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Dr. Russo - August 8th

Aug 8, 2009|

August 8th show

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Your Joseph Russo the only show on -- that may very well do exactly what its title implies change your life. Bears the most important sixty minutes on radio for anyone whose life could be improved -- just a little changed from -- reserve he's board certified plastic surgeon Jose Barroso. -- Boston's talk station. AM six AB. WR carrier. I am so fired up today -- because now I get it. And the famous words of my home without the you can run. Against last. Can't hide food has become a fighter. Have a -- zero. We're gonna find you -- -- -- exposed you for what you are. Enhanced acrid with satan blues Brothers when a mission from god. And it's our deal I've had an epiphany this week and as I asked our callers to do based upon cult we've gotten to determine the direction the show I figured out. Finally as this like seventh week of something that there were doing this -- itself. I figured out our new direction. Farrell in new direction but it's it I just looked back at the other shows you've been doing Nazi -- removing and is removing in the direction of exposing people for what they are what they aren't. Protecting patients directing them to the right providers telling them what they should be looking for providers. And in all of the latest on the described to callers and listeners out there. What we're doing setting up something on my website that ethics going to be really important it's called preferred provider network I'm gonna. Help direct people out there to the right people to the right positions that right health care providers the right you know pray all the people. But before we get into that on the justice -- conduct just official plastic surgeon. Not practicing in Newton in normal masters of the political xmas but we have a great theater that we. Had a radius day. All beautiful there in exposure first time that and then turn -- was straighten it it was a good opportunity so many people. Took advantage and really into that and I'd like to talk a little bit yeah about that apple or -- at Roland. I think it's -- said it would change some lives yesterday. Amid some people very very happy I learned some new things into into their loans and I think it was just a really good day tend to hold it on -- and I was happy to meet those -- you that I had met before it was a pleasure and just a really productive and fun day. And I AM I've pretty much everything has to do plastic surgery and I'm here to help you understand what -- those things -- make your life better compared help -- anything he might Peterson and plastic surgery. And I think today I'm fired up about this I'm here to help you understand who the good people who aren't what kinds of things to look for when you go to a provider will kind of things do look for when you. Issued to go to a mall. You know the mall that has played current stock in the box or someone who claims the depositors really is a global get into that. Belts when introduce my co host -- Syria who's a registered nurse. And assist me on this show I really co hosted and just mean in the office during surgeries and it basically runs a -- aside the practice and she's an expert. And facial rejuvenation particularly with injectable welcome Kathy thank you some nice to say that said it was my turn to come in and partly due -- and I came in out of banana. I'm settle although I must admit on the drive in I always feel I -- headed to take the SATs or something yeah I'm in knots until I get here. And I was I was this morning at up -- my son's baseball in my action heavily enough to go running back after the shows that two games that. So is like a new router me I said yes I trust my GPS or should I trust like what I know that well the cheapest is usually it's a -- -- GPS and took me through this uninformed you know -- I was but and I got there's -- But if you'd like to join us policy on the show 617. 2666868. The six point seven. 2666868. If you are nervous about being on the air -- would rather talk to Lauren who's in my office sitting by patiently waiting for calls. Her number remind numbers 6179641440. If Freeman -- had a talk to a person you can email us. Questions. -- Joseph -- -- MD dot com and other got a bunch of shows under about you can actually go on to the RKO website and and go to the audition you push and here's our world shows -- it's really all the previous does. At WWW. Dot wrko.com. Back slash Russo -- -- on the side can you find in Ireland to us relate to them so to host some of our other shows issued just discovering the magic of this program. Some we can to help you with that. Com we've got a caller on the take popsicle and I'm gonna go into a little bit about what we what we're here to talk about today. Bob -- -- there with doctors from Kathy serial welcome to the show. Doctor Kathy or 90%. I'm 46 year old -- contemplating. Eritrea. It took the graft inept at the order air from the rear that head yes. And I've got to play I'm looking at the first one -- then advertise -- RKO for awhile but as recently. And other one is further doubt on the social war. And I had originally had distracting too