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Justice in the Halls

Dec 14, 2009|

A man accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl in Kingston this weekend had been charged this summer with raping another child. But Joseph Gardner, 26, had been released on $10,000 cash bail and was free when he allegedly attacked the second victim on Friday, according to police and court records. What kind of law should be in place for sex offenders?

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-- goes from a new Reynolds world headquarters building. Others here's -- -- -- -- we were talking about depression. We're talking about the financial system collapsing today everybody agrees that the recession is over and the question is what the pace of the expansion. Is going to be I think the president's always said what I firmly believe. You're not recovered until all those people that want to work hard back to work when your mind this recession is not over. Of course not his uniform for the people on on main street and throughout this country. They are still suffering unemployment rate is still 10% that's good that's why the president is talking this week he wants to get -- -- you're Laura. Good solid B plus I mean I think that we have inherited these. My biggest set of challenges of any president stands. Franklin Miller was a big plus because of the things that are on done -- -- Is not yet -- -- -- -- health -- passed on we took and they and they might. Sorry to I enjoyed my time I. I was within a week before this married I can't. The -- and now how long runs. I've never been and that's tour and never will be knows where bus powered card W Arjun. Radio networks. Protest too much. 187. Is the recession over is in the hospital for. Depends on which of Obama's agent talk to our guests. One which he which chattering skull program you watch yesterday on. The network's. Summer says it's over the the other 10 whose name might be asleep in my mind that says it's not over. With a woman. 18774694322. Edison's toll free number of the how we are sure if you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon. Happy holidays. To everyone and I just want to say that again this year who we are soliciting the yuppie Christmas cards to you know those Christmas cards where they tell you all the stuff they you don't wanna know about how -- -- Owens is you know Josh is decided to move back into the house. Well he well he -- I was gonna use his master of fine arts degree. In the meantime BC he he says -- doing he's doing service work at at the local Cheesecake Factory. And you know one of Bob has decided to take early retirement. After he got fired of course they never -- fired so if you can send -- Qaeda. Madoff who they got laid off all know they never say laid off. There there was you know there was re calibrated their careers or something like that they would never say a word like a phrase like laid off. But anyway we want those things you could send them to issued a faction to us it's 617. 77934676177793467. Or you can mail to a set up. Twenty guest street twenty guest street the third floor. -- masks 02135402135. Like film like to have -- I'll read them I'll file select them and read a mall in us in a segment on. On December 23 my last day of work before you go on vacation. And we will will give a nice price and total winner and if there -- a lot several good ones will get several -- prices are way. But I get those who get the FBI coastal column yuppie Christmas cards just AR. How much is -- and and many more sometimes -- older -- I've seen some of the funny once in recent years have been for yuppies are only now. Well but the you know I don't I don't think -- is being retired but their people -- you know Bob and manager driving around the country and there are they're there -- -- bay goes and you it's it's marvelous have. You wouldn't believe how the incredible Vista is you see at the Grand -- More importantly do we need to hear about their pets medical procedures that I really I really don't have to do that well you know there all day every it's like you know garrison -- about lake will be on world the kids are above average all the kids of the people of these letters are above average and and all the pets -- you're right all the pats. We -- grandma. That on May third she was 985 years old. That's all for grandma than they want for paragraph about the public -- and ruff ruff the -- the wonder dog and about his -- passing kidney stones and it's been very painful but. Fortunately there's a new laser treatment there's blue laser vet he in the in there was about a departed grandma -- -- it says that we're looking for those they were looking for those you can you can mail to us you got there it's it's not you had nine days she you can mail to us or you can facts of tourist. Again the that that the dressed mailing address is twenty guest street a whirlpool put up on the website twenty guest street. Bright masks. 02135. Or you can EIG could faction to -- at 617779. 