Afghan War

Oct 29, 2009|

One resigns amid disgust over thewar strategy...

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-- -- -- he brought Justin from a new balanced world headquarters building McFerrin storm. Six AB WR -- outside it is Thursday. You know it's gonna be in the seventy's I'm Helen. How about that sort itself. Be so casual that's an incredible event yeah it's different. I'm not complaining not assisted unusual when we were kids was ever seventy degrees and explosiveness she. Steve tomorrow and then yet this proves that global warming is happening that it picks up -- and it's caused by a man and there's nothing we could knew about it appeared in what is Colorado who gonna get hit with three to four -- -- -- sometime during the did today apparently well see that's why we call climate change it's unpredictable comes a lot of factors damages done now. Cause its got Matthew both fascinating State Department employee in Afghanistan resigns. Doesn't appear to be guys. Who is looking for the limelight at the same time I think he'd be timed his announcement to make sure would have high impact. Because he wants to try to influence the conversation on Afghanistan. In his point basically is I think the same point that I've made him maybe you've made from time to some all the your -- -- and I am. That we need a clear mission troops that mission needs to be tied to reality not this. This -- idea that al-Qaeda I mean though that the rhetoric on this is we need the do we need to fight al-Qaeda there is no al-Qaeda in Afghanistan there was. Nine years ago eight years ago when we went in there we chased him out but they laughed. They don't care about countries they go anywhere they want to well there are buried on the Internet they operate around the world. But that doesn't mean that you want to give them carte blanch -- the Taliban certainly were really. Too weak to resist. The intrusions and al-Qaeda -- really complicit then we're comfortable with the relationship they -- so I would not. I equate the two but I would say they're cousins and for the most about the cousins we'll get along so we would to abandon again were to pull out of Afghanistan. Which mr. ho suggestive Easter suggesting it's really -- without purpose. You obviously. Pigs now -- back to how about -- complete control of the country -- sufficient control of the country. Where Al al-Qaeda -- to ignore that opportunity of course not. Of course and whether they do or not is irrelevant because right now there in Pakistan there in Somalia there in Yemen there wherever they wanna be they did some of their training is Matthew -- points out for the September 11 attacks here. They had meetings in Germany there all over the world -- multinational they're not tied. To nation states that's true but that doesn't mean that you well walk away from a particular theater because they are and other theater as you know this their presence in Somalia and Yemen. Has to be fairly tenuous I mean their movement very very quickly because we're on the chase we have a hunter's and they are the hunt what's the most liberal state in the United States of America. We -- most liberal state in the United States that say either California or mass OK so. Let's declare war on liberalism will take of the US army in invade California. And will never leave because people keep saying we can't let the liberals. Get a foothold again in California. Right yeah meanwhile they age all I've done is gone over the border into. Area where some way we would still be their fault we can't let him get control California again we can't let -- have a resurgence -- but meanwhile this 49 other states where they're walking around doing their thing ruining the country. It's a cute little comparison but doesn't that that doesn't hold any water whatsoever why so Jerry solar -- and then the -- -- al-Qaeda has had somewhat of a EST destabilizing effect on some parts of Pakistan not Iraq not -- that is what they've done of the US heartless and by the way is on the move. Against the now how successful it'll be time will tell but they seem to be. Does it give -- the level of aggression. And that's the other thing we're destabilizing Pakistan where not to -- we are Pakistan yeah no way because of the perception that we -- behind. The terrorism that's going on in their country the people of Pakistan are blaming us for the terrorists and everything was still blame us for collateral damage from drone attacks and -- blaming us for the terror yes they believe the reason the terrorists are being fought by their government. That there there's a war going on in Pakistan joked that they think is our war and I thought I I don't know that we can say there are -- well and so it is it there's no question about it it's in -- based upon the relationship we have with Pakistan's what -- -- exactly is the fundamental question. Do we abandon the era do we pull out as mr. -- was suggesting. Home page so they show it just I was suggesting that we that we abandon the mission and and pull out. And and so do we leave. By god Apache we create a -- nature will fill that vacuum nature abhors a vacuum and it will be filled. Filled by whom who is going to go in -- in Baidoa where. Go into this this. -- into the region. Of Afghanistan and Pakistan Pakistan let me remind you has nuclear weapons yes so that's why it's better -- the bad guys in Afghanistan all they have there is opium. So so -- way and then when Pakistan