much to go in the buyout at about 6000 dollars. In promised a number of grabs. Com yeah believe -- iconic every are all oracle -- They've both reduced prices in out to the point work say and I'm not that same. I think it's reasonable and hung I wanna go through that and I wanna know what the it's -- maybe if any regarding the procedure. And it depression -- com. Presumably and how bald argue. I didn't hear all around. -- like a portion probably keep it short so that the. And and and on the top of your head where -- -- -- -- that standard Matta male pattern bombs again here you have. It's a top completely bald. -- -- Okay and today today they could do this all in one shot you would need anymore grass. They told me I'd have to get up Propecia for the re air pattern baldness net -- they could be 2500 graphs and I should be off that we're ever. Well all Nagin says that. So here today amid -- -- we're taking if Japan about your scalp. Yes so you know Bob let's -- that's kind of old technology there's new technology around no they don't take that strip off and about your scalp and with the public to -- him about the reached up as. You know in addition to taking out pair -- skin. You know that the will yield the -- is only so much so if you have a part of your but it doesn't have a lot of you know follicles in the back. UN the but the very big star really across the -- from one year to the other -- And then they take that piece of skin with the hair and it should atop the opener microscope meticulous -- opponent. -- in if you need another. If you continue to lose hair or if you need another set of graphs. They've got to go back to that same area and and and you know go into more of your scalp bat and you can only do so much because -- -- to show -- and we'll. That's a couple guys -- from a that scar is noticeable on the back there head yeah that could end and their new techniques out now where they just take hair follicles from different areas of -- -- don't make that big cut across the back anymore. -- because you you are -- oil that skin and you making a huge scar. And it's it takes you know I think some guys told me years to to really make that feel better and and -- has some problems -- known hairs and things on -- so. -- I think if I were you I would do little to -- that thing is hardly ever be is accomplished with one procedural issue really have spewed just the beginning stages of -- not gonna lose much more. Typically they they tend to use more than one tough you know time to do it any kind of put the -- we elect our knowledge -- -- I can't get more hair out of there. And goes and it's up. I think -- shot while little bit press and other coming down these newer techniques are are definitely out there and do a little bit -- on the Internet to commit finds something better than that. What look what I -- argument. As far as what one of which is the differentiation between the two of them once they do what they are out the procedure where they do more than 2500. Dumb wondered what they do it like. Help me entirely in the back. How they do it. He asked -- presented. Hey you know you can take as much as you want just kept -- real to get this thing closely you can only take so much checked if that if you've put your Hammond your scalp and try to squeeze it together it doesn't move very well. In the skin -- your scalp is really tight so you can only take so -- skin now before you. Can't get the -- closer he gets in close yet but so much tension on that you have a bad scar. She always fighting it like that with the rest -- -- -- -- -- in between tension across a wounded and taking out as much as you can't you know I mean. So the number of follicles. Is important but you know you really wanna go to someone who does a lot of this who can show you really good before and after you really wanna speak to other patients who had the procedure don't buy that doctor. Thumb and I wouldn't go to one of these places where the doctor actually doesn't do it and stunned by -- technicians. What and see if you. What's that success rate of the follicles that's my other thought is that if you take such a fixed swap nine you don't have a lot to go back to come it only do fat chance for you don't -- kind of wanna save some tech in case a future time you have. A good to another access point in standing over yet it. -- you know they can overdo it meet them it's technique dependent mean some you know -- it also space in the placed on the -- of of the best how deep they place and sometimes when you. They fall -- you know the next day I you don't take care at the right way if you you know if he gets some blood clots -- So yeah it's very very depends I think them -- -- this case is description of many other cases investor you really want the -- who. Whom you trust who's done a lot of this who's usually talk to people who had done to take out their results for. Maybe take a look at their scars troops photos you really want is the procedure which could cost a lot of money you know that's a lot of time. You're gonna be having to have you know an appeal to show your head for awhile because you can have all the sprouts. Something came across my desk this week. And I actually have to look into a little more Botox in