliminary report public within the next few days he offered he mentioned his reviews. Eleven times. Upon father further review there was little chance of Obama even while popping a tougher -- would step down from his reviewing stand. This has -- systematic reviews while drafting complaints of dithering while drawing complaints of dithering have served it well before. Afghanistan missile defense in taxes each received a thorough review. He got in the bottom review. But cyber security and a complete review of drug trafficking to Mexico. In the -- mechanism to review climate change policies. Fort -- get more urban policy Iraq the economic stimulus domestic partner benefits the presidential helicopter in even the White House party crash are all ahead. One of the news of -- White house press secretary Robert Gibbs was in work review mode earlier yesterday. As he previewed the president's speech the word was mentioned 34 times in the briefing. Is anybody don't lose their jobs over this asked Jake taper will again be review is ongoing. The Washington the Wall Street -- what Jonathan Weisman said asked about the British government's claims that it had given them the Americans information about the attacker. Gibbs replied that he's going to get into discussing. That aspect of the ongoing were of the no. Was there communications breakdown. I don't wanna get too far ahead of the review no. How well Obama hold people accountable. Accountability as part of the ongoing review no. People won't necessarily be fired question mark I'm gonna wait for me one of you know to finish. Fast for a few hours. The president walks into the grand for -- I just concluded a meeting he said with the and with the officials involved in the security we're bureaus but I've ordered. For those just turning tuning into the review process he reminded viewers that. I ordered to reviews one drawing on the best technology and science and the other eight thorough review no -- terrorist watch listing system. This ongoing review continues to reveal more about the human systemic failures almost cost nearly 300 lives. But don't worry folks. The president said as our adversaries signal recruits while constantly one of you know. And rapidly update our intelligence and our institutions. That's -- that's the review -- It's a -- 18774694322187. Dead by the way they have -- there's a new report out today. On the chaos at the -- work airport on Sunday night did you hear about that. This this guy got through -- you know way it is when not they have that did you you'll be -- -- sitting in the secure area have to get off the plight. And then there's had been you don't feel they always tell you don't go down this side dog don't you know don't try to enter through here a guy just stroll throw. A -- just stroll through pencil. First. They said well we we know at least we know what the guy looks like will that we got security cameras. And it will just check out the security cameras. That there was no tape in the security cameras -- there was they would they it was a recording I mean it was a recording it was showing -- bid Leo feeds but nothing was being recorded. So I'm so there. Wait for security holes. After about thirty minutes they tell us they're going plane to clean check assessments of cops came on board check -- the plane left. That's a -- say they said they're clearing up the terminal clearing out old planes and then we all came out here. So you see the guy. But there -- yelling out 109109109. Everybody's reason nobody moves. Stay they didn't so they finally got some so the police are calling the airlines and Continental Airlines being in the dreaded private sector. Had bothered to put hate in the cameras so they have a little bit of tape to go on. But now it turns out today there's a story out. But there -- the apparently the TSA guy who was in charge of while watching making sure that no one entered through the accent. Was on a cell phone and apparently wasn't paying much attention. And so you have this -- K I. How do like that I mean how would you like to use your common home you're tired you know your sad because -- -- -- you're returning from a tropical climbed to the bleak. Northeast area. All of a sudden. Your flight is stopped Europe Europe -- to. To get off the plane you're gonna have to go through security again. Because somebody wasn't paying attention and they don't know what they still to this day don't know who the person -- whole. Who went through I mean it probably isn't anybody dangerous but they don't what they base they have no way to tell what is. Because. The TSA employee was on a cell phone and then when they decided to check -- -- use the fallback position to check in the cameras doors no. Videotape. I got -- they gonna have our view all of us. I hope they have a thorough reveal an ongoing thorough review 018774694322. Do you have any confidence in. The Obama administration has it -- keeping the skies safer or anywhere else safe. -- your next with how we cargo have -- I have always. I recently. -- dominant -- and -- I would visit my family in Oklahoma. I -- from probable -- to Oklahoma City. It was no problem. At stake are a month. And we're now is content that Oklahoma City airport. To -- back up here. I didn't realize. That my driver mod master -- this driver's license actually expires. On my birthday. Yeah because they don't give you what they -- -- letter anymore I just noticed that