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And now -- W Ontario finished changing your life where doctor Joseph Russo the only show on radio that may very well do exactly what -- title implies change your life. There's the most important sixty minutes on radio for anyone whose life could be improved with just a little change -- -- to reserve -- board certified plastic surgeon Jose Barroso. On Boston talk station. Hey every six saving. W mark carrier. Boldly going where no plastic surgery show has ever gone before it's jumped on sports. Politics is a final frontier. -- one -- just change your life so I'm doctor Russo -- listening to changing your life. WRK notes I'm here to answer any and all of your question about plastic surgeon if you listen closely he may discipline somebody that may help potential life. Of course I'm joined today as always by -- my faithful. Co host -- Syria morning -- -- Good morning can -- -- for here is another holiday weekend it's is like time Israelis are patterned China. Kathy is registered nurse and an expert in facial rejuvenation and she joins you pretty much every Saturday. At this time and it helps me answer questions that I forget the answers to. Yeah we practically make a pretty good team we seemed to have him. If you're new to the show and just can't believe how great this is already feel -- to give us a call 6172666868. The lines are open so get on the phone and give us a call. If you are a little bit embarrassed about calling you can email us that questions that Joseph A Russa MD dot com. You can also go to our website which is Joseph A Russa MD dot com. And you can look at before and after photos you can get more information and so on the procedures that we do. You can email us and you can look at our incredibly great idea called the preferred provider network which I'll go into in just a second. Lauren who's my patient care coordinator should be getting to the -- just about now. And she will be there for the next hour or maybe even a little bit more to get a bunch of calls. And she's there are just too answer any questions that you may have about something here on the show or if you wanna ask her a question. And you know feel like you don't want to talk to me directly on the air she can call shall we call us and later in the show and can relive that question. She's also talking about fees you commit the consultation with her to seniors she Kathy. Largest chapter she's from the -- If you who honey here's some of our older shows. How are just replete with incredible amounts of information. You can go to UW RKO dot com website. And click on the audio on demand portion and you can listen as long as you like to some of our most incredible shows. And last but not least we're gonna talk about the preferred provider network which was sort of the brainchild. I think of -- mostly mine but definitely -- contributed. -- which is a group of providers does that I personally recommend I know them well I've worked with some might or they were on me apart members in my family members of my staff. And we had X and experiences I'm personally recommending them. Last week you we welcome the newest member. -- network which doctor Robert -- daddy who's in forum actual facial surgeon we just call oral surgeon and he talked a lot last week about a -- listening to show. About on dental implants we have just an incredible amount of interest and a top there was -- history by her yeah they're both things he could talk about him that one was let people focused on. Yeah and a lot of calls came to the office about it as well that he's not -- I had two other doctors. At no hostile way it worked you know come up to me that both orthopedic Jessica's it was a lot of questions about titanium implants and I hit stuff and in about a -- -- More of a medical show we really -- And they were we were talking about. That particular question -- taking antibiotics prophylactically. If if if you have a hit -- if evidence procedure or some kind of small surgical procedure do you need prophylactic and about there's a debate no literature right now about. I'll tell you we have that patient in the office this week Brian it has heading Hitler and a -- on Tuesday that. Animal obviously came up so it's amazing how relevant everything is a seductive -- that it was a big hit and and he's our. Oral surgeon. The official surgeon of the changing your life radio program that we had Nikita -- unite here who is the official photographer. Of the change dealer program and she's a catch light images dot com we also doctor mark liable who's the official com. -- provide to the Red Sox and he's he's our I guy he's relations guy. And Linda to -- show -- they're Fred Taylor Telesis and doesn't -- a great job with lesion removal. -- so we if you go on the let's say you look on the preferred provider network we have to -- that if people can't just keep finding there's so many people even yesterday releasing we we're having a discussion the officers and -- add that onto our -- were I don't know where there's definitely a lot -- but we're gonna -- interest but it kind of tennis specials and every area so people definitely -- vascular things -- about. I things we don't you do that skin cancer that's skin cancer right -- -- -- surveillance on skin cancer and a so we'll we'll get -- that's that's who work in progress it's evolving in each week we're meeting with other doctors and try to find the best people. For you -- our listening audience and we're really here to educate you so give -- cause it's 172666860. We'll talk about anything you like. This has kind of uninteresting week for me. I was driving in I was trying to think about you know water