vitamins. Creating care growth Polk which is going to be that's my new thing to look into. You just have to touch too illiterate to the consumer -- -- -- problem Botox and sweating a lot about touching -- scalp but there was having really -- scalps. Yes and I can treat that I got the research articles came in and apparently that is a more common problem denying really -- trying to hit another client the speakers at her husband has that problem meeting in the middle of winter east constantly. Having forehands -- self. On eyeing every even realized how much of an issue that was -- people. Well let's get back toward topic. That I wanted to but today I come wanna ferret out the scams the wannabe -- students the mall docs. Adopt from the boxes. The places that of the scam bam thank you man stuff. We really need to talk a little bit about the -- -- you know I've gotten several calls this week in several patient testimonials. Talking about things that have happened for example it was a one patient. Who what was in the office this -- who went to an announcement unnamed place. Com and had a package deal for laser terrible was a woman tent and our interface. And that's an issue with policy -- security problems is such a and came in and -- had this -- between a 500 dollars for a package and use the term loosely a laser hair removal procedures. And I think the package included out of six -- eight treatments after at the end of the period of time -- she had no improvement. What what did they promise to decent golf course the palace for the should -- all over her if Carolina. Com to listen to issue about -- -- you know I paid close money and I did all well you know we've got -- we've got another package it in case that this wouldn't you could you we didn't. No that this would have -- and we will try this -- you need to buy another package only tennis so she bought notepad it's. Halfway into the package -- on the getting any results. And she wanted to money back if that happens I want to pay money can can -- If you choose to discontinue your problem. So she found us. And 10 girls coming up is treated -- and after one treatment to -- you have more results than the previous ten treatment with the other place. While it just goes to point out that if you don't know what equipment they're using you don't know their skill level in one of these places and it's a sales kick. So when you go to one of these places if you choose to go to our wooden but if you do you've got to be where the package deal. -- -- the big switch from beware of the promised results because you know these people are basically there to sell them not really they're two of value. That's not -- bothers me the most picked as an inject here. That I know that winning going to -- these Mets spies and again that's another hot topic we talked about is why did they feel comfortable going there as opposed to coming to a doctor's office and you know. On somehow I think people associated with it that it's not gonna be as traumatic core. In name so they venture in. But they're talking with a salesperson they're not even talking with the nurse. She hurt job just suggests coming in treat them in half and until it's just say that sales person knows what you need. Well that what they need is for defendants tell you the deal because they don't say the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let's break -- took a call from Paula. -- here on there with doctor Russo and Kathy serial welcome to the show Paula. -- thank you and protect my call on. I diagnosed. A year -- all right without all the -- I was told that it was severe. And I have some residual effect I'm not completely open but I don't at. Licking my cheek area timeout area. I'm gonna see. Can -- At the end of the month that there are a lot about the it's an open are its -- well are -- get better at and amp a I'm not that all year. Yet -- he probably he yes there are procedures that can be done to help you. From the issue with the guys particularly difficult -- -- man call into an ophthalmologist or someone who specializes. -- dealing with the issues. Mode but most plastic surgeons do I should they don't deal with the real. You know sort of -- type issues of the reconstructive issues of the were the real difficult problems via. So he may end -- but doing that we've we have yet we do have approved preferred by an arrogant just so happens that one of our one of our -- is. Is not the modest. And -- preferred provider or network is going to be composed of doctors whom we know personally. Whose work we know personally who we are recommending who perhaps have been in patients have personally. And these are people that we know and trust and we're gonna. Promote this so you know if you if people out there are looking for a particular type of doctor. Our particular type of team we are going to provide names numbers it's such an. Joseph Norton to come. But they would. You'd recommend it -- well barrel. But you know you have other issues and I of the mountainous so so I -- you should see someone who consider look at the whole thing but I'm suspecting that they may in the sending it to a specialist if it's kind of problem I think at this. -- -- on on the -- okay it initially it with. Well yes and now it all open completely from the pulpit but it I can't tell people. How about and I like well how long you had the -- bells palsy Paula well yeah. I think it's already areas in slowly getting better word out now it was slowly getting better but. Stock opened at that point and at that I had read about it and it that it can be residual effect. -- -- That's specific that's but the other nice thing about classics -- apology primers can always make it better so I think that. I'm I'm wondering if you don't mind. It would buy insurance with -- because they did I actually. Something like that generally would because it's a medical condition. Okay thank you for the call Paula where -- 2666868. This 617. 