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Chump Line 9-2-08

Sep 2, 2008|

CHUMP LINE! Call 617-779-3469 and leave Howie, Sandy or Happy a message about today's stories or anything else buzzing around your bonnet and we may play it back on the air!

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The way we would -- the Alaska and or share payable in the -- were of them were members of. Back in the nineties I found that basically libertarians it like home schooling their for gun rights -- -- for less government intrusion in only a small percentage of them more or Amy offers succession of Alaska. By the way they wanted to join Canada. That's that's a lapse in judgment on somebody -- -- -- -- very but he saw him but that wasn't the primary that was the primary goal of the parties so on the -- -- and I think this is just like a splinter group that wants to CC from now I don't -- -- -- me so it's not so it's like you know just because year old woman at that make you believe -- exactly there are some polygamous warm mormons. Just like to some secessionist will reveal lasted exactly art I'm not sure how surveillance and other but she seems to be reasonable human beings like tend to doubt she was succession but who knows they have asked her happy did you read over the weekend that she had a nickname then and -- High school as a basketball player and it Barrick gold dot. -- -- will begin with a what does sought help be -- of an expression of introducing today aren't just it's just you know heart fine -- -- is that I think it is yes. Whoever it is I want it now. Okay time for the -- why. Today's statement -- that -- did that right but it that you don't want. Okay the -- DiPietro I just need. -- -- -- Okay go ahead. Middle East lead to good -- and -- that zero. Hey -- woes that wait. What that TH once when he wants stuff from them drop of a few pounds here there. -- -- taken fast walkers after a after -- go off well I scrubbed well marring. Or today I had to call Farrior the eastern standard like my fat clunkers. -- you. How -- you know maybe you like that it -- because. With. Head is lasted about my area and I -- remind you want to vote. I that you liked what I much -- It's just it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want it and -- it killed my mind. Post I can't be for the you know I was I was always a big -- -- -- -- -- on MSNBC I thought she was Q. Didn't I like the personality. That's before my first close air paella I thought of actually infield. It. -- At least at them every please. And our goal. You know the further from the Republican perspective. The stupid things about this stuff number one of the book for -- to be such a big deal at least for New Orleans and number two. It's Bob Dick Cheney for coming to the convention ever thought George Bush legacies -- deliver his speech tonight via satellite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well of the they could be -- -- test but yeah I'll have to -- really about that. Oh really is against this really it. The bad guys you know when it has. -- -- -- The tank that Laker you know what we -- -- say. I. I don't know how anybody could seriously compare her to change swept the Buffy -- maybe even if -- you know plans call for the Obama camp say. Get a better get better talking points that. Can embarrass the government complex process so when -- the foothills. That's good I like that. So -- can you Obama people over the Pacific you work coupled with. Is being added bonus Miles Davis -- I. -- it was basically like eighties. I don't know if you guys could do -- adapting but that would happen later. Sandy was killer Kowalski this stuff boy did not. Nobody nobody was. Purity you the callers -- right obviously you probably thought over the weekend he's not at the he he will not be down for breakfast but he's not a without actually just changed. Did you is this is -- rather lengthy duffel Lou we beat the amount of time to step who was meant going on. Voice I wasn't in another was Jerry -- for that matter accident Jerry Reeve died today and Jerry -- the country guy yes. That's when was it smoking of the man that -- they was missing us. -- Olivia held up -- here. Who's -- -- who's going to be -- the crash car -- -- for the -- that the next time we treasure -- supported all that's right you don't need to -- gore -- -- anymore -- just while on the quarter gigabytes of the local