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Obama at the Ft. Hood Ceremony

Nov 11, 2009|

The story that won't go away. Obama's speech at the Ft. Hood memorial.

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Death was announced at 9/11. PM I think personally that the death penalty is just have to. I think his barbaric. 61720666860. Years and -- Commercial -- brought Justin from a new -- world headquarters building that Sharon's. Or rooms there -- many you know voicing support for the death penalty. And -- warm in my heart it's a smart I don't think it's actually start -- the you know thanks a majority east argument is surgery you know we had fallen -- had knee surgery Nolan was elections -- -- way while he was as shocked as everybody else -- are -- -- -- toppled a moral right I told her what kind of surgery you have to -- apparently knee surgery hasn't been there's been a journalist. And it's funny you -- room. They are getting your weight smart I -- give me that -- as far down with us that was rude they really -- that was -- by the way it. I know we haven't done that tonight we hasn't made the observation that is veterans day. And wouldn't know we expressed our thanks to that's right veterans. Past and present who -- who have served and continue to sir would you like to do that. I would have to veterans and you know whose birthday it is today to talk about an ironic twist whose birthday senator Barbara Boxer. As well as Daniel Ortega president of Nicaragua -- -- you -- -- and they're both on your last time in the both on my on your hard lesson don't send the birthday sheriff thought well actually die or go of the wake up. I'm sure your. Car you -- -- -- -- those ranks just to make -- has signed in. In the 2007. Yes gave a PowerPoint presentation to fellow army doctors in which he said it's getting harder and harder for Muslims in the service. To morally justify. Being in the military it seems constantly -- engaging and fellow Muslims. And now thousands seventh 2070 -- -- that's who would just one of of it numerous things are already out. -- plenty of signals about this guy and that again to have to have to go back to the top of us you IA Kelly any behavior. The the multitude of agencies who we have been told time and time again since September alone with the 2001. Have learned the painful lesson of that and and knows that turf war. Bureaucratic infighting and the like is not to be engaged and it's to be done only discouraged but eliminated. In the cross of sharing of information also a in new form of sobriety. Should have affected their behavior and that is you can't be timid about. Sharing information on the the stuff that their borders in and around politically sensitive areas and discuss a Muslim he's -- -- Aziz -- and even politically sensitive about -- homes in this country it's only they have liberals controlling everything. And there are afraid to offend anybody what the truth that. What is. And while it's discouraging that that is true in in the military of all made life even -- -- bad military of them all military and so the military has lost its survival instinct it's it's it's killer instinct yeah because the military one comment like this and the guy should've been reported and brought in. And the reason they need cover your ass stuff now is because they all have asses the need cover show volume they've all said Iran had done nothing with the evidence in front of their face. Is against the senators and stuff hearings on us next week and Lieberman's involved than that I think it's going to be very interest and senate parents to watch. The development of all of this information that will be pulled out gradually but I think in a comprehensive way. And it would be chilling for us to be reminded that in what the eight years that have passed since September 11. We'll just a little bit more than eight years. That was slipped back into the cold didn't -- and now unfortunately deadly habits these are deadly habits of again bureaucratic infighting who's gonna take responsibility nobody's gonna take responsibility. Everyone passes the buck and then when something happens everybody points of the finger in another direction -- the so don't get. I'm -- for president stands up and says were under attack again governor you know would -- it's a permanent into the situation we've got to assume for the time being. That's the way we have to look at it lets you already got let's not be so politically correct there were going to be politically dead -- or. Listen listen to this phrase that he used yesterday -- don't -- for the little paragraph these are trying times for our country in Afghanistan and Pakistan the same extremists. Who killed nearly 3000 Americans. Continue to endanger America allies and innocent Afghans and pakistanis. In Iraq we are working to bring a war to a successful. End as the arrest still those. Who would deny the Iraqi People the future that Americans. And Iraqis have sacrificed so much for this pretty. All four -- that's powerful language you're not going -- know what he -- -- what does he say NYC what's the point of that statement. He's still he's just