today is a matter of fact the my license is about to expire -- Out well hello the app so I didn't I didn't know what started expired at the end of a market a product -- a few days so. I wish for days are over the expiration date from my identification at the airport. So I go up and I you know given try to get out boarding pass and the lady at debate artist and as a guest says. We can't expect this identification -- what's going out and she said your drivers such as -- they pick up. Everybody listen to this because -- got Lori got -- screwed here and I almost died I almost forgot myself does you don't get in Massachusetts you do not get that letter anymore. No. Write your driver's license expires on your part -- exactly. We not and Obama right Philly anyway. She said. Go ahead. I don't trust it you know she gave me my boarding passion -- I don't know security guy like cheap credit. So I'd go along you know that Donny and economy. And I don't want to -- this this time around it's inappropriate but he. Appeared to any of Arabic different. He went ahead and old based grains and he had no driver's license. The only form of identification he had with the -- -- the yellow piece of paper. -- -- -- -- -- I like to look at. And they put him through security. So I was -- -- all they have. They looked at -- boarding pass and -- -- And they. Said it need to go over -- into special car right now like couch you know how you overt. Always go into the corral -- of artificial hip now. App so they coming in the corral. And they want to go let me just throw it around like you got to be kidding me. As I've got my picture that's last picture I like I was like I'm only 48. You know low bar yeah and I. Can be no limit to how our kids. I don't blame you do what -- But did they let you through finally -- not. After about an hour and a -- I mean my initial flight. And I actually had a towel RNC in Massachusetts. My guess I'm saying that stated that I was in Massachusetts residents my birth date back some obscure number all the and they act. A big guy and on the main. Right had no identification in the let him on so is not what he's well liked the guy that tried to bomb the plane on Christmas Day. He got he got -- without a passport how is that possible. Output cut and that's where I think what I've got back up -- patented smart. Thankfully you know what I -- get caught up plane. He probably probably US but I plan -- gonna get I'll let you know what I it cannot find out who can I don't think it is too well -- Staten -- -- out of patient identification. -- More listeners like get off the air tonight I'm gonna try to renew my license on line and if I don't -- -- -- -- -- on line in the fight if it's this is one of those times I have to go to the registry in Watertown I guess I'll just have to go down there and don't let you know. God are you Tyson got things for the call thanks for reminding everybody about that you've got. What. What a scam they. They don't. Send do you notice any more the registry -- more beer it cost too much money they wanna get free tuition to illegal aliens that that's not that's not expensive at all of course. -- coming out with my car registration doesn't send me an -- and I just happened to notice yeah. Well again. It's warm all -- are warning to all cap records. Her a warning warning to all our pricing and high seas and aquarius BA you're you're right your license may be about to expire check out the expiration date. You could of the same kind of problems that -- had. 1877469432. To look like some more questions were more calls about this we come back I'm now car. More than thirty years this Sports Museum has so I had it. In the why in the 87746943221877469432. We know on the Fox News Channel Neil Cavuto. Has got the mayor of LA and Antonio. The. Saying that they need more airport scanners. They -- all she need mayor root beer -- you need to people like up patches Kennedy mob attacking. The airport scanners. As they as they go through remember that a few years ago. There was an elderly black or months. Elderly. Protected black protected woman protect a triple. A triple threat. As far as as far as hate crimes goes right end up patches Kennedy a packed tour. They see as he pushed her to try to get through the gate to make his flight. 18774694322. But probably that he didn't do when he thanked the patches Kennedy and they had video player but that they they had some videotape in the camera so we actually got pictures up. We actually saw the paper. 1877469432218774694322. -- tenure -- next with how we cargo ahead Duncan. They're not gonna called after we can have been fired up. The effect does isn't it great that. I'm sorry appetite I don't mind it felt what we were arguably two story yesterday -- first -- nine. And it security got your paper route I would like to pick packed -- IMAX. Argue with highly offended or you're not playing a part of -- -- can -- that -- little late. -- somebody left a screwdriver on the plane and yet they had to check it out. Are you giving me a screwdriver. Yeah. That's ridiculous there's -- that but go to trot and actually seven hours after the trial where art I'm driving. Yeah no I don't blame BI this it's good to be like after 2001 a lot of -- -- in there we're gonna drive rather than you know go through the or counsel of everything. I I was torn a Florida last spring. -- up Thursday night I thank. Then leave the plane got delayed