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Google VS Microsoft

Jul 9, 2009|

Steve Syre weighs in on the battle between the computer heavyweights

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Party in our administration. In real trouble because you didn't see it come it's time for Federer is for a month. Another challenger and there's been raised Republican Charlie Baker says he's taken on Governor Patrick next year. -- my house is already in the running naked bookie and treasurer Tim -- health said yesterday he's probably running as an independent ticket your goals. Have 6172666868. Brought just doing from a new Mellon's world headquarters building in terror and is. Welcome back in good money for its top look at that what happens -- there -- is late in the sky as a way. -- mile -- haven't seen that online. While he probably won't be here for long sort of -- looks I don't get to that we don't get caught up and all of that are you all excited that there's going to be operating system war between Google Microsoft you know me on the -- kind of thing you'd be all over on the IT guy he you know -- a little over -- of this little. -- -- -- If -- -- -- -- -- do well what I'm impressed you -- joins -- from the Boston Globe and that's right he's got Google on his mind and he's gonna guide us through whatever the heck is going on -- read in headline Steve Google is offering a rival to windows so what the heck is what's this all about. And on the it is true I just wanna get any conflict of interest on on the table you're an investor -- Google. -- Actually went Google went public. As part of the story I had to remember that they had actually. Go through an auction process to see if it gets dark and to write a story I actually went through the auction. And I did the 55 shares and they allowed they let me by for the IPO. The replay I don't where shares of Google. You can't -- and hang on Ventura -- I had to get rid of can you need the money I could encourage. -- that hundreds and hundreds of dollars. You could have been some bond so what is so is is this serious work rules nor are they say I you know I read something online that was saying they're just patching together some things to chrome there there're. Browser and and making a pseudo operating system it's not the real thing. I well I think it is a real operating systems as you point out a little while ago they came up with eight Internet browser. Called chrome which not that many people use. But now they're they're trying to attack it the thing that made Microsoft what it is the operating system. It detonated what does does start from scratch. Biggest success stories and figures in business history and it's also going to be called called it uses Linux a kernel of Linux that the free open. It's software that's an operating system and they're trying to build this this new operating system around that and it's back up for a little while it's only gonna start. Running and netbooks those small -- -- the tiny laptop to writers. And the idea basically behind this is that a it's going to be basically free in the beginning. And there's as with most things of -- and advertising model that they make money out of it but. You get the product for for pretty much nothing and net this will be something that. Looks ahead in kind of anticipates. That. In the future as is happening a lot right now actually that. The tide of applications that most people have on their personal computers we have. Software for you know a lot of word processing and spreadsheets and things like that that all these things will be services that you access on line from somebody and the actual software and information is stored somewhere far away net you'd basically need a small computer like. A netbook did connect to the Internet and get what you wanna go and do the things you wanna do remotely that's. So much on your hard drive it well see what the computer will be as a portal to get you out into the Internet. Correct now the old model obviously is what had one of the things that makes Microsoft so successful once did it sold everybody's. On the operating system the basic engine of your computer to make it work. They've started selling these. Packages of application Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel and if anybody who works in an office probably. Has some version of the package of those and Microsoft Office that is based software product that companies by people by all the types and it sits on top of every single. Individual personal computer and you know that's -- a model I agree I think is going away over time. So will Microsoft be able to respond to the state they've proven themselves unable to. Being innovators any longer and that even -- react well to obvious market forces they haven't done a great job. Well I think they've done a good job at protecting their core franchise which is the operating system in the basic products like. Microsoft Office where they've failed at any time they've tried to go anywhere be -- that kind of core product. And tries something new where they don't have an overwhelming edge. And they never seem to win there. -- -- -- -- Question that that conclusion you've come to because I think even with their updating their own successful operating system they've had some problems. Well that's true I mean apple has this Vista the last operating system that Microsoft. Rolled out who has so wildly unpopular. With with customers and as a matter of fact if it was very common remains fairly common that if you went into -- store and you wanted to buy a computer. You know customers would lobby to get a computer would be. The previous generations. Operating system from Microsoft because everybody hated it does so much that it had. So much stronger it was slow and so forth and apple more than anybody else they try to exploit that and you know has spent it on an advertising -- On their scale has done pretty well but if you look at. All the computers out there you know what operating system -- using you know apple is still. A tiny little fraction Microsoft does something like 95%. Of the operating system without with this particular. Just. Product as you point out was not particularly great. But to. My -- point earlier was that every time they truly go out and try to. Tries something new that's a computer related but beyond that court system it's always been a failure in most interesting right now. They did they turn the tables on Google on they've come out with their own. Search engine which their advertising like crazy -- which is. Which have been a bad product at all thank you I haven't used it enough ultimately have an opinion but I I don't see where it's you know. -- heard anything particularly superior to Google and what everybody uses all right -- That's no way to. Unseat somebody who has an overwhelming advantage as Microsoft. -- in terms of Apple's efforts to try to attack windows and and things that it just as it's not that easy and it doesn't work. Steve I have a recollection of a couple of decisions coming out of the EU against Microsoft in terms of I guess our values and American term anti trust and and do -- market application how to those EU court decisions affect what we're talking about here what Google's trying to do. To they have the weight of the judicial opinion Idaho or anything on this side that is is allowing them access to this to this marketplace. Well and most of the antitrust issues that