3467. -- Suppose you could ski element email that was but -- she can't -- so we'll do that yet to just put yuppie Christmas -- so we don't. So we don't think it's another Viagra. The final happy holidays -- just put yuppie credit yuppie xmas put -- BX. It's well besides wishing everybody a happy holiday is area PX miss can I wish him very special friend of mine. I'm happy birthday it's at least 24 birthday today and I promise such a happy birthday. Happy birthday Emily okay so yes happy birthday heavily all right. 1877469432218. Thanks to everybody showed up at the book signings in Dedham. And the end Chelmsford over the weekend we had a great time and appreciate everybody showing up. Learn stuff well I always learn stuff when idea why go I don't know on the road. Some of the will be appearing in The Herald I guess at some point. All right if by if you would like to listen to the show on the unity can almost do so go to our website which is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com. Click on the live audio streaming. Also what how we cart dot com we can take part of our daily Internet. And a daily Internet poll question how we poll is sponsored today is always my long auto the Cadillac of Cadillac dealers -- Featuring an outstanding selection of new would pre owned cadillacs homers and sobs. Visit online at long auto dot com or in person on route nine in south -- CNB what is today's poll question and one of the results thus far. Are you more are less likely to give to -- -- -- here I AM Wess I'm Larry I never likely -- say less likely. 64%. -- I am absolutely more likely to get to I mean I just feel so badly for people who are out the winner. Classic Christmas time wound you know CNB maybe they -- has started bombing south to Florida in October. You know not everybody probably is out there is necessarily irrational and in good decision may literally formed well. I don't know I I think that there but for the grace of god go I you know I don't think so not me not make. I I don't I you know I'm not I'm not a perfect human being but I don't think I'm gonna end up living in a box. I don't think I have the kind of problems that lead to living in a box. Nobody plans to aluminum box I think in -- happenstance sneaks up on people. Yeah that's tough -- so you're you're just you're encouraging them CN due to continue living in a box. I'm scared to somebody on Saturday but a friend I was with stopped me point out that the Obama smoking a cigarette if you can avoid things then things where is desperate as he was making out. Cigarettes go for body bucks a carton of about eight bucks a pack should say nowadays I mean I'm sure but the million away you know what maybe a bomb was driving -- New Hampshire -- that's -- that's a very -- it's and I knew he you know what I what I believe -- Obama had a cigarette I from a trash can or something. Yeah right that's very likely. So what I'm told I'm -- someone could've given the bum a cigarette two votes I've seen people giving X both giving cigarettes to bombs. Tell us the same way to -- month. It takes 18774694322187746943. -- I assume she doesn't do a lot of walking down -- west Broadway in her home dollar should be up pretty much should never get to work here in the afternoon. Fortunately for everybody should jacks that's exactly so she doesn't -- so yes so. Yeah I have to -- Are getting -- -- run into the street this -- BR don't walk on the streets very often. Just what going across from one garage to the bit to a building somewhere. All right or 1877. Will talk about bombs and -- talk about bombs in a while we'll get the bombs. 18774694322. Thanks to what Lou and now wallpaper for sending me the Bob's story that reminded me of -- -- topic by the way we will have Bruce Friedrich on next week we only win the -- for long enough Vista this time enough. There around Thanksgiving he's from the people for the ethical treatment of animals Peta -- he he's still he's still down on on immediately -- you can well imagine. And Christmas is probably the U. With -- with. With Thanksgiving and -- in a couple of the other holidays. It's one of the big meat eating times of the year and I planned it a lot of meat it's Christmas. Okay. But we gotta do we have to -- we have another run topic here to discuss first this is a a new story that is just it's all over the the web pages of beat the Boston. Newspapers -- news this is another case of -- A guy who should have been locked up out on a ridiculously low bail and guess what happened he committed the same crime again this is a particularly. Allegedly. This is that all up particularly had an alleged that allegedly a particularly dastardly crime. This from The Herald website. The mother of a five year old girl allegedly raped by Kingston man in August is outraged over new allegations the man raped a three year old girl on Friday night while free on 10000 dollars bail. He's probably gonna get probation or something silly and you might hurt someone else but Kingston mom told Harold. Her daughter