2666868. Which talked about all things plastic surgery and doctors from the board should have a plastic surgeon I'm sitting here with Kathy Syria. And -- office of the secretary Florida sitting at the phone waiting for you to call her you're too embarrassed to talk -- she's a 617. 9641440. You can email us on the show or email us -- -- only two questions at Joseph A Russa MD dot com. You can also go on the W to reduce -- RKO website. And do some -- shooting listen to our library of famous -- news. Home. We have Laurie on the phone. -- you're on the air with doctor Russo and Kathy Syria though welcome to the show Lori. Harry. Yeah sorry I questions about. -- Procedure I'm sure that you do a lot of bright hope plastic you wanna might save -- sure as perhaps. The thing and I wanted to know what you know about some people possibly not being candidates since. Read it and saying that it's because I'm thinking of the two wherever finger. Active but it had a terrible. I don't gonna say Michael Jackson's name. At all so I think for emphasis and terrible and not like I couldn't believe the women that are in. Why you I would say I know Michael could be you know what -- he did it too many Italians -- -- -- friends but it will. And asked me a general question what is your question is it is. People are okay now now that does not mean that it often means either had a bad surgeon. Or the pay the patient wanted the type of run a plastic that really wasn't good for their face. Or they kept going back -- to with Michael Jackson. For our numerous. Procedures but. Everyone is essentially a of a candidate trying to pass it if you knows biology if you don't like the appearance of your nose then you can certainly changes that's not a problem. The problem is finding a Doctor Who can do a good job to produce them and it looks good for you know I must tell you Iran test is one of the most challenging procedures and plastic surgery. It's one of the most challenging procedures to get a predictable result with me and you have to go to some who's done a lot of that. I was Canseco and find out look at somebody's before and after pictures that's an Italian. There about their work but also a lot of time some people come in I think it's doctor says very good at helping them set expectations. So that they're not trying to do something that's not gonna work on their face. Right so so basically -- just everyone to candidate. And you just have to find the right doctor I'm doctor Russo were 6172666860. Please join us. Making Boston smarter. Populism conductor Joseph. Russo and Kathy Syria is what frequent plastic surgeon with offices in -- in normal Massachusetts and I'm here to help you. I want you help me help you here where a conference. And I have got -- -- that left -- and it's such an important problem ratified it but before we do I wanna do -- I'll tell you about how to contact. He could cost in the show right now we've got a couple open lines -- 617. 2666868. -- 6172666068. You can also call Lauren this standing by the phones in my office if you don't wanna talk to -- you are too nervous to be on the radio she's 617. With China off it was -- 94 of 1440. Or you can email us questions that Joseph A -- and the dot com. Also you can go on the WWW that our kill website and you can. Find means of our old shows that through the audio streaming techniques. Com. I think it's the most important things which were setting up this preferred provider network where we're finding the best clinicians. In the states I think that's a -- area really to provide the best services for all of our listeners. In the first two people in Europe for about a network. Remarkable I -- laser surgeon Newton Wellesley they're officially -- provider of of the Red Sox while and and and these -- which colleges in new and -- do they specialize in these terrible but. Each week we're going to be updating this preferred provider network. With people that we know personally that we've had business approach and finally the best of Bosnia -- the -- that I know personally that either I've been a patient of theirs I've seen the work you know the we're -- emperor with. So that when you go to -- QB you know you're going to the vest or some issue ago or -- -- -- in Europe or perhaps have argued who've gone to -- would. So we're gonna have like a family tree of of providers. So please go to -- had to be WW dot Joseph news so MD dot com and all of a sudden my eyes just lit up as a look at. Call for it. And almighty god we could we have another call about the last and I