talking about bring in the fight to the extremists and Afghanistan into Pakistan and continuing the war to a successful conclusion in Iraq. And that's not sufficient for you. What do you want -- -- mentioned are just to be brave why fight is -- talking to you mentioned terrible they're shielding does this say George Harrison high intelligence say the word about articulating. What's actually going out. It's like can you imagine FDR giving a speech about what he is easy to get into World War II without mentioning Hitler and nazism are that I got he uses the word always wanna send the Nazis amongst us put -- Felt extremist slaves free racists yeah liberals are extremists. I don't know what -- radio and extremist when you want -- -- Nitpick -- word selection you yourself silent up there shows saying he gave a very good speech you attributed to his acting skills yeah okay you don't -- and beautifully choreographed event but it was a powerful. And an appropriate speech this is a memorial service it's not a political. I don't hear she wants to make it another time -- have been a week since this what -- this -- on. Through when sister -- is there's been a week he's had a week don't have we heard out of thought. You know the the millions of speeches he's given a last week as he made some definitive statement. Well let's mobilize ourselves or let's be aware of war -- up against or let's not fool ourselves or let's not be so politically correct that we missed the real opportunity we've had. Everybody in the public -- stumbling over themselves toward us let's not jump to conclusions are let's not say it has anything to do -- Islam. When. This was say clearly an Islamic event this was Islamic Jihad against the United States of America from somebody inside the military who laid out. A map. -- do exactly how he's feeling and how he was gonna act where would you have done differently. -- the president know what would you have done differently to -- or is there and I mean other than -- with word choice in his speech have you read this B a do you listen to speak -- let you concede it was a good speech it was appropriate was solid political failure in the case what's missing is standing up to the reality here. Which is again a disastrous infrastructure breakdown in this country capital on a windy bureaucrats unable and the reason they're donating all women -- -- yeah the reason their political intimidate is because they need leadership to show them how to behave when they look around -- -- see is people try to be PC. Rather than trying to be pro American it's not PC to be pro America. It's not the liberals don't like being pro American and they don't like fights so they pretend there's no fight. And they pretend there's no country to defend. They wanna get rid of the country anyway and merger with the rest of the world so they're not really so into defending America. Let's take some calls on this is -- Barack Obama offering proper leadership. In terms of the event that took place last night -- morning -- Last week. -- regular guy actually Brian good morning good Barack Obama ever offer proper leadership -- went even when he's talking about extremely straight talk about pro life people. Got mail -- yeah. That's that's true that's I mean as a pro life guy that's Joey gets it does give a lot of energy and a lot of agitation and as always. We're -- about people like me on that issue. Question what will come once certain words are uttered during the traditional cry and such it's racial -- as the actual her. Gender based -- -- sexual orientation. Surest. It should immediately. He did gonna hate crime I think it's throttled up on the prosecution trying cable. It did come considerably worse than the standard run of the mill crime. -- captain but so it's worked like a lot Bob when you start shooting up the military facility. Yeah that's up a beautiful weather out there really us that is probably the best friend question of this entire matter since the event happened. We know how the press is hypersensitive. About. -- -- so called hate crimes of whether or to have sexual orientation or race or something else like that but that is a fabulous question Brian great framing of the question. Because the the evidence that's been a cumulative over so -- through the eyewitness accounts. The are references to -- and the like you would think that there would be an immediate. Hue and cry in that self same press that is so quick to denounce other actions. And yet they just well. Relatively liberal scantily silent way to rush to judgment when it falls under their Bailiwick defending in the country doesn't happen a fall under the railway. They love defending us from. Racial profiling. They love that that's why Obama was all over skip gates right he he didn't play. He -- rush to judgment just try to jump right here we've got a guy who laying it out. His contempt easy in the military he's -- he would have arguments would anybody available are US. About how we shouldn't -- in Iraq and Afghanistan. He would say that we're gonna face the music -- -- the exact phrase was I'm paraphrasing but he said look. We're gonna face the in the music