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Huckabee Done?

Dec 1, 2009|

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee broke his silence Monday and defended his decision to support freedom for a convict wanted in the ambush slayings of four Seattle-area police officers and killed early this morning. even those sympathetic to the former governor suggested that the case of Maurice Clemmons would most likely hurt Huckabee's candidacy should he seek the White House again in 2012. Is Huckabee dead in rthe water?

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18774694322. Hey good news in Seattle they kill this guy Morse Clements the cops finally got some revenge on. And they it was a single police officer gunned -- down today this is the guy who killed the before cops. And you know I never did like. Little bit. You know what's so was I started finding out about government about in about his I don't like this Clinton needs squirrel type of corn Popper outlets that I died. I never liked him since I found out that he human. Wanted to get some. Gifts from lobbyists. But there was a law in Arkansas that said you couldn't get that you couldn't give but it you -- fifty dollars or some small amount. 21 elected official unless it was a marriage. So he announced that he was -- has his wife of twenty some odd years out of great love for her so that the facility could collect all this. Tribute. From the lobbyists I mean that's what kind of guy he was in again that we was that he was very -- the light comedian did succeed Clinton as governor and he was -- if have to or after awhile. By the doors another guy that went to bed and report to prison who directly succeeded Clinton. But. -- -- Pardoned people. Who gave him campaign contributions does that ring a bell from 2001 I'm -- of Marc rich and so many others. But now what turns out that this guy Huckabee. Had a hand didn't pardoning or commuting this and I'm just reading from the wire story now I mean where the it's bringing it all back. A 1033. Prisoners more than his three immediate predecessors combined. Who would include Bill Clinton and that guy you have Billy Bob or whatever his name was who went to prison. And I would've known nine years ago this guy was capable of something of this magnitude obviously I would never granted the -- right. It's sickening. Got a -- hindsight is 20/20. Hot. You know if you don't. Pardon. Anybody who like this if you don't pardon murderers you don't. Pardon drunk drivers who have already killed people in May kill more people if you don't pardon rapists. Yeah I'm not going to have this problem another four people dead for cops dead gunned down in cold blood. -- just because it. Mike Huckabee was really any. -- I think the he announced even before this happened that he would -- he was very unlikely to run again in 2012. But he should he. The old way and again the old what's -- disgrace. 187746943221877469432. -- You're just a year about that this guy. Matt -- EB. He's a reporter for Rolling Stone I think he's the son of Mike -- EB. How old my getting one I want I know people guys were on TV I know I know their father but I don't know of up. Yikes I guess we better -- -- say his grand I don't his grandfather that's when you're really failure your approach at the end of line. But anyway Matt hi EB was on Don Imus show on the Fox Business channel today. Andy was talking about these gate crash is at the White House. I think we should bring back public executions or you know drawing in -- something like that. -- How are we talking about -- -- the guy who shot that cops from Seattle are always talking about the gate crash -- the White House those. Though those boobs that the guided to the I don't know where -- raise them or you want people put you know bear the death penalty tastefully done and traffic going through -- -- that's what I'm saying but this guy I don't know I've never saw one of the death penalty -- I saw I want the mid stocks. -- by the side of the road so that if five or any other inconvenienced commuter. Decides to take some eggs serve or overly ripe tomatoes with them to work he -- he could -- -- madam as he goes by. I don't Leo I'm not want to overreact. To these matters and I think that's a a perfectly. And find way to punish a person who delays my commute this guy this guy wasn't delayed he. Q -- he won it at fool. I mean just you know send the message with this kind of thing I mean because obviously they're going to get off with some kind of mild find or you know what's going to be talked the way. I think they have to do something very serious to these people. So we want to bring back public executions or you know drawing a quarter. A what are what Matt IDB's take was on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed I'm guessing I'm guessing he thinks it's wonderful but he's. That he says get a get a trial in and New York City and that it's. It truly ashamed that they didn't read him his Miranda rights and are terribly emails and -- on the -- of these people. Thought they were on the list for the cocktail party part of adelphia. Yeah it's not as big -- big crash or did you think there well. Even if they even if they work gate crash right the drawing a quarter -- them I