Microsoft has has faced in the United States and around the world over time. Mostly have to do with them trying to. Exploit their overwhelming advantage in the operating system world -- All the people beaten people use other of their products or to extend further out whether that's. Forcing you know an Internet browser our customers or. Using that browser to make it harder to click through to competitors' products as opposed to Microsoft's products. Things like that so I'm not sure here. Where that's going to be a particular advantage or disadvantage -- it'll play out but I don't see that right. So any sense from the marketplace I mean I I think there's there's a big void in the market place for an operating system that is simpler and smaller. And doesn't bog down computers the way the the windows OS does operating in the PC environment is very frustrating is your computer starts to major bit. I'm even after a year or so because it slows down so much. Well I think you know again to people who have tried this and you know -- in the past IBM has taken a run at Microsoft Sun Microsystems says. Tried attacking Microsoft and different levels it -- hard about but I I agree with you I think. You know. Apple is has a wonderful operating system but capped a -- by an Apple Computer would patent. That you know clearly. Apple has. Many many -- goat cheese and -- A premium to where you can put it on any computer potentially. And you don't have to worry about you know I want a different operating system. But I don't wanna spend you know 1500 dollars on. On a particular -- Really there's a huge marketplace opening here I think you because it if you lower the cost of a PC because of the PC vendor isn't paying Microsoft a fortune for the operating system. That would create a really huge opportunity. If Google can come up with a decent product. Absolutely and you know it's very smart going after these netbooks these small rather inexpensive. Laptops as an initial -- a product for that's exactly where that type of that -- that would to have maximum leverage so. I am very interested he has got you know. The Microsoft operating system is and I I mentioned this before I don't think it's hyperbole at all to say that yeah this was. One of the most. Astounding astounding and start from scratch business stories ever and people have been. Trying to attack that franchise forever so -- but I think Google is perhaps. The big in in terms of being big in nimble as a competitor. This is the the most accomplished an aggressive competitor Microsoft is based. It's going to be fun to watch spend the rest of the days please Google thing Google. And see we've. I might. Think you guys are down idea. Steve's site from the bus and can you -- -- anything before really if I don't I don't -- -- October 15 1977 -- was -- he died he done now being dip in crime as well that's and a coach at -- obviously he doesn't even know bankrupt and never heard -- that never heard -- On Wednesday. Yeah it was. -- half half half half half a I only know one song that -- -- and that's his a Christmas song that he sang with David -- I'm dreaming. Which I think is the most beautiful Christmas -- there's no access on -- it's a duet where they re wrote an old one actually he went. David yeah David -- went on bing Crosby's variety. Oh in the old days when there were all right he shows I remember and they wrote a second melody line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The date of death. -- big prize -- Yeah that's the reason why. Tough -- to save the newspapers. Then at least headlines of the on the day each of of those responding Kelly was on October 15 he considered that headline was. Bing Crosby death -- so that's right that's that's apparently only it is an adolescent veterans at the dealers that's a good reason you are forgiven them for the meticulous to Microsoft thinks her assailant learn something. This net. Books that -- they're just mini computers computers. Is your demographic. The association of data they used by younger. It's. This is a great song. This Melanie -- David Bowie right now yes quote. Jim -- week I'm -- that I believe that these. What -- of those that's the nationality are always things are so gorgeous. Yeah and I'm glad to a planet in July because I thought that he around Melissa Christmas is now Ferraro that's true we have to start dropping neither is that gubernatorial election we are speaking of far off we are six months from into history. Erica today is an historic day. It is July ninth yup and Barack Obama is president correct. They're four and July ninth 2009 is in historic day is is the 1 July ninth. The Barack Obama has ever been the first African American president. So it's kind of day. It which. We should all take pause okay but I would have thought by now there would have been a popular movement and millions of dollars raised. To have Barack Obama's head added to mount Rushmore -- The lack of this movement has baffled -- yes Erica because he is the great one you have you have you undertaken any type of organizing and you suggested this this is not minded citizens not the sort of thing you should have undertaken organizing effort four or mention to anyone it is an obvious thing that should be should respond to -- rising react like an oil loses up out of the -- The demand for. An end the process through which Obama becomes part of the rush more crowded should be an organic one. And rule that when people look back on it they can't discern how it started or who started this show and kept it should be a profound thing from the streets and yet it came from the street canyon where is that. -- I thought it -- something about it yesterday -- that's right yesterday. Obama finally made it on to mount Rushmore Rushmore but. It was unfortunately not in stone -- It was not in Sony would -- in play here a banner. And I frankly think it's an insult to a story. Especially that happened on July -- yesterday was the 1 July 8 in human history. In which Barack Obama was the first African American president of the United States. So it's it's. Also upsetting that it didn't happen anyway it happened yesterday because Greenpeace was during a protest and what is Greenpeace protest in these days. While they want an environmental. President pro environment president. The -- Barack is -- up to -- children trade is not a so they were putting in destroying the US economy is not enough for Greenpeace. In order to fix the environment. They wanna and but you place here. Gone. -- vision. -- -- -- -- I was pretty good I. Non where they are fishing for a couple minutes got ourselves a newscast and we continue Greenpeace will be hippies and we'll find out from them home exactly why they didn't put Obama and installed on mount Rushmore they only did it with a little pieces of -- -- -- I can prove that you ain't got no ambition. God vision. Reuters 40 when we off. Talks vision -- six W more -- Joints on there and Todd -- every Friday morning at 805 for the Red Sox front office reports on the -- we'll give you -- insider's view we keep you today -- all the latest Red Sox news and information regarding the team in the economics of baseball. The Red Sox front office report will feature a variety of special guests including Larry Lucchino and Tom -- among the Sox executives to be sure to tune and it's important that you're it was Red Sox front office report -- you let them flagship station of the Boston Red Sox. And 680 WRK.