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Obama The War Monger

Dec 11, 2009|

Obama accepts his Peace Prize? 30,000 troops can't be wrong

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For gum balls -- I saw him when he got elected. As they -- liberal Democrat I think he's demonstrated pretty conclusively announcer in his first year in office that he sees more radical remember. I think we're saying don't ask. Obama what is an old -- worked for Kennedy got -- -- storm door Fred -- small room who exactly are these are. Who have been appointed by. The president to various high jobs. The president and director of the office of safe and drug free schools are former school -- was promoted homosexuality in schools also. Kids he -- a reporter how he did not report an incident with an underage student who had sex with an older -- -- -- -- -- 6686. Figure. Recommended reading list by glisan the gay of lesbian straight education network. Is not safe for TV what we're talking about bathroom sex between. School age kids preschoolers and first up first graders promotion of promiscuity. Actually. In this -- promotion of up prostitution. All sorts of perverse and vile sexual practices under the skies above the diversity and tolerance and safety. He's he's he's got the job. Of course there was no senate betting he didn't go through the -- -- -- meat grinder so let's just -- -- folks -- go -- just -- from a new Mellon's world headquarters -- -- -- storm. 680 WR killed Thursday morning good morning warm today about thirty degrees for the high end data tomorrow. When he were not getting out of the twenties tomorrow group or don't like the sound -- take today off. What are -- gonna tonight senator. Tonight he -- -- -- break -- to -- yesterday I had to go easy I have pictures no and out of the -- stop that we please -- I can't walk -- I I thought you -- shots and yourself on when you talked to -- the stuff -- we're just need an entity with the twins tonight. I expect that -- be with the twins tonight. Yeah now Minnesota Twins are you talking about the grandchildren talk about the credential on -- about little Riley's little Fiona they the shooters not a deal. Good I didn't forget my -- gonna have boys. Really does a little alternative pattern here and there just aren't household -- just -- and am an Obama rally high price Fiona it's popped by love you -- a a -- concerned about -- the only voice surrounded by women at assuming there'll -- -- -- regimen that is cousins glad he needs a couple of guys are president. I also President Bush now I guess I'm thinking about the this new poll out that shows that. 15% of voters fully half the country it's hard to believe. Are happier having Barack Obama be president George W. Bush only 44%. Would rather have George W. Bush back. We remain an electoral prize is highly divided nation know this is a moving nation this is move in a few months bush will be more popular than Obama. He is generally become more popular when you leave -- -- you generally do yes but if you generally don't plummet. The way Barack Obama has he would say this is an historic president in in terms of the slide yeah in -- nobody's gonna ever gone as low as he has so -- What eight now keep in mind he started off there was a there was a euphoria there was is enthusiasm. In I -- lore holds with this I am -- -- I did well let's be honest about it in pot it was based upon his race is no question about it America would like to. Put the issue of race racial tension racial hostility and discrimination behind us once and for all. You know clearly there individuals and segments resided don't want that to happen and we just keep in mind will struggle with this for. -- he 4% of Americans now would rather have the worst president in history back in power George W. Bush. Rather then having Barack Obama 44% quinnipiac get notices say house and called public policy and -- a number of things at him -- they also show him mad off 47%. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That Barack Obama is trying to use a short window of huge popularity at the beginning this presidency to severely undermine the nature our country. And that's dependent on him having those seventy plus percent approval ratings which have now evaporated -- that was okay when he was in the fifties. Now that less than half the country. Believes in -- that's his best number you know his best numbers is approval -- he get into the specific issues. And you find 35% like is you know all Jonathan yes they're reading -- -- 38%. Now believe in the health care proposal. The numbers are plummeting and that means when congress comes back from whatever break stay however on New Year's Derek come back -- deal with health. -- that's exactly what it means congress no longer sees this guy. As the political pied piper that the replied actually -- -- they're now saying wait a minute this -- has not infallible. Do you think they have not looked very very closely at what happened in New Jersey and Virginia -- you can and they're looking into that herself very very closely -- was about to happen in Massachusetts in January well you know it -- -- raise an interesting point bill -- C if Scott Brown runs a competitive race if Scott Brown. Breaks for example 40%. He's a relatively unknown -- -- Massachusetts state senator. This is the Kennedy state the Kennedy legacy the Democrats have all come together with the unity breakfast. I'm brownies are now well known across state. Scott -- Scott Brown makes this reasonably competitive and reasonably close. That tool is a reverberates Donald Washington they say while even in Massachusetts. This is not a so. There has never been a better time to get motivated implant go to work for -- right now called his campaign today and say how can I tell how good -- How can I help. Call up I'm doing an -- fruit act tonight by the way Cox. I really aware is that congress I don't know some. Country of actually I says he's able to go out and indebted to the -- never knew before they should that. Footage and don't yet have an -- and it's too -- -- into high so before we take calls let's just hear a little bit tedious acceptance speech that the president gave us today you stop -- he had no idea -- ever -- his favorite countries uses. Running my receiving this prize is the fact that I am the commander in chief he had to see military. He has brought that in it's we are -- war. War in one form or another feared would the first man. From the dawn of history it's morale it was not a question that was simply effect like Broward disease. The manner in which tribesmen civilizations all powerful and settle their differences. No overtime this codes of law most sought to control violence within groups. Sort of philosophers and clerics and statesman seek to regulate the destructive power. He's actually pretty good. The concept of great justice. Suggesting that war is justified only when certain conditional on the ratings are plummeting to grandma's -- -- -- remove. And -- hard won self defense doesn't like him a few friends over for a cocktail or do they have brown. Then he -- Fridays when you're gonna know unless and until continuity -- yeah clearly didn't help doctors now practice the alarm on women. Hello yeah. I'd miss the concept I know -- human being and fish can we coexist peacefully how. -- -- get a doctor get out of bed. You can't donated to practice there has -- there the women all across this. Don't you don't -- yeah. And solve problems. Don't -- Minnesota continents to divide. Really but you have been -- of the present the president was actually those of some that was on almost painful things I doubt that tomorrow -- now to get people to stop watching and listening to the fact that he was getting -- -- I think he was trying to put them to -- so it's all about I -- -- -- -- starlight all of my god we're gonna do that we're gonna do the text of the speech tomorrow -- it is. Not snowy Oregon we are you still talking 1045. That's I would rather go back can get another biopsy in my prostate that have to listen that's TV and magazine and all for. Can't all. Are you you have made it to worry it could do play a little hour that goes on thoughtful speed yeah every channel or her know exactly -- -- life okay. Which he still gone. The starting at 630. In human progress we must always challenging John Kerry -- guidance for his opening Vermont the local it. Only idea that -- still what's embarrassing who's more exciting shot grilled -- didn't dismiss it is so we were naive to make it part of Tommy's friends got bad decisions that we make on issues of war. War and -- is serious issues. Then we lose what's best about humanity. We lose our sense of possibility. We lose any cars are totally to come to the Senate. Like generations. Have before us we must rejects the future when you get angry into the video in part for the -- half months ago so many years almighty god knew us so. Irreverent would you like people on these programs American political tradition I am the world's. I am Obama gosh that was borrow my god what a -- -- by -- my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because first of all these the president the United States Australia whoever he says now you know whenever you -- I'll what you want to read what he says so you can either agree there's probably yes it's -- Let's take a peace prize talk. He's sick he's accepting a peace prize he just had 30000 people who are he was an office Florida and steady -- -- Yeah I just advising you might learn something all of the -- And Obama can kiss my better assess how that sounds. 