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Dec 17, 2009|

Will minorities be under represented in the census?

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From the sale on their newest change the price Franken and I -- -- -- Medicare and Medicaid are trajectory. There are unsustainable -- -- control or Ferrero -- borrow money fundamental problem there's the American people are saying please don't pass this bill. And the surveys -- all indications were premiums war. Reporters are gonna load up more cross on new. Potentially they're gonna drop your coverage because they just can't afford an increase of point 530%. And the federal government will go bankrupt. 6172666. Years six years in just a matter of days the government technically runs out of money and can't borrow anymore that the government about to hit its legal borrowing authority the house passed a measure allowing another 290 billion dollars in deficit spending we're very proud. I -- -- -- site -- much morning to be done broadcasting from a new balanced world headquarters build its -- Apparently there won't be satisfied until America itself insolvent like general all gone off course today the Democrats have -- At your party that I refused to leave a despite the fact that there are obviously on a collision course well look at that big brick wall let me let me -- lift an observation that he made lift -- yeah and in and use it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I trust the poor guy plante at the new census is starting at just a few weeks dissidents is in this exciting up this means that new acorn employees will be. Who going out across the country reported door coming to a neighborhood -- fabricating residence in order to beef up the numbers of minorities who live in this country. So that there can be more money that goes to a court. As a classic case of good intentions of going bad. In the good intentions would be to have any census have visit and have as accurate a count to. As possible. Also took consequences that flow from a census. -- And people try I think the very very best but historically the Iraq communities out there. That a suspicious of government non responsive to government officials are people they see acting on behalf of government to stay behind closed those that don't on MB. You know just a weapon to stay below the radar would be the phrase that would use for that and so as a response that reality will come -- and said you know. If he had organizations that had. Street -- community credibility. People would be more likely to respond and many more likely to get him. So an athletic style mafia creates a census. Counting. Subdivision -- Huge favor giving them federal money to go on a hell knows -- -- don't know no one I guess I'm just tell into an argument is gonna pull -- you don't think of terrorists in Iraq you have that sound yet. What can I wanna make sure our audience and I'm -- lobbying for acorn are somehow I. So right leaders Wednesday lobbied commerce secretary Gary -- And top Census Bureau officials. To press -- better counts of African Americans. In the 30 census now this is disgusting it's blatantly racist why are they saying us what is the implication that by African Americans are harder to see. No why would they have trouble accounting African Americans he kept his eyes as it just explain to historically it's alleged. That African Americans do not respond -- keep in mind of the history when you're talking about where do you get this -- -- -- I wanna -- black person call right now let's say you're afraid of the census -- 617266. Is ridiculous thing I've ever heard any death still are -- little always conspiracy. -- account people who don't exist by the way the pressure on acorn to go out there and fabricate -- Well that's what happens day the young government the United States government already plans a 200 million dollar advertising campaign. Aimed at getting people to respond to the census and -- how -- effort grows but the president of the Urban League says much more needs to be done. To make sure under represented communities. Include the. Does everything have to be god yeah high. The people they -- door to door whatever they come up what you have gone up bobcat what does all this we -- what are they gonna start who we hire you -- commercial and okay people real people you don't hire these corrupt agencies. Who is business model has to do with cheating on behalf of Democrat and you can -- white people to white communities and black people's differences and make well I'm I'm -- I ask you Bernard looked okay -- -- might judge a man by the quality of his character or not they contents of his -- in -- however that want to. A couple of white guys stopped rap and undo -- and Roxbury about a pin wearing badges that identify themselves young the government employs a government contract -- this. I'm telling you a lot of black people will say. I'm not talking of those white guys with the government badge what -- -- -- -- and -- I don't know why well you're saying don't know what the F fought and -- center says that you limit Roxbury arm out of ten you're racist is that true 617. -- have to lose 666 -- 68. I happen I don't believe more in the American people and it went. -- -- -- -- -- the arguments that the other ridiculous you think so no -- to get -- -- let me ask that they come from people like skip gates. Core professional racists who teach other people think get a racial -- skip gates is a professional racist so we're Sharpton and Jackson an exact I don't deny that. But that's who drives is kinda stupid and you know you are denying history Todd -- denying