is moving against the bad guys you should be applauding and not say gee this is creating. Like -- and we -- my being blamed no all I'm solemn pointing out is that Tom. Afghanistan as a crap hole. And Pakistan as a modern country with nuclear weapons which one you want destabilize by the Taliban well who you gonna protect. -- -- Well outlook presence in Afghanistan. Is determined is designed to make sure al-Qaeda doesn't get a foothold in either country and operate I don't I don't I don't get a foothold hey you just -- arguing about an operational for hold where they literally have influence over the population. And can plan with impunity additional attacks against the country. -- countrywide -- brother can't I don't -- ahead if they have the first thing before -- they just had some camps there to -- bad guys who was an image now they've now -- camps in other countries it's irrelevant video back to my -- example of California -- all the liberals out of California you might -- you'll certainly make California healthier state you -- improve the nation -- because the liberals will go to other states are almost there is. Okay so -- so they can be they can be made to flee. He is the difference however the training camp so whatever they have in these other countries have. -- not operating with the impunity wide open recruiting. Training doing all the things that Alcoa is Somalia are you I think are sitting in Finland in the in the -- regions of Pakistan that have no government basically in the I -- they're doing -- -- standstill for more than three hours they are on the move because we are on the culture. -- -- -- And and by the way let's remind ourselves also not only do we have -- I think a vital national interest in Pakistan because of their. Nuclear weapons how about India -- Japan. As faithful allies. Interest clearly representing a vital interest -- -- -- -- no Qaeda there -- is al-Qaeda al-Qaeda is not there but you don't want to destabilize a region a region and give al-Qaeda slash and I tell us exactly -- -- opportunity to -- -- and that's -- are very destabilizing the -- I don't think that's -- and 6172666860. Is I mean it's a great the dismissed -- -- -- -- as you know his credentials -- remarkable -- seems to be very very principled guy. There's also an article you wanna read a real clear politics by Ralph Peters yup takes you aside and just says look this is ridiculous American lives being fought. In a very very in in a waste will useless unnecessary -- then along comes finally last but not -- John McCain's and ho ho -- wait a minute. We do have vital interest in any reach -- would have spectacular. Disastrous consequences for our country as -- as we stand so this outstanding. Then that's a problem I I'm I'm not saying McCain's necessarily wrong yup I think we get better results -- matter what we do. And I don't think we afford to be doing this anymore with the liberals ruining Washington and sending us deeper and deeper into debt. That's unsustainable. I think we need to refocus and take care of ourselves we aren't that great superpower that we were a year ago. You know we don't -- did -- know NATO is in complete agreement with the united US generals who have been calling for more troops have to troop increase in a more aggressive counterinsurgency strategy so NATO. Leadership is not known for being hawkish did general look at these UA out of -- -- circumstance. It it it remains in the I don't want trees are dying to send more troops in there while some of them they're gonna write ups and how many -- -- brits in the offseason -- you know -- shown some steadiness is older O'Reilly Morocco but they love us now an older anyway we -- yeah right yes let's listen a little Matthew hall they'll take your calls this is the State Department worker who who quit. Because he's Saudi just doesn't feel the mission is a good one for the United States of America and Afghanistan. For no reason is that basically feel that our strategies. In Afghanistan are not pursuing goals are worthy of sacrificing our young men and women were staying in Billings were doing there. What's the fundamental reason why you feel. -- culture. Basically basically its its -- because. I believe that these people we are fighting there are finding us because we're occupying them -- for any ideological reasons not because many links to al-Qaeda. Now because of any have a fundamental hatred towards the west. No reason fighting this because we're occupying them. That's pretty creepy if he's right. The only reason they're resisting honest we tend -- -- uses were Taliban we think it means. People -- American and support attacking us on September 11 then people know regency Taliban means. Different things we work whatever -- your and it's different groups of people that not aligned ideal ideologically the main thing that binds them together. Is -- all like the US being in Afghanistan so were effectively creating the Taliban as -- this thing that we share were creating it by being there. People to understand that when. Newspapers -- -- in reference. You know somebody's. -- -- somebody's husband being killed by the Taliban. It's not the same guys attacked us -- on eleven. And that the people were fighting for finance -- because occupying them. I'd also like them to realize that. We need you to stabilize the Afghan government in five or ten years. But stabilizing up in government does nothing to defeat al-Qaeda and that's our goal with -- al-Qaeda we change our strategy because. He knows the real slotting the fly with sledge -- Oh -- can you played a whole analogy that's pretty early on doing is basically. Exhaust yourself and you put holes in your wall so your force and you don't drink don't fly. Now if if that's true -- it's pretty powerful I think this guy's been working over there. And it just feels that it's counterproductive forward to -- -- -- in this is not that there's not going to be a perfect outcome or easily achieved outcome but the Taliban which he felt like -- not the telethon which he just made commentary on. Made is very very easy and comfortable accommodation. With al-Qaeda. That would -- or would it not if we retreat and create the vacuum the Taliban says oh good we drove the occupiers away those occupying Americans God's seal -- Al-Qaeda doesn't show up the next day and say hey remember us things worked pretty well right. And of course it did work pretty well for al-Qaeda let's get some assays and apparently for the accommodation estimate in the tell about. Because people resent telepresence. Is not -- I meant for us abandon what we think this is strategic vital in contrast while the question is whether we think that are not. -- and if we don't. We need to realize that that of them may miss assumptions were making analysts not a word broke -- were making assumptions -- -- you may be completely inaccurate and that's what Matthew -- pointing out. Let's talk to marry about it Mary your -- and W are you good morning. Good mining I I've been -- this for a very long -- Debt we have already lost the war. In them than not and something I'll listen to come up this October on PB. And radio about death the killing of battle as soldiers an excellent but I believe that we already blocked the -- -- in the Afghanistan's. And I'm glad to be able to say it on the radio. Not that I'm glad that we laugh the luck I'm just collected give my opinion. That thank you. We're glad to have redo it Mary thank you for voicing that that's orders for you're supposed to call enjoy your council over a 6172666868. There is this sense may be that Mary's refer to the we don't even know what the mission is there were confused about why were there that we're using assumptions -- are accurate anymore that the Taliban you know simply a word like the Taliban. As the enemy we all automatically put our own not imagery on what that Taliban as an arm all meaning to it. That may not even be an -- I think -- uncertainty Todd the other -- the disagreements that are surfacing between me and you wouldn't in the discussions all across the country. A reflective of what that it but if but missing from president Barack Obama confusion human -- you know in March and April he announced what do what he Kara what he -- him what he described as a comprehensive. Strategy counterinsurgency so on and so forth. And it's. Now these businesses. That -- political uncertainty people using that would give the rank and I'm. Like it because I think it's it has a political slant to -- that's what's fun about a half -- seems to him so well you know he well. He's he's he's rethinking things no question about that. Jeff good morning are WR -- atomic Todd. Why don't want to. Take it didn't really mean look over there to begin with a whenever we go over there it's because we were attacked. Re not -- okay so. Obviously like like Todd says don't care about a country or anything like that because if we ought to -- okay we defeated them we back -- bush and Afghanistan's removes that babble that someone helps. We have to take away their source Apollo which is money you -- -- it checks the poppy fields and the drug trade and although Britain warlords. And they have no money how would be given weapons with money yeah you're gonna get there and. But if you if you that's their only economy is making drugs. So if you get take away their ability two grow poppies. You do destroy the Taliban source of money you also destroy the country's economic infrastructure which is. Tell us what then after you attack us we gonna do this you -- only so don't attack us again if we pull out I'd I'd disagree -- Bush went to an end stage we. We're attacked we don't win. We should've left. Well not only channels I get a step further -- that -- -- if we're going -- get rid of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda runs over the border into Pakistan we stopped. So we got this artificial barrier for really after al-Qaeda you would go into Pakistan I'll leave Afghanistan but at that. But Pakistan is an ally and of an ally says hey wait a minute we don't when he when he we'll take care of ourselves. You know what they do not let them in there you don't want us in the -- you better not let them -- to build and train and make my. Jeff that's how anybody cannot be big foot every day with allies on the. Can't we just say dad -- if they attack us again and we find out that during our country can guess why. We're gonna come after the. -- is is isn't a better strategy. Rather than level line and to a waste land Afghanistan isn't a better strategy to try to. Work with them and make a -- on an ally has Pakistan -- The simple slide but save some lives next field and they haven't I hate Tom sign on that -- and they have a bomb making factory in the garage what are you gonna do Tom. -- -- No he would make them take down the side. I think -- -- just -- -- it's simplistic it's paychecks they want costumed guides they