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Steve Pagluica 2-6

Feb 12, 2009|

Steve Pagluica talks with Tom and Todd about the economy.

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General and Adam told fine -- Teixeira moves forward. Welcome back into good morning doing if you know joining do well it's great to see is a beautiful day took a little break out some wanna stretched a little bit we're seventh inning stretch Jim -- perception it's not having knowledge of the bottom. It yesterday ueberroth had just -- Friday you know adamant about Kennedy's -- taken -- just taken it a little -- easy you know in the economy in the stimulus is big big news sure everybody's talking about coast to coast but what's also big news not just locally huge news locally and big news and -- -- Celtics lakers last night. I love DF form that we have the opportunity to talk to Steve value -- The Celtics front office report with Steve is brought to -- us realize savings bank life insurance we're getting the best life insurance is a slam dunk and the way I view this is Steve as healer of the Celtics won that game last night. So what does this is -- anyone. While they last except I mean the laws they are usually what he wanted -- genie lives what does that what -- and overtime Steve present our last second shot went nowhere a great game but -- break up. Yeah it was there was really a tough but exciting game great have mystery of the guard last night. Oh I'm by either way it'll lakers Celtics have become well they become it has been for all intensive purposes the final thirty years is equivalent of the Red Sox yankees is an intensity the it is animosity there you can clearly see it and I -- I I think Greg got fouled badly about my shot. Yeah -- edit it. Certainly the break didn't go our way in that game. The guys played hard Garnett -- out now and then they're great effort in overtime but came up one short so. We'll be back guy with the knicks tonight. They don't call -- also on the last shot as it does the seconds are ticking away -- -- well with a guy like Ray Allen and it is home court you really want to make sure that he appointed -- college -- calling it right I guess this is the best way to to a -- right -- I think there was -- -- right capsule would do but you know sometimes they -- all right thanks so why is obviously -- -- too but I I wouldn't have expected them to call -- -- -- -- that what do they do -- usually. He you don't see a lot of whistles and the last intimately games we've just got to. Go out there fight scrabble but you Portillo whistles went to a two minutes of any game. -- with five seconds left its rugby. Yeah but the big -- -- got the next night and that's not going to be an easy weld actually lived there may get pushed around a little bit thirteen seems to be. Approaching complete dysfunction. What they've been opened after they've they've got a good stretch as they're -- in new offense they have the Mike and Tony. Well and so some nights they can be killed by Troy into not just a lot of most ridiculous -- twice and opened and I was stopped those street. The other they mean instead suns you know look Phoenix Suns philosophy run run run shoot shoot shoot good defense is just an afterthought. I hate -- will does -- -- -- another topic within the all wheel house Steve prelude current that is of course. The economy on everyone's minds for you know practically 247 the Celtics are grade to grade break from. Economic anxiety anything hopeful appearance in the idea seeing hearing our -- off that seems to be developing. Well I think I think we hit a couple of corporate financings completed which is there's good news Wall Street. At all so there's been the resurgence of the people buying homes so. Hopefully it's small but good but I'm hopeful that to tip of the iceberg and bigger things to come. We've still got to get through this stimulus package and get the economy going but there have been a couple of those small resigned this could be -- here. In terms of the price of the stimulus package this seems to be the great says sticking point right now and in the US senate. I -- do you have a feeling about it matter much whether it's a trillion dollars or 800 billion. Yeah I think -- work we have such issues out there that I air toward the larger route. You know the shock at all program to get the economy back going but I -- I think they need to get it done. And they need to get it done quickly there's going to be some cost say because the government is not graded out getting resources but. Given. That you sure and I think doing something as we talked about Lester is better than doing not. Why isn't such a big hurry we we heard that I a few months ago when there was a feeling as we look back at. That that got pushed through a little too quickly and they screwed it up. Why -- they really screwed up I think he had to step so paltry one was united stabilized the banking system and they did that. They're continually do that with this bad bank activity. So I think they'll complete that about the stimulus. And the problem -- waiting is even with a trillion dollar package. You can't spend that money overnight you can't build those roads and infrastructure overnight. So you're only going to get you know twenty to 30% of that money can make me this year. So there is no longer you wait the longer it takes to get this -- out there. So that's why if you turn 32 thirds of the package is being -- Had a building a resurgent development of 13 of the expected tax break we'll get through quicker then the infrastructure plan. And -- and -- the other guy with the business acumen he allows small organizations as well as lodged. Funny. Should they be more emphasis on the tax cuts less on spending tomorrow on the spending less on the tax cuts how would you if you were a senator targeting Harry Reid what would you -- allow what would you tell Harry Reid. Well video is not an exact science certainly economics is not an exact -- So I kind of like the 13 troop surge approach that they're using. It's a delicate balancing act if you have if you have too much tax cut that's just you know money out the economy without productivity. If you have too much spending you could get inflation so the troopers 13 approach seems to -- pretty -- potion neighbors got an exact science. -- until whole debate over how quickly the money will be spent in the fact that the the reason I ask a question about the number how big a package it is it should be is because a lot of this money. Our standard sort of armor programs being thrown in under this umbrella rather than surgical strike to with a very sharp edge. -- a targeted towards only those things that will over the next eighteen months or so for rebuilding economy. I think that's a great point. If I wish it was almost surgical strike it seemed like part of the price of politics. Is that they have to work of money in person non productive programs. So I'm hoping the Senate will go through the bill and really keep -- the things that are productive infrastructure -- be spending the medical spending the technology spending. And then cut out sort of extraneous (%expletive) things that are that are that are programs that really won't benefit economies so the kid to go through that bill. And make sure every dollar that's being spent will lead America more productive efforts and then we'll just join the money out there for willingly projects -- figure out there right and that one. You know I think you put your finger on you know the frustrations of politics so many of these things are in the -- -- the be holding other senator from Timbuktu might think. AB and C grade in the senator from Massachusetts might think that those three crazy but he is my proposal is XYZ and you've got to try to figure way to stitched. Each senator's desire is together so it it becomes sometimes. A little bit of a mishmash no question about it hasty -- we know you are always up against the clock as.