topics of people like to hear about them whether you know we get calls. And he's in. I think that's what it was and it really is that topic person but such an option mission I made that. This week. I -- four patients. That. We're all patients of them that have all the pages of mind for between 1520 years yup. And he was it because I was trying to think of how long you know I had known these pages that's a remarkably different events in my left and number one patient. Came in when my son who's a sixty and a half was still in Europe. Now remember that you don't he has -- have you had a 7810 plus years ago. So I was thinking you know and I remembered this person is -- Ricky talk about can you talk about whatever is going on -- and and she was -- left up pointers are real estate. Agent and so do we trying to first test. And you know three other people came in this week who were also in that same timeframe. And I thought. How amazing is that -- -- and this particular -- out talking about it she had all had one procedure -- -- seventeen years it was still connect to their office was doing skin care with our robot skin care program all sort of stuff. Not having had another major procedure yes it was just yesterday yesterday right. And as he's got a bit given up revenue at seventeen years I had to and I think you know as critical. Fed it as a sort of thinking looking through this of people we've seen that I mean thirst for people that have been in the practice for over Tony they're all having seizures they still come back they still come back but I thought. What a nice compliment that is to the practice is too mean to all of us says. This week's case with the women is coming through from new York and then once this stuff been in dual procedure grass is in the area is in the area. So I felt very good about you know did a petition is really important to some very good about our practice as a result of that. Com. So you judgment I just clever not gonna thought that was sort of an interest in -- -- you don't see that very often don't think about how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Says something about people looking for continuity. Of care and knowing that. We. Are interested in their well being but also that we're gonna be there -- they they they use a safety and that and knowing that. You're still we're still around. Yeah and -- as it seemed as one of the patients came in I was talking about a certain kind of procedure that I don't I was sort of saying -- -- -- you can drive discussion 617. 266686617. 2666061. Of these days is Curacao on the do you the same thing that you're done a couple of years ago I sort of put -- so well you know that are really don't do with that way anymore. And I had to describe a whole new. Who thought we had a face rejuvenation keep improving yeah about our new threat of a Tiffany about. Augmenting the cheeks and you know what -- higher up in the face and not doing is -- fold there is as much anymore. And I thought gee it's just an a couple of years -- -- really two completely change our thinking -- these these. Particularly -- held lasers that changed dramatically within two years now we've gone from. You know they're all separate to having now all being housed in one major. The machine has different platforms and how all these things kind of inter relate this. He got to understand in an even Phillips I'm gonna have they've. Continue to come out with more -- more stuff. Yeah it -- -- because they think -- those talking to these patients. The surgical component of plastic surgery has become more. Has become less surgical it's become more laser oriented more filler until more small procedure. Oriented. Because a lot of these patients are coming to us that much earlier stages then we used to see that when I first got to -- People work today that can't have a lot of down time in various. You know a lot of interest in maintaining. Their appearance rather than waiting you know -- thing was he he didn't do a facelift so you are certain age yeah just waited to get to that point now they're really under seem to be proactive this really important to keep. Ahead of the game. Through a lot of these procedures and things that are done now are in office based procedures with minimal or no downtime and can read back to work you do some these smaller procedures and you can cannot put off well an example is fat transfers that we've done. Lately you know their older women. -- What eight years ago would have had a -- yes they would have had faceless and they would have looked better but they would've looked as I could say done deal it would have been kind of -- used the word better felt because I think. They -- tight tighter that's that's there -- idea tighter but like two dimensional like for like the wind blown. Last in rather than more natural and where I really I mean. I think both of these women -- -- lately. They look -- good ten years younger goin' out the door because they've got this volume back in your face united. The patriot yesterday when she came out of the room -- interest was lined Alan I was I was operating on what you care about to go home and she stood up but I I have literally like how to do a double take as I. I was so shocked at how -- digital still don't look like the same person I hate leaving you like how can medicine loosening. Well I well I -- having pictures before and after yet that's so valuable then. I want go into one of the questions I got the street that I think has come up in al-Qaeda number account to the show and -- seems to be some confusion among our listeners. About the differences between liposuction. And a -- with a plastic and who gets what land. And and I