have been trying to hold myself wish I had a seatbelt. We're gonna go right to look at forget we're going right to this call Judy. Here on there a doctor Russo and Kathy welcome to the show. I. I hurt a lot of but that wiped out let in which you wanna surprised. Yeah. Boulders so why it -- you don't sound at all -- while I act. -- And I I was just curious. Because I get all that via. No way to go because they act like you -- an hour. All this is what's so scary about that this is -- so so obviously upon because you have some concerns Judy. Yeah yeah I I. It's not like that looked a little that a. Yeah well I guess perhaps you were you listening to the show I talked about how they were 5300000 dollars by the attorney general New York State. Oh yeah that they were -- in 2000 dollars for the attorney general New York State Andrew Cuomo. Because they engage in illegal practices they they had their employees there are emails that were uncovered. They had their team their their employees. Spend their day instead of working. Generating phoney emails as patient testimonials and how great but let's -- this was. And then once this was found out they were fighting to thousand dollars and asked not to do this anymore and they sort of admitted at the center. But as I was talking about Catholic what kind of -- companies that hire there own emperor of force on employees. To generate phony. Patient testimonials where the people who've gotten good results were the people we're happy why don't they write in where are -- you know that was our first reflect. And then and then as we went forward we got numerous phone calls about people who have been mutilated tortured beat that numerous phone call of of people who said. Oh gee you know calm I was told it would take an -- army took you know many hours. I was let me go back to were -- in a in a day I'm a lot of work six weeks now I've got horrible starring. I've seen many of these patients myself who I had to operate on you know -- to fix them so to speak. Arm and as we do more and more research on this company we find out that it's really company that's not even run by doctors -- they've got like thirty or 35. Places throughout the country. The one closest here in Boston is run by an osteopathic. Some days they basically run -- let the milk. -- they do 820 of these procedures in a week and you know fast you go the more money make it's in -- its its. In its its its exactly diametrically opposed anything I would want to do for New York for someone that I know or care about. Palm in we're now investigating -- that was alleged death that occurred. Recently with this group so -- I am I am I'm very nervous about it I'm I'm very. You know cautious in them and encouraging all of you to be extremely cautious with this and other people who who could colleges like you. Has said he didn't get a good feeling about this they felt that there were not heard that -- they were herded into a room and had a hard sell phenomena felt like they were. Being so all the time -- mom. I. Only because. Basically very conservative present and it outlook is too good to be true. Well -- I thought he had years of college those Diane and I think we know at this -- let something sounds too good to be true usually is. Right so. So I he would advise you do a lot of homework on this I would advise you to speak to a lot of people and you know I'm just initiative while the other callers call in sum month and a seductress who actually is a less so with the -- was I don't. Because every time I hear about what it's supposed to be the doesn't end up being that every time I'm told oh it's you know it is it's a tiny -- very year. The first defense that got -- by the goes from up but in my Carolina around my year back behind me here and dumped him back back -- -- -- And I'm gonna work not one David six weeks in a gut you know -- -- Every telling here's some describe it it's different everytime I hear someone talk about it it's different so. I don't know I think it's a bait and switch that person. -- pass up that whole issue. People capitalizing on the fact that. The the consumer is an educated about a lot of things and often feels. That may be if it's in an outside place it won't be as in -- says I feel you know on scared to go to law -- but alone like don't really want something that's a big deal. And yet really to safety is not there in a lot of these facilities there's no life he. Times is not a nurse there. Like it you might not. And I and that's everybody is more willing to try something that's not -- -- days since. -- -- You've been -- -- does it mean -- I have to think about a new strategy. -- island to medical school for a with the Contra four is with the medical school for four years. A trend in her residency program for seven years in the Harvard systems to the pretty much every other night for for those years into the thousands of cases in this -- Would what would I go work for replace that paid me a small percentage of what I was worth in. And and was run by people who weren't doctors and who were running a show where their only goal was to sell as many species as possible whether needed and I mean. What kind of doctors -- people do you think go to to work for these places you think there