you know why does somebody without a ticket got on the appointed just like this just like the bomber in Detroit. And so you know what they had to once they got they got the guy off the plane. And then you know what they had to build they had to pull off all the bags and Matt -- I'm sure that he had put a bag on. It then we were like Delaware delayed for an hour and half just sitting there. There's I think a hundred million dollars or scanner how about racial profiling it doesn't cost a nickel. Some guy named Elliot -- -- -- at lawful fine. And I know but you know again we live in the we live in a major political correctness -- they can't do that I guess there was a guy from the Reagan administration on TV this morning make in the case for a doing Israeli style racial profiling and you know of course everybody was freak -- out you know -- -- I'm surprised the Detroit high school when after the students are all wearing the at Twin Towers T shirts you know. That January and other analysts and I like our. Thanks for the call doctor it. 1877469432218774694322. Kevin your next with how we cargo ahead Kevin. In reality. You know Michael yard -- the yup former green beret and who's been embedded with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have for the better part of up. Are -- not eat or yeah I read about the what -- Telus -- what happened to him he came through the security word Seattle yesterday. -- you come and homey within Hong Kong and and fly into Seattle. Yet to come all for a couple of weeks off from covering the war on you know dodging bullets from -- best of five -- go to go own dime and -- -- dime. He get this sea tac airport. And they start after them all of these ridiculous question but how much money do you make. Stand as a former green beret military guy he doesn't suffer fools gladly that he -- -- to their questions because they were sold certain. And he ended up -- Handcuffed taken it -- raw men you know quotation frigate interrogated by the he had paid stooges. And he would held up a couple hours and coal. You're American you're an American can they want more -- -- Dolly that means they're that that's what they noted that the guy Michael Young green -- covered a war. You know as an independent journalist then. He gets caught then then pulled aside into a room and -- interrogated by the studio that he would say and it wasn't until. I ask you described a more professional law enforcement people showed up the most situation was squared away you go out. Why the hell are you don't want one thing that I was unclear from you know just taken a cursory glance at the stories. Why the hell would they ask him these questions to begin west. Well he didn't know he could have figured out he didn't understand what you know what the matter how much I make what do you what do you need me to tell you going to get for my next flight yeah but he. He's not -- kinda -- gonna put up what nonsense like that's so he called them on and you wouldn't answer it and you know I ended up getting handcuffed -- Trouble yeah sometimes you trouble months since so you don't enough get him cup for your troubles Kevin you know what I mean I mean I'm glad he did he did I don't think I would've -- I -- what you are marketed the answer that question though who who want their right mind would answer questions like that. Yeah I guess that wouldn't do the World Series and ridiculous question now the only defect but he would take apart we have -- -- take one look at -- on passport. And it's gonna have every elbow on the plane and -- tugged at what he does for a living fidelity their only -- -- holding him up but. It just another excuse me between Mike John and Joan Rivers I feel so -- they file. -- -- by the way if you repeated -- by Joan Rivers apparently on her pat what is your passport it says. Jerome rivers AKA. Rosenberg -- that's her late husband's name or well was her name is so. AKA as also known ads but apparently AKA comes back is a potential terrorists names so they stopped her from getting onto a plane right. Both can't KF said that three initialed and Joan -- -- critical moment she must be a terrorist. Have thanks for the call Kevin 018774694322. One thing it's really. I think Cohen Joe -- case you know share any publishing is good publicity -- -- -- this is probably a boost for her career. Joe -- your next with Howie -- go ahead John. In LA all right. I got potential oil and number one you're right new -- yes. Obama really do wish. Going to be good -- -- undertaking of which are at a pop -- specialist. Yes you -- they they said -- reviews was going out of business now they've got a buyer Ford but they could they could take some they can use some competition Kircus row versus Obama's reviews. You've got to the domestic theaters. I would go on on a -- one days and I went through the airport and Logan two white shoes off. And personal -- took -- two it's. The guy -- a little -- that I should go to TSA guys just take. Usually that's what -- -- shoes -- -- -- show host -- actions should parishes though they're not. Air and all. Broke slow so like general I -- how much it charged can sort horseradish go. I know John you know why I'd now days it's I had my hip replacement I have the I always get put into the corral -- the first caller said. And so what I do is like give the I give the cell phone in the wallet to whoever I'm wet. You know but -- later John I'm gonna guess