think the best way to answer that question is just to sort of start with the basic education as to what these procedures are. Right and let the such as simply a procedure where you're just sucking out fast. You're placing it can Yuma under the skin in an area where there's excess fat. And you're hooking this up to a suction device and you just sucking out the fat. You know -- do that you have to have skin that has appropriate elasticity so few -- every loose and hanging. Then it's probably just gonna get worse if you suction out the fat however. The majority of patients have excellent skin color skin tone that's good enough so that when you suck up the -- this -- shrinks back down and they're perfectly fine. This is for example often done not what we call a love handle area men in the bellies and in women and next and next standardize and -- Whereas a dominant class is a much bigger procedure where you're actually cutting out tissue. Here actually cutting out that. That excess abdominal wall tissue which pay any the most common reason we do is for women after pregnancy. Don't think everything stretches yeah the the wall of the muscle even get -- little access stressed out so in that case you're really you're cutting out tissue usually. Kind of all the tissue from the belly button on down to the pubic area I continued -- tightening the the fashion or the muscle layer. Of the abdominal Walter really tight that's valuable -- different estimates the huge difference -- And -- sometimes you also do -- in conjunction with that procedure but really they're two different once looking Arafat the other -- is actually cutting out tissue and tightening the muscle there. Break and that's where consul really consider to place the simple yeah people. Think one thing when it's really another. Yes and I think I think for most women the abdomen is one of the key areas that bothers them you know in terms that it. You know not looking -- clothing -- over the past a certain styles of clothing and and the abdomen can -- in the abdomen to look good after pregnancy is often a very difficult challenge for most women who would you agree definitely again. Definitely so these kind of procedure geared toward improving that. And there's some confusion I think between. You know a muffin -- -- usually fat and it's not as much of a systemic issue and then we get men who think. That -- there's another whole situation with them where where is the fat -- right right because a lot of guys -- think. I'm that this big belly but in let's -- grab that fat and that that -- that is behind the most. Yeah a lot of time I think that's I mean there are many differences obviously between men who in the but one of the big differences for us with liposuction. Is the men very often have fat that's below the fashion meaning he you know around the internal organ right colon in the spleen kidneys -- local stuff. Where is -- women I think left you luckily have most of their fat outside of the fashion which is above the fest which can be treated with liposuction. I would say we're lucky but we don't hang. Up. Fairly -- Connecticut retreated whereas -- they committed you like well guess what you have to lose weight you know I mean it is you know it's a better option to build. Say well -- house of that liberal we can get rid of it. Yeah. Yeah I know just we seem to have an abundance of extra stuff that we wanna get rid of it TS yeah. Well that's led to the plastic surgeons are for that's why we're here to do -- again had a picture of where a 6172666868617. 26666. See any off questions about plastic surgery. -- happy to take we also have a sort of -- I guess since it's a surprise guests from from the South Shore that we will talk to in a minute her name is Linda. And she is an interesting story to tell. About plastic surgery is not a good story. It's gonna end up being a better story but it's gonna start off being a bad story and that tell us how you met Linda yeah. Was first met Linda when she came in as a prospective patient hand we went through the usual consultation process. And to determine that she needed some liposuction and that's for the stuff and she went away and and for the first a variety of reasons Alaska about the trees and sheet she went elsewhere and had they. I don't I'm not sure of disasters is the right word but but but not an actual results and she will share her story it was with the listeners. Surely and this goes kind of back to a we've been talking about Kathy about going to people who are properly trained in going to people who are. -- board certified in who have done a lot of the stuff and and and basically finding people that are safe and then -- will I think amplify our message is that we are. It's important to try and. I do think it's also important is love to hear from other people what their experiences have been sometimes these people think they're the only one that had this happen. And we found ourselves after this radio program we're hearing from more and more people that are coming into the office for corrections. Which is made us aware of how many problems. Exist out there that we would have had no idea. Except for the fact that this program sort of stimulated that conversation. That's right and I think. Part of it is that you know patients don't know where to go patients often are. The victims very excellent marketing schemes that marketing shots because you know in Europe a marketing consultant your hired to get people into blip up I. -- they clean and place. Medical. Help it in with we don't think of that is something people who Sally oh right right that that's bothersome I think we always felt you trust. In anybody that gave you a medical opinion. And that's a big part of what we're here to kind of in expose and talk about. That's rent some of these places that you hear about in the malls or you here you see on billboards you see in different places. Aren't really marketing schemes well planned well -- mark -- she talked about this for several different companies that have been doing this. And -- gonna help us. From the position of -- -- who. You know actually fell victim to one of these schemes and she's gonna tell us how and why and where what happened. So should be very rich because I don't actually know all the details and -- -- task to the questions on the air and she will hopefully be forthcoming with us because I think it's fascinating. So we'll we'll do that and when we come back from the other side of the break we'll take any and all of your calls -- 617. 