don't care what country there and they don't they just want to destabilize us not to diet and the world that it. That's accurate that's an accurate statement as far as al-Qaeda is concerned I don't think it's an effort accurate statement as far as Afghanistan. Yet it would be an accurate statement if we went in there -- bombs and planes and said look. What an absolutely destroy any economic infrastructure you have any of infrastructure as you say Todd. -- the opium fields the poppies that's an old world view. If we were fighting a military that was connected to a philosophy that was connected to a government job right if younger then they get -- -- -- -- the Germans in feels great I realize you and then you squeeze that -- country anyway cancer debilitated so ability to -- make -- right but there's no connection between. This al-Qaeda and Afghanistan except they happen to be using that turf while while they were they were attacking us show if we then moved somewhere else they don't care where their basic human Jeff have to. Knowledge of -- you acknowledge it and political circumstances. Billion of descriptions abortion McCain for example in terms of the leadership. One of the outcomes and thus far is frustrating is this war raises that this country has not been attacked since September 11 2001 no that's out of frustration that's good. Okay you want assuming it's axiom known allied and it's half to one of the outcomes. He is so frustrating -- drums are frustrated by the situation in Afghanistan in you try to figure out the right strategy all of America this month but one of the outcomes of this strategy that is right now that we're engaged yet occupying. Active up pursuit of Taliban into an al-Qaeda. Has been that we have not been attacked more -- that was a -- that's why this policy that you and general. Straight to I don't know thirty fruits of the -- the overall policy has correlated with their being no further tax -- and I think we can argue cause and effect particularly with regard to. -- say that the whole thing as a package. The Afghanistan portion of it may -- he has done that in the past -- maybe it hasn't we can look at -- announcing may be it will contribute. To more bad things happening well then good things meanwhile we're squandering billions of dollars in American lives are being lost Mike good morning -- NW RKO. Good morning guys that we just -- there aren't that obscure new book good points and they're right about Ralph Peters I loved him I don't know where this guy came from a the last few months I've been reading his columns all over the place and. Now this is a powerful call that it is contrary to the position I'm taking but it's a very powerful call. What about it as far as I'm concerned they could nuke. Afghanistan means nothing to me that country they're a deterrent -- or parking lot but they're not gonna do that but the only question do you guys. What about the memory as long as al-Qaeda is there. What above the memory of the 3000. People who were murdered on nine elevenths when the family who -- -- I think you just walk away. And just say hey we're getting out of this country we don't bottle talking only about -- -- tell you I'm telling you honor their memory by following the -- strategy that is going to best to retaliate against the bad guys al-Qaeda left Afghanistan eight years ago. Is it is a good strategy in our Putin's stated goal of of the revenge and avenging that event. To stay in a country that they left years ago we just looks stupid. Are you saying that they're not in back -- and Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda know they left here we came in they were ran into Pakistan. Then it -- that's the first time ever that I was assuming that they were still. Hold up an occasional whatever. That there are -- I mean from and I don't even know remnants might be to the wrong word to use but. This is that there are al-Qaeda forces I think it's probably fairly clear to most folks that their al-Qaeda. Elements in Pakistan and Afghanistan that -- that. The border pro Mike is as porous as Boris could be. And at the back and forth really kind of as is convenient as is necessary the fact of the matter is. They do not have a stable. Place as they once did free 9/11 there was no. Hesitation no worry that they had whatsoever pre nine elevenths and now they they feel very very much the hunted. And the hunters are being addressed series have to be. There is a big chunk partisan northeastern I'm blanking -- northeastern Pakistan how -- that is north northwest northwest north that is basically on governed by the government just is all of Afghanistan except for parts of Kabul have no good -- -- federal government rain mountainous no road in just a minute of the militias there are to have control the country not the Pakistani army. So al-Qaeda that's -- Heidi is they do whatever they want their. Right it's just like Afghanistan used to -- well -- Pakistan over the last I would say two or three months has really drew us what you out of their try to go after moving very aggressively and displacing al-Qaeda. Elements that had moved and taken over valleys and certain down okay but Pakistan is on the move as well I'm mentioning suggests -- reinforce the idea that's where al-Qaeda is able to. They don't care what country their brand correct they're Afghanistan we come in they leave they go to Pakistan makes no difference about whom they like caves is here today John good