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6/05/09 Red Sox Report

Jun 5, 2009|

Tom Werner joins Tom and Todd this morning on today's Red SOx Report.

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Six AB WR kill Friday morning good morning and side introduction sounds like -- listeners are addicted so homily and that's Diego up some deposit where it's Lebanon negative what exactly. Well -- have a great Friday because one of the things we love the due on Friday as we do the Red Sox front office report fabulous to connect with the the -- -- front office report errors to the classes freshly cleaned. The carpet has been. A sufficiently. Vacuum in moment there we go -- the front office looks good with the -- on there we go in the ball field -- -- would have been doing pretty good in the standings and the guy who brings it all to -- fresh today Tom were not. One of the bosses over there at the Red Sox front office ally the spot -- I'm just getting ready finishing clean the carpet. Ha -- I'm doing a fine job on that carpet. Out. He's great pay a little bit of baseball that I know there's a big big thing coming up on Sunday with the Red Sox scholars program I want to learn a lot but a more about that Todd and I would just talking about. The challenges in the classroom and what you folks are doing on that it's fabulous but a little bit of baseball Josh Beckett had a heck of a game. And is it my imagination are is he. Is he finding his straw ride over the last couple appearances. -- I think that we were never really concerned than you that you that he was going to come back and -- -- dominating pitcher he's been in the last few outings. Anonymity and he struggled a little bit in the early going then that Josh Beckett that you're seeing the last few -- is the -- you'll see the rest of the season. But truthfully say your worried about an attorney or about every pitcher. I worry about everything. -- -- Olympic park it here. This I I think it. Are pitching staff is is as good as anybody's in. In the partly you know we're very tough division that. It's very strong Matsuzaka is going to bounce back and I think we've seen that Jon Lester evolved lately and I can't wait to see John Smoltz this month. Yes waltzes as a very interesting addition to the staff. That the -- He was so dominant in the playoffs. You know two years back it was just absolutely unbelievable to watch him. How good he was against some good clubs and it's great to see him find that stride that he's found his last -- appearances. Let's let's shift to the you know the topic we're not going to miss it we never do David Ortiz everybody loves this guy. And you folks a -- -- -- given him every chance. Oh what's your sense of what's going on there are Nadia how do you break. One of these cycles if in fact it's a cycle -- is it just -- a complete. You know reduction in in his ability at this point. Well we sure hope this is cycle and look say that having been at Fenway Park this year. I've really been impressed with -- that passion and that and that the fact that the the fans have just like an inappropriate that you have not seen that often happens in baseball and other cities where you know what have you done for me lately I mean there's such. Send -- love for David I don't think anybody knows that I mean we just are hoping. It would be terrible. Make the premature judgment that. David's career is throwing its declining year. And not given every opportunity. To bounce back I think we've seen some signs lately that he may be coming out of the slump. We've got. Two very good series ahead of us with Texas and and New York and then there's the interleague. Matchups after that and may or may not be playing much because of you know play in the National League cities we won't have the DH so. -- this will be. You know hopefully David will start playing alone in the past he's really -- crushed Texas pitching. And so we're looking for good things this week and. What kind of science do you bring to this kind of problem -- it it seems to me that with computer analysis of swaying. Testing of reaction times swing bat bat speed things like that that you would be able to quantify some of those issues you discuss it. Well I think it's I think we do know let him properly prefer not to talk about exactly. What we see pieces the other pitches many people listening. Of which there are terms of the tools you use. Well you guys have been at the forefront of using new thinking new technologies. Date may unanimously. Really smart hitting coach we've got. Tokyo in his group have been talking to. David and and -- not at all -- weekly don't feel that. In any way that we've sort of a point. Just saying you know. This is the end of a career we really do think that he's going to bounce back. That'd be great one went quick editorial comment no need for you to supplement the -- want to I love Jason day. One he's as hot as a pistol and he seems like a great down to earth guy in two. He assessed the polar opposite of that nit -- Manny Ramirez another good way to buy editorial comment but -- -- and Whiteside your -- so I don't slam -- I didn't like the guy even when it was put the ball over the you know into the seats on a regular basis he just had a bad attitude Jason day what a breath of fresh -- Jason -- Well I don't think I mean mr. perhaps says -- new that did this would be as good as wonderful a elicited. Turn of advances as do we -- last July 31 but I mean he just has been fantastic and and you know I I think as you project Tammany RBIs and -- here you know he's gonna I think he's got. 53. And we have great and it may be about 53 right now we get a totally -- that I right. He just yet it's just go and has admitted to me again it's on it's as much about attitude as it is on field performance yet he's a great player and seven great season so if but all I am just so. Impressed with the attitude you know he's -- is not a one of those prima Donna's. So it's it's a pleasure to one actions. And hopefully he'll be you know wearing a Red Sox uniform for long term. But let's shift quickly to Red Sox solace Todd and I do so much time in the show about education now hopes and dreams up passions in -- -- just -- and -- topic and we have the phones lit up. You folks are involved in a great program tell tell -- in the of the listeners about this -- -- and. It says has -- you guys know when we when we came in to this franchise that was very important for us to do well matches to on the field but off the field and this is one of our cornerstone programs for the foundation and the concept of it is as a pretty simple concept we. We go out and each -- we find 25. Children in the Boston public school and we designate and to be -- five dollars and that means two things. And the back end when they get -- -- they get scholarships. That kicked in sixth grade and 76 grades through. You know. Bicycle they are tutored and they're giving it. Tutors to make sure that they're human enrichment programs from there. Meant toward. And these kids to obviously not a drop out rate is -- known public school matches in Boston but across this country is very alarming. So that that people in this program say -- that they all graduated from high useful. And by now we have 175. Kids whose lives I think we've changed. And our partner -- this is Beth Israel deaconess. Hospital is our official hospital and they they volunteer in May help the mayors today at Beth Israel where these kids come a hospital -- -- -- You know it's very important for these people that have positive influences and they're alive so the Red Sox give them positive influence we have. Time's sake from the department and they feel like hey you know what here's a way out. Well that's that's an incredible thing 25 kids a year in cumulative and as you say it adds but also it also gives them a fighting chance to gives them some hope that the right way away up. In a way out and you'll be somethin' special at Sunday's game he'll introduce. So we're gonna go to our new class -- and you know but -- smile on the faces of these kids when you know these of these volunteers hope their hands and they introduce them to 35000. People and I actually have a relationship with a couple of these kids and I know how important it is have something in their lives that they can look forward to and they talked to the players and it's a meaningful. Yeah well keep up the good work obviously -- huge huge fans over here in RKO of anything that that's like that it's of a piece. Of what Todd and I are always talking about trying to find way is to give these kids the avenue to success and opportunity so. Keep up the good work in that we included Tom went around the best and good luck to you apart -- Alexander -- the rug and get the windows X you know classic not going to cut the cartel he concluded and I'll be lodged in the Rangers on the yanks let's go get him let's go to get those guys and give a beaten Tom -- and.