would agree is a little little much okay. 1877469432218774694322. As you also know by now was Charlie Brown's Christmas. Has been preempted. By Obama tonight he's going to be speaking live from the -- -- us military academy. In in West Point. And -- there's a great editorial here on are on John Kerry store Bora campaign. In The Wall Street Journal. President Obama unveils his new Afghanistan strategy today and in the nick of time Senator John Kerry has arrived with a report claiming that none of this would be necessary. If former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that only deployed more troops eight years ago yes he really said more troops. In a 43 page report issued yesterday by his Senate Foreign Relations Committee mr. Kerry. Who was of course as you may know -- Vietnam veteran. Says bin Laden and deputy Ayman zawahiri were poll poised for capture at the Tora Bora cave complex in late 2001. But because of the quote unwillingness of mr. Rumsfeld and his general's quote to deploy the troops were required to take advantage of solid. In unique circumstances. To kill or capture bin Laden the al-Qaeda leaders escape. This in turn says Kerry quote paved the way for exactly what we had hoped to avoid. A protracted insurgency that has cost more lives than anyone estimates would have been lost in a full blown assault on Tora Bora. So of course he's just going misses The Wall Street Journal points out to provide political cover for Obama and the Democrats. So little -- can attack bush and and Cheney and Rumsfeld. We by the way when it when is this bush arrangements syndrome going to war -- here. I couldn't believe I got back last night I saw an ad for my -- wanna know who who who I knew before eat it before he became a moon bat. And he's he apparently is running in the democratic primary against Dick Cheney. I didn't know Dick Cheney had moved to Massachusetts I don't know would become a Democrat. But apparently that's always seems to be running against at least TV spots. But anyway. So there they're gonna they're gonna this is this report is political cover Obama can cite it tonight at West Point well on national TV. As saying this is why they have to go win because bush screwed up. Right -- remember. George Bush never wants I don't believe mentions of the fact that. That that Janet Reno's Justice Department under assistant attorney general Jamie Gorelick. Gore like whenever and however was pronounced. Had set up a wall between domestic and foreign intelligence between did the intelligence on on terrorist that the FBI was. Compiling here in the states as opposed to the intelligence was being compiled abroad. But the CIA. Bush never mentioned that once that that might have been. Helpful to al-Qaeda not to have this the core relation of efforts. Never mentioned it once -- because he he he didn't want a point the finger at a previous administration it seemed unseemly. Do what do we what do we think the odds are that that's that will continue tonight the policy of I'm not criticizing the prior occupants of the office on foreign affairs. But anyway they he's gonna he's the -- quote the report tonight apparently and I did you know this is this is this is what it's being used for. But coming for mr. Kerry says the wall street journal of all people this criticism is nothing short of astonishing. In 2001. Readers may were called the Washington establishment that included mr. Kerry. Was fretting about the danger in Afghanistan from committing too many troops. The New York Times made the quagmire point explicitly and a famous page one analysis and Seymour Hersh for twelfth. Fed the cliche at the New Yorker yes Seymour Hersh was saying that they do you know these al-Qaeda troops and the Taliban they were they were incredibly tough. And that they would fight. They would fight through the streets and that the people would support them. And that would be stuck in a quagmire there was no way that we can overthrow our. Overthrow the Taliban with our rag tag allies the northern alliance a Q what do Pulitzer prize for that in yet. What half but. They. They won't routed and they end somebody a lot of the al-Qaeda people were actually go lynched in the streets they were somewhat popular. But. You didn't nobody ever got a Pulitzer prize for writing about because -- made George Bush look like he knew what he was doing. So. Seymour -- got a Pulitzer prize for being wrong belief. On CNN -- with Larry King on December 15 2001 of -- called in to say that the US should quote smoke bin Laden out -- quote of the Tora Bora caves. Mr. Kerry responded for a for the moment what we are doing I think is having its impact and it is best it is the best way to protect our troops. And sort of -- lies the proximity a few well. I think we have been doing this pretty effectively and we should continue to do -- that way. So the so he was for the search. Don't wait no wait. He was for a measured. Military effort in at -- that at Tora Bora before he was against. They measured. Military effort in 2001. At the Tora Bora caves. He's flip flopped again. 