was allegedly raped by Joseph Gardiner 26 also of Kingston. Gardner allegedly raped a girl was the first girl. After breaking into -- grandmother's home to her bathroom window I'd rather just have them go away the mom said your identity is being withheld to protect the identity of the alleged victim. So this guy out on a 10000 dollars bail for a child rape. Was arrested again yesterday on charges he raped the three year old daughter of high school friend. The friend was staying -- -- home Friday night where their two young children that's pretty strange in itself. When the man allegedly took the girl into the bathroom at 3 AM and raped or sent Plymouth County district attorney Peter McGuire. The mother said Greg Gardner is parent posted the 10000 dollars bail order in the Brockton superior court case on October 1 on the first set of rape and breaking and entering charges. Kingston police chief -- for -- said the dangerousness hearing never came to pass in the matter. He added prosecutors withdrew their request because of defense counseling council maneuvering Imus upset by it as you can tell we're -- said the -- the police chief. Outside the courtroom. Gardner was ordered held without bail today a little laid out a little late. Until a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Wednesday his bail on the first rape. Case was also revoked and a -- boy probation detain -- -- placed on infamous 2007. Drunk driving case. There was continued without -- finding. How how can you. How if you're judge. You know I know these judges are are absolutely clueless let me win this this just proves it won't yet again. But. You ready to break into -- house -- you race you won't you're charged with rape big. -- five year old girl and you let the guy had to yell at the guy out on a 10000 dollar bond. How boy. Prosecutors had asked the -- to be held on 150000. To 250000. Dollar bond after his arrest on August 22 according to a spokeswoman for the Plymouth district attorney's office. So they asked for a 150 to 200000 dollars bond. To keep demand because that's hard to come up -- But they said it attend the lower and upper court judges both set bail at 10000 dollars toward the -- judges would you like and now. I have that information for you. The that that district court judges -- us Brownell. He is a former soul on a former state rep or I know you're shocked to hear that. He was appointed by M Stanley Dukakis. Took the district court bench. He has contributed to among others who William M Bulger white he's brother. To caucus for president a lot it's autism and he was oh he contributed money to -- -- for president Dukakis debate of a judge she appointee gave money to George the very -- The a 400 pound -- house speaker he gave money to -- Bill -- hunt. Then okay so that they got bumped up for it so than maybe they appeal that to move the superior court. And at that point it it it came before a judge Joseph -- walker walker the third. He was appointed to the district court -- Republican bill well. And in 2000. He was appointed to the superior court and 2000. RGO Paul salute she was the governor however oddly enough on March 20 ninth 2000 the actual nomination was signed by acting governor Jane Swift. So we don't have his campaign contributions less because she was for before he was appointed by bill well. He was -- working as an assistant US attorney and face and his contributions were restrained by the DOJ. The judges make enough money mister mister chairman Brownell -- was chairman of the Judiciary Committee by the way the legislature. Do you feel that the. Present compensation levels for judges in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are out what this is 1987. No. So not a guy gets paid 130000. Dollars to Watson fail 10000 dollars for an accused child rapists. Tutsi what is so what is walker asks answer to this question and he says that the the situation with you know the -- economy quote. Strongly suggest that attracting talented lawyers to sought to serve in the judiciary and then retaining them. Requires that compensation be reasonably proportional to that offered by the outside world puts that in quotation marks the outside world. I guess that's what is rapists came from the outside World Cup Joseph Gardner. He's from the outside world. I do this is continuing with judge walker when he was appointed to the superior court 2000. I do he says it wouldn't be he says he knows that he he acknowledges the fact that I've. And many of us have pointed -- many times which is they almost these judges complain about much get paid enough but they never they never quit. -- only on rare occasions that they ever leave leave behind the the part time job that is being a judge in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts he acknowledges that no judge ever quits. I don't know. Many practicing attorneys who would not consider providing this. Very important of public service. Because of the levels of compensation. So this sole judge walker considers that he's providing