2666868. That's 6172666868. I'm doctor Joseph Russo and this is changing your life. Doctor Russo is a board certified plastic surgeon who's been in practice for nearly twenty years to set up a consultation with -- doctor -- and his talented staff. Call 6179641440. In his office awaits your call at 61796414. -- Welcome back news could change your life I'm -- For the -- covered in plastic surgeon. You know a few questions about plastic surgery. Feel free to call for 6172666868. That's 61726666. You're. Have been oppressed for about twenty years and have seen and understood everything that you concede and do -- plastic surgery show. I guess I guess that qualifies because an expert -- and I would have to take your calls. We're gonna go to our special guest at this point -- Linda from the South Shore. As fears saying earlier in the program Linda came in to see me initially for a consultation liposuction. And then. I flush October you came when -- way did something different came back a couple years later asking me if I can help prepare she had a less than perfect results from some other place you go onto Linda welcome to the show -- -- Don't be nourished just like you and me having -- conversation so how can nothing be nervous about. So I don't know where she would jump in on this what we tell us in your own words what you -- and tell listening audience what happened. Well. Actually I. I had him in areas that every -- it just wouldn't go away from him and I have it I have a very busy schedule. And I was looking almost kind of for that quick fix. That you hear about and also received by the on commercials. And I just happened in beef. Going through some of the magazines and I. So -- and four after consultation. For. The lifeboat that would do some tightening them and I was also going to menopause cause we are. I had some skin that I noticed was getting -- -- And I thought well with the lifeboat in the skin tightening maybe this is something that I should check into -- and whether free consultation and I thought well. You know why not winnable or close to where you live -- well it was in the mall and I -- at first that was. -- that's kind of strange to be in a mall you know go shopping. We're gonna stop right there because that's absolutely right fifth. Things seem strange initially probably were discussing have been take a couple calls to come back to okay. So online photo go to John. John welcome to the show your -- they were doctors should Kathy. John here. John you're on the air okay let's go. A hit drumming and John -- then -- get so we got -- this time. Okay thanks a million. -- doctor Kathy takes a take my call and -- a burst mole on my face its affordability years and I've got four more my back. Up to eight millimeters. My own position has examined them and I don't know issues with cancer -- didn't like that. Because stable regular birth wolves so. I guess my question it's our. I know assuming I have every move how long would actually take it doesn't involve stitches and other questions I ought to be asking the plastics -- Well well there're there are you know several ways of doing it one way is to actually excised them. Which is to cut them out and of course then you know stitches and he come back it stitches out and things are he'll hopefully. The other way of doing which I think is more preferable. Is to use a laser because you know with plastic surgery you really wanna do things in the in a way that gives the patient police in my scarring. So if you use a laser on talking by the -- to -- resurfacing sort of laser. You can -- them away and then the scheme will heal up from the bottom and although the skin is red for awhile he should be a scoreless results. Is there any limit to how the animal. Can be in terms of -- in versus -- and not really mean that. The promise and then the limitation is more on the seasonal part because you can only take -- so much skin and get a Carlos is so it is so -- at a slower peel laser murdered German abrasion to other treatments on the skin. When you don't can't cut out the skin and -- most of these leases it's not necessary to make it 'cause I'm a -- well. I think to make sure that listening audience understands it's a CO2 laser it's not a traditional laser out their people tend to think one Lazard. It does everything right there lasers for Harry -- there's lasers for brown spots but this is specific to pass to be used by a physician. That's -- and you know the other thing is that. And most patients do -- pretty well. So when you do something like this for the laser. You often -- the disclosures of however you know some can some case you need to excise those small sister -- question about the being malignant or -- any other questions about it. But. Two quick fixed Societe -- have live with something that they've not like for so long and they -- -- like that's