history if you would grade do you have any sense of what the African American experience has been with a white America of course I see what liberals do -- have the primary -- what liberals have done to them what was what was white America doing to them. Enslaving them breaking about the family's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Impoverished in them then your point is reading for for preventing them from. Thank you might say educational opportunities are economic -- guess why that's what the Democratic Party does to them today it denies in the most basic. Educational opportunities to stop playing games soaring about the sense does not tell us about the power player is what my own words all you want the federal government race histories like a I don't know I gonna somebody -- Irish and -- I forget about that English occupation that only Karen a couple of hundred -- -- why -- -- -- -- remember -- all -- in any. -- history WR itself Boston. Complaining about -- they'll be English occupational television for data got a -- -- got a job and do something constructive like off the booze and hot hot hot hot hot hot and I'll run for my life you know kids you think is -- I won't even get another dog 673. English I'll put -- -- ha -- Phil good morning Carol LURI wanna do raises in the Democratic Party you're out and again how bill. They build good morning Iran they were taught and Tom. But we thought bill was on the I think bills waiting for the bearded unifil FFO stride John hi John. -- -- But it's -- Europe who -- to be honest about it. It got that it -- got to do with fifth grade and I wanna borrow being you know kind of probably got to -- opened my -- -- good I'm afraid of everybody else the -- Look that's right don't send any Hispanics -- my door -- I just might not open the door. We -- I feel intimidated device in -- static. Person -- neither you know me know John. Would feel any reason to be intimidated I government hasn't been historically insist that systematically. Systemically hostile -- what if I think they live in your neighborhood all of that and you get something sweat and Jonah. Same thing happened hostile but balding guys. They're very -- to me I -- you can't. -- -- I Ellen -- -- don't break it was a long time ago with what they knew they do bring in a Little John you generally don't actually know the old lady you know they all. -- all ladies have the -- let anyone else on the back and I can feel as pan -- balding man I just want to understand this on the census so if your trans gender does that mean you have a constitutional rights -- trans gender census taker from your -- no constitutional right but if you wanna get an accurate count of the -- gender -- well where is the trans gender community they should be demanding a -- that they have they are still give the many suggest. -- -- -- we asked if we area 200 million dollars of my many -- money. Two advertise Sunni Arabs to say respond to this sense -- it's important to be fair say you're flaming gay guy dry up yet you know you we have purple hair that's like fly -- out the back with five pounds a -- holding in into the rock like structure you and you just came home from a dance at 5 in the morning the census takers coming if you're gonna open the door for some heterosexual -- How can we do this fairly and we don't divide everybody open their camps is hot hot hot and let them choose who's gonna be their census and well I suppose if I I suppose Jimmy -- WR if you put topics half the it is -- stupid society can I jump. Good morning hey Jim what's going on out -- -- it's called and you guys don't just stop making me laugh a lot going nowhere almost kill. I. -- -- I'm gonna take to climb into the hood. -- he's gonna help us with the census count then we're gonna media is speedy way now let the door open download say 30 god yeah you Alex I'm here. -- say who else is Lebanon there are what you wanna know full dot com. You ask me that not. Certain I'd just right it never the government so we'll send you more money to Sammy don't modest yeah. But it tomatoes. -- Good -- Acorn already without their spring time. Part timers were walking around helping leaders on how to -- in mailboxes around what these guys they really. Yes there were -- I stopped about a couple of what they were dornin they're broken English of course. Yeah -- expected. I got that response and I had to explain to them that sometimes are extremely Arizona host to a indicate -- -- common area jewel. And then of course there are those that locks on them I'm humbled me I'm not saying you know. And counting mailboxes. So -- manuals planned for the sentences to take the total number of mailboxes. And multiply that -- -- In urban areas so that they cannot come up for the bigger number and now we. Is illegal I understand they have to actually count people they can't be doing extrapolation. It's or acquire the -- as -- requirement is to count. The population -- account mailboxes. Then apply formula us. Yeah but rob hardy broke that news to us in March when he says you're gonna use a statistical analysis format rather than an actual daughter. All I know all the area here I mean there's a legitimate fear him again and in the history of a call on. Is what creates the fear it's a palpable legitimate fears that -- engage in fiction there's been historically they have done that there's no reason to suggest that the mark continue to engage in it. They get paid by. For not not -- engaging the fiction. But fogged -- quote success and quote that they have Indian and in getting higher counts that's where the political rewards aren't so that's where Raleigh and. And the -- so the argument here is set of black people and Hispanics to. Don't respond to census takers -- this much warmth and welcoming. As people of her. Racial groups and therefore. What are we have to do. That that is the question that is legitimately that's a legitimate friend in my question why do we care. Why he can't why do we try to figure which groups are more hostile to the government I do it seems to be anybody's spore. Is going to be hostile would be the wrong word fearful is the right order okay -- why are you fearful if you spend half your life that a government office applying for benefit. All you know his government people they give you money well that's -- a broad menu disparage a huge chunk of -- minority. Immigrant Hispanic or black communities they don't Hoffman don't spend -- and government offices saying hey we -- my check I'm not sure it just comes down. Let's get inspired by the ad campaign 200 million tax dollars are being spent to entice people. To get out there and help the census takers it would all the information you can give. -- -- feel it going until they feel they feel let you know if you. The Clinton who. Part of what you do. It's. That -- 800 now okay I have -- if they have got crap I understand they don't open the door hot. To be subject to arrest and you can't imagine incidents where you stand up 200 million dollars -- -- crap like that which should be bad forget about being paid for by the government and and promoting the idea. Then that's racist welcome to -- is that our -- welcome well it it is not degrading Black America. It yes it is degrading. But it's an effort to communicate at the levels in India in a way that some people community how are having an intelligent person on the screen saying. Some people are fearful. When a census taker comes to the door -- We don't blame you know it's a government double lock the door and don't make a -- back. Let's just tell like get a by the way the president the and the announcement. These these the public service ads or whatever the heck these things in -- -- should actually come from our president you and -- -- about being. Ubiquitous he won't go away he's on the tells style that's -- -- in the -- -- the I could only see of him down. -- but no look at it could see currencies of reverend example of my point these good guy he's a smart guy. But he communicates and thinks in different ways music text met. This is my wife do you -- races YouTube FaceBook autopsies are Caucasian yes but he would respond like any other poor urban person would name. If somebody's knocking on his store somebody's never seen before you hear that looks he would be runner for the -- I'm the guy. Yet he meets Helena called a dive under the bed ha ha ha -- should any be ready for yeah -- -- well that's the -- John good morning here I don't RKO. Good morning John hey John what's going on. In my bag that I did not respond to one thing -- baker. Is senate where Democrats take my under the -- as good -- you'd say net. The Republican Party -- I wouldn't traditionally minded people in general. Well I tend to be racist over the course of our country's history. And I glass no no no no no no don't agree with that because it it I mean. Yeah man of mystery emancipation proclamation. Was signed by president -- Republican people. I don't edited yet. No I didn't John I didn't say it I didn't even -- that I didn't. Know -- listen to some IL ice either set and I hinted at -- not even close. I am dead serious I mean I try I like that there was little static sometimes early in the morning there are some sites are. Got my card and I -- I got it -- the open net -- completely their under. It's okay I'm glad you called hopefully clarifies -- of anybody else -- -- to rule on mr. that the way you did however odds on some a lot of other things or are rages on an appropriate and good luck to count the money. I can't. Thank you just the confession begin at 8 o'clock not a seventh -- here at Delhi are younger Marty you sir would. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the great bonus that was part of our corporate Christmas saw. We are actually selling copies to raise money includes -- acorn. So where does the rest going to -- -- home. Router that's just let them just become an out if anybody's got all always and Hawaiian inquired a bulk. -- -- been treated as seems to me is the Jewish people. Would you spend it and immediately you don't see them -- one you don't see -- running for the door what about Jewish people. Are a little look you look what they want to of the Holocaust and -- don't wanna cry about that actual operation you're there and whatnot I think that there are good example. Why is this a good point and choose tiger got it only opened the door there's a Jewish census taker coming to count them because you are there's mistrust of these other he's also been involved with. Some of these slaughters through the generation by the way that in the millennium that's a that's a great call that is original historical. Perception. -- sure as -- world road trip and it's 1001. Stick. Those spears Boston College Station AM six AB WRKO. Yeah -- think that's the whole game mattered though we're all looking. -- about the Vietnam war on the matter would get paid no matter what your color. -- -- defensive help one another it's. Okay. You don't know -- yeah. Okay now because I don't you know it's. How -- -- anywhere from. But for what he should know they're very important. Okay -- okay. Idea how to make a better society. They're -- they're concerned about minorities being undercounted in the 2010 census -- They called yesterday for inmates at federal and