have fairly important public service by setting the bail for a child rapists. At that 10000 dollars and now what now the guy is out again charged with Ray -- another child. And you know again we don't know all of the details of the case. But he's he's been arrested again he's out on a 10000 dollar bail for charged with a -- a five year old. Now he's been charged with raping a three. Well one day. 10000 dollars bail for child rape. 10000 box does that seem appropriate to you know I don't know I didn't think so 18774694322. Jim. Your next with Howie -- go ahead gem. Captain I'm definitely not appropriate weight to our what the law I don't have someone -- -- Charles Dickens believes they out. There's no accountability procedures allowed people do that is. A lot of -- heard judges asses you know what I did -- the judge these the prosecutor asked for a bail all of a 150 to 200000 dollars. I mean that would've at least made little -- more different culturally guiding get out. How it is no accountability amplitude of the channel last night. We shall come and gone to like get to watch but Mike Huckabee is still got to show. I you know what I saw that same show last night I wanna I got was watch there was a break in the football game or something I flipped over and I couldn't believe that. You're right he's he's he's he should not have a shelf. There's no accountability -- Right near the guy who was being treated like he was still -- politician thanks for the call Jim thanks for reminding me of that. It irritated the hell out of me I didn't go back to fox for the rest of the evening. I just all -- up that -- know I'll find even watch that crappy Edward G Robinson movies. On on Turner Classic Movies our grapes are vines grow tender grapes or some horse horrible movie. But I wasn't going back to fox during the commercials during the giants Eagles game after that. After seeing Huckabee won 8774694322. Rich you're next with Howie -- go ahead rich. Yeah -- outrageous that these crimes. We don't always should do it securities laws that the pertained to the clients like just like China says. And I just -- secure. Well we well I wondered why they are rich I don't wanna doorway would do processed. But how about we just have some judges go to -- 12 -- you know bit make -- Perpetrators of the crimes. Upbeat -- is there. There and -- is they they gave the big. I'm not in a block I can DNA value could be in this. I won't there's a failure supposed to be a lawyer but I you know if -- -- variety could be a clerk magistrate without have a lot agree in those -- some people say those jobs -- -- better than being a judge. Why would -- -- be it guides -- -- -- it does give a clerk clerk reports it may. Yeah out and then that way you know that way you're not expected to be there all the time right you just appoint an assistant clerk magistrate to -- Look I I I'm the one -- gave the money to the governor so I got the job you're you you why you're gonna work for me and I want you to be here forty hours a week. I'll I'll see how you if you may be if you need be here's my area code in Florida it starts with the digits 561. Or 305. Factions -- it's 561 about thanks for the call rich. 1877469432. Do you eat a lot you know I don't wanna doorway with due process and collapse. How about oh you just have some judges that are concerned about the victims I mean what do what do these guys think it I mean if I don't care you don't have to stand for election I mean -- do you really. If your judge Brownell or judge walker do you really want someone like me or any and all you be the callers talked about yet right before Christmas saying. Why did they let disk I go 110000 dollars -- what what's going on here the that the wanna does the bail paid in six figures. The police chief was clear the police chief was there again this morning and he said he was extremely distraught that this had happened after they had they had warned. These judges not to do this in -- -- phone not just one. I guess they appealed -- it's it's all kind of fragmentary at this point but. I just say I guess they appealed the original decision from the district court up to the superior court in the -- then and walker are on the superior court agreed. And again you can't blame all this on Democrats the -- district court judges a hack state reps from Quincy. But the the video judge of the superior court got two appointments from different Republican governors first a district court by well. In the end of the superior court it's signed by swift but I salute she was -- governor at the time. Mary your next with how we cargo ahead Mary. In high calorie or what the public interest a big -- is certainly not the interest of the children obviously. I don't know. -- beyond belief in did you think that there had to be -- dangerousness. Hearing tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- And I do we had. That's legal speed that's the legal procedure mirror I don't mind if you go through -- you don't make every eat you -- be a prosecution has