1877469432218774694322. That is the toll free number. Of the Howie Carr showed Jeff your next with how white cargo ahead Jeff. -- -- Yes Kelly yes well lately all Mike Dukakis Willie Horton thing -- look at that anymore. Yeah -- I don't Willie Horton killed somebody before he was sent to prison I mean he committed an atrocious crime he he raped a woman. But that what this guy did Clemens who was much worse than what Willie Horton that there are no doubt about it. Huckabee doesn't -- a chance. Ever. No hey I don't think he stood a chance anyway but he's not. You know what he should be take a lot more heat than he has for that's. Yeah now unfortunately this foreign helping Huckabee is -- Thanks for the call Jeff 1877469432218774694322. The Mitt Romney never pardon anybody obviously want to run for president and you know he didn't want -- India this this kinda stuff comin' back to haunt them. I think it's a pretty it's it's a pretty wise policy he you know it's it's one thing you know if you're if you're the president and you know you have some guy who was convicted of running moonshine in 1953. You know I mean okay pardon him but if there's any question. Whatsoever. Any doubt. -- if somebody is is. Is within any kind of age range of committing another heinous crime I would say I would -- made the right decision not a pardon anybody. One eights and they even -- in the was well there was at least one case where guy could've used a pardon and it was. Have BS charge that he wanted to get on a police department and as you know it probably would've been the right thing permit to do but. If you're gonna have if you gonna have a rule you gonna I'd rather err on the side of caution. If I were -- if I were governor then they just be handing them out indiscriminately but again. You know someone who gave money to Mike Huckabee. Just like some of the federal. Convex that Bill Clinton pardoned gave money to have more to his library. George your next with how we cargo ahead George. Yeah I wonder if there was any political correctness may be and that god Huckabee situation but yeah -- I don't know if there was -- -- you know what he used to do George she when he was more I knew it wasn't you know giving brass certain number pardons to blacks he he gave a lot of pardons to people who had their ministers there whether they were white or black. Amir was part of the whole board again shtick that he would use it. You know what you. You know I call about this cult like bush to -- syndrome again into maybe you -- -- -- get -- but you know they just think I think there's. There than not he Conger spread out I think -- Hudson Valley. Your men -- I watched about the plane yesterday I couldn't believe -- I I can't believe he was saying that they eleven goes -- that they let. -- bin Laden -- so that they would have a excuse to invade I Iraq. But but but yet you know when you've got -- -- to Bill Clinton's state he had been -- but he did lady. Didn't get -- advocates boy you know what the media never picked up but that was talk radio -- everybody else. Of all these situations that they could have had equipped. But against bush ever blamed them for that but it's so funny when they can play the blame game the liberals they can blame bush so that we gotta go and Afghanistan because. Good old Georgie boy what a tabloid outfit didn't get out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Turn the tables what they're able just again these liberals fight dirty every single time and you know this'll just be another you'd just say. Get blamed bush for clean it up the best sense. But we could mute it wasn't when that you have on the at a spot. That's a good point Georgia excellent call thanks. 187746943220. Yeah this guy more stingy. I knew it was a moon bat I well I was just flip it around yesterday on jetBlue flying back and I could watch it from Morton about fifteen to twenty seconds I. The richest. It's unbelievable but they that they would make this kind of this kind of accusation will win this when the -- you know when the tape is out there of their own President Clinton saying he didn't bother to get them. And and it's just just like it's rather unbelievable that John Kerry Wood would now attacked them. Attacked the bush administration. For policy he supported a new -- believable with John Kerry I mean anything is possible but what's -- what's amazing is. That. He doesn't get called to account by anybody other of them The Wall Street Journal. Where where is the it whereas the paper of record so called the New York Times. Where's lead Boston Globe is hit his greatest cheerleader. 18774694322. Up now car. The. 18774694322. This Ralph Peters. I know the colonel says that he's had better writer than it was a soldier. But. I still like his call I don't know what he did in the military he writes for the New York Post. It's clear why Obama's package your -- West Point military glamour star struck audience of undergraduates in the subliminal message that anyone who questions the -- the president's wisdom opposes duty on our country. But the choice also reveals how politically gun shy Obama has become above all else West Point is safe. A president's serious about strategic policy would have given this speech at the National War College or to the joint -- Or to the joint staff in the Pentagon auditorium or toward joint session of congress were from the Oval Office. He would have addressed his strategy