it that's it takes about uncertainty. Oh really go to line one. And looks like Lauren is there. I -- to hide the Lawrence. Provides a patient care coordinator and she's sitting in the office waiting for calls and giving information on what's going on the office today. Barry Barry video very yeah win and they still believe the Arab world are going on. There's the bills are staying busy yeah -- -- that they -- Where there's some calls that you want and a talk I'm. There wait a couple of calls I had questions then about the went out -- out where. That Botox use. In the body can be used anywhere else besides the baby. Okay that's a good question on the McAfee Hamlet and -- are -- -- to try to -- there's actually a lot of uses for Botox but there are some that are just therapeutic uses. And it but the one that most people might know is for under arms sweating called hyper Hydro assist. In terms of a lot of other uses for some of those are considered off label even though it can be used in the neck for at thirteen. Lines and -- We've done you can do that you can treat other parts of the phase sometimes about the lips I do a lot of injecting there. On people who do it offers sweaty foreheads. Palms of their hand -- That but I also know there's definitely a lot of therapeutic uses for kids is terrible policy and -- Telus day cervical to -- I have. So. It's just it depends on what it is -- -- they're looking to address it seems like every week for two addition new. Nukes and go to new idea of how do you well that's true memory says it's if they hit on hair. The growth will be all set because it seems to cover everything and then -- loyalist or another questioner to. I don't think right now who can make it that coming in bad I will call back the very end Iceland I -- you only -- a kid I like. So let's go back to Linda so you. Has some areas -- -- exercise you want to get a rude and you saw an advertising. Thing in a magazine. I -- and magazine they had began. No scarring no downtime. Tightened scandal immediately sell -- -- and it sounded great net. I made and caught -- -- point man for my free consultation. Thinking that I would probably see doctor assisted -- talk until when dad though that's I'd did you know I thought residency Doctor Who would answer my question yeah. Yeah unless -- -- tens. Would it would -- didn't I was very very surprised I -- with -- I met with. Bunch of girls who you sit in this. Small area they -- UTP and they show pictures on the wall of beautiful girl -- Wood and then when you wish the way into this Roman and then they show you more pictures of Anna. And they talk about the fits cause it's not like go team and I was interested and they basically the skin tightening yeah. And she said well let me say there was no you know going and going to this area execute. This close up to the drop pear. Yes yes and then she is like. I think you'd be a really good candidate Omar witness. -- -- no credentials what so ever to just a sales person you know this is salesperson. And I said well can you answer this question -- You know down time what this is supposed. Will I be laid up and she was so well I can't answer that. You going to have to see the doctor and I -- the doctor was there right. She simply have to make an appointment with the doctor okay. But in order to make an appointment with the doctor -- I have to pay an exorbitant consultation -- Was this for your time by the 500 dollar nonrefundable. Non -- -- he says -- to see the doctor just to see the -- says she's giving you some sense that you're gonna get results she thinks she might have -- chilly enough that it put down money to actually go forward suppose you had -- -- doctor didn't like the doctor didn't like the procedure non refundable Nokia nonrefundable. That if and also she was saying that they had a special introductory offer. Of course that month and a and that they usually don't have that it's his first introduction this more like a truck before big. Sally you're gonna find out what's -- just say we're gonna Britain go to Wayne. Online for. Randy you're onto the there was such -- and -- Orioles today do we need do you -- thank quick question I had a little up. Basal cell removed. Maybe record at the village under my tie you back by about the urgent back and market. And it's still. How was it remove -- Nor was it because wasn't cut out or Lazard chemical dealer -- -- lot of car would cut kind of okay. Yeah and then I was coming out like a specialist. Do this this thing you know just to make sure that it -- normally Edmund. That night I can do percent of so. This story although scar there bed at a little like step in the morning at different times of the day and I'm wondering how long. Something like that was typically take that to regain its normal. Com. Apparent threat while -- obviously once you cut the skin you always have this card every -- permanent. The it's only a matter of degree as to how visibility is and -- -- -- you can do to scars to help them for example in your case where you if it if you feel it's a little bit sick. You can massage it you can help break it down you could put topical creams underneath those sorts of things that. That help. But the scars always going to be you know some scars are so good that you can't really see militia look really closely. Other stars are so I was you can -- I would also some talk about the tightly Serbia there their leaders we have once called a titan laser which. Is diseased actually tighten the skin but but it put put on NASCAR like this election shrinks and this is smooth systems and makes it makes it. Sinner and and -- depicting about that is there's no downtime when it so it's really nothing