any and it wasn't he wasn't putting his himself in the America and we. He put himself in the Islamic surely volume he put himself as an -- the military he was very clear this guy we're. -- remains astounding when you hit the that his classmates though were aware of this that they commented on his professors were aware that this fellow professionals were aware of -- he got the report performance reports at Walter Reed. All of these things did not add up to somebody can come to somebody's attention when they say hey wait a minute this is a loose why yet. This is this is this that this is not. Appropriate behavior is not appropriate language and we're gonna have to take some steps to curtail it that's because offending move the liberals is to use. Area for people in the military. That's a situation warrants and it's pretty horrifying Jeff you're NW RKO atomic taught. -- guys want to do. I'm Leo I have I don't look at America. Didn't work. As the president said keyword such as terrorism chief that radical Muslim radical that -- what that we just happened. No it's like him does that legitimate point. -- -- Cole the machine you know. So this subway bombings in -- Britain neat -- -- I -- -- New Zealand I'm not -- Levin. And in this and it -- numerous other country disintegrate what isn't -- common thread throughout. -- Oh okay what can present at call I cannot state which told -- or acted stupidly put all this what is this. That's the question I'm asking thank you phrasing it better than it. That's the question because because the racial issues easy game this fit again they always have been it's become almost the fund BMO sport in America. And on the religious stuff. We are frightened to death we apps or don't really trying to -- -- frightened that you're gonna be accused of being religiously intolerable so religiously insensitive well so what some people are frightened of Barack Obama's very good a lot of fanning out of the society is a -- he's very good -- standing up and saying that the tough -- to -- if that's what you think I'm gonna do it anyway he has the right here that's silly -- we are different is the lost opportunity keep talking about leadership. Barack Obama because of one of the Muslim background. And two because of the racial -- you're saying Barack Obama has some Muslim background. Wellness you know Barack Hussein Obama his father's. Connection to -- Indonesia Iran the other places where we spent some time. So Barack Hussein Obama yeah. And ran into it and see him because of that background and because of the racial background he is probably in the -- -- -- mile. Positioned to address these issues in a meaningful. Way yeah. He's a little bit political he Frist while he's he's written the winds -- -- the -- -- you're saying -- generation until both camps gonna footage so you. And so he could speak I think more compellingly than anybody else who I speak about you know we are a couple of middle aged white guys. And so people categorize a chance to take so he's got the operation -- credibility on race and because worker I've -- Christian and you week I'd say he's got the we got the inside track he's got -- credibility and it's again it's it's the guys -- Gallo has the inside track on credibility with those constituencies. The Muslim community the racial communities. Like who could say hey wait a minute enough is enough -- he chose not to in the gates thing he made a fool of himself hurt himself politically hurt himself -- -- Charlie Peprah healthcare heard all of that stuff. On this one so far he's been silent but he could and should as and I think Jeff. Jeff who have made a good articulation of the pattern of behavior in the number of instances in which this country are our allies have been attacked for what because we're Christian nation. That's basically why would be an -- -- That's it that's in Obama not rising an occasion according to senator Russ good morning you're on WRKO. Good morning try to welcome back thank you when we always -- a good humor in the morning. And oh yeah you've been very seriously -- especially with the subject matter. Well this is serious subject. That would but I question. Trust of all I'm always -- trust to -- a strong leader that takes action. I have no respect for so called leaders that are very weak. And -- and good speech but beyond the good speech there was nothing of substance behind the speech. How -- a term US taught what would you accept well we put each of us where I'll take what I would accept. You're gonna protect you gonna read the military of these conscientious objectors. That could be a problem GR sixty. And signing an executive ought to -- eight. That person that doesn't conflict. Without policy. That you gonna be allowed to be discharge are terribly as a conscientious objector to the story. That'd be leadership that'd be leadership I guess I would only argue this hope I don't fall into the camp of -- that a criticizing Todd fought. There's a better time and place than a memorial service the memorial services about the thirteen men and women who were killed. About the people who rushed to the aid about the people who reacted and