to jump through hoops as long as you don't let these guys how well -- jump through hoops you know. Right -- I mean it's pretty obvious that it hit the level of dangerousness that this guy. Tell us why do we have to pay people salary is that they are determined to be dangerous that's already he determined that himself. Well he did determine it himself but again we have to go through the legal niceties here but again I got no problems with -- -- legal niceties as long as this guy is not Al -- around the streets. Now. If we as parents don't get me I can come our legal system. Much harsher penalties. But I shift -- for those who do gifted children. I don't know. -- we have to pay Brownell. The guy who says that'll judges aren't paid enough how much would we have to pay him before you decide to start that keeping an accused child rapists behind bars. That with the -- with a reasonable oblong. And then the ACLU screaming for victims right what about these children it's our job to protect that. And that's not happening. Heymann. Now thanks to a call Mary 1877. -- ACLU were screaming for the not for the victims rights for the for the partial rights 18774694322. I certainly hope they have read mr. Gardner his. Miranda rights before they up placed him under arrest again. When he was charged with the second the rape of a child. 18774694322. This the globe even the globe can't put a shine on this sneaker men accused of -- second child while free on bail. 187746943. -- Shelley your next with how we cargo ahead -- Every Todd -- state 10000 dollars I just it's like fingernails on chalkboard. This state a Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an automatic 10% PR -- -- guy or is -- numbers all it can't come up with a thousand dollar appear oil county there was a teacher who was paying his student bands actually Berman blah blah blah. Anyway he was held up 250000. Dollars bail well. It wouldn't jump percent PI Obama like they have a Massachusetts. So the guy only had to drop the 25000 which is doable now. Which you have to look at because you're investigative reporter in what happens when these guys don't show up -- -- -- 9000 dollars is essentially put up by the -- taxpayers an account local messages then never collected. Millions and millions of dollars -- the bail has never collected she can't collect money from somebody who live around. Now the primary purpose of bail out the retention of control of the disbanded to the end it justice may be administered is the bailed out -- controlled understand that if he'd ever have to come up with -- all out. It isn't doing what it's intended detail. By the way they're dangerous this is because it's not a capital case and in order hold somebody without bail you have to have a a much more so evidentiary. Are you yes Shelley you're obviously familiar with this whole process are you surprised that this happened I'm not surprised I'm I'm disgusted that it happened but I you -- it just keeps happen it happens every two or three months something like this. Now that the -- that that is the week's salary of a construction worker in other words it's not edit thousand dollars would it be construed to torch. Now if you don't have a private bail industry and for much in doubt that this would talk about how the article out looking -- this guy he doesn't show up. Because the taxpayers on the hook for 90% of the bailout there's nobody -- is how the -- -- this guy not show. It took guard -- to guard guard to must come from a all right I -- I know I know I know but on Friday night Gardner is accused of raping a three year old child and then telling her listen to this and then telling -- would kill her father she told anyone. Well I agree with the weight of evidence is is is very happy in this sort of thing should not occur. But if you add -- Actually made -- come up with a full 10000 in the first place probably in what he's responsible god it is Brendan Daly members strive. Couldn't -- -- if he's not a responsible guy who was friends and family members. And trust that he wouldn't get outages are always -- assistant to -- Judge just goes along with the it with the recommendation of the district attorney to set the bail at a 150 or 200000 many as the come up with fifteen or twenty Grande cache. You say it's horrible but it's my adorable for a lot of people. A majority of it right it is that what happens is we -- this. Thing where you're out more people who are accused of color I'm sitting in jail who can't make bail and then they get. The they can take to get popped out the back door because they're looking for more world. By the I don't I. Nobody re trial you rapes a child should be going out the back -- one way or the other or nobody who even if you're accused it should be hard to get out because it. Again what could be more serious you know that they there there -- all these crimes that are victim -- I agree a lot of crimes are victimless this is not this is not a victimless crime. Thanks for the call 18774694322. On the Howie -- Hate George