6172666860. Were looking for volunteers to kiss proxies that Irish ass -- Your first -- good morning. Called Q good morning gentlemen I'll tell you couldn't knowing knowing that male and -- Yeah thank god can't can't. That's okay I really tiny hands -- -- run with the volumes of Harriet laughter and so god. What you just watch itself for the gave an Irish are still call -- Knowing that there is no losers see Israel preserving just knowing that that warmer and SS. Is good way to the Muslim world represented me out I tell you I -- you myself this morning. But. I just like I all my ports from the morning would you do know various statistics statistics percentage is Todd please 4% of their debate beekeepers and that. There's only one that. There's only two points about statistics that I -- one is I think -- is. Mark Twain said there are lies there are damn lies and there are statistics. It -- just daddy who's the British prime minister do Israeli desires are his -- -- has the good writer they are they hung around together like it's good that Barack Obama is over there in Norwegian Norway whatever reason I Denmark Oslo is the capital sweep away. I'm glad he's over there because -- this keeps its its it is yes frank good morning what you -- frank is here to put the kiss cook -- that are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- greatly but. You know you know one thing without it you don't know until. Replicate. I don't we're getting each side. Though. -- -- -- -- I ordered to I don't tied tigers up to thirteen pieces now I wonder. If tiger is -- file a protest with the committee in Oslo. Copenhagen where his committee -- you guys have no shame because there's no there are no standards so who's created more peace. Barack Obama -- Tiger Woods plays 6172666. Seats succeeded. Which of the two do you think a more deserving of the peace prize in who by the way would draw better -- over in Copenhagen. Yeah blogs yeah. Well they're all blind over there and done that's all they make -- -- W oracle whales not Copenhagen are Oslo the same minority. Good morning guys -- wanna give her that morning for radio I'm gonna try to watch this. I would have almost more and believe in getting very early for him that the other speech on TV I know we. That's -- -- artwork for radio our audio rest of the speech on the radio now I happen I think the first -- this speech we talked about. Already people people are probably the vote was very good resonated well particularly when we're walk. I get out is not one radio station they get their reps are British carrying our president's speech. I took it to the committee an onslaught I think it's shameful. The way even arrogant carried. -- -- even NPR once have listeners. And big carrying the president's speech which isn't my show didn't carry potentially -- down under what do you know the upstairs where data than the two -- show you a mile Todd talked about that all the time. We have stand -- they brought makes a good point maybe don't carry the entire body is made there should be a delegate to radio station that has no listeners that would say as a public service public we might as well they are serious mistakes and -- -- -- it suddenly and dye -- oh so I don't Bryant -- you know when a kid just to prove our point. And Doug -- pocket -- You can you play a little more Barack Obama destroy for a point. He can always benefit from a little bit now -- -- Really play more you gotta throw that up. How great just -- war emerge. Suggesting that war is justified only when certain conditions were met. It is waged as a last resort cable -- self defense. If the course so used his -- portrayed in the I stayed at any errors whenever possible civilians. Are spared from my this is an inside -- -- two sentences. Without -- as we know for most of history. This concept. Just war. Was rarely adds just Florida. How does that this small is a very good speech so the cost audiences that are -- he had -- you know how I know he's a professor goes up because I have won a professor speaks I have this -- in response I starts got to go into the job to tune it out Rem sleep yeah absolutely charming quit ahead -- within seconds he can't -- -- -- to his one of the -- speakers I've ever heard. -- it's -- -- -- he's not he's absolutely terrible and he's -- despite his presidency -- -- I think he's disconnecting emotionally from the material be well you know he probably is disconnecting emotionally -- -- -- something you can't be serious when he -- one of -- because you've ever -- George Bush and my new show on the teleprompter my Monday didn't know you know who is actually a good speaker to move is it what you -- be -- -- Dick -- Yeah Dick Cheney is actually good speak -- A Cheney Cheney's an informed intelligent articulate guy -- his politics are different than Barack Obama's but he can give a good speech. And with or without a teleprompter and I think Barack Obama gives a good speech with or without the tell Charles got to look OK Ellison better with the Telecom. Analyst Jeff you. -- 6172666860. Is Barack Obama the worst speaker in history no. I think idiots know all to all assumptions driven into our heads by the media liberal media over last election cycle we've got quite do we always have to question everything has set. But particularly the glorification of him is this moving powerful speaker. He's tedious and hard to get through now he is not your. Poll. -- first to talk about the issues that are important to you. This. Flash contain an item we've been talking about Iraq they have what was left Mike -- love -- -- the Boston Red Sox sounds good. He's been traded to trade from -- that would grandest Mike -- great ballplayer and classy -- -- Riley is classy -- one of those 44% of the country who want George W. Bush back in power in the Red Sox organization just couldn't