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Senate Appointment

Sep 24, 2009|

TNT talks the choices

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We cannot make this journey. Unless we all do. -- who -- a little -- world headquarters ruler -- storm. Welcome it's Thursday only one day from Friday visit her. This day because finally. At the moment Massachusetts has been waiting for the ascension of Paul Kirk into the Senate seat is upon us a -- is the hospitals and yeah. All his supporters like. -- and I don't poker player to going to guide you as Adobe is -- good talent to tone down the -- and -- little -- he's joining pitch black and in fact I once you once you reach your ninety's it's better digital by the -- show -- used to god. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll make the Kennedys feel good enough to throw a bone to one of their brands -- one of their supporters a guy who worked for Teddy twenty years ago the idea that they can throw it here's our present you get to join the senators club member. That's it that's how trivial they think is senate seat it's they had to change the law well so they can give a little token gift to a Kennedy ally. Joan Joan Bernanke talks a little bit about it and her column today and good call I think Marjorie and in her column in the Harrell -- talks about it as well. And done you know that there's going to be a political price that Deval Patrick pays for this side I believe. To cut the Dukakis people will be disappointed if not angry what about people like Evelyn Murphy and others of what -- -- or what you mean what about his lieutenant governor thirty years ago were joint economic. Development issues environmental issues is -- women's economic opportunity issues she's a bright gal she knows what first -- -- tell -- she's she should not be considered -- that -- what is your name -- consider ER characterizing Carrick and I don't think you being particularly federal but they're characterizing -- is just some kind of Kennedy what puppet Kennedy. All the latest -- he's going down -- Y show us forgot he's going down to Washington to vote on healthcare so it's perfect especially now that we have a president. Who's devoted more than anything else to make shore. That the relationship between money in politics is is severed this have you know lobbyists in India's government yet we in the stable yet he's kicking the crap out of the state of Massachusetts forcing us to change our laws so we can appoint a health care lobbyist to vote on the health -- bell. Let's have a I don't trust the president. And Trudeau is values once again and what an intelligent. Nominee for the good government people those liberal Democrat -- a leftist callers for felonies well attended parent rolls back to the looking in the mirror I think that aren't I gorgeous as I light up another blown off I I. I and what a wonderful thing for America the we he had -- healthcare lobbyist and the seven immediately by creating an illegally -- to give the governor power that he shouldn't have. -- a lot there's a lot it's so beautiful the new democratic history it's okay graduate isn't hurt if -- one they gotta do the TV specials primetime. A hostage talk about the with I don't wanna profiles in courage award you don't the Massachusetts legislature is an entire AA in an entire entity in May be individuals there should be singled out I think they'll -- -- after Paul Kirk. Serves his five months -- of public service. He will be. Did did this is part of and orchestration of events to honor him for his great service to the Kennedy family it's got nothing to America's got nothing new with the state of Massachusetts you -- I -- the Kennedy fell. You realize he won't get a profile. Jordan might not be in perfect alignment with what do you suggest job but the the legislature actually got it right this time we do not I was there five years ago. Then the appointment the permanent filling of the seat. Should be done by the people that's step one. Step to this should be an interim appointment I disagree even have any real right every state the right result. Ron fellows and perhaps it's not out right results have an interim appointment on and voted on on Wednesday and made on Thursday that's not how good government worst you don't fix the laws on a moment's notice to satisfy the party in power you -- Democracy you acknowledged I think yesterday that vote you think would be preferable if not perfect -- preferable. To have had this change in law take effect for that next time next time next time -- next not this immediate. Moment that we -- and I do think it's over the top rhetoric to suggest that this some kind of emergency or crisis that dictates. You know second US senator -- they immediately it's been pointed out time and again that unfortunately given this disease Senator Kennedy missed over 90% of the roll call -- 2009. -- -- John Kerry was MIA during his his race in Morocco when I was a wrestling or service you provide us I'm gonna aha ha -- I understand that that is that is -- prospectus of half a on that -- It's just very interesting times but the legislature has nothing to do with the selection of correct this -- about the change so he gets so tell by the selection is the governor excuse me BI. I would call a story a resolution moving through the high. Story -- Paul Konerko for a Vicky revel in Murphy and Mike Dukakis -- I recall a story about the speaker of the house going to the governor and saying hey. We won't change the long -- -- a if you make it right here. It made about who you appointed ironically selling answering I think it was about yourself if -- can -- say -- strike could speak to you are saying with the with the with great conviction and pride. You you're basically send Mitt Romney was dumb. He didn't take our deal now you are tournament deal you wanna change a lot five years ago if only he would appoint the guy you to. And show and you know what he thought he had free. As governor of full -- rational sensible appointment can stop