Harvard trained plastic surgeons at Columbia on their own doing great work or do you think -- -- -- -- I don't think they're plastic surgeons to be perfectly honest with him I don't know any of them that are classics -- let's intervene T docs are dermatology at. It of people from -- socialite who either just getting started in practice I wanna get some quote unquote experience. Or their guys are over the hill where basically done and just wanna make a few bucks before the go on the one or two heart fiance and that's -- nonsense so -- so with that in mind hopefully -- make the right decision. Are okay Harry -- thank you for the clothes and excellent call Bruce 6172666868. Every single you've been on June -- yes Ian Campbell you know another marketing machine. I think we're beginning to realize. That that consumers really being misled and I think that's the part where were saying why do people go to these places why did they go to these next -- they go to these -- things and we talked about that fear that white coats in and around the fear of death. Going to a physician office. As if it's gonna be more it's a bigger procedure if. But she -- together those accounting. These have big company. This is not mom and pop you know -- -- how to partition like my visiting us this piece of big companies that hire marketing groups to -- -- people wanna hear. Safe. Non invasive. One power. You know they wanna hear right they know they know they know buzzwords are I -- think we'll still cover that come in you know non invasive. Fairly easy. Safe so any time -- lunchtime yes dealing with whatever -- words are and a -- these these people who get paid a lot of -- -- to put those words together to meet you and me and other people that. What might be worth looking to again because it sounds so I think -- is not -- And and we don't know what that you know and I -- on a marketing person I don't know what that is but they do palm and that's why. They play on the if not the fears of people but they play on. These sensibilities of people they play on the weaknesses of people they know what those words are. If it -- I mean I was you know telling you I had a client this week who it coming in. And -- lives elsewhere. And she said that at the -- she goes to they would banker Botox. Excuse me bank your -- tax -- she said that she was given her own violent and of course some -- there's no way you could. You know it it's only good for so many weeks after you -- -- down -- they're not putting your violent present and they're doing in their holding your money taking your money in and hold their you know multiple people now are you. Come out of those files with a do we lost your child I mean honestly and its effects took -- they did to her she's -- that this is my film prize it. Stopped. And you know that can't be any is that when we know what can it can happen but -- put people have no clue now and I are I don't know what to say. You have to trust that the people that you are going to know what their attack and even this whole consultant saying -- you go in there. Sales person to determine if -- say I wanna have filler. I mean not know what I really need right 'cause a salesperson gonna now. They'll I think in -- the government this yeah -- wasn't going on what she says her -- her and Marion at lines are smile lines about -- that this is what she could do. -- it would have called boards letting up as they have -- -- we've got Joe on the line. Joe welcome to the show -- -- thank you -- thank you for taking my call my pleasure. Well briefly jacket and a fist fight about 32 years ago while and yeah and out easily. Suppose you glad well I've gotten quite a few -- -- since then but that's what in particular was 32 years or so. And the idea -- Damage award my left eye isn't it it's not actually TI Bo it's it's the tissue above my -- -- hope my pilots -- -- might. My eyebrows up to my I -- it. -- from my eyebrows down no matter right now that's not what's that tube is it right. It's it's like always looks poppy but it's really not it just cutting -- down and up like. And now in order you know 32 years ago I asked. Did you say it was an ophthalmologist. Earlier that does that kind of. -- log on us exclusively about -- issues like old -- this actually this is it's around the songs yeah on the yeah yeah that's some. -- at the time that doctored 32 years ago said well. Probably wouldn't be a good idea to do anything about it and we can't promise any results will do what -- -- -- to listen. I think it has summoned sales are right now and I really depend on my AA appearance solid state so I can't remember at 32 years ago to be honest -- you know -- -- don't do sells for less style that's because if you do a good stuff with up talking for no it. You know things have changed a lot 32 years and and that's -- we can make things Lebanon tonight that that's sounds like a -- he's he's you know. It's probably deal with as a attention before you can always do things better with plastic surgery but. -- we have to take a look at the C if you wanna hold on nine and the witch and Holcomb to contain information we get a hold it. Okay thanks for calling -- Mary you're next on there are doctors doing Kathy Syria welcome aboard. Yes I I heard