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Sending The Pick To DC

Sep 22, 2009|

Who will we send to DC to replace Teddy?

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Jimmy Carter was speculating. More good decorum was rooted in racism spoil them first of all I think it's important. You realize the I was actually black before the election. 666. Years sixty years. You've been a black man. -- just doing from a new -- world headquarters building Jeremy storm. And a good morning tears Tuesday morning going to be a nice day today a narrow elite. This is a great. But they don't. Quite offset. The the the top stop when he headed the some season in June because you tackle Bakken recaptured it's -- -- you could recapture if we had a couple of weeks or however now. Would he have a welcome what good does that do when the kids have -- school and everybody else uses -- -- -- at that point by the sense goal do you know anybody do you know any serious number of people who take who plan on taking -- vacation in September that's why to have sick days. -- -- Okay I guess we can count on -- could expend -- -- -- -- -- -- doesn't Nevada house and this -- is our best times it doesn't believe in the -- Of course the beach and Alanis I don't know maybe it's a dangerous place it's beautiful they have obvious I mean Lieberman is let's say the -- well I dipped to bring weapons to take a walk on -- that would bring it Obama is how we -- up you just want have a lot of dogs on the beach and our government's desire and ten ascension is fast. You busy do any -- -- they -- and doing whatever so. The globe has an interesting. Why would call ultrasound well it's it's always interest in the fall when our interest and could have been at its interest and is it is still the dominant media outlet in but there's been painfully predictable. Dukakis is the best choice to fill. The Senate vacancy now obviously the globe is assuming that. These Statehouse will complete its work on this today kind of tomorrow yeah within the next -- this week filled in appointment and that the government will then have an opportunity. To make an interim appointment obviously the people have their say in December and January with the primary and then a final. And death so it's gonna be -- what we've just two of them about three about ten weeks of some fourteen weeks and weeks. So that it's not much of an opportunity to do anything to get a career going -- -- seem to be intrigued I think it's a wonderful political opportunity for -- Yvonne and -- why -- -- second -- chairman of the -- don't understand that one because I think there's no question about Mike dukakis' intelligence I don't think there's any question is no intelligence required this is the US senate -- -- -- integrity none required to see US -- -- give it might not be -- quiet but it's good to have and to -- this -- twelve weeks -- -- -- -- -- -- Last but not least when I think to Pakistan as gives comfort to the globe and could in would give comfort to Deval Patrick. His vote would be but -- is vote would be absolutely predictable on health -- -- before the public option. Any -- before. Obama care however he wanted to. Screw I don't know Dukakis is such a liberal that he might vote against a plan that the globe would favor tough because it's not radical enough. There's a danger with Dukakis yeah I don't time you would be good for America but bad for liberalism I don't know I don't think site is the if I don't think so here's it to me if I'm Deval Patrick I'm sitting percent how to like turn this fourteen weeks. Of national prominence. And statewide name recognition. Into a building block for my party and for my own political power. How I don't I don't how to write a -- because wasting fourteen weeks in the Basque club in the world everybody wants to belong to right -- people with who've made a billion dollars and -- try to figure out how they turn that. That wealth and that power is a political power to an access cuts and they have a swipe cuts and who everybody wants on terrorism I was a US senator if there's any way to get there yeah so why would you. Why would just throw that -- well it does nothing for anybody to have Mike Dukakis that's not throwing it away the snow it's our -- It's a recognition that this is an interim limited period of time. Probably not going to be many issues that come up anyway it's a continuation of constituent services which is. But that's automatic and no matter who your -- -- that's important but it's invisible. And the visibility issue is in fact if it's gonna happen health care debate that's really what's going on. Nothing more nothing less buy it by the time they get to January 19 when the election will be -- -- much. Okay but he -- Democrats are Vicki Kennedy makes much more sense why would you say that because Eli and how does that launch anything for Vicki Kennedy what does and I thought it. And anything you can do for Barack Obama that's what this is all about is doing something for Barack Obama how -- -- held more than -- to crack because -- allies -- have a great Kennedy moment if it when they passed some trashy watered down nicer healthcare legislation right so than -- -- but Ted junior would fill out. Yeah well it but -- why William sheriff from why we've you know wanna go through all the upheaval -- anyway he's got his -- probably on the Senate -- -- -- -- in Connecticut -- so he wouldn't it