the dump and they -- I was at FF FF 6172666. CH succeed do you believe the hype from last year. The Barack Obama is a great order the next Abraham Lincoln. Or have you come to realize the obvious that he's a painfully tedious speaker. Who has trouble mustering enough. -- emotional connection to his tax to make you think that you really means what he's saying I think he's good when he's got -- some really critical moment. Where he needs to deliver a highly powerful speech he can do a good job but for the day in and day out of this speech giving required of the president he is hype is at -- George Bush was detached from the -- he doesn't seem like he has any interest in at all that's how he sounded today. In Norway and that's how he sounded last week with Afghanistan -- -- already be tough to listen to his knowledge of Sally -- Slowly not a speech is not divorced from the top and the topics each of these speeches that you just mentioned. The Afghanistan and surge speech in this acceptance the Nobel Peace Prize revolve around incredibly. Difficult issues of war and peace he can't be upbeat charge of the light brigade inspirational hope and change it's supposed to be somewhat cerebral you would find it boring it's supposed to be thoughtful it's supposed to -- before. And I am very compelling well yet they can't it because IB TDFs well play a clip of him. Putting everybody sleep in in Denmark -- -- This is the good luck this truth must coexist with -- -- That no matter how justified. -- promises human tragedy and the soldiers courage and sacrifice is full glory. Expressing devotion to country. To cause solved to comrades in arms can you say boilerplate. But weren't felt. Is never Dolores. We must never trumpeted just such. So part of our challenges reconciling these two seemingly aimed -- irreconcilable -- us. That war. Is sometimes necessary. I'm glad I have a long pauses I'm glad I don't carry a weapon. The authors I might try to pull myself out of my misery you awful. Is an expression. But human -- Paula can assure you I mean you can you might say you know cliche free highest -- Bob Bob Bob -- rest of that stuff Owens said Bubba Bubba the other stuff. It's but what do you what he's saying is true there's an irreconcilable classroom know that war is miserable we know it's folly we know it is the essence of failure. War is beef -- of politics in diplomacy. It is that's what it is that's what it happens when politics and for an in diplomacy fail us. And yet we know also that war is sometimes we originally justified because he is evil and I -- as well. So who's trying to reconcile those two things philosophers political leaders. President and prime minister to do and -- CBS -- with this for a you can do an ingenious way or you can do it in a compelling exciting -- anyway he shows the media I got -- -- I saw little challenge Troy and enjoy some time to do it I don't at a time -- look at what anyone could -- give us then the speech on ER acceptance of the Nobel peace -- -- here I am. Hey paint says -- -- IQ for the -- us I. Everybody knows it was a far she gave it to me but we understand why you gave that you hate America. And you hated how George W. Bush epitomized. Those qualities that you hate about America. So you're celebrating. Change. -- -- -- Don't yet know I don't like they did the grammys and rappers how -- A first offense so I think god. -- -- got above all I think my mama Mark Davis mama. I wanna take my neighbors and how much peeps out there -- -- -- so I gotta go up up you -- these outrageous. Why the what did you just say. You apologize on the idea how follow Michael crossing wins like that I think what -- -- James good morning Aaron don't you -- by James. Our good morning good morning. Well -- more holes where do you guys keep playing data outside Obama PGA. People fell asleep I was -- -- an -- we're about to happen. Our -- see -- the slow slow time. I wanna ask your question did you know it's not about to order any such god do I when I don't think. Yeah -- in the smelling salts autographed by Tom Finneran. I'd like I'd like hey I'm not -- actually did somebody get up -- except the obvious pride there's any big state what they're gonna do with the money. I'm gonna buy myself a new Barrett fifty caliber rifle ready -- Hot hot hot hot hot go hunt and James who is a good speaker in your in our opinion. And I've been tonight I'm proud examined by Dick Cheney -- ability to get the facts stated what purpose. I've articulate well anyone who's worked. Cheney is pretty good I EI EI don't really want my game and then adjust to show how fair I am it's a leftist destroyer her America politician and I think Deval Patrick's a good speaker. Much out of the Barack Obama but he thinks yeah. I'm not so sure about that all right and that's -- veterans a hater when it comes to the -- ha ha -- they can answer the call Tony and Jackson WR conclude its -- -- Thank you militant. Islamic -- that particular problem within this box here and tortured -- send try. Q what is starting to make you blow it should know that the idiot would call the private I won't -- them by name of glued. Obama went idiot that a