attacking about it yet -- -- pathetic question about different solutions that can be rubbed into the get out -- how effectively I million they prep teacher I think that was a. All the blood pressure of trying to get those of fills those appeals to you today okay I read about camera truck kept us from Italy and TH seed treatments could you go all the those treatments certainly yeah. I mean the other problem with with with. If Wallace it's and it's usually male pattern balls and has to do with testosterone. Levels and the testosterone levels. Get to a certain point where it's -- to affect the hair in the hair falls out and you get with a typical male pattern baldness. Most of these medications block the breakdown of of testosterone blocks of the production or your block that affect the testosterone on the hair. Whether to cream or repel or whatever whatever way -- apply it they were the same way that has already gone however then it doesn't really work -- has gone. But they can prevent what the additional loss. Com and they often used as with people who don't have. Really bad hairless or they use as an adjunct to people who live from the first -- who -- getting here transplants they wanna maintain what they have Philadelphia. And then they get to get new -- place so it helps to maintain that as well. Can add to that the new use what all the time -- all the time yeah it's not gonna grow back not gonna go back. So it can Mary thank you for calling. 617. 26668686172666868. Often spots attribute doctors -- cafeteria. We've got Jane. On the phone Jane welcome to the show. -- managing. I'm going to contain it used to. TP I wonder why man or maybe that was true. I'm not gonna view when I was looking at should do. It. But she knows the initial actions around -- and. Smoothing facial complexion so this of course -- -- -- we -- we do we have lots of ways of doing we -- chemical -- we -- laser resurfacing we do German abrasions -- do you know we have all kinds creams and and announced in depressed but you that would be one the most common things that we provide intact. Almost everyone coming in for a a facial rejuvenation consultation meaning they want to look younger. Most everybody could start on some kind of facial. Skin care system. Com and then based upon what they're trying to accomplish who might suggest doing either surgery or perhaps surgery in conjunction with. As -- a chemical peel a -- abrasion or even a laser resurfacing procedure. Now -- you know. When you do that put testament that I thought this page and that minimally invasive way of its fight. If well that -- various options wanted to commit the smallest isn't just under the chin in the middle you can type in the muscle from the middle or you can if if you can depending on how much you need or you can make incidents kind of behind the -- and kind of pull a muscle. Sideways to tighten it just depends on how much laxity having -- the next instant Internet. Absolutely and you wanna do is minimally invasive procedures possible you don't want to and mustard in the actually have to. We can chair can do that absolutely. -- agent I'd. Thank you we will be happy to talk to June. Junior -- -- at doctors are welcome. Well I thank you I question I'm teamwork that that there actually at get to richer. Addict I'll. Afterward things and I I mean. -- good luck and thank you and I'm not yeah and I ended in -- grow older -- to see. Past end. That's what I'm wondering. How a direct contact plastic surgeon. If they do I it's all well an hour and as impetus that I sure it helped share. Yes so infected humans have we're gonna put. People on our web site who are great providers of each of the services including the -- gastric bypass stuff than a third sort of thing. But yes eat you would -- you wouldn't really go to plastic -- to you lost all your weight. Because when you get to that point generally speaking most of the patients undergoing what you're about to undergo and -- loose skin. And they generally have loose skin in the plagues the belly of the press under their arms about all different areas mean depending upon how -- -- skin laxity is like. And generally plastic surgeon will will remove that skin patent you know that the remaining area -- have a very nice contour but of course they're -- to deal with that sort of thing but most people in the trade that off but yet. You would go and the person in general certainly you're dealing with no problem Baylor for it is only if not we'll stuff that some -- -- and who who who can do that yet. Definitely specialty in this particular -- and you these days. Additionally people undergoing this have the surgery June that -- you would do pretty much a lot of this type of surgery and will be some who does that. You up thank you for calling 617. 