would looks like -- PS YED and whatever -- -- because it makes a big emotional story show and Democrats -- -- the first time by the -- the widow of a former shore -- is appointed to fill a vacancy and then the -- actually has decided to many states. He'll become -- they'll become a serious and permanent Kennedy and if you're the Obama administration you want silly story lines to taking up time on TV so it can't be attacking your socialist proposals affect so they they they utilized the Teddy death as it is best they could to clog up the Airways with nonsense for ten days ago and -- would provide new opportunity for. To create this sense of. Glory and wonder over the Kennedy dream that he works 47 years to pass and he can't be here but -- thank god his widow candy can of the epilogue to Camelot. Yeah okay where's the music talks which have some brass gone along with us -- it's very emotional I can tell he -- do we why would you do that okay Vicki says you want to find some other Kennedy widow now aren't there a lot of them kicking around house stopped. C'mon let's find some other Kennedy name but all I'm saying is why would you do Mike Dukakis the most tedious you wanna guy right that she -- that he's auto -- and he's gonna ride the metro down this craziness -- -- I don't you believe they're considering Dukakis. That's how ridiculous it is except that the good the -- endorsing a which proves it's ridiculous. Not. Now he has he's achieved the status of the senior statesman. Yeah that's what he's -- -- in other words he had his -- out -- anybody be the first to admit he had his ups and downs and office some some some good he has some -- of the ideas. Usually dominated by. External events that no governor has any control of but nonetheless any left on -- on a less than popular no but the you know nobody remembers that I I realize that it's a long long time ago I think most people realize that he did the best he could under some trying circumstances and most people realize is a leftist. Yeah they wouldn't want to empower ever again well but why did the voters of Massachusetts -- three times because people get confused you know how politics works so politicians working full time. Trying to trick people and they generally succeed they have millions of dollars they used to do it. And their effective at tricking the people look at this thing that's gone on order where -- while later with the front page story today about how -- -- -- at the Patrick administration is conniving. To trick the voters of Massachusetts on charter school is that this is speaking of this whole issue on charter school sent -- emails back and forth. This is absolutely debt in my opinion this is devastating. To devolved contact. But -- we're gonna get into it but I I only raise it as sick as a demonstration and this is what I think so great about this period of time politically is voters are starting to see. Just how. It disinterested in the best interest of the state or the country or voters in general -- -- general politicians are dead or they're so you busy and our own little world -- present itself as the anti politician but the I mean he yelled look and -- -- -- other of the key Kennedy aeronautic I don't want added I'm speculating as to -- what it is when you look at these conniving self serving people. And how they operate on a daily basis I'm stepping into their world and fantasizing in in the in the mode that they would be end and I'm -- why in the world would you appoint Mike Dukakis it accomplishes nothing except. To kick the thing down the road it's it's a safe. A harmless decisions but I take images which is actually what was expect what is expected from a decision that was made for now almost five years ago. In the legislature to have the people make the decision rather -- governor. So now we're gonna have the interim appointment it is of limited duration and therefore it is of limited impact. -- pretty. Predictably -- will pick someone whether it's Mike Dukakis whose vote is going to be a save vote for the president's proposal by you and I can. Rant and rave and -- shred on a regular basis the president's proposal on health care whether professor Dukakis listens and not. I don't -- I've got a specific idea what -- by -- -- of all points had any leader from the gay community. Otherwise. Totally credible okay the first. -- I don't maybe be the first openly gay sent our action has or monopoly is senator not that I know of but. I don't know Craig guy guesses the closest we've come to a press so. Do is that a big political win for the base are so -- right. But no it's not. And who and why why is -- doesn't do gay leader do who's becoming US senator what does he do on January 20 had to settle launch him he goes back to be in game. But in the meantime devolved. Has enhanced himself would have core constituents that core constituency is so attached to Deval Patrick you don't need to give any you don't have to add any chocolate to the relationship please don't say chocolate a fight does -- there. Doesn't tell you I don't put my -- you don't have Daniel anywhere in my hand. And -- thing that doesn't it nevertheless if at least he's getting something from it do you see what I'm saying maybe it's a woman. Please don't throw that in there all right are just to have a war America. Don't volley and a woman standing together that's not something people expect to say show. Being elevated into the