silly things yeah so do -- play goalie got away now. -- how do you play -- 100% of how do we know that there wasn't a deal -- this time bill I mean I -- I would never expect a speaker. Who followed you to be as good as you were at this kind of stuff but. It's possible all that the current speaker said you know what if you appoint my buddy Paul guard Erica we'll give you -- on. I don't or maybe the Senate president other I don't know that anyone in the legislature went looking for this issue I think there are all open that Ted Kennedy would continue to live on the Terry Murray held. Last minute there's no it would improve that he would resume his place in the Senate and so on and so what I think that was the Ernest where are at other everyone in the legislature let's get a question out their -- folks on this 61726666. He do you feel. More proud of the Camelot legacy more impressed with the Kennedys and who do you think should get the profile in courage award. For the fixing a -- on Massachusetts and for the forthcoming appointment of Paul -- inside crony buddy. Of the Kennedys no reason he should be getting the appointment other then it will make it -- -- is great Ted Kennedy feel better about everything. Okay how -- it it are you more impressed without political process 61726666. CNN who should get the profile and courage or actually usually -- we should broaden the question -- people think. Should should be considered -- had Mike -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thrown -- I trust Evelyn Murphy into the -- it could be any others say an end there could be -- I mentioned -- solution he was proud as a -- also should be a good -- made a few years and -- I mean there are plenty of people out there that you could consider and I think rely upon -- some confidence it's only an interim appointments -- -- tad too much damage. -- help clue well. The reason they want them they're so -- so viciously. Is because they know how much damage they can do that's why they want on there I continued to worry about the urgency that this sense of urgency that I detect from Washington it tells me that this something afoot down there -- usually -- them moving. Aggressively America and I'm in a particular way of Marie -- well you know senator Robert Byrd. Who is the latest the most recent example since Ted Kennedy of -- senator who hasn't shown up for a year and a half for however long it's been in it shows how desperately he's not all states need all both of their senators -- times Robert Byrd has not seen fit to resign as Ted Kennedy didn't see fit to resign. And he was -- -- he did -- one of those I fall and I can't get up show he had when his moment and he's in -- fifteen years -- FF FF yes he I mean kerrobert parents' health as well gosh I mean so I was so I'd be really good raises another question why don't wanna get off topic but it's a simple and it raises the question. What is is this sense of I guess I'll send a sense of entitlement in these people's minds. Where they health is. Obviously failing and then hanging on blue I mean desperately it's -- lifestyle it's -- -- so they don't give out -- like that it's it's really about. Democrats mean to seats down this manipulation in Massachusetts that if you can get. A senator in there are firm here. That makes up for -- not the lack of Ted Kennedy that makes up for the lack of Robert Byrd 6172666. Seats -- see any nominations. For the profile in courage award and I'm looking forward to Caroline Kennedy coming in. And maybe it's Terry Murray the Senate president may be as Bob the Leo maybe it's a while Patrick what do you think deserves a profile in courage award for making this cell legal change and for the nomination of a guy. Who nobody in the world cares about him being US senator Paul Kirk crony of the Kennedy's health care lobbyist. I know the moment in all bomb by changing the way Washington does business. Wow 6172666. Seats they see -- here NW RQ atomic Todd. -- -- Japanese built by Jeff Jeff yeah I mean I do a great job there you go. -- -- -- -- State senator Sam and Nextel and number 36% of what Democrat Republican -- I'm -- -- one way. And you'd like to our blog. Site and they changed again and another six Ford ten A is safe then. They changed the world again in the middle of the. I actually think they've finally got a right I think we've got to run Jeffords said that that means I got it wrong. Since the negotiation also. I don't get up saying yeah all right that's when you talk about change in the -- retirement change in the -- -- so. I just say a lot of that what I. Every five years I think I've made it clear I like the way this ended up he told. Is this emergency. -- doesn't want the guy yeah thanks and interests and in my -- the government. They do and Jose we can hit reset button go ahead Jeff you asked a question -- give an answer. Can't forget about what I did you is whether certain little bald hill -- -- I don't get occasionally again to suit their needs what happened that. I would create change. Criticize them as I'm critical of the way we blew it. Four -- five years ago I blew it for five years ago I think we've reached the right result out to me to my mind is no need to change. I was on the content. While there was never any. Now the edge of a Jew and got his talking to -- he's talking about the process okay he's saying I says it is a malicious. Destructive -- Political party fixing the roles to meet its needs in any political -- All right thank you Jeff. And so the question and we -- seeing now is it is a policy question and we don't -- -- necessarily to continue the conversation on the argument that -- -- if in fact you have now in my opinion as in my -- you might not great but it -- -- we remember we now have the right mechanism to deal with. Vacancies are resignations are doubts that might occur. That's it there's no need to change it again from police on yeah. And any other I understand that's your feeling about the policy of not taking into Jeff's question specifically what would I say if