state prisons to be tallied in their home communities. Instead of the towns where there are incarcerated yup and they wanted to you don't wanna save power that every con represents every kid. Or every drug addict every drug dealer they want their political prowess to stay home in their city -- -- and stay local and makes sense. This is all think globally act local this is a fight about money this is a democratic fight it's about the corrupt system the Democrats create. We're government Melanie gets funneled. Two groups of people who vote for Democrats. And what they're fighting over how that money's gonna be distributed so the black community is up in arms they want more money from the federal government for their handouts -- So that they vote for Democrats. And so they're trying to figure out how to get more of themselves counted in the senses. And they're creating this are -- legitimacy about the census because. Black people are supposedly afraid opened the door. If Al white census -- her Fannie census taker comes -- Yorkers are just so scared of the power structure I don't buy this bigoted thinking that Pittsburgh promoted by the Democrats -- That you would think in the aftermath of the election of Barack Obama the continued progress that has been made on all matters racial we certainly haven't. The you raise the -- faced the history here that's what the problem -- That that this is that is no longer as difficult as it may have been back in the fifties and sixties it's another it's another day. It's another place and time and place here in America that being said. It still has not gone away there's still historic distrust this still suspicion. The still make higher comfort level. Blacks more comfortable blacks Hispanics with Hispanics in probably true white with. White -- on some level I can sympathize take Washington DC for example it's almost all black. And they have the highest per pupil spending in any school system country yet they have the worst school system in the country yes they her highest crime. They really live in the worst possible neighborhoods. And the reason it's about of course is because Democrats who control cities are right there with them the -- -- up the seat of power is right there so this is their favorite city they try to make it most in their own vision of what American city should -- could be and should be and a low but so they're looking and saying c'mon listen -- Jesse Jackson says every census -- African Americans and over counts whites. Courtesy no that's not as seeing that there's I don't see darn door to door. I got I give Jesse no credibility whatsoever NB -- of -- Jesse's a fake PSU and a fake prologue is a side so it's so -- shop and the notion that some are other. The -- over account of the white population and I don't know how that would happen although some people I guess suggest I don't buy it some people suggest that. Because of the two homes that a lot of white folks might have. That is a risk to the happening you know have got -- we've got a little placed on the cape. And but I don't know that some senses take it goes there is no response from the veterans as would not nearly. The letters and telling us is worse do you respond to letter on the -- No then you don't get counted what are you gonna double -- credit it didn't. I I don't know if I've ever filled -- one of those things except when my Tom Clark. Has sent repeal letter saying we didn't get your senses on -- Lauren a triple the cost your water down senate backers some like that and I send. But it do you think made any -- him Weis get -- it's true that everybody has their own little -- I want to see what kind of programs are they gonna have Harry Belafonte single white people can see we how white people like him no no it's going to be well I'd say Bing Crosby don't know Susan Boyle should hot hot hot nice guy he will say enjoy I was gonna say Perry -- had -- -- It's. This says to me and her. Because we don't wanna be other crowded and there. How little fairness the -- unless -- Well Democrats stop being so race Jackie Chan for the Asian community yeah absolutely I think that would help lets you go on what else -- for Hispanics. Julio regulates itself all through all -- census college so I don't know let's see my have to say your -- about -- Yahoo!'s open no it already tennis then you can play yet -- though now you got the black guy died -- -- did not benefiting when diet sure. Oh yes I brought up Pavarotti. Yeah but you've got -- and Andrea but Charlie could do for the Italians Italians say -- don't Italian American absorbed their own census taker I think because -- -- -- an Irish guy at the door they're gonna be scared -- hot hot hot hot. -- -- Move into a fury are Charlie okay Charlie is here for the Irish night Charlotte. Hey don't -- and child. And not look good yeah that's how it's okay that's -- big cats. Jelly let's do -- about that -- just says be all why they bomb blast bare bone yeah. Ahmad bat and I biggest trade isn't easy actually myself. Searching -- I'm Leo thanks John. I I think the I think the whites remain a majority in this country had -- And I do think the history here's the blacks are little suspicious. But those suspicious of -- We give -- suspicious Obama. It's Italian guy came to your door to do the census would you open the door. Now how could not so they might open door -- -- guy out black guy but not. And giant guy maybe an Irish back from the Mayor Menino is alumni would not open it oh man many homes. Tonight maybe had to sit out. If he had a six pack could open the. That so well early in them more time side is meant. Yeah I'm having more time you