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Max Robins 12/21/09

Dec 21, 2009|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...

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774694322. Is -- they're now. -- I'm here. Okay max ready for action captain okay I've got a few it's some little local wise and -- reception questions for you here. It's the holiday season I can we bring out the -- yes yes -- from Chelsea says. Max I love all the Christmas car ads on TV is an original member of the beautiful people Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous club. Where does one guy. A one of those oversized red -- to put on the roof of a car in the driveway and on Christmas morning. I would go to your local Lexus dealer or Acura better. Acura Boston. And if you plunk down 67 to grant for car though finds a big yes read rip at a different -- -- with -- have never seen one of those big gas ribbons and a store. I haven't either but I believe me how if you're ready to spend that kind of money and a new car a then they'll fudge your ribbon with. With the by the way to -- on sale on Tuesday in the movie doesn't start until Friday. Christmas is very you know what let's go back to ribbons for just the second yes it -- the Sherlock Holmes sound -- you can go to car blows dot com. Car blows me not carbohydrates but CA RB LE WS yeah that's no car -- that's the other one Carbone -- CR VoS is where you and I shout out right. -- this is Carbone is the CA RP OWS so if Jason give -- his wife and two you know. Ask collider somewhere where they're at at this didn't give him a -- a big -- -- he also wants to know he says white of the advertising that the soundtrack CD goes on sale three days before the movie opens will one single person by the soundtrack before the movie actually opens big AMP Scarborough but when it cost between 35 -- -- firebox that set gap that's all for worldly guy violence okay. Big OJ you get leave you get answers to your questions right here about -- our show. How we were we we give full service we we we satisfy. But our client authors of the audience officer mark wants to know why is TLC so obsessed with shows about huge family wedding downs one on dads and dwarfs. Jim good people watched the home cooked a -- He says shouldn't these be reserve for the monkey business channel well they should and and how we impact. I'm actually talking to our law firm in were worth thinking of a massive salute. And steal -- for stealing all our great night so they have dwarfs right on TLC. What can go to court why don't we have midget it's. You know there you go. Counter programming there's some new show and I just read about it today some show about. These two worse who have like a chocolate factory your skin reflectors. We Willie. -- okay 18774694322. You saw the story in the New York Post today supposedly Geraldo is not threatening to quit if Fox News Channel hires. Lou Dobbs do you believe that. I think Geraldo. I mean he's -- guys at this point the kind of money he's making -- fox and that's you know Roger -- loyalty to overall though that goes way back. I think if he does that and sticks to that he's going to be like Richard -- in that scene -- officer and settlement. I mean I think that morale boosted into his paycheck in the affected. Yeah it's gotta slow weekend thing to do with seventy considering that CNN and MSNBC on most nights are getting their asses kicked by that dwarfs on TLC right fifth at the there's there's not everybody. There's not a lot of big money out there other than not the Fox News Channel right in that job growth. In that particular genre and now I mean I I really I think he's just makin' noise I would be really surprised defeat. Lou Dobbs came over me 00 he's objecting to Lou Dobbs and he's okay with Glenn Beck -- -- come. You know I mean. A robot does his thing they do their thing you know right right it and guess what guess what max. They do their thing on week nights and he doesn't have a -- It was right there right now there are right there -- -- you need to. Saw you you should he's he's Limbaugh Huckabee get out. And 18774694322. Anything else we need to know when the wonderful world of TV max. Well everybody's coming out with there are gonna be curious to some of the the listeners what they some of their favorite shows -- the years our people are publishing their lists and can -- deceit. People like him don't like. Lot of shows that of lights -- exe making lists are like. True blood Sons of Anarchy mad men of course show modern family great new comedy and ABC lot of shows that we've gotten calls on so are. I think. Maybe for once. The listeners who are -- -- or in step with the critics are the critics better yet -- in step with them. 18774694322. Let's start taking some calls here with max -- she's the executive vice president of the paley center for media. Where you can go and see do you one still existing episode of were early birds. Why did I know that was gonna come back to -- but a and it. -- that's Leslie said the the got -- last week Macs all that's all you need is one that one episode. And I you're Angel I have all your manager fell. I think -- yes his appetite. We'll cut he'll exceed it. But at the Gemini your next with Howie -- max -- go ahead. Anyway you wish you how secret that we weak US interest that we really can and can't good food city new EX. And like -- can you finish your -- when the Senate seat and Obama. Secret diary of a call girl Eric. Well I think for a lot of people not soon enough we're gonna check that for. When that comes back that actually was a show that showtime acquired from the UK and my guess is we're probably looking for a sometimes second quarter. Second yes sometime in the spring of -- -- These -- featuring Billie Piper records once -- Tyler run Doctor Who. Well no there was -- good -- because. -- you gotta get out visit Shirley avenue you know. Thanks. I don't Landon. I admit I if you add the sets -- let's say. Thanks Jimmy. 