US senator that's -- 50% of that you know you say I think what about how do you -- with credibility what is -- walked down the street and does he -- -- -- here in this in -- CEO -- event to -- great -- -- great idea yeah yeah -- she be a great senator and people would love are we should -- and it would elevate a woman we should stop all eyes so I'm just try to make the point that I came into the Todd squad coming together here he compared Julie -- our boss here and at WR KL LE young attractive. Sure -- -- dynamic. Can she has proven she can operate in in the sleazy world of men success as well as they can -- biz and show you eat -- he could be standing -- -- hurry to be standing next to the old Greek who. -- it's been gone for twenty years. I mean what good does -- don't have I don't get this is hot hot hot hot. But the big nose ahead and the big eyebrows how does that enhance the ball now. He does it doesn't have to always be about self enhancement that's the only thing politicians Carroll's true how to get more powerful -- -- that is absolutely not true. This is not one that is going to at our enhance add to or enhance and what you -- side over the woman that are on a permanent basis. On -- I thank you I think there's a potential this is a little this if -- found the war but that it it has enormous potential if it was an appointment to fill the seat it is an interim appointment -- we hear your ideas police 6172666. Seats succeed obviously inclusion as usual. Tom is wrong -- this up around -- it's a political opportunity and it needs to be seized if your Deval Patrick's adviser who do you tell him to choose. General likes of the old Greek guy with bushy eyebrows I don't see where there's any political benefit to -- it's a safe bet. Yes is a safety net provides no payoff in less is some danger I'm not seeing is there a looming -- injured back on the rise first and so our callers can really help us. What is it. That Deval Patrick is trying to achieve what is the objective as you see it through his -- to change the fact that he has only a one or 2% chance of being reelected all right so then he wants to make some type of appeal to. Either independents. All women. And so he has the same be thinking along those who wants to get demonstrate -- has some small community is wedded to this -- -- -- this ostensibly gaze out. Yes the woman is a good idea woman hasn't been anything else it's a good idea of the -- a political independent. Some way they say while I expected him to go off the expectation would be what I guess I liberal the expectation is a liberal Mike Duke -- a safe bet yes he could do hall I wanna step outside of the traditional political -- show parties aren't that important message about the person that's right. That's that's a good idea I loved something that stature enhancing for devolved who's viewed now is a -- extreme liberal who can't get anything accomplished. How about changing that they go to caucus doesn't change that I like your idea we got Ferran thank can finally. Hot days hot hot hot. So when you can focus improperly his Biden used all hot. Up 61726. Weeks ago the aids eggs really no big video I residential point -- Charlie Baker was dad Charlie Baker is a good idea against him out of the race. And yeah everybody -- Charlotte I didn't. How we deal. Great let's look good poker club has agreed ideas -- but Jakarta -- these are solidly liberal or however. If you -- -- candidate YGO halfway adjust to contaminate candidate. And then he could play Marty can't. You know it's. State -- at -- -- you -- -- butch Coakley is coming NC gonna get a what what. Eventually it's gonna -- senator butch Coakley. I don't think come I didn't realize that she is an extent but I don't think it's necessarily going to be Coakley this race I believe is up for grabbed info on the thank you for your input. Jake good morning your NW RKO. Morning if you take your prediction that like to say yeah probably the darkest. Because Massachusetts had a reputation although I would look to it which means they'll probably appoint the copious -- that we haven't estate and -- But don't think a new moon that would be fun -- if the the Democrats. Don't they want a new whacko leftist. I don't know Democrats pretty much got no new ideas so I don't they would go to. Might as well go for the return are never very cynical here. Mike good morning next NW RJ. I did notice is that it's. Hi my. Well good morning are you I think that don't do tracker to Israel has credentials that the -- got. But does bush really wanted this stated why it is that any different then spelling that senate seat in Chicago. I don't understand what the difference is they can go out and try to do it behind the scenes and out Chicago politics. But that my comment is why unit shelling at this seat are. How are being extortion out of Washington any different from what what -- How are they similar in your mind. And I in my mind that the they tried to -- I'll let you out there. And what they do and here we are talking about this show we have last week we were talking about. I column extortion you guys are calling that a lot -- names but that's what they're really doing the shoot extortion. A brilliant probably way who has been extorted Dave over wanna be in the -- go over that -- Illinois. This saints do all the prospective candidates there got money on rays -- really need you guys to raise me some money. And whether it