year and I don't -- just drive a lot of these black vote -- -- some black Baghdad this guy just cannot expand them. But I need these spending -- and to go pick up the fire fire extremely valuable prize can you make any economics that are that. Well he's giving away the money anyway it's not about economics it's about political economics and he's trying to figure out how to. Mitigate the damage done by him having received this thing which is a Farsi strike cannot look farcical but but Tony O Tony don't fall into the trap please whether it's Barack Obama or any other president. A static to question the expense of transporting the president to. You know from DC don't Cumberland Ohio off from DC Oslo Norway he's the president the United States you wanna protect. Your president by the alike of dislike of love and hate him you protect the president and obviously he's obliged to travel with a pretty -- staff. When you say Cox tickets taxi to take you can count. Beyond the thing is it has to be part of -- Sara White House Michelle he says there really worth all the imbroglio -- again us over there. Just so I can be humiliated on the world stage and I can put a bunch of people's sleepers are worth it. And Michelle would say. Hello. United you're just back to Chicago -- don't you just did to the task the president can be called for a longer goal. Let us focus he said on a more practical more obtainable peace. Based not on a sudden revolution in human nature. But on we must direct our effort. The marine machines get him up crooks know it's -- to have all sleep with this that it's got its medium Mitterrand wife what is a slate now. They don't go away from pleasant there's more I'm glad good morning -- NWR yeah. I gallant. What you heard about the New Hampshire that. Where. Yup yup there it was boring than music it was pouring there were happening brought about. Well they -- used -- -- gravitas wasn't in the race last year about such assure that there are anymore. Glenn would become hyper critical as a society people expect every speech to be a five -- speech. And that's why asking I'll ask everybody else and ask you. In your memory and -- lifetime anybody in particular did should standout is just being a compelling. For you can't talk about Jack Kennedy not -- press conferences. Nobody but it got there was little. And I'm glad receded all the Windmills to recover the east coast all the east land east of the Mississippi. Solar panels that cover everything west of the Mississippi and we can all go to Bermuda. And happily ever rap rap. That actually all solar panels are going to be in Iowa. Ronald Reagan's efforts on arms control and embrace of perestroika. Not only improve relations with the Soviet Union but empowered dissidents throughout Eastern Europe. Terror strike actually number four of the thirteen bimbos of Buffy it's the tiger was. What Paris -- gotten. You'll you'll million available and -- -- -- -- what do you nodes and I thought talk about my putting her I. Nevermind you're gonna make short game. Tommy you're nice you're a -- Mom and yet you've got to children getting a little -- at all because I've beat my bad. Drug and the great country and you guys can generally okay and it's a good Obama's Hillary eulogy sometimes the ball. But had metabolic and right when the Nobel Peace Prize and all Lowell a couple of Scotch tape goes like this we got the were. -- we will bomb. Come the KC. And bring your mom all. -- -- -- -- -- You know this explains why -- -- Finneran thinks that Obama's a compelling speaker. -- all you listen to these days is funeral directors given talks it then wakes up. Hot hot hot seat near Obama to say this guy that's got guys fly I half. She's John good morning. You're on a tough -- hi John what's going on. Are we don't see more tedious than all bomb loose speech about it listing to the winding spiral. -- the unbiased. Unabashed taught. Why is every day about that -- -- I can speak Democrats they just Obama the -- I'm just glad it's like I agree I think that is like calling. Because I'm realizing everybody Alicia to order and on talk radio's all asking why me why you about this and watched -- -- you -- -- god. Direction do you -- but I wish why there in addition the cabinet job give us more. So we want it all which I wanna warn about okay just one about a -- actually -- about god George Bush should just trot that line about George Bush. Why George Bush bulletin news I think anybody would have been a controlling speak occur after having eight years so. -- -- You know. Trying to speak English language here at G iPhone is we're -- -- you'll actually works and -- -- English bush diminishes getaway which. This -- conflict. I'm gonna want to think. John is John is right -- -- just a -- one I don't know what the great John is right one of the great frustrations at George Bush the way that like why -- 44% of the nation wanna Maxwell because of this apparently nobody does not much divide. -- nation and target that and by the way we could. We tend not to do I microscopic. Discrimination were -- Monday morning quarter -- says -- brilliant JFK was not subject to what what any speaker