would come. Are searching tears to your -- The falcons are -- -- what time is just a wanna go on the record yeah Charlie's Gisenyi yet so you almost 740 and he's. He's now for the -- Steve how are we gonna get the senses to more accurately count people who don't wanna be counted. Values it's our enemy -- -- I'm I was waiting for what you have titles meant PR for the Hispanic media you'll beat her delegate count and -- -- -- if it's just. It's ridiculous but that's how I don't quite a bit of bitter political play can have a career underwritten all of this story everything commitment about it -- wrap it in -- Olympic -- -- -- American community. It -- but it's been at the very rapidly gonna overtake them won't you now face. That's exactly what their power base being eroded by the U. Then -- -- -- the -- -- -- see desires of racial battle between the minority groups Steve is absolutely on to something it's not -- salts political. That's what the Democrats and set up but over time they've given so much to somebody different groups that it's got to college I mean it's probably twenties and. What it's gonna be stoked the. The palace -- to vote Democrat but -- Split they know who support what to do this helped you build a prime example they don't know who would give a deal who would make a deal where they've promised so much but so many that by 27. -- for the destruction of the Democratic Party I think 40% of going to be. But a really bad year 32 is going to be is that there may never be another democratic valuation he's sixteen more years the Republican. You know I think that's an assessment I would I share with you see what so what is black water the company that changed its name over in Iraq I think so yeah yeah -- change in named -- years something they -- -- some incomprehensible name. The democratic party's gonna have to do something similar after this Obama administration relic because Hillary had to generously and put the random drug and not I. Yeah a 100000 -- circuits to pick a Princeton duke just read some borrowing Chinese ensemble. When did this stuff is aren't. -- -- -- Legitimate community organization through -- Massachusetts is done some of this undersecretary of state gal want to make sure that. Massachusetts. As it stands against the other 49 states. Does not suffered would probably gonna lose a congressman now you don't probably think -- -- -- -- at the mall and give them all I knew you would not -- daddy I do you could say though they -- passwords are you up well. That's as it has something to do for the concert great patriotic act you're going out and has done this over the years and you legislatures given a modest appropriations. To do that and he's retained community groups and different just it is all it's all along about just make identity at all it's just not know -- else -- it is say and I think does it well what has a lot of credibility in the minority community Tom Menino. In 2000 -- he's. Numbers tonight a question about these numbers in the year 2000 about one point three people. Million people were over counted one point three million people were -- to mostly because of duplicate counts of whites with multiple homes in contrast. About four point five million people mostly black and Hispanic. We're not counted. They know the exact number of people who they didn't count. How cold then I -- they do I had always struck me as one of the insert that he's made up of the I I don't know. -- is on these things so they know the exact number of white people who own two homes that they counted twice if they know. Why did they compliment why exactly right drag this is all lies and thanks up every. Number every statistic a Democrat -- gives you support policy is only runs a mathematical models and come up with -- statistical interpretation and it's always of this like global -- it's nothing more than -- guess puzzling global want to -- and might be fairly accurate I mean there -- -- -- I guess you could possibly be fairly accurate we have no way of knowing because it's a guest -- and they don't we don't get to share how they model -- thing contract so it could be. It could be acorn whose design in the model right it could good real guys it acorn who when somebody comes and says hi alma hooker. And I anyhow so what I bring these thirteen underage. Hookers it from Guatemala. They have a place -- -- and they show here's how you do this title of this storm makes very high this. That's acorns when you're doing the same thing with consensus. You know I hear that sound and I am reminded not only is a bone chilling cold around here this morning. It is in fact Christmas time is a not a -- a hundred bucks you stumped for some ideas everybody runs out of the creative ideas I got the idea about. -- how about the health wonder from down under and the guy who turns me onto it. Mike -- can natured beat Mike what's the deal the Christmas did you got going on today. Hello there -- we put together a special still celebrate and good health and it's the best way to keep your body up of the best to keep them. You can resolve all the nutritional support and meet the New Zealand plant pollen called nature of -- Hey Mike you know the crazy schedule I lead any kids doubly crazy this time via I'm not only up earlier than -- -- I'm -- later than ever between grandchildren shopping out of the responsibilities of a low I need that stress reliever and I need that V keeps me going all day -- The tell me about that out -- relief -- you get going on. Good look at this as you know normally issued six months to five major -- 99 -- -- -- -- but right now. We're concerned -- -- supplies and talked and.