to those charged with overseeing and implementing it. Instead he's created an enormous disruption -- West Point to speak to print this officers who -- whose responsibilities after commissioning. Will be delete platoons of twenty -- forty soldiers. These are splendid young Americans but they're not appropriate audience for game changing policy announcements. Obama's primary strength remains a hollow charisma to which Camilla the media remain embarrassingly susceptible. The president's delivery is superb when the teleprompter works but the content of his globe trotting sermons avoid nasty realities. Tonight he'll announce a measure troop surge justifying it with boilerplate remarks he won't tell us why holding Afghan dirt matters more than killing America's enemies. But he'll also seek to -- with his base on the left Connecticut sharp limits to our containment on our containment. It's the worst of both worlds as if during World War II with told the Japanese and the Germans that we really meant business but intended to quit by 1944. The policy won't have a chance of the FD if the Taliban are told that they just have to hang on Afghans are very good at hanging on. The key words to listen for at tonight's speech is Pakistan. We're supporting and strategically hostage to a country that rebels and anti Americanism harbors terrorists and sponsors terrorism Pakistan. We have met the enemy and written -- big fat check. Any strategy that doesn't come to grips with Pakistan beyond generalities about enhanced cooperation is boomed. Obama wants to appear strong but without unleashing our strength they'll send more troops won't let them do more their primary mission will be to protect our enemies as you watch and listen to the president tonight separate what's being said from the settings -- -- fox is already doing aerial shots. Of a West Point it's very it's a nice view we've been in late fall here with the leaves gone from the trees. Dig beneath that fancy bowl ribbons and gift -- to find out if anything's and Obama's box. 1877469. I thought you -- and then let us that the river and the Hudson are gets the Hudson isn't it -- I'm just ask about I don't know exactly north point inside I don't believe it's the Hudson. Walter -- your next with how we cargo ahead Walter. Hey how. Did I did it -- and -- it's -- I am I did I read decades are that it gobbled up at the beginning -- appear tall -- says. Just look at that wow what a lot from the -- stream media probably could call it that candy is Gettysburg address. How many times can they call speech again and the Gettysburg address maybe they've got got only two or three times was. Everything doesn't historic yeah. -- Yeah if you remember your mailboxes are probably had that the economy is. Picture post all over the place I don't remember ever seeing Willie -- picture in the globe. It took. A. You know -- come to think of the Walter I don't remember ever seeing his do you -- You can always if you're you know I don't remember seeing Jimmy Floyd -- picture of the globe either when when he he came after his wife when he got one of these nice weekend furloughs. -- he ran the Hyde Park and his wife had run away knowing that he was being released so we settled for strangling her cat. I mean that wasn't the CNB is -- grimacing she now thinks less of Jimmy the bear that she doesn't Willie Horton. But but you know I think too the globe is always trying to cover up for people by the way -- well while I was away this weekend the globe endorsed. Alan -- For the Senate. What's that all about. It could all go. He has a lot of experience at nonprofits. Wow yes. Well the globe as a -- prop excuse me I five and the globe is unprofitable there's a difference between a nonprofit and an unprofitable. What but I would they -- why would they endorse a guy who's like a four or 5% of the polls. Because chemical weapons but batteries have much more on eight don't -- deadliest double bottom are. I think that's probably you know I I don't know what they're doing that the globe but I'm pretty sure that when than the contract expires. On December 31 a lot of market to be doing that anymore. Hey did you see got a -- pop up there. Yes I did answer Tony is deeply hurt. -- the ability now why don't I don't I can't read the. Thanks for the call Walter. Off only we can get the immigration reform bill through we can get it these -- Tony legalized and then we can get our. On disability think of all the millions of deserving illegal aliens that are having to actually work for a living here. Yen in the great satan you know they shouldn't happen defense attorney tried to crash that state dinner. But but but a hat I think she would've had stopped. 