was just political contributions of others actually cash shakedown I guess the trial show that but nobody suggesting that. You know move these what Vicki Kennedy -- aren't there I could agree why do what I Patrick on the other side is saying hey you gotta raise me some -- I -- some important. Your question. The question they're doing is we're talking about money -- we're talking about a -- ought to do this so that they can pull over health -- reassure last. This is extortion and it's exactly the same thing -- -- Chicago. Now what are you might you raise a good point I think what Mike is saying is if there is benefit being derived to the politicians. And that's entering into his political decision which is really is making a decision on our behalf does what I've been I've been talking about actually is somewhat over the last few days. That the obligation of politicians to ought to be thinking about which guy is gonna best serve the people with state. Now the worst case scenario is a politician is doing it for cash in his own pocket like -- Blagojevich is alleged to have been doing but it's -- it's not any different if and it's totally legal if he's getting a campaign contribution in exchange for giving the C we expect politicians to do that but to me. There's no difference he can use the political money for personal purposes if you want. In this case there's no at least thus far with the people who have been mentioned this no suggestion whatsoever that Mike Dukakis is gonna -- raise a lot of though. For Deval Patrick what no no he's reason why are you suggesting there would be money involved I don't think what you suggest on health yeah yeah for the -- -- let's get what you know what this is why elections are important elections have consequences we now that we have a governor. Who fully believes in the public option. And in the healthcare propose jurors that Barack Obama has been speaking I don't. You're gonna have you so you'd do you realistically does the caller realistically expect that Deval Patrick will appoint somebody who's. Opposed to that of course no I and I you elected Deval Patrick I think -- -- I think -- wrong but I don't. In vivid terms that degree to which our elected officials don't make decisions. That are designed to pursue the best interest of voters they make their decisions to peruse -- pursue their best interest and that's so patently offensive. Best talkers on mobile WiMax treat you very brave. Right here on Boston's W or Kerio. The goal for this. Upset the apple can't ruffle feathers I think none are not ruffle feathers upset the apple cart and create something. Good and powerful lot of seemingly benign opportunity so you're saying oh it's only twelve weeks nothing to begin you'll find saying. If we're consulting to Governor Patrick were -- everybody talks about thinking outside the box nobody does it -- 'cause it's become a cliche but how do you think outside the box and appoint somebody other than Mike Dukakis suit. Accomplishes nothing except getting rid of the problem with no damage -- -- may -- that's the best opportunity theories here get rid of the opportunity -- no damage done there but maybe there's a real opportunity to do something. That would change some political dynamic that's all I'm saying. Creator of OK EI -- -- you can do that there's no question about it but to it if I take your prospective the prospective use him to take on many of these political questions of political issues. You you could then step back from it and say this is nothin' but connivance to chief political tricky straddle enhance his own political future. I think it's and everything they do as a political turmoil I think it's I think it's a fairly logical and reasonable like him -- -- That the goal here should be to try to continue. As closely as possible. What one would have expected. If senator -- all not at all alive and are not at all that's the worst possible criteria to use well he he he was duly elected by the people amass any Scott. Anytime a lot so it is why is it unreasonable and illogical to suggest let's come as close as possible that's that is we can't. And the voters and they fresh opportunity come January 19. Then made the voters of Massachusetts will speak in the governor Deval Patrick's interim choice will fade off into history just a foot up that's up a mere footnote. But that footnote would be in alignment with what we could have reasonably expected out of -- an active participatory. Senator Ted what ever. So while everybody who's informed knows that. Continuing -- -- would have done would be the worst thing for America to his philosophies don't match Massachusetts at all that he was only elected for 47 years because it was a Canada everybody knows that -- so there's the embed well look if you did a poll of people Massachusetts do you think you could find more than three or four people. Who blue line up. Philosophically with -- what Ted Kennedy workforce during his current brochure I can't yeah fourteen how many do you -- I have I have no idea. He always you have a quarter percent on -- -- seriously. Bob Greene with the John Kerry Deval Patrick. Ted Kennedy belief system it's a fringe shall leave some -- somewhere north of 30% now know why but let's take your and somewhere north of 30% by the way. Viscerally. Disagree and say absolutely without any equivocation hesitancy to his face we disagree with yourself what you are now