morning -- WRKO. Yeah good morning I. It you know it amazes me there's probably more al-Qaeda or an America that there -- Pakistan and Afghanistan but -- -- To our lives throat like a bottom what about -- -- -- that happened. And -- there's there's no way you're gonna win a war over their dedication to try -- a bunch of box it's not been bought but said. Put in money for the war to get the interest on the box I don't care what anyone does and what that's all it is. Interest on -- Dalai. John but if we left Doug Johns gun okay well that's a longest goalies ever made the other usually does a one liner and is not an -- -- that happened what Paula. Right here on Boston's talk and -- AMs fixated. Welcome back Thomas tied at eight. Going to be event it's still dial an outside guy like CC life I keep casting my eyes please and it's still pitch black and wait till next week this sixty. Watch this weekend stuff that's right end of the good times spring ahead fall actually -- the clocks back coaching again an extra hours sleep and he'll still be -- on Monday morning half half half half a we'll give over given encouraging call on Sunday just to say the head for -- heal up for the office yet. Given -- then that's good idea and we are talking about the war in Afghanistan as the president continues to do their. We are ponder and I think just delay this until the health care thing gets resolved because he wouldn't want if you were to announce today. Eight new alignment of things in Afghanistan by the way one of the rumored adjustments is gonna make is a new strategy altogether. And that would be. This is attacked her strategy are scared confused but. Did to take all the troops and put them in ten identified -- protect those -- whole population centers and but otherwise not pay any essential what's going on in the country so outside of these zones show the Taliban would be able to have free -- which seems to me the absolute opposite of what you wanna do this is a way to create. And Iraq situation we have before in Iraq. By CI -- and I think there's some inherent unavoidable tension that comes with that however if you coupled that with what Joe Biden. Has suggested two possible -- -- Afghanistan is three separate regions -- the country I was Iraq no but my body are the F -- -- Afghanistan Pakistan situation -- Joe Biden has suggested is. Let's not tried to do an occupation and rebuilding ready to try out an entire culture and society let's focus on taking out al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda leadership. If you take over the town population centers with additional troops -- and try to provide some sense of stability and predictability. That's true that's a that's a good outcome for the Afghan population and therefore he's not a process and allies. Good morning -- but it and that the by the Biden. Strategy would be as al-Qaeda seeps out into the countryside we have to assume that try to fill vacuums in the countryside we will not. In strong occupation. That's what you do you drone missile worked and you make sure they don't set up camps and you make sure they're not. Operated with impunity the way they were pre 9/11 I don't think al-Qaeda would have any incentive to want to come back into the country. Especially if we're still there. Well -- Pakistan keeps giving them thrashing and Pakistan's could give him a thrashing these last several weeks if Pakistan remains aggressive. In clearing out the caves in the the holding areas up there enough and they -- go to -- -- has sent well it's -- it's easy for us to say that in the studio but it's not as -- the get -- and -- Logan Airport in Santa let's go to Germany for a couple of you know they are in different countries say they doubt it but these -- worth -- -- these -- -- than not if they're not in any sufficient force -- don't have -- sufficient influence. In any nation where they can -- give the -- get to the world. -- is they flip the bird to us by lethal action it's because they you know that they're broken up in there and disparate elements in a variety countries. Assuming the danger the president's idea is that if you if you isolate our troops are basically the mistake we made pre surge in Iraq was we kept our troops in bases. We have our brain trust in the Green Zone. And that. Otherwise left the country alone in -- we're going out of those bases to conduct -- that meant the bad guys to do whatever they wanted on a daily basis to prepare for when they -- about to run MS I think the strategy would be called clear and hold you -- and you hold it. We were clearing and then we're going back. Two -- basis -- but the overall freshmen -- that the Iraqi the Iraqi People at the time would be able to hold it in some type stable situation with a bad guys can always command and bust up a neighborhood because good no this is creating different zones away that this was creating safe zones which means the non safe zones are aware. Though that the Taliban can -- guys do what it wants. Two -- digits -- prepare prepare attacks against us to do suicide bombings to create disruption whatever they wanna do and it just seems like a disaster the reason the surge worked is because we took troops out of the bases. Put him in outposts in neighborhoods where we can actually infiltrate and change hearts and minds because they saw us. There with them in their neighborhoods and then they would drop a dime and get rid of the bad guys. Also worked for another reason al-Qaeda