ventured nothing yeah and also the silicone sheeting and -- but the real answer to the question you really -- is how long. If you look at the textbook scars continue to heal for two years so that he has so there's the -- is what happens is that when you wouldn't get a wound. He laid down college in -- hot glue and hold the -- together then over the course of two years. No -- starts to mature and contract venturing down so you've got up to two years of healing so real -- most of that occurs in the first six months eight months here. But but. Clinton like the idea massage yet going to think it always keeps it from getting their real tight. Feel to it via. OK through and go back to when the so. UN to this place in the mall. And militants now would think yeah. Do the procedure is there is -- well I asked. Where is it done you know and she says that they had one site in another Amal. And they just do it there. All right so in the in the in the -- I guess in the census getting to the punch them before we lose time. So you had to come station melted rock -- met with the -- and the doctor said he I think here it's your perfect candidate again young yet. He said that he was not doing that type of laser anymore that they were offering. That to -- go for an upgrade that would tighten my skin even more then. And I would get. Excellent we felt so so wet -- -- I should go with the lays it that he the upgrade to tell it was even more might tell us what happened. I put the appointment to it's too I went in and be. Actually it was extremely quick I -- I didn't know vitals known nothing going and take a few close they going to be going to a Rome and I went on this. Table almost what you get Medicaid as they gave -- big and they gave me an option of taking Ambien. What and vice continue had a rag with you I hope and it's yes I I took -- not to takes and again I took god to -- -- -- -- -- As a precautionary measure. When I had the procedure done it he was extremely quick from actually he. -- may be ten minutes he's NN -- With he. It's that the king can -- -- and a lot of chicken and since I -- taking Ambien I was awake through this again is our -- It. It was painful on the fact that. When he when men and he did he first in my left. My left leg. And then he stacked the king mile in my right leg on the same -- and walked around -- than he does again like goodness. And I status to scream now oh my god -- my gun and he says oh I'm so sorry. And I would hope so. He -- it was okay to have someone assisting he had an assistant who is just standing there just somebody not son -- But supposedly she was a surgical assistant all. What apple was. When I say it was over may be in ten minutes. That was probably even want can. And he destruct everything into okay -- Daniel -- -- be gorgeous he left me BN oh on the table whose anti disrupt. And I descent to the assistant did I say something -- -- what was it today and -- -- do something a lot. And she -- me up he had put on my karma did they give you instructions and only -- you today give you instructions that. To leave your comment on 224 hours don't take it off net debt. Then -- twenty cars take NAFTA in Japan to just. I soda to take a couple close who have come find out what actually happened to you in terms of your results. They go to the phones. On line one we've got Chirac. You -- I am high value you have to do. Grave I don't wanna do -- -- they're they're a little bit about outside my experience which has been under all you. Well I had my first could -- agenda and you would never go ahead you mocked Janet if you. Injection of -- like -- on the -- area and such an area and my husband didn't even know hide that fact say you will -- and -- you know PPL. And within a couple of days site -- grade back to normal and the second procedure there about six weeks later -- -- saying a little -- the first bailout huffy about again my husband didn't know that he didn't notice it resolved until we run back and -- out. See pictures now I can't shoot the first. Treatment and he's had a lot that you look at me and saying. But he didn't notice permanent database base actually just a wonderful procedure for people who don't want the big shock in the but now I'm. It's so -- now. I think have a great didn't do in London hope. Every day there are no legal notice it's something different about you. Absolutely I've hello coming up a couple of months -- are loaded yet but I could owe great thanks to plug this looks really great double fault. It must -- cut -- like a wild. Yeah and but she did you know sir thank you for -- let's take a -- -- 617. 2666868. We're gonna get down on the other side I'm doctor Russo and this is change your life doctor Russo is a. Board certified plastic surgeon who's been in practice for nearly twenty years to set up a consultation with -- doctor Russo and his talented staff. Call 6179641440. And his office awaits your call it's 617964. Ports. Welcome back. To listen to change. Your left conduct yourself. Gonna go right for the cause -- only -- about senator -- minutes left on the show just take a couple calls -- gonna go back to that she has some gory details and tell us about her liposuction on the mall. But Karen you're next on line for. -- there. Hi thank you. My name is Karen -- in future years old I been -- out of the -- for a year -- -- I've lost some weight I have -- now lean body mass I would like attorney tact but I can't -- the -- infections over the years yes and I am. It seems like I'm getting nowhere and I know that much force -- regular and I are inefficient something negative. -- can be taken care of these games. This is a classic case Karen this is what we see all the time. Your