arguing is that we should appoint somebody deliberately. Who 70% of the people don't support philosophically then that seems nuts to me. Well audio or do you think you're gonna get you -- think you can appoint somebody who's gonna have 7% of the -- as -- absolutely sure and and the person philosophic glamorous I support the president percent -- Philosophically I hate -- actress -- the person it's not about the person I've sent it to be about the person. That's what people react to I don't know who the person is but -- it would be somebody who holds the beliefs cut that 70% of the pay people whole that's not a hard thing to do you take a centrist and 70% of people say I agree with him to affect what -- what I am suggesting is that to get somebody agrees with Kennedy by definition. Your is taking a French guy. You say it's 30% I think it's more like twelve or 14% of the people. Are as strange he has carried the ball and it Kennedy people are that this is all about Democrats voting for Democrats ought to have it. It's all about you Catholic Church goers who don't actually follow what the Catholic Church teaches. But each year tradition go to Catholic Church it's the same thing with democratic voters they don't realize there's so when I haven't voted for Democrats. That they don't know that the Democrats are present now what -- welded to the analogy is a very very poor -- cat Catholics who are practicing Catholics. Understand and appreciate him believe fervently India. In the fan and don't follow the most important tenets what are we don't follow the most important tenets of course they do that's critical to following catholicism -- you don't go along with what they tell it is. I should direct cafeteria Catholics are there are and how you why I'm hot but still you know ground -- -- -- let's get to who is Atlanta. Plan your NW RKO -- Good morning -- -- he's gonna. -- I have solutions yeah go ahead. Are we have to do -- -- Caroline back that we can have a coronation. Boom that's a wonderful idea -- Caroline wanted to senate -- why and -- have -- for fourteen weeks absolute right. Card -- plan you not -- LC is not an innovator wishing him a mischievous myth mischievous mind even at this hour even got all know that oh yeah absolutely make you laugh and Mike you're NW RQ good morning do you well. Have merit comment if -- I was wrong about whether this extortion and -- yeah yes but the show you had a last week that Tom's point was. They don't know what -- that they're offering this -- maybe offer 200 billion dollars stimulus ought. All okay well they definitely must be offering something to -- True true the true that we get this -- -- changeable auto. Isn't that extortion is and that's what went on in Chicago. The Cambodian prosecutors book. They you know still saw clearly I think you're right on a moral level Toronto wrong way to cooperate but. Legally Iran. All but that's for sure but just because they're on the right -- them. The politicians and not watching the moral side they just don't care about it they don't hear about what's. That's -- well let's let's back up a minute when it was a stimulus bill has been proposed and kicked around on congress. All the -- not just our governor but all the governors put together a list of projects that they thought were shovel ready. And would be the stimulant of the local economy. I believe that the the number of them if they do that. -- the number that Deval -- of was about eight billion. Dollars not clearly we don't have a -- in the commonwealth doesn't have it. But it was the governor through a hole for a long long lengthy lengthy process. Came up with us. Now if the president has discretionary. Money or the end -- the Democrats -- in the Senate. Have discretion to try to say -- as opposed to gonna Kansas -- Missouri there's gonna go to Massachusetts. -- the other governor of Massachusetts or the speaker of the Senate president you have an obligation. You have an obligation. To a ten -- a local need. But Massachusetts submits a legitimate list of eight billion dollars of projects. You might be of the get a few hundred million do you realize what we're talking with the argument he had this controversy Beckham for the about the -- Democrat switch in the rules -- the Republicans claiming foul and everything else. Which argue about an interim appointment. 101214 weeks whatever the hell it's going to be. It is isn't. It's a -- in this issue in return for. All the politics for oh and if you're logging in ocean you're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars for the people -- I just wanna make sure we understand what is this discussion is about here last week we talked about. The idea that beat this lie is being changed in response to offer of cash fresh from the federal I'm proud -- from the white but also we have -- trouble but I mentioned that there must be a couple hundred million dollars in extra stimulus money or something like that. To cajole lumped into doing what's clearly politically not in their best interest and which is wrong because. That there are -- during the process for political gain. Rather than doing the business of the people Massachusetts. So if if that is that with a point I was making I think Mike is a green with. Is if the president is taking discretionary money and using it to bribe the legislature of Massachusetts into doing something you wouldn't do otherwise. He's not thinking about that