responded intelligently -- terribly heroic -- That's what the memorial service is about. Now if he'd do if Barack Obama hasn't done something along lines of what Todd has suggested what I've referenced what you just referenced for us. And the next week or two then you know let's let the let's take them to task because this is clearly. Maybe he's gonna have to wait until after the Senate investigation so we have -- a more complete picture. At some point he should begin to address this issue and weed out those people who are in the midst of our armed forces who think that somehow or other service in the United States armed forces is inappropriate to the cause of humanity. Why you're correct that there is it is a certain. Who limited range for what you would say at a memorial service. Everything the president the United States send us. Is code. End he in order to speak one has to decide what channel one's going to speak within how could -- the walls are going to be and how constricted you're gonna be. And what particular references you're gonna make to what he was making. Statements yesterday. Regarding. How -- he philosophically. Approaches that side. And its interest in the stuff he did say and its interest saying the stuff he didn't say didn't mention terrorism. He didn't mention Islamic Jihad he didn't mention the fact that we've been under attack -- ferry you know over the fighting wars against Islamic terrorism. And now that there's another terror attack on US soil in a military base that's kind of profound moment he left it on stated that that's really what's going on. Here -- what -- but he is what he did choose the other -- he chose to put the lives in the memory of these thirteen people. -- historical context of the generations who have gone before and have fought. In the civil war in World War I in Korea. A likened that this generation pointed out does not have to take a second spot to -- of the previous generations. That they have joined an honorable legacy in their work had will continue. They work continually Tarlow -- he talks about extremists in Afghanistan and Iraq he's not he's not running up a white flag he's not talking about. A retreat Europe pullout he's talking about continuing the work so people not just in the United States of America -- people elsewhere in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan. Can enjoy life liberty and the pursuit of happen any mention extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan he did I don't know Nancy policy. Harry Reid -- over there. But this much we do know. No great. Justifies the murder of some brave Americans. We'll just loving god looks upon them would. What you've done we notably -- will be remembered justice. In this world in the next. There you go. It's called carry full. Consciously chosen language. Not to identify what the enemy. Is not to talk about the war that we are and to sound like he's being tough when he's not actually being tough -- that's our -- president and action it's a memorial service there's a time and a place. For the brave -- routine in this time and place for memorial service and yet even at a memorial service. When it is going to be a different form of language and a different tone and emphasis. He makes a specific point he talked about the every word being carefully weighed -- about -- by the speech writers and by the president himself he had done right. He dresses. In his own way maybe not acceptable to Utah. This whole issue of the Muslim Jihad. And and and and violent terrorism. In which people it's -- times claim that god ala is on this side and that they are working. God's vengeance on the infidels and the like that there's no just. All right just got one of the -- specific words. That would. Look upon these acts as anything other than what they. Haiti is violent. Craven cultural role is this guy is a master. At seeming that he cares about things that he doesn't care about it all free throws everybody of them all nineteen people. -- not move the president the United States in any way shape before me just goes back. Well except Michelle. Gives a little pat on the Fannie. -- as the presidential sandwich and says well we got that we've we fooled we fooled them again. Whether he's personally moved -- I -- no interest okay I'm interest in the leadership that he's offering. And how he decides to stairs steer the ship to stay current and isn't it did the direction he's staring -- is not in the direction of how do we get tough defending our country how -- we -- this PC culture in the military it's bad enough that we have and our social culture of it to happen in our military industrial complex. Is dangerous we saw how dangerous it was. Eight years ago -- and -- and then again Russ and all the Collison allows segment talked about it -- he's the commander in chief Pete could it might I don't know whether he will not I'm not offering this is a prediction. He might. Really decide to become very very tough for to sit there with the Pentagon the to the secretary gates and everybody else does it disabled or otherwise the signals war we're about law and order were about to process don't know