who were vicious in terms of their treatment of the Iraqi population the imposition they would make. On Iraqi women and and others. Fifth after awhile people said you know we might not like the American boots here and occupation. But the Americans are not al-Qaeda al-Qaeda is really mean and vicious in this to tell us there in -- -- -- yeah. They're right but the position. Every part of that at any period of time that was known as the search which a included a lot of different things going on. Strategically the difference that we made it with our military is that we put our troops into neighborhoods we took them out of the out -- -- out of a daily basis -- for the -- outposts where they can do some good. Matthew ho is the our foreign services worker. Who has resigned he's create and opera is a matter of fact the Obama administration knew about and try to coax him into not taken this step truck -- that's how nervous they were well having this extra PR RR. You know -- in the spotlight he loves the spotlight for a lot of reasons but this is a spotlight no president enjoys -- this why president's age in front of Christ this is the worst type the decision the hottest at the decision. That a president has to -- I think he's more worried about the politics he's trying to hold this off until the the vote on health care suitors are ruined health can order I think you actually see a decision before health -- as a result you now agree on one LU I I don't disagree completely you could be right if he thinks -- terrorists lost war. If he could somehow manipulate this to help cut and health care. Then he'll do it I think I think he's gonna wait until world shortly after November 7 when -- Afghans have their final election -- you know we've had the run off because as minute decision to. Engage in another another round because of -- questions about the legitimacy and it's over I think you'll see -- so how do you feel about Afghanistan what should we do how do you feel about Matthew -- going heron our quick cut -- do and have a -- from Matthew hello this is the guy who resigned and his explanation is very interest to. Keep. To understand that when. Newspapers are -- in reference. You know somebody's. -- somebody's husband being killed by the Taliban. Is not the same guys that -- as an eleven. And the people were fighting for finance -- because occupying them. Only because -- -- -- time we have to do look at all our assumptions because of the great cultural differences and make shore. There we're really doing the right thing Barbara good morning your NWR -- Yeah okay good morning I'm a member of soldier's soldier and I have been fairly finish line eleven is reported about eight soldiers in Iraq. American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and but I feel but I have. I ask them some opinions about their can knowledgeable opinions from people on the ground. The number of Warren I would say bush was right. Number -- Cheney. If you write it that was his -- comments. Come -- -- stand. Last weekend and it and it makes you feel let the adults are running the show where we wish that they work. With Obama he is so afraid can make a decision. He's afraid it is wrong where -- anywhere it. Never afraid to be wrong and they still at the -- Let me tell you what our soldiers are undergoing now. Well one -- helicopter pilot that supported a five year. It isn't they used -- days a week of the night flying. They -- tremendous danger there. And what I would say is that. Let the army let the military do their job they are they are restricted right now and the rules of engagement. Under this administration and they cannot be. And that that's why where who would think to some degree the world that they are and the Taliban are not good piece so I can -- -- -- Hello how -- we win the war Barbara. We untie the hands of the soldier we follow the crystals that -- who is an expert expert. In counterinsurgency. And we get bombing bombing bombing. And in my -- goals should not be to build democracy in Afghanistan and they don't of that culture it is so as they did in Iraq. -- -- Maybe baby. Some board is there but it's not it's not -- the Taliban -- al-Qaeda and and obviously get caught around the world now. What people is they got big picture. Is that isn't nuclear bomb situation and issue reports and Joel really. The -- I ran. Squeezed by a free country in Iraq. Sorry about Barbara let let's hold you right there because you've thrown so much status I don't I don't know that. Using it sounds like conventional warfare against a country that does have a government -- an army just strikes me is being silly and then not recognizing the reality of what we're up. Even it's even its infrastructure try to you know -- -- central part of modern warfare is to destroy the in for structure the economic infrastructure reveal follow so the -- verbally ability to cripple the ability to deliver on our -- material mine are all of those things. And that the infrastructure and Afghanistan is at best primitive. There is no way in the world that -- bombing would be anything more than. Reducing it -- -- be blowing up sand and rubble lot of rubble yeah really that's a place what it is you we have bombing rubble. At least what we would characterize -- trouble then that it's it's a very difficult place to fight -- -- arrest us the Soviets -- Part of the difficulty is you think you're fighting Warren you know are really fighting a war -- who wore in