877469432218774694322. You know while land max. Oh yeah -- -- the city of send you never go out the way you -- man they thought that that. That's where the route that saying originally it would what happens in -- -- -- and you know. I think it'd be the mayor's Michael about the way he came and he he was defeated by a Republican woman running on stickers. -- that's a bad side. Crescent Euronext with Howie -- and max robins go ahead Chris. There they count it out Mac OBO and showtime what happened to those periods up probably. It's in the -- kind of quickly -- thirteenth -- I think in the first feared it was like twelve episode then it was gonna head up facility and in the third season it was just eight episode the kind of back off real quick -- is a great -- I'd I agree with -- that was a terrific show to even though was fiction -- I and you just have. They showtime pulled the plug on it and I think that may be. It was because it was a hold over from another regime and they just didn't see enough people like you or me who who like to -- maybe too many people read the Brothers Bulger and realized there was fiction. There may be. I was hoping you would spur sales of people would want the real thing but the other way I had the Brothers Walter still available trade paperback and I don't in my home it's a favorite stocking -- every year it's internal police did did it -- big time yesterday on Amazon -- the blizzard you know how do you do you don't have to go you don't have to go leave your house just to just order a -- right on line and let your fingers do the clicking exactly and yesterday. Thanks press. 18774694322. Was about this -- stir. And his brother who was a politician in the politicians. Like a hooker like Ashley du pre had a harder goal. Right by the way -- Ashley Dupree has become a advice columnist at the -- I know you Shia I was I was trying to anticipate that so that you would be given me grief about it for the second we can -- A fellow columnist Howie it's like we can win win over this last week I know I know -- so. It's like a prosecution when they get a serial killer -- on the stand -- -- -- they look they go through the list of the -- you know I wanted to get it out there before somebody brought it up on cross examination. Why didn't she's a nice looking woman to every time I see your picture in the paper I think I'm proud that I'm proud to be fit to welcoming her for the return it. -- the handsome woman yes Kenya and a stylus the issue here is just a yeah obviously she has the stuff and a hot car. Yes yes yes stuff I don't I highly paid hooker at I might add. Roger -- next with Howie Carr and max -- go ahead Roger. And we -- before we get to Roger -- some good news. Diary of call of a call girl season two showtime. Area. January. 4 all okay much other around the corner much sooner than you had anticipated. Yes yes I guess it's. What is a New Year's resolution that ought to worry -- -- about hookers and that's two weeks from tonight -- two weeks that's all you're not -- Jimmy. Belliard next with Howie -- and max -- go ahead belt. Very consistent -- -- -- Christmas Day how you -- tell you read that part that I can live without of the Lorenzo revolver. Yeah okay that's okay. I can live without Mike Huckabee you very. I don't -- about the pain. That I EI was quite super max. I I really enjoy that any program at The Beatles are they gonna trying to revive it would somebody else drives. I don't think so I don't think so that. I like this is no I like but I I. It was always a great it was this show have real promise send. You know Patrick Swayze -- he was the guy was game I mean he gave -- great performance. I don't I don't -- this indictment. Yeah I don't know I want to step step I think I'd really I get tired of New York didn't -- Flynn looked well not. The I but I I wouldn't I wouldn't hold my breath on that I think the -- was really about. Patrick Swayze and I don't know -- plants it to revive it. OK thank you. Thanks bill. 18774694322. -- I -- host my own show on the monkey business channel next year to say the word I beat anorexia. Could expect. We're gonna have to we're gonna have heart warming testaments from other other survivors. You know and it can be brought to you by. Cargoes died kind of -- you -- W no -- OW no don't Carlos dot com Garbajosa ago. -- both are us. Another billiard -- with Howie Carr and max -- go ahead bill. Banc Alex expects a -- them I ask you guys about that he durden do appear -- but I'm dead serious American blogger. Any word on the second seat -- Well I know there's a thirst for it to come back. How are -- we do wait. -- are thirty new series on tap at the bit that. It's a bit as well Howie I'm I'm hoping that the new season this is refreshing is the less that a I heard the viewers were organizing a draft. Yes they are they are drafting it and I think they're brewing up new episodes through this winter. When you guys -- cost Armageddon now a new information. Well is that true all Macs or not it is yes it is it is we're we're gonna have a special. Winter through. Bill -- blogger bill does this make it a happy hour for you. Well I know what it is half. -- -- -- -- -- Bill with us here and on the monkey business she's OL is never and he doesn't care about us he wants to know about America blog it's comment. This winner I don't ever -- -- paid for yet. Sorry about well we'll work on mad max got somebody there at the in New York that that's working on right now bill I know I just -- -- Asia limited intrepid Liz. We know all the all knowing who is here in the -- Daytona bell and well known a couple of minutes when America blogger is comin' back. Are you thank you very much everything here at -- -- holiday. Thank you same -- and you can bet that the expiration date has not. Hey the right and how we bills well that ends well -- can't plug -- okay keep your next with how we guard max -- score had -- -- -- -- we don't know third street the carpet at the that had been. Okay go ahead and get it -- very better than us back I'm really harsh tally hum. Effective kind of tired and emotional today the go ahead keep it. Very critical that the problem Merry Christmas hey RIA. You mentioned it earlier I'm hoping that you. You tell -- the modern Amway has a long future out of -- so what it is it definitely does great -- -- by -- I first candidate to bat because I wanted to see. What Ed O'Neill could do well much thought Mary Ann childers as much as I enjoyed it conduct perpetually juvenile. Released sandbag his career. And it has been a very short lived dragnet series yeah. Dayton which he was brilliant but I felt that that was very early on was brilliant I thought it would -- and not roll out that show was horribly written. And hello good news succeed how could you probably knew what try to pop Jack Webb. -- it that the I don't know I thought. Episode of married with children where he and -- -- eat a bucket of chicken there Heidi from their children in a closet was. -- topic for me you know the thing is -- -- -- -- what was his career before married with children it's not like you know he gave up the you you know beyond this that Shakespearean. Stage too good to go with married with children right. Stimulate our two seasons or something I mean yeah he made a big people money I mean at O'Neal's grandchildren are gonna have to worry about going to college yeah. Oh that's true but. In other that they underwrote with a lot of actors on marriage you know after that show and that they couldn't get jobs. Never had a good you don't nobody's who read this -- -- -- -- -- he was somebody who never said. I'm not satisfied it's not -- I can't do CC six a married with children under and I'm loving dramatic and it getting canceled. I want peace and I want to start with Britney Murphy Amanda who that it met I know isn't new. That new series and Purdue off the collateral with yet as a to a great it's it's a hit moderate and a lot of C a story you'll never worry about anything. Now he's dead he's he's like an old guy with a hot young wife and and it's a pretty funny series I have isn't very funny it's very. Thanks keep 18774694322. -- your next what how we card max robins go ahead Alan. They get very -- evolved Merry Christmas. They I think about it the questions actually 01 of dogs -- access pertaining to calm. Heroes is bad seem like it's going to be and I stayed for this season -- -- on hiatus and not by advocate I think for another season. Yeah it's gonna have another season. -- any or cab about how terrible they overlooked in the interment good mom no it's longevity. Even -- not really oh yeah. Well if it's not out yet it's hard to say how let's give it to the -- -- you know I can answer questions like this would be on this radio show you know working for Ben and Jerry's books that -- in the market. Would you like a few by the way. You know you can never have too many to commit to. But over the giveaway to a and for each contestant on. This week's edition of I beat anorexia. -- you quoted at twenty dollars worth of Ben and Jerry's gift certificates from Bob wards. Ben and Jerry's to fit in the park squared Boston. So we'll give you Wilson will be sending some your way for the Stockton. But thanks the stock shock you explorer should learn that's right that's right. Facial -- a call -- let's take a break 18774694322. Up Howie Carr. Hi ladies it's Cheney from the Harry -- showing I have green 774694322187746913. About the toll free number the Howie -- show if you would like to join us here. This afternoon every weekday afternoon whether -- for a couple more calls as max robins CC executive vice president of the paley center for media in New York City Andy's here to answer your questions about TV let's just go right back -- -- phone. Phones might -- next with Howie -- and max -- glad Mike. They don't -- Christmas. Merry Christmas hey Mike before yeah it's -- question how the American logger yes. Your thirst will be clenched on January 15 when -- returns. That's great. Oh -- -- -- that it's not happy hour you can only get one like. We always sit and watch it to get ahead. Very LA I just got a question about mad TV with a big camera and off I was the only one. No way to get a real loyal following and and I think you have an afterlife I Comedy Central but it's gone after a long. Lucrative run. All right I appreciate it thank you are much guys. Thanks Mike it it lives with worldly -- -- the fifth but. The court doesn't -- -- -- that we have two episodes and ultimately back -- -- here next with our guard max robins coed neck. Payment mechanisms -- Christmas Day. I can't protest stargate maybe surrogate Sharon. Is that but looking together and embassies and there. I'm not -- we're gonna check that out for those targets -- but that was a real solid show for scifi. Which reached a prelude to another season right yeah the other to the projects to. Okay thanks redneck will -- if you find out afterwards -- will tell people after the -- 6 o'clock probably you've got OK we have time for one more -- -- not a time for anymore. How we. Max Merry Christmas happy new year all that stuff in diet let's say no stargate returning in the spring and I'm certain stargate returning in the spring OK hold on and talk to what Taylor giving your dress again so we get you some Ben and -- somehow we car. Yes it's that time.