18774694322. A day OC and if you ask me what do I wanna read a story about the gay pressures that the White House or tiger Tiger Woods all if -- render out which one -- -- I mean I I -- again I was disappointed in the New York Post sitting down by the -- say why why is this on the cover. Why don't I have to go to the daily news to -- to see. Tiger MB and his wife on the cover. I shouldn't have to do that but they're back in the game now the New York Post an -- story about the waitress. Yes that's right we -- city I'd I need that the story by the way I need the I need to eat the whole. There's there's several stories about you know whole -- I -- -- all the stories referred you know what I do but we're gonna stick to foreign affairs very long -- -- we're gonna get back to domestic affairs is that going to be dramatic grand -- -- a transcript cannot we don't have a transcript but well I can read the stories because this stuff is broken cents a -- Boston so most most people want to work. 18 sell you us weekly or US where I guess it's us weekly has has got has found a waitress and I guess she's in the London sun -- And that's of course Rupert paper so I assume well -- have a nice well off a nice run of the waitress. But wait -- you know what the waitress Ky not as good -- is as Rachel but she is the same height -- -- you know restore what guy saw a lot of guys. They always go after the scene. The same body type to same facial structure tiny -- that time after you know you see guy. EC a -- CEC's dumped his wife for the for the younger girl and it should in the younger the younger woman looks like the first wife. It's amazing how often that happens. 18774694322. This this one doesn't look like the the the the wife which looks like that the alleged girlfriend. -- this new Arthur you're next with how we cargo ahead Arthur. Very normal merit. There would soon have a -- quote -- that general and expose that just finished already above the fact that. Watcher hopefully you turned arrive at a gig and get -- really bad after it molested two children have special much which could fool all of. Yeah that's story I mean I thought she made the argument pretty well but you know that he even put his again I apologize for going -- -- graphic detail but you have to do to what to explain -- keep him put his hand inside the bathing trunks and that's what she needed that's what she needed there had to prosecute them. How are you -- the British Gerry well well well -- way to get a chance probably but it was probably gonna get there were French great but that's a wired com. You -- George Bush it is go visit we are sure are taking care of try to on the public drug. -- have -- have more people executed while he was governor rejection is bigger heavier every governor whatever industry advocate. Taxes are probably the country. And I guess it must be -- so what that better show is to show -- subscribe when you do the right bigfoot public. Well you know might my feeling is that that the the recidivism rate among executed murderers is zero Arthur you know an -- Well we -- no pressure capital punishment there's not a deterrent. What it does is -- -- that person from ever going to reject and it's amazing how many dual -- get. -- I know I know there -- there's just I mean you talk about senseless slaying of those four police officers I mean that -- there's there's no reason Mac guy should've been out of prison he never should have been out of prison. It is more durable but -- I don't that these people at least judge did you you know that's what I -- Bob Riley expert. Day after day your outlook told you they had any -- let's get this -- You've got these judges who -- who -- appointed not elected -- they have no experience. The rollout evocative reminder cynical why you got that -- the world to show what wonderful people. Turning their life around -- what -- go or stay I'd pick what they're very very little community and unleash these people back our problem worse. I know and they don't even have to answer for it you know they never -- you know I call -- have to make a bad -- like -- I can't get through room they they won't speak I have to call the spokesman woman in either she doesn't call me back -- -- just issue some boy boilerplate statement just regurgitate eating. Beyond the facts of the case without trying to explain why this so why these people made these -- with decisions I regretted nobody in Massachusetts has made a decision as bad as Mike Huckabee did Arkansas to let this guy goes we could kill four cops and now Washington State. But they they make bad decisions you're right they make bad decisions here all the -- thanks for the call -- 18774694322. One how we are. Played your way during a holiday. From Brunswick home in -- in -- -- 1877469432. To wreck your next what college cargo ahead -- Say -- -- other gone beyond you know it's I was lucky dog show about later admitted seemed like the the prosecutors and parole board really dropped the ball more than then Huckabee -- lists and so a lot of the explanation of that thing that gets network and a jail. The idea out of my mind is that is how. That never got his hand and that was one of the bigger I guess he was a horrible in May when he did this time. Yeah and I don't know you know ultimately the buck stops on the governor's desk though right yeah everybody has it is a sign that he has its. There's one way to deal with that I was there -- do the same thing met dead what would you do if you were the governor would you let any of these guys out. -- and I play it safe I wouldn't let any of the mob when did the -- just on the all that's been their excuse my kind of -- You know the eye can see that happening and then the other thing the prosecutor is when they didn't. 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