I'm -- going through by myself right. And wallet that wallet that's all photo just gonna be set there. Well I'm in the well. I don't know I got to figure out what I'm gonna do that case. Well I don't year old British -- emerged harsh each. And animals and -- and stuff like that did not fact the only. Now well straight times of change John thanks for the call. 1877469432218774694322. Bob your next with Howie -- go ahead Bob. How -- total probably strong Gloria what's that. A blue ribbon commission that's a yeah Leo but that's what they should be in charge did that's what all those people always do the reviews writer -- yeah it's a group a -- spirit. -- -- -- And they get their recommendation. And every recommendation. Kept up with a totally ignored by the way are -- -- you know. And be able that it would start bureaucracy at the beginning with the old -- try to go to -- -- we think yeah get tackled this and let people look like but you could walk behind the -- and and as I closeted people left -- -- our airports work that well what what could well -- -- expect like Georgia and video runway without conflict you know the potential to be expecting. I literally outlook web you have run in these. -- -- Yet you're familiar with with minimal trading. Got a cellphone and then -- how much inconvenience that put everyone out there were -- and Nokia is the biggest airports in America. I mean -- they won't -- we'll be an indoor scripted but. I mean QB -- sometimes you lose Bob's -- let's give -- its market timing couldn't probably three or olive and I didn't bet the -- -- all of a curve -- yeah we -- cold yeah. I mean you know and have a little like you said they deliberately you know there are obviously -- they want to anyone wanted to do -- because you party would have. Or -- blog you wanna collect. But this is your first time this has happened Bob remember that does that there was one. At the Atlanta airport. Parts Hartsfield airport. They are on -- Friday afternoon. Some guy is going to the ole miss game remember this this jury all few years ago and it was half in the bag and so we just kind of wandered then you -- -- -- -- they why they lost them. It's -- had -- -- -- bid to do the same thing that they did it norte the other night. You know what -- -- Obama came reform like good you know the tarmac in what the exports from Ecuador and -- their church. We'll be able to. Another guy who recently this wasn't it a big commercial airport but it was that -- and it L local airport some guy there was a bomb women on the edge of the -- one of the runways. Any just figured he'd figured out they you don't somehow we learned lead the ins and outs of the airport. Any got again any took a plane it was just taxing around tried tried to take off. Pathetic edit your children if you're not only got killed they'd -- just -- You only -- they give my bottle Moscow towel talk about the content of record at certain -- proclaim yes he did do dim Vista but you can't get a sure sure -- all right -- -- -- it appears that Blake -- A huge fight with a 10000 dollar deductible thanks for the call Bob. 18774694322. Timothy you're next with how we cargo ahead Timothy. You just don't -- children's first believes -- into the -- one. Obama has absolutely no management skills because she -- never done any manager I think he's always been -- not to -- it. I'm gonna have to review of that statement Timothy it's -- if I do agree with that are not. Okay well that's what he has never manager people brought. All right so the story -- to make that decision appears not to be here they'd probably always Everett built and ready built -- nobody. -- -- toward the decision. He always falling back to his old it just. -- -- ninety there's I don't think one extra something like. Well lust and 15% of his cabinet and there's -- steps have private sector urged Europe were all from La academia -- to a -- -- -- -- Right there's -- -- -- and have a lot of money like Rahm Emmanuel he got his money's Fannie Mae Freddie Mac you know he got taking -- get taken care of what they. Hack job to give him some money and it now now by the way he wants to run for mayor of Chicago that -- scary. Yes you'll feel that mr. I our -- small company we can make decisions because we -- bottom line -- No we didn't look hard things even people like. My manager bombs at home today. Because as soon as you can Padilla's story yesterday it was a very -- this morning it'll -- the office open my reminders. Get a photocopy of those drivers and because we drive trucks. -- nor white sort of spirit expired yesterday seeking re going online to use pictures to roll. Out a hundred bucks to be sent home for the -- I think everybody in my Washington -- because. -- -- -- Billy gets sent home if there's like half an inch of snow on the ground. Again I remind everybody they -- they if you live in Massachusetts they do not send you a letter anymore from the registry they've stopped doing that so there's gonna you know you've you've got that. Remember when your birthday is check your driver's license see what the expiration date is. You can. You only have to get your picture taken every other time I think I think I'm gonna be okay but I'll I'll Ametek tonight. 18774694322. On our car. -- -- Veteran Celtics managing partner Steve -- Tell you guys every Friday morning at eight for the Celtics front office report they'll keep you updated on all things Celtics with a.