both thank and were gonna wanna kill somebody just because they're telling us. We're gonna call the police are well how are you gonna reactive sometime within the next two weeks has announced that he -- between twenty and 40000 American soldiers over to Afghanistan to. Take the fight to these people. Now that doesn't do anything to address -- the Hassan in our midst that's another issue forum another challenge but how are you gonna react is that then. You're gonna stand up and say while I think he learned something from that shooting down in Texas that the extra on dolls because I -- -- measures take inspiration I think he made sometimes orders from a -- he made his decision weeks ago and I don't think he's doing it for. For purposes of fighting terrorism. I don't think that has anything to do with his serve military calculation is -- so -- it if in fact again this is hypothetical let's say cents 30000 troops over that. What what would be the reason for doing that following his number one political reasons -- The with this guy we do with -- that as far as over by cameras he cannot win when it comes to you. Well because he did he doesn't choose to be on my side that's why we're -- and -- this is what -- okay thank you my side as plus 5000 entries you for political enough already for now what I try to make it into a different conversation but -- is this that the key isn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay if this story different. 6172666860. Is dubbed black goal overall peace -- Democrat he wants the troops home. -- would like to be there were John Kerry throwing dog tags over the fence who thinks I'm sure to and I don't buy it I don't buy it is it is certainly not a warmonger but. I think well he's behaving like almost certainly since he was elected any begin to be informed through national security briefings and everything else yes seeing very very close parallels in his behavior and his decision just seeing parallels. -- George Bush you and I've talked about -- because he's not primarily concerned with the New York with the gift though we issue the Iraq troop strengthen the the and the renewed emphasis on Afghanistan and like he's been made aware by intelligence that he has access to that perhaps he did not have a let's see if he declares the there was a serious national interest and let's see if he -- dollars toward the really needs to be declared then the -- that is the war on. Our inability to react properly to anything when you look at this situation which are -- internally but on any level we we are dysfunctional as a country. That's a great frustration now is we can't. Execute anything properly except for the execution last I wish you reassured Elise Williams examine why not go kill somebody. And we can kill lab. How Loria for that simple thing now -- the democratic power structure hates of that happens. But it happened they were afraid the other way and that's a good sign let's get down. To create a rational country. Even in the military get the military and irrational get the FB IR in the CIA and that and a sake can't they be rational another wrestler -- be stupid do you have a problem that Barack Obama referenced who used to -- due process. Yes to be applied to -- yes major I -- -- -- want to you don't because in terms of the symbolism he was choosing yellow. Why was he choosing that symbolism of all symbolism that that was a message to everybody goes towards the -- relatives and what does that -- constitutional. Why was he meant -- -- question why was he -- -- it puts the United States of America in eight different any better light. That's why don't need the only one night is a message to the Islamic world. Don't think we're gonna get rational now we're gonna keep well -- well well we're gonna keep modeling Islamic world that's been being humbled in Iraq and pummeled in Afghanistan. By if planes buyout drones by allied troops doesn't think that we're going that -- tiptoeing around and appease databases they do that's what they'll look at and they say bunch of PC. Nonsense in half TNT -- to the exactly that's what they're seeing Anthony RW RKO atop a target morning. Don't I guess they're older in the background I guess mr. George Bush. -- means is that what we need we need that we needed goosebumps -- When George Bush went to the nine elevenths site startup but backed by it made it says there are gonna inherit so. -- Why Obama shouldn't said he shouldn't that's not like you're not that good now we got to deal with this problem we gotta finish this problem. Even that get rid of all the military unit upon them by the law dresses because this is ridiculous. Now there's an idea let's put the military and skirts because that's really what we've done to them politically 6172666860. Junior NW RKO. I -- I don't show. That's true I -- NN center which is sent scripts are just as likely we don't shoot up the world those pants. The -- today is that search giant either gender could be wearing -- Okay these. How elaborate on the net somebody just the tiny. Cheer went up certain groups -- every single one -- -- -- fact began an art form. All of that what -- quite a while broad