is subject to today. FaceBook you listen to what we do this you know watch JFK do a press conference. And they do you know forget about Monica Lewinsky Helen Thomas wanted to have oral sex. I mean it was unbelievable you can not only leaves are all let about a fawning press that guy get out of his way you'd think the press Baghdad wasn't fawning and bet big job city. What are you kidding me nobody -- is that Ted and I he's on Molina led ten you get any guy -- you can see why. The guy it was amazing how we communicated that he had them absolutely wrapped around his finger with humor and you smarter than them and knew it all better. And had the answers Danielle was a different -- in terms -- how the coverage he's done but Kennedy. You know he would never got to speak today because he'd be talking about all the girlfriends and they would have known about or reported about all the background -- -- Okay. Brownie you're doing a heck of a job. And -- -- -- -- -- two megs or go unsold and Chinese made paper boxes we are Boston's talk station KM six AB WR Dario. Obama. Barack Obama as a -- do you -- I'm them splitting the automatic gov home puzzles where you. -- that in -- -- topic OpenId I -- it was the Kapalua doesn't Oslo Norway and yes this Kevin nor an illness that what's the what's the capital of -- Sweden. Paris dropped what's the capital of Finland German Helsinki felt very good -- -- at Oslo Oslo Norway north of Helsinki was actually number nine. -- your -- girlfriends that I towards right and Helsinki. And Stockholm for a sweet -- Helsinki it was the Scandinavian capitals when are they -- Copenhagen Copenhagen crossbar from Norway Oslo from Stockholm Sweden Stockholm Helsinki for Finland else I will never go there. Why it's just such an ugly name Helsinki -- of -- supposed to be beautiful out there who would wanna go to a place called hell hole stinky amid all the references there are negative now. At -- we are -- or give -- -- up. Are you guys -- renamed to show -- and this is W Smith fake I hope you join a joke I got a comment on that speech this morning yes. Where was Kanye West what we need yeah. You can -- they can jump over to us. And Mr. President the -- had submitted this video vault past. Awards instead I don't Barack Obama. But -- but Fiat they had the best video vault back. Yeah. Who has literally was putting down a little countries -- west feel -- -- I think he would have recommended Taylor Swift for this. Known as a makeup at some estimate could opt out opt opt -- Kieran Kelly are you good morning. Good morning guys aren't we just made a comment about ten minutes ago on amateur opera -- that. Each other we're getting too critical -- in our expectation for speeches need to put. I think we need to put that in perspective we have a president that's destroying our economy about the sir health care system weakening our military the only thing we tell our. Oh this and don't let us know I'm telling my god all I know we can -- critical that we can be hyper critical of the policy would learn about speech making making a speech. And we hope we don't do to do we don't -- who. We did not do back then Truman Kennedy Johnson. What we do today we microscopically. Analyze we've all become Monday morning experts it's silly Barack Obama is a pre done good speak up. Not the -- -- -- -- -- well what else reads this huge write this speech it I would actually met the woman that Wright's most serious speeches she is a famous writer. Is she -- Helsinki. No I don't think -- is she won as when his speech -- when the Tiger Woods is probably I don't know I don't really aren't. From is that where we have high expectations because it's not the policy of -- seats -- what he's talking about. All we -- actually -- delivers digital or super smooth and that's all these kids who -- doing is really up to a pro teleprompter well. Well Gerri give me -- Matt Harris and legitimate response George Bush in in terms of giving a speech. While Barack Obama who's got a dark made Barack Obama really good point. Which was. You forget. There was a compelling point it would it slipped in their -- -- -- -- us but you know I think it's because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Bill Clinton. I would say build -- cause that he thinks yeah because Bill Clinton could cry on cue immediately made you feel not me personally that I know you the amount used to tear up when he would speak yeah. Enough class act act act. Yeah that ability to create an emotional connection right to a Barack Obama his problem is a speaker this is serious so much as mark and the guy. He is a problem in that he is seems aloof to the emotional moment in people don't get involved with the speech is because he doesn't seem to be feeling a little -- a speaker Tommy. Well Bob -- Jesus. Oh -- Esteban they sell that is Jesus gave no evidence sane person. He's -- second coming up president trick question and heartache that's not -- hot hot -- -- that's not very trick question. -- -- -- Talk radio wave of personality. Winters from London. Followed by Rush Limbaugh all those who dream on Boston's talks fishermen may have the surgery. WRKO. Boston.