money. In terms of it being the best stimulus use these second about the best political used to that would be wrong view his job mr. George Best foot under you understand that no president not just this president but no president knows. With exacted. Scientific. Certainty. What the outcome of a particular decision is going to be well but if in fact I wouldn't be pursuing -- that is certainly hit it it's gonna pull handle isn't larger goal us. And he says. Massachusetts only an -- I believe that's malicious and wrong you think it's fine sharp drop in the way he would do that is to bring the other his finest minds say give us -- list of the best projects in the country and then if that list doesn't match up with. Where he wants to bribe the state of Massachusetts do something it doesn't wanna do he would have no right -- to use our money right that would be dishonorable immoral it's not it's not a bride at all. Will it take to give some favorable consideration. To a state that is giving you some fear -- considering our personal. Gain it's not personal -- he's trying to advance health care what how does that help how is that personal -- because CDs fails his presidency go to just down the tubes if he doesn't get that -- was -- not very a very open about this during the course of the camp that you are criticized the Jonathan good morning your NW RKO. Morning guys how are you would do great Jonathan what's up. I -- -- -- foot the Senate -- -- literally we must take analyst. -- -- -- -- -- Rachel matte around this is a wonderful choice I think she's a little conservative for the purpose of this pop pop pop of about why do you mention her. Boys says well -- -- -- -- both those all situation yeah electric Specter MSNBC. -- UN stir up applauding yeah it is you this direction that you're looking for. Well you I don't think anything positive mood coming out of town Deval Patrick but. -- -- -- -- I think -- over 35 little -- Authority is the us senate women I think. Our intention -- -- that idea Jonathan there's an idea Jonathan second he's taken -- sources tell -- the only part that's missing -- it would be a political disaster -- -- governor so hopefully goes in that direction. Joe yeah and accessibility are gonna pay their pop pop some political advisor and consultant you out to the -- are trying to get a more I would do your political I would be sabotage off I jump. Do what's going on -- I'm still people despite politics he still. Read so why you're can pick telling you know. -- -- -- -- -- the first part of what you're saying I think is accurate is it Tom does have a blindness about this because. This is how politics works so he's saying you guys are -- balls this applause -- sports talk communal sing yet. That's all -- his moral dilemma right. -- make Joe let me make it easy for you okay. You don't have. No no no no I'm gonna -- -- -- to stay right here with me we can have a conversation and -- -- you don't have to run for option on have to raise money you don't have to persuaded neighbors that -- great guy or anything else. You -- you of the governor of Massachusetts there -- 49 other governess. You all in a big long all line downed it in Washington DC trying to help the us state now Joe use you come to come across is a sincere and frustrated citizen. So nice of the governor and I got a responsibility to six million of us. Don't you wanna get as close to the front line as possible without doing anything illegal. They -- take -- and we can. Get -- today. Because like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what people -- politician. -- -- all good -- good luck in the campaign today I congratulate you forget in the race you do you do more than just talk about which is what a lot of people do but can you answer the question if you the government ought. And there of 49 other guys trying to get to the front of the line to get the presidency here. What's why wouldn't you do everything you can't legally -- To get to the front -- and if the president has said hey Joe I really appreciated if you NA is entirely appropriate. And interim appointment until the people of Massachusetts BY one and -- Ultra short -- to talk Kelly had a source how much legal and took the case is pocket and and -- -- -- Well that's a good OK you're entitled to do the idea of the governor just made you a powerful guy you can say that if you want to may be to be good. Good politics and good -- But six million people would say Joe the Iraq other issues to be done besides I wanted to know his job would be some people would say to me I should do whatever is illegal to suck up to the president -- -- I -- -- no that's. That's why don't you just do whatever is legal should I go there or do whatever. Is laid off your -- I want says if you come I would say you should be comfortable doing whatever is moral and ethical and that's the difference between you and me and -- We'll talk starts this year -- we are losses talks fishermen AM surgery VWR. Kerio. Tune in weekdays to veterans forum for the Red Sox 31 record with Tom -- and -- -- Presented by his. It's via -- live at 7:30 in the morning game and Tom Finneran is gonna have the recap of last night's game in the inside info on our. Are being so I'm going. It's also make sure you logon to WRK dot com and click on the Red Sox radio page for information on all things Red Sox including news schedule information plus much more brought to you by -- --