26668686172666060. Believe it or not. We've got less than ten minutes left the show just flies president can got a call call us now -- you're on the air with doctor Russo and Kathy Syria welcomed Marie. Look -- thank you conducted. I have some pretty an appeal followed -- undermine zones and when we -- very long -- Asia -- urgently at a profit that's poverty interventional we have. She needs a hole made that very few people. And it's. Intact iChat or do anything well with. And he referred to meet somebody in New Yorker and -- -- that Diana people have wondered if the complaint against him what the board of medical. Well I don't like to find out if it has anything you can help. So so the question is injecting sat around your eyes is that what you're saying what. Well he's had very he said that it's nobody around it -- do it well it didn't want you it's terrible and this particular particular. -- that. Yeah -- doesn't know me yeah Patrick do a boat load that stuff all the time and we are very very -- without injections and we do it quite commonly quite often. Well I mean. I don't know what -- I'm not sure exactly questions but that that the point is that he may just not know what people doing in his own backyard he -- just not know anybody could probably doesn't do much of it but injecting -- around the guys -- in face in general -- it's been quite commonly. But also you don't have to have fat they're plenty of filler that can be used -- -- the guys and other -- natural material so. -- And Taiwan as the campaign and what not going to be a cable that can afford to do. -- Apatow and I know that you about a third of the effect on but yet eventually that should be stabilized. Absolutely and well we left those who grow up against the clock we've got to Britain whom we love it. 6172666860. Give us a -- Powerful. And Belgian radio no room where we welcome back into the ticket as many calls as possible but don't get team can call my office 617. Nice to explore 1440 laurels you more than happy to talk with you. Where you can email us -- questions it just the illusion and Paul. -- -- on the -- Jerusalem Kathy welcome. You could Gordon. Armed I'm. And -- a -- it's Caltech where if this -- like the capillaries purse. In right and in my legs up there well mark felt it -- -- -- caught yup you know there is any -- you're obviously it was late for a do see. Yeah well who what you have a common condition broken Kaplan is little small vessels that break it's gonna just become prominent kind of like some very small versions of of varicose veins. Those are treated very very successfully with laser. He LA's you can do really be just on the other small and I'm talking about you know one to two millimeters max. What you get beyond that you have to actually do something to to the big events -- all small little Cutler's. Very easy very well if she -- ethically with laser. -- completely got what flick them kind of like. Will it really bad -- sure yeah yeah those that's all the solitude of the slid -- -- reason. Very easy you know no problem. Okay -- just. Won't yanish gesture though by any late -- -- call offices to attempt to lead to. Well it's market or fourteen board which reported Q thank you Paul Kristen. You're on the were -- through so Kristen welcome. -- quite frail I learned about the state he. Michael Young. Specifically what that apple out yeah yeah I am -- Matt. Yes the music TCA appeals. And a contest try to close it -- it. -- very good deals we do a lot of them we think they're very safe I mean obviously. You have to look at the person's skin how thick is the skin -- and -- can how deep can we go has ever had Daniel before skin tight you know we're trying to accomplish but. We love chemical peels you think they're very valuable we think they really have an excellent place him in harmed her name of things you can deliver to patients and I highly recommend them. Even -- I have heard Donald at least there's I've heard in there's always have it as opposed that I -- a -- he. Yeah he might not have -- -- That someone like you should be started on -- Hydro and owns or you know bleaching medications so once you've gotten rid of it doesn't come back. And the inflammatory process as your healing I would would would be stopped so he wouldn't get that so you just have to be treated appropriately before he could have appeal. -- are arsonists also laser get. Thank you very much for the call or 2666068. Kathy you're not gonna be your next week -- got a little special trip to a -- listeners about it. I was invited out to the mother ship Alec and the makers of Botox into the term. And they've invited me as part of our. That represented our practice. To come in learn some updates on their products and it's kind of a nice -- Yeah we're very proud of you and when you come back to that a tough all the latest and greatest things that we should know. -- but also we are going to have a guest host next week it's a secret guest host that she is a person who's on the radio in Boston -- I think you'll recognize. And she's on FM station. Sort of a drive home talk show type stations. And darling mixing it up north kind of mix things up a little bit. Com but you'll be here next week so we'll miss you terribly. And I don't know Alicia was going to be the same without you but hopefully it'll be one week. Hopefully you'll like California and say they're well and hollering at you -- like having guest host let's put except for you. You've been listening to doctors and Kathy cereal and change your life program about plastic surgeon and how are you with the knowledge change your life you really enjoyed being here -- hope of the into this next week on every Saturday. From twelve to one and.