may -- a bad day not one that called what it lot of the other point is they the first thing may get an attitude the power. -- -- -- and it the bank bank. We will protect that -- go there will be no backlash do you know how many Marlins at all. Have been open about all there -- I don't let their only other that killing. And you want. What are rushing while we must protect the Muslim community. Are there it is actually in Vietnam I can't can't. -- -- -- fell more strongly about it that was good Jan thank you for early in the -- Jim is still on file I guess we have to plug this send to -- being part of the overall paradigm of how liberals are. Operate how Democrats are seizing control of the country. And that is -- country up with foreigners and and people of cultures that are different than ours and then pander to those people. And that this whole thing would Muslims is part of that strategy. Of kidnapping America in gaining political power not by winning over the people or hear about by bringing new people and blue -- improve familiar problems with the immigration system I'm not sure that this is the top. That but telling EI -- you're on the speed you'll throw our motive shootings in the -- or why they're such pansies when it comes to talking about. They don't want to mention the word terror. -- terrorism that's out of the vocabulary of the White House. You wanna find out why their panties. Because these two newspapers that we get here in this young -- each and every day and every every one of those channel sets up on most television monitors that we look up from time to time. Is quick to topple what -- hop all over any issue whatsoever. And make accusations of racism religious intolerance it so easy you -- if you -- if you want to try. Truly excited America you know and get America on your side not -- took this specific little demographic group constituents actually coach of the -- of America and -- -- rise up and say yeah our trust pubs while they drive and on the street listened to and on the radio show you stand up there you say. I don't wanna hear any in this PC crap. We know what's going on here and we're not gonna stand for that would be refreshing wouldn't -- refreshing for everybody would be then friendly they say they have all your -- know not be ideals -- -- I'm being well -- man. -- -- and that's why I said oh what -- segment Obama presenting you meet could position to do that because of his background. Why middle aged white guys -- as much as you might think it might resonate with the American people and it would resonate. Much depends upon the messenger. That's how much would decline a making a point that's how much as a country we have declined a middle aged white guy can't make this point anymore with. Liability we're still 75%. Of the population globe and The Herald will homeowners I don't know The Herald won't let her conservative paper you know you used to the globe and -- -- we'll go we'll go ahead and try it. Go ahead and try it and be in you don't hit can be done you don't have any news for your for the along like they did and I am sure and it's not if you offered the globe are long where are properly or if you offered -- helpful -- break the unions they would do anything you want they would switch sides politically. Elizabeth your WRQ good morning. Burning and I'm so glad you -- they -- trying to explode. Different they get a firmer in its biggest in the globe if you can really get and it is -- They put the -- radio. In the Internet because that's the only way we get the truth it's not if anything to do it wrong. I did not as though the media is not shy about attacked -- Catholic Church. About gay rights. Women priests abortion and birth control but we come through. Islam it it is not. Silent -- -- do silent -- timid. Timid when this -- people are dying and Americans. They can't -- -- sticks around we have got we've got to get over than we've got to get older this this and it political correct. Elizabeth we wouldn't want a -- when wanna send anyone aren't they can ask Elizabeth come on now. I felt -- could still be here China among -- -- business as. That's what they've got that we're all afraid of being labeled an indirect loan or -- tickets. We -- not -- if they don't wake up call and I do think it's time we've got to stop being afraid. The best indicated by the way of all this Elizabeth's a couple of good point to -- the best indicator of all this we go to whenever racial issues come a -- come around because the -- -- -- -- television. The elevation. To position of relevance and credibility and Al Sharpton a fraud. A hostile. A fool a criminal and he literally he's on national title he's amassed a lot of the Democrats aren't about the future shop the shop the shop that that is ridiculous and it would not a serious nation we are not a serious nation. Had given given this course of action that we've seen Pawlenty many in their he had he is the symbol when Democrats take the -- Al Sharpton is doing flips and stick on the ball in the basket with a big crazy outfit on -- their mascot these are some -- help like leprechaun how however -- -- A microcosm for life here.