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Chump line from 2-20-09

Feb 20, 2009|

This is the chump line from Friday, February 20th, 2009

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Chump line has always been one of my favorites your -- fifth. Of course of course in today's jump line is brought -- buy lumber liquidators lumber liquidators as an incredible selection and the best prices on hardwood flooring anywhere from 99 cents a square foot you call 1800 hardwood today for all your home and contractor needs or logon though lumber liquidators dot com I think you're right it's going to be happier today all excellent really lot of calls from -- mess. -- -- and it may just as. -- chose it may lose your pets. AP -- -- there and -- brain and on ground control the majors and it's. Three news -- socialism. Not I'm telling you really a lot of those calls might -- laws are all huddled around radio away like elegant old campfire are certain things could be great. And -- this means. Erica go to court confirmed the majors this weekend and believe it means your wife will never justify it. I don't crop. Perhaps. You know what my good friend the late great Toney grumbled a Boston bad my boy professional wrestler destroy America said never trust midget wrestlers I have no idea what that means but the man mentioned -- I mentioned widgets. We're even let's move on. But I won't make America what is that politically correct me interpret electoral verdict had grown. Got to better -- what grade daughter and I. Excellent where would you find Nancy Pelosi is dead right about now sleeping on a luxurious pillow in Italy paid for via. -- you and me. What do what happens. If I'm this little oh lead. The stimulus package Hughes Joba -- all. Still I got really bad. Movie. Yeah I'll always that -- -- Boutros Ghali. He immediately. Donna yeah speak back it's okay go on here I know home. I'm afraid that but there again here are wall. AGF I'll be out of that -- yet yeah. I hope so too but more importantly I hope that big mega dole is on the way I'll I'll let you know if it turns out. You wanna know how it will feel when the stimulus that is in place -- beating. Good -- Wallace -- the toilet and I can't help I'm going to really hard. Wow I can hardly wait release now I have plans for the weekend. I didn't mention okay editorialists. 200000. -- I did kid you don't they absorb -- And how well why. -- -- -- -- -- I remind you that 200000 dollars that's just beat. First installment that was at 200000 dollar airfare to get them there the B 200000 dollars to get them back and god only knows. What they're going to spend while they're over there. This is where I think these -- from the -- and scored two goals. I -- -- -- not being -- how would on the radio. How can finally caught pneumonia for refusing to wear underpants. -- -- -- -- -- -- I can stage without any equivocation I have absolutely no knowledge of how -- wearing or not wearing of under clothing none of them then then you are in the minority because he has announced to everybody who -- the radio that he goes commando. Yes but I I refuse to acknowledge that for fear that I would does sound like I know too much I'm sorry I'm sticking to my story sandy I know nothing about -- How long does it take credit hope -- that he didn't but right now all I'm the only dread. I'll hold should be here any day now I'll look forward they beat beat red box -- at the right out there on your your front porch. Any -- just hold your breath. Kind of like that fox deficit with a big -- that Obama's that he found in the office when he got there BAA golf. Representative Scott waddle I believe convicted they good constituent Ross. Quebec that a employee -- Well summer still unindicted now c'mon let's not cast aspersions or were whenever the word would be that -- Mayor Menino would use just leave and is now the trans around your neck. Well the bad part is that let me have a monkey and an affiliate there. I -- -- so well but I've got to think this system for those pathetic -- Obama. -- Eight apology for that very statement I'm sure will be appearing in some form tomorrow in the New York Post. I stop paying my taxes. I can't stop paying my mortgage. Well in the way gets that run me. Year world kinda -- for that money thing to happen I remember first the whole press to arrive in in the change will arrive and then the the changing of the I forget who were scratched. The. Oops gotta go. The government that is making me crazy and don't you know is that a whoop -- -- we can't do -- -- Monte -- eight what's next in Massachusetts. Woman shrimp marriages that was on -- how he's -- that big big stuff is Matt Barnes didn't. I know he's absolutely right on that day and the fact of the matter is that if you read the quotes from the -- his brilliant woman who was madly in love with -- -- She was just one step away from finding someplace where she could marry -- absolutely correct. They they get out of that the great day on the radio and and you know I'd like they've got a jobs program yeah about -- That's that it helps any young related that we've been booked more -- Need some help here. How can didn't age -- passed. Around and chose to gauge its debt. Duly noted my friends duly noticed. Last jump line message thank you for calling have a card you shout. -- was that was not nearly as painful as many would have expected or hoped to end I enjoyed it very much at today's -- line in fact was brought -- lumber liquidators lumber liquidators as an incredible selection and the best prices on hardwood flooring anywhere from 99 cents a square -- you call 1800 hardwood today for all your home and contractor needs or log on the lumber liquidators dot com. Her twelve sandy I have to tell you I've.