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Moms Against Obama Care

Sep 2, 2009|

Lenna Robinson talks wtih TNT about her opposition to Obamacare

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I -- is a you know we like to promote protests. Because stopping the Obama administration in its tracks is our number one patriotic mission. And there are a lot of good things gone -- the country people rising up trying to save the country from the Obama writes leftists. One of -- his -- Robinson who is from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mothers against Obama can tell us about this. So -- comment I know moms against Obama there we recently found at best it was originally founded by a group of moms. And we basically are nonpartisan that we all share the same concern about the the direction that the president congress. Are hating on health care front that we know we're founded by women were opened all. Are. Our idea here is that. There's a lot of rhetoric and we definitely wanna see that dialed back and bite dial back and not just talking about. The people that you've seen on the news. Who are protesting our -- coming out at. Town hall meetings what we're talking about here is the president we're talking about Nancy Pelosi we're talking about senator Barbara Boxer. These are people who are inflaming. And court trying to. Make public -- much much harder for people. Boy that's a great point -- that though the demagoguery on the part of those propose things. The -- I I know people who support the president are sincerely appalled at what they seem. When they see these clips of people at the town meetings were yelling and screaming in protest and call Paul they are when they hear about death panels and things like that they just think it's pure demagoguery in this no truth to it but part of the reason they believe that is because the president. And his minions misrepresent this proposal all the time. That's exactly right and what we have is a president and certain members of congress who are you think the level of the fringe elements. Or poisoning the well for all of us Tor only -- To show people if there's more to this health care bill. Then meets the and -- our mission here is to make sure that people are able to cut through all that rhetoric and seen that the current proposal for what they are. We have the president creating things like flag at whitehouse dot gov for people to dine out their friends in other people with them an email. That have quote -- -- this information. Information. Have a problem when we we have Nancy Pelosi calling people. People like me especially people like that group mom's against Obama they're referring to as. You know Astro -- at the poster grassroots and we have Barbara Boxer saying. That people like captured -- well dressed. Actually not be grassroots and back. You know we must be organized we must be students of the right that is something that -- -- -- -- they want democracy in action they want activism they want and engage population until the one that's against them and then they. Then they them make them look like they're horrible human beings everything that Atlanta has described everything Devlin has reminded us. Takes me back to an observation that you and I've made that these the principals by the way of community organized. Confrontational. You know it's to intimidate people into silence. Entity and into really make people reluctant to say wait a minute I'm not so sure I'd buy that either Mr. President to all this to state -- -- mr. congressman I'm not sure I'd buy -- premise demonize those that -- you supposed to be intimidated into silence it's almost always some of us felt in school -- -- I don't think I understand this math I'm an American a raise my hand I'll look stupid if you think you can look our sound stupid if you said the congressman. Wait a minute congressman that makes no sense. I -- that is. Is what a misjudgment Atlanta it's such a misjudgment of what's actually going on two of taking that -- to try to marginalize those who are engaging in. What's really very sincere speech I mean I've talked about the event I was at Saturday that bill -- back had. For the the six congressional district health care forum. And it was amazing to see a couple hundred people airliner was there as well. Mostly via -- I would say everybody was over 4550. Probably would but the majority of the population a little bit older allows our day to India or renting rain all day and how to get your show -- a great TV on the funeral was going on and to see a couple hundred people who were sincerely. Concern concern passing personal sincere questions it was very impact for so whereas Leno what are you doing tomorrow with the Obama is against Obama here. The tomorrow we have a rally and I emphasize that our goal of and the peaceful rally here of course we can't control. Fringe elements that might appear from both -- which I expect could happen. But our mission is to and in fact they'll hit that point to what they want our speakers but our mission is to appoint people in the direction. Our actual correct information. Nothing that's been fun. Nothing that has rhetoric and hyperbole and it actually information or you can look at the Dell you can look at the language in the bill and many Republican interpretations of it. This is -- out. -- -- -- Outdoor