they change it again for a tribe is -- I say they're out of them and what the hell would you change something that wasn't. Well thought out over a period finally has no impact on -- ideas again Iraq has no and it kind of made the mistake has no impact on you the fact that. The reason the mistake was made. Was because you were doing something you have no right doing and that was changing have a right to change you have an. Ever know who knew I had no right. What got you had a so so the law was dugout and a one guy in a state -- six million people. Gets to a point and because it'd been in place for a about it could you we have to stay that way for Randolph -- a -- that is lousy in which -- Most state NASA does space saving. Okay that's all I'm saying what I'm saying is that this I find it changed the law not for political purposes but for good policy purple you guys look good policy purposes means. And when you find yourself suddenly in a political moment where your party's gonna get screwed you don't change the law to protect your party you change the law over the long term these -- democratic institutions the succession laws are -- you don't do it on a dime. Because Ted Kennedy asks you five years ago okay you don't do it on a dime again because Ted Kennedy ask you again in a -- why. -- evidence written after the point when he's capable of thinking -- one I was out there and I had some responsibility I wasn't initiating that I wasn't pushed I'm not any. I think I'm gonna focus on as it. UBS Hillary. -- -- -- Military -- making the accusation that it's being changed on a dime on political whim of fancy just looked out the possibility if not probability. Of John Kerry being elected president and they said. Well this is going to be trouble and we don't like -- trust Mitt Romney's judgment or you might say that's blatantly political the fact of the matter is. They ended up -- a better position the people Massachusetts you are -- Always got across what -- -- not gonna be honest -- we're gonna just a better outcome of grits until about around comes you know itself had conceded that it's a better. On charm it's a -- -- -- -- This just politics are short term -- kind of I'll -- that you are characters let's just better. As you said it was too bad politics always said that if they change from what they have now. Well from what they did. This week. I was just reading the paper they talk about what an awful lucid thing you guys did five years ago you to go back on the -- a -- he would stop what you're making up there you go -- I'll play it again they have a right -- it's better outcomes we achieve our better -- yeah. -- better outcome. In the arm outcomes on multiple levels one outcome as policy -- is politician Massachusetts -- Ariel -- blend together today but also two separate things. And the right they do blend together because the malicious evil politics that's been demonstrated by that in the house of ill repute yesterday. And five years ago hurt the reputation of the legislature that's one of the repercussions is in the people of Massachusetts can now look with greater clarity and understanding that the people up there don't give a damn that shock. I'm good Paul as your character that's my -- and elation back to those people is simply this we give the power to you rather than to one guy in my leg Mitt Romney might not like Deval Patrick not one person should not be choosing US senate to okay. I agree with you thank you and that's what. -- you know. And has never given the background of the real. Let and it's absolutely true the outcome is the law that got Gonzales a new tab and should not be channels and over and it is further -- and -- you guys in this proved in the middle of the need of -- -- philosophy changed. With our hands off follows -- okay show -- with the legislatures never supposed to respond to an urgent ought to send us an idea. Instead I didn't say that in this situation -- changing a democratic mechanism to object controls whether power rests in the hands of the people or in the hands of the backroom dealing that we see going on right now -- units as a backroom dealing arm twisting behind the scenes -- they've been the people of Massachusetts have no say in who is becoming a senator right now -- have all the say it will not in the -- not -- who has just say yes you're -- -- -- -- Yes you're right tug at your right to -- Hard that was I want your fears -- -- They have all the say in the world in the have been registering their dissatisfaction. With the process as you do each and every day in what the outcome and the like and and the people who made these votes are gonna live that. That's the cause that's where you have well but the process should be one -- -- so they don't. I live and -- Repercussions -- I know the idea of nobility in government -- UN troubles you how would you get to this outcome you're gonna stat this discussion and debate when when when you started this discussion and debate mr. perfect government over them. Which one. About as far as this one about how we change the process in journalism know how. I'm gonna -- the because a -- shouldn't be changed it out inside of this particular political moment because there was no -- people aren't paying attention to it you know what in lifetime real other things -- -- the economy energy and -- up in bad politics and you love Jim good morning and can do we have time Georgia. I -- NW RBI. I'm looking you guys ask the question earlier regarding who would you appoint a cured Kennedy and it'll follow the Kennedy Kennedy legacy I think. That you probably should elected -- Appointed 10 result. Tie at work is that. That's unemployed. The idea didn't really excellent help kids that they want all these people -- get make the decision to and I expect pension. The tree once surfaced that they're gonna build summoned back to Guatemala where they got a little like K. Hey Jim that -- really that is a brilliant idea I would take one of those hardworking women over -- -- any. Today I'll -- -- And no solution.