WRK goes to. 18774694322. And gardeners arraignment today in Plymouth district court for the second rate. He's charged with breaking a five year old girl. In breaking into the -- indoor how's it in August now we charged with reaping a three year old girl. On Friday night Saturday morning. At his arraignment today in Plymouth district court on the for the second rape. And it defense attorney for Joseph Gardiner said she had quote some evidence of -- highly exculpatory. Nature un quote that she planned to present in court on Wednesday. He's been ordered held without bail until then highly exculpatory nature. You know what I don't care she's got some evidence of a highly exculpatory nature I'm still wonder why he's out on the first rape. 1877469. From alleged rape John your next with Howie Carr go ahead John. I value time. Long time I'm. I'm yeah I've you know this is gonna be the novel afraid you know what where they say they say went out. Idea introduced its first -- bit outrageous then it's flat but it's accepted well. Is being comedy shows like. We didn't show like the only guy in the fox shows on Sunday night just make fun of this. It did it make fun of pride child rape and rape in general women and things like that you do on a regular basis oh yeah you. I'd rather watch Ryan I'd rather watch Mike Huckabee had none of -- watch that. I stop blushing because it was every show any of those suspects filing shows like American data whatever every single up speak that's problematic guys but that's separate violent death among but I. They would come east central I mean this -- Yeah the East Timor more these shows I got I if I turn them off but I'm not approve of like died in. You know like I said it's you know -- progress in Beaumont in New York airspace about you that it is sort of that way -- -- -- -- Well I don't think it's norm normal to be you know reaping three of five year old kids a -- Got a lot of my BI agent. I just I don't know I mean if I were a judge I'm trying to think you know if I were judges target -- a mindset you know where you just feel like you know you've made the right contributions to the right -- and I have a job for life for the big pension. But you don't have to work real hard you can do whatever the hell you want it's hard to put yourself in the in that markets are for most of us to put our among ourselves -- -- that situation. But I wouldn't want people talkin' about me saying how we let the judge how we let this guy -- and he did it again would joke. We -- why would let people see me in the in the supermarket and think it. You know. I wanna I wanna see my name in the paper I wanna I wanna see my name on the website I would want to talk show -- discussing why did I let this guy go after he's accused of this heinous crime why why -- nice set bail at 112120. Of what the district attorney want that. I don't like him. Well again eight you know these people don't -- -- -- -- the global warming or any of these are things they don't care they're right we're all. Yeah I know exactly thanks for the call John 18774694322. City just give me something from a friend of hers a magnet it's one of the onion magnets that shows a picture of Al Gore -- And then that the sky is all red. And -- says Al go -- -- outputs is set puts his dying son a rocket to send -- which is sun and it brought his -- design plan that puts his son is infant son and rocket to say don't allow tell Leo is that -- father's name I think it was -- L high -- some apparent. I don't know but he yell like Superman did with the Superman's father -- without court with oh cinema away from crypt thought. There was a dying planet Sigalet. 1877469432. To just stay in your next with how it's pretty funny it's on the refrigerator mouse in -- just put on the refrigerator. Just that your next what. It hey Ali -- and surprises not surprised at all that they let this guy out on bail because I can tell you ten years ago Ali I don't know if you were rarely remembered best. There was -- father who wouldn't give his kids up to a junkie and that she had custody of his children. And the food and she went to a much field caught out that the court game can -- steady. And she told the charge all. Keep all let -- she'd like to that they got to take our kids I wanna -- current and then that much real cool like gained her and trust city. Solve chic -- and she went to the Abington police and they showed up to take my chance when I had -- -- -- And I was like you know taken on the yard -- I wish that you can't even -- sobriety test -- -- -- -- Oh well well let's let's -- you said the bad word you're out 18774694322. Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. I don't understand what's all this country anymore everytime we turn it Luzon somebody. Bombs being -- problems -- just get away we I don't that was my kids. That something like that what happened my tablet. I would want him on a streak that would beat LSI B tragic history when you walked out of pour out to get. Well. Here we -- anyway. -- -- I'm not gonna you know let's say that that it's a good thing to take the law and do your hands we don't need individually be just as we just need the laws that are on the books to be enforced might come watt. Yeah Abbott is still might -- because they don't need -- and try to enforce a logical -- judging expect something hair that was not. Gerry bell is pushed under -- to be forgotten about. I know 1010000. Box and again you can't blame on the Democrats because one of these these one of these judges is a hack Democrat the other one was a a career prosecutor appointed by the by the Republicans. So this is of this is a bipartisan judicial fiasco that's why I'd like to have these people elected you know. Metal like to have this guy Brownell have to go while the men and defend this in a campaign. I liked to have the same thing for a the justice from the superior court -- walker. I liked to have them have to say have to explain why he thought it was right to put Disco but this guy go 110000 dollars month. Be sure -- even be in the seek a corporation. -- retiring get a thorough way and. Yet -- on pensions and some other new hat will get at some hack who's you know that -- -- that now -- now they have to contribute instead of contributing to do caucus. Lay and Bulger like they used have to contribute when Brownell got his judgeship now they have to contribute to what the ball and Barack they all contribute to -- This is a new thing this a lock bags but they all do what I -- have a out. I'll be reporting on this fairly soon thanks for the call Mike 18774694322. It's like it's a daily double. You know you it's not just enough to give to the governor you have to give to the governor's path. Pod your next what cowboy cargo ahead pod. I thought hi ya Kelly I love your show is the these these. This is not just stepped on these people are let out like that -- and so many content they end up going. And it doing something even worse after they are let out. -- the same thing in this case. I don't understand. I I never understood the concept to vote. -- if you have enough money. You can get out of jail. I mean why should it even -- based on money. If there's a serious crime -- I don't understand I mean there are a rich person they can get Alberto poor person care. Right the last minute and when that when you only have to come up with a thousand dollars cash bail means you don't have to be rich -- come up with a grand billion you know. All that's right that's. I mean this is this is a major crime this is this is one of the worst crimes imaginable. And he's he's walking around for a thousand bucks cash that's what's wrong. You you know we again we would go back to the to the old. Tradition your you're innocent. Until proven guilty so route so there is the presumption of genocide it's not only to -- -- come from the ACLU. But. You you wanna give somebody -- chance they get out if the high -- flight if the not a risk flight. That but. Again a child rape it seems like it would be a little more than 10000 dollars it would seem like. In this case may be the cops know what they were talking about maybe the district attorney. Was right to ask for a high bail. But now now the judge the judge who used to be a state wrap. And gave money to Billy Bulger and Mike Dukakis though he knew better. And then when I got kicked upstairs the the judge true -- who thinks that who thinks that did judges should be paid more like the earlier judge dead he's he's right. 18 sevenths Yosemite kids by the way the other guy. The other blocker doesn't have any kids -- he brings that up it is he said. I can afford to take this very important public's service job because I don't have a Nikkei had its. Oh that's great. I think he should have been able to understand it even if we didn't have kids that that this was this this was not a good thing. This was that an awful awful by capturing who was a good thing but how it should understood. The atrocious nature of a crime like this 18774694322. On -- Howie Carr. Hi this is -- 77469432218774694322. This is is this from chief Scott. This from chief by at least got the Holyoke police department how we judicial accountability is what I've been preaching for the past nine years. Have judges certified by the people every six years. Not elected but certified by we the people. However our elected officials -- -- on the Judiciary Committee say this crazy southerner doesn't know what he's talking about why is the limit North Carolina which is part of a south chief IDF soldier this and Norton North Carolina election judges so -- Florida by the way. It did it's it's. Stuff like this can happen in states that elect judges but does it doesn't the but that's the bad news good news -- next election the people who well let people like this -- -- again they're not judges anymore a lot of times. That's good that's what you need that's what kind of you need -- K you're right accountability chief accountability. That's what we don't have. 1877469432218774694322. We'll keep going with us I'm -- dark.