the sense of what a conventional warfare is so if this is not about war. Then it's about. Trying to do we didn't Iraq which is to protect the ability of the infrastructure there the government there to run the country there is no government. So who's gonna run the country there is no country really it's a bunch of regions that operate autonomously. And grow poppies as a way to make money. How what are we win if we even take control of this country. And -- -- how do you -- handed off to govern Iraq was accustomed to having a strong centralized government we could put another leadership in place. And they can run the country doesn't work that -- in Afghanistan. Let's go to Peter -- -- NW RQ good morning Peter. Gloria are you don't but it only Peter what's. -- day I think Kelly's right on the mark there's a lot different there's scenarios and there's about a different. Power is happening in that country and in Clearwater I think -- the crystals are they gonna get upset it's tired of this. Beijing they gonna get fired Blake was more bits where you go to reside. And eighty can't tie these guys -- Europe political war. Issued school in I -- -- -- -- on the street -- and arms like crap out of would be double enabled -- to another region and get their gold. He -- -- and Canada and what are you bombing what are the bonds' achievement. I think we're booted by -- and hideouts and by minority people have but I think if he'd do that get these black girls that are there you go there and take the opposite of the barbed underground and -- -- perhaps -- -- pushing the population dual what you gonna get to the dollar. And then and then you know what the -- the suicide bombers running into the into the soup lines and you'll be right back restarted traumatic with blasts -- Any -- any time we invade and occupy you wanna make sure you do with the active support if not the enthusiastic support of the local population. The quickest way to turn the local population against a the United States of America. Would be abominable literate poppy fields and to just bomb everything else in dismiss the reads. Yeah actually trying to win hearts and minds the difficulty here is that al-Qaeda. Fit right in an oft times there has supported by at least mature segments there -- -- -- during his and urged Obama and it is so much easier. To fight you know the -- of World War II which. And why they're right it's a jury why we don't end up fighting our isolation anymore they know they're gonna lose 61726666. Seed Thomas toxic CD WRKO. Williams abortions -- use of -- -- news from one place where they all. Together there's too often talks resume play EM for jiggy WR zero. Say the forecast says it'll be warm for a couple of days but you know that is just a big T is winter is right around the -- and you wanna be on the job about -- -- -- right window and replace your windows right now you'll have a much warmer hostess went up. And a much bigger tax refund next spring. Now you know not all windows will qualify for the energy tax credit -- right window does and that tax credit will put up the 1500 dollars more in -- pocket as a tax refund. But here's the catch you have to get the window's changed before the end of this year to get that tax refund next spring so what should you do call right window today. 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Dot com I'm Joe Connolly at The Wall Street Journal -- Boston business today. US Airways is having some layoffs at Logan and will close its crew base have Logan. Spending by companies did rise but it's still low. Nurses in Massachusetts are deciding whether to pay additional union dues to join a national nurses union called national nurses united. People doing home remodeling projects now say projects are costing 20% less. The -- would have cost a couple of years ago because contractors are not charging as much general looking for work. One homeowner who just did a major remodeling jobs says we caught the contractors at the right time. The modern flashy new W hotel opens today in Boston's theatre district. And blue jeans are coming back as business dress with a sport jacket. I'm Joe Connolly at The Wall Street Journal -- Boston business today no. 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And even prouder to serve as the chairman of the Massachusetts society for the -- children's 600 people dedicated to strengthening families the -- child abuse. I'm Steve Kelly can I grew up the son of the teacher of the salesman with progressive democratic values. I support equal marriage rights for same sex couples and health care coverage for all. I support gun control a ban on assault weapons and tough financial regulations to protect working families. I support clean renewable energy. And senator -- bill on global warming and I opposed George Bush's invasion of Iraq. I'm never accept a penny from special interest pacs or lobbyists I want to help people get back on their feet and back in the game. I'm Steve Kelly good candidate for senate's and I approve this message before but -- you -- percent to. -- OK but -- spears movie players to talk. Mercer is Muslims talks resume AM six AB MW or Kerio. I believe that these people we are fighting there for finding us because we're occupying them. Not for any ideological reasons not because -- al-Qaeda now because then have a fundamental hatred towards the west no reason fighting is because we're occupying them. Was there any particular incident. Episode