Benedict the marble head and it's going to be outside Marblehead high school at 530 tomorrow Thursday. And we we. We invite everybody like effect moms against Obama here but we're inviting absolutely everyone not have to be a mom did just that and alum on. And I. I dare say that everybody they'll show up show your support and if you have things that say that aren't supported that -- that we are all about public discourse. Let let me ask your question on that point given really emphasize these civil. Nature of the public discourse your desire on this. Let's say this provision in the bill and you can direct people to it. And then you say could also be you know you -- to people will be similar directed to an interpretation or the discussion of what that means. But Todd might look at a provision in -- this is what that means and then John Cheney for example might look at himself known -- This is what it means it's have a legitimate disagreement between two intelligent citizens how was mum how mobs against Obama can't. Going to kind of -- for re. Miserably reasonable. Interpretations. Our job is not refereed what our job to do to point people under action. -- accurate information and what I can say is although I'm a layperson in the field of health care. We evolve and start mulling through this -- -- but. No HR 3200 and other proposals out there what I can tell you. Is that there are several things more than several actually. They're really not up for debate as debate about them but if you look at the matter as a reasonable person you're going to see things like for instance the cost we're looking at cost. A well over a trillion dollars originally Barack Obama. That said it would be deficit neutral in fact he's backed away from app store not talking about debatable -- were talking about outrageous hot. Then you look at things that allow for racial preferences not debatable it's been what's debatable is whether it's wiser to tell you shall we. They've like that we have. Nonpartisan -- and not heard part of that actually government agencies don't wait on that and that in fact. After racial preferences is actually counter intuitive and not good for balancing health care in low income areas. We have things like the loophole regarding state people who are here illegally now that has been up for. Furious debate and I'd I'd ask people to our web site and that certainly wish your mom against Obama cares about com. -- also help people. To look at the prohibition yourself in a while there is a great deal of legalese and it what I can tell you it's there. When you look at that in here Barack Obama claim -- Oh wait you know -- all or suggest that there's going to be they know coverage for people are not purely that legal which has been sort of a huge now. Of the spiraling cost of health care. What you can -- is that just looking very quickly at the history -- leading up to that prevention. And you'd see that people. Congress Republicans in congress in particular. We're trying to say this is to say we have been made sure in this legislation we don't allow a loophole. So they suggested an amendment that would -- simple. You must provide. Some sort of surety some sort of paperwork to -- are here legally. And what happened did Democrats gave that -- staff. I say get out party line it's very compelling when you hear -- laid out bill who directed this on Saturday it sounds like. When he'll be doing this again tomorrow at the protest since 530 in front of Marblehead high school correct. I moms against Obama care dot com that's our question is how does it become a national. Organization isn't really in Massachusetts based group. You can debate for sure but we're hoping to take it national. We are ready -- some national interest. All right it's a very exciting thing you're doing because I think anytime you singling out mothers. There's say a low level sincerity being credibility that comes so -- that's anchored in a way you know what what does this mean for the future a show what does it mean for our children PLC and interesting too with this would it would -- -- to escape the tidal wave of coverage around senator Kennedy's funeral so on and so forth and had to be interest since you were tempered coverage -- and her group gets tomorrow because this is you'll get 08. Except in local newspapers. Well we have to be if you look at today's globe we have. You know big announcement which is no surprise that the Democrats are considering sort of been nuclear option which is using a reconciliation rule. -- -- -- evidence if you look at the story in politico they're pulling the plug on the public option at the White House apparently so it it to remains to gone in and groups like yours are important Glenn Robinson thank you so much for being here from -- against Obama care. Tomorrow -- have 5:30 PM in front of the high school. There will be it's actually sounds like an informational forums and I'm very very well spoken very reasonable very articulate to she's -- presentation. Fashion presentation. By Lennar and I hope they can rise to occasion got an important debate let's talk about what's -- on what the White House estimate on the plug on the public auction coming up on 680 W. Locals also likes no one else can do -- cruisers also news talk station sales executive. 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