belly gets stretched out from the you know from childbirth from being pregnant -- having your belly expands so much and then try to -- back down. And when they cut the muscles and all that weakens and domino -- as well. So as part of the normal -- classic bush usually cut off connections -- but really the bigger part of it for use to tighten the muscle. Kind of what's called -- implication which means kind of silly in -- itself to flatten it out. That's a really creates a fat tummy but that's a flat tummy I mean. That's a really gives you the flat results so you'd be a perfect candidate he's also -- that C section scar is in -- gonna get EM to ya think it's that I would go just below the C sections got cut the whole thing Nazi have a brand new scar. Okay LA and up and down not. -- -- Well it's -- well we cut all this get out from the belly button down to the pubic area. So if if this extends above the belly button then you have a little bit out -- that that would be way to have been down while -- Thank you for calling my -- -- So -- that you just to recap quickly had liposuction done in number are. Had a consultation when they charge you 500 on not a for the mostly just to see the doctor the doctor -- soldier has some procedures you have the procedure done it was done very quickly. The doctors did something terribly and embassies that made to apologize he got -- left and you were left lying on the table. What happened. Well Fabian teach me up but I know my comment they told me to go home I walked out of -- through the mall -- -- god with your legs pleading with my legs bleeding. They it they said that there also be some fluid from the HEI know so I thought it was affluent young and then I noticed it was blood. So -- told to go home for you lakes up and they -- say and they paper that you might have. Eat some disk judge who whenever you have some problems post up early try to contact a doctor. What happened was actually took off my gamma is the -- down to 24 hours I took off my government to change may be -- just. I noticed that I had huge -- what -- didn't look right my right -- didn't look right I had a huge hole and it was. Bleeding to the screen too much so I called and I got the answer I got these surgical assistant to -- change and I couldn't reach her. I kept calling calling -- incidentally never can actually contact the doctor you can never now know he used -- so called the surgical assistant and -- call you back. And it happened was. -- -- with turning black. And the hole was not closing out. Who. Awful how long it take you for the college about a week. And this time you're suffering had a black bleeding leg and did know what to do I tell if driven in there right. Think I kept calling and -- it up anyway -- -- it's I can cause I called the front -- -- -- season and I asked to see the doctor you have to fiscal go -- the assistant. I tried everything in my power would again I didn't drive and and what happened was. I that day when I didn't she did come back she said that this was normal. Then that it just takes time that is probably bruising don't worry about it and I kept saying but lonely doesn't look great. I also noticed that my skin was stunning to snag. So Linda -- additions to their country don't have much time left. When you thought I saw docked with the utility. He says oh everything's wonderful. Don't worry about him what happened was he knew I called and he knew that I. Was upset about it and he stood by the door he wouldn't come over and I said how can you say it's wonderful when united I'm looking at my legs -- and we looked at my legs. He said well it it will feel it takes about six months -- nice and well. You -- immediate results but not I -- my -- better before this. -- entering so what is up I -- where are you now what happened to you what kind of result what does it look what is. Look I have. Tremendous -- and scar on my right leg. I have. The second skin in between my ties more so than -- what I went and before. And on my right -- its its deformed. Now apparently the person who did this said they were plastic surgeon but really they were not. I listen to the impression and that he was a boy -- certified plastic surgeon. He has not he is a different type of doctor. Which I was surprised to find out missing an oncologist yes yes he was. Not only couldn't man this is I -- the way and I did. Talked to. They assistants they are after you know form right. I'll follow up appointment I was surprised to find this out and when I did go back for a follow up appointment knowing that it wasn't healing. He is no longer dare I was -- -- yeah just as you can no longer there still dealing this procedure no no but I he has taken up practice somewhere around. Doing the same thing of course hello Linda this has been very entitled thank you so much for joining us today. We will have you got kind of palace remainder of the story and I know a lot of listeners are out there we couldn't get all your calls I'm sorry folks but if you wanna call my office. Liz morals over their below the six point 7964. Fortune for you she can I answer most of his question. Doing very well. This has been show that's been. Really answer all the questions you're having hopefully you learned something today. Going to people who are certified and procedures and -- done a lot of film important. If you can say. You know I've learned something yeah it is every database. Join us here every Saturday. From twelve to one I'm doctor so you're passing in the -- change your life. Come on back country. Thousand want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rush Limbaugh every weekday from noon the story. Only here on Boston's. You hardly know.