the list of leave those who was just a little -- it was a gradual thing is the culmination much time. In -- he needed in east and also BellSouth. As well as just history our bread and he's listening to as many people's possible typically on the Afghan side. That is Matthew hold these State Department -- was quit Afghanistan causing a bit of all raucous. In Washington because it's embarrassing for the president as he did others on whether to. Whether to announced his it may be he's made his decision -- -- nobody's waiting for the right political moment to announce what his new strategy in his new actions will be. Can see a lot of having NS are. Obama -- often times critical. But -- I don't think it hurts any president to. To continue to call people and and really push them. Part you gotta commute if I was if I was -- -- -- Barack Obama in all honesty I would call and got like Dick Cheney as well are pleased to people who -- Cheney and safe. What should I know why we make in the -- to -- -- what gives you the confidence that you had. In order to go in and then -- you know this whole war again people who have that similar mindset you have to explore every nook and cranny of this thing if it takes a couple of extra weeks. That's better than just a I need Jerker reflexive political law you know what just went up. A knee jerk reaction to a. Sorry here's a question for you to respond to then if you look at Afghanistan and consider the possibility. That the word Taliban does not refer to a cohesive. Unit of people an organization that has so. A shared viewpoint. But instead is a random opposition a fellow tribal members who were fighting for different motivations are up to get the US. The US out of a country because they're resentful of our presence and are you patient. Or because they're fighting to to run their. Their drug business whatever it may be there's a story in the New York Times yesterday suggesting that the presidents of Afghanistan and his brother. We who is known to be involved in the drug trade was also a CIA paid informant. And -- when you look at all this -- there's all kinds of things. For people there to be fighting over that doesn't have anything to a supporting al-Qaeda or caring about al-Qaeda or caring about the US other than. That we happen to be in their country so if you think of the Taliban as a scattered unit. That you know who do we apply -- name to that doesn't actually fits who they are that could give people told. -- different sense I think of but what should happen to be but we as people take that totally different sense I think all the points you make -- -- Todd we have to ask ourselves as well. Hearing if if you anticipate the cause and effect of the consequences of I'll would decision then. To retreat and to retrench elsewhere if at all or just bring everybody back back call. There's a vacuum created who's gonna fill. The vacuum I would argue that it day -- night more allies how about dork now. -- don't think so they're not gonna be allies of the United States American and -- can have an inclination. To say no to al-Qaeda al-Qaeda there is one. Tough resilient group and the ruthless Indian vicious and that's why there was an earlier accommodation Italy's. Don't know whether there Pakistan's Somalia or Yemen or Afghanistan and Danny good morning your NW RQ with Tom and Todd. Morning guys do it I appreciate being here and knowing that -- -- -- -- Com I didn't actually really handy here you know all that we're doing the -- -- -- and Afghanistan. When we start the situation back in the states when the FS FAA. That'll pick up a phone call NORAD wanna play are not communicate -- 45 minute. Yogurt -- since now that took it down and 9/11. And -- Laura not to go crazy funeral home country. Our safety net for our school for almost and you hear all the tough conversations you've had recovered. It's just merely -- limit -- blood -- let you know big ticket holder -- -- They -- situation. Yeah -- well is it's a good point because it it I think it speaks to our our sort of struck cultural stupidity that we become so fat and happy that. We have trouble feeling danger and taking danger seriously I'm literally unless it's unless it is in session close proximity to lead daily lads so you know -- what. A few weeks several months maybe even a few years after 9/11 OK then you know the nation is a little bit more cohesive than men and much from the work. We've slipped back -- in terms of the general population would slip back into not only just a place of complacency. We all angered -- when we go to the opponent have to take off my -- just I don't kid but even if the dangers -- media -- take this -- the -- -- who did a one all that I we gotta talk about -- -- -- and -- sour because he did such a wonderful thing he -- end while everybody else was running out right -- trained to respond to -- -- has these instincts. Yet even in the face of that kind of story a lot of people are concerned what's he -- with a gun. A lot of people are concerned about what -- pushing for policies that don't -- took the creation of that kind of individual. The liberalism is nervous about that kind of individual -- wants your creates schools wants states did the discourage it. There once a world that doesn't talk about violence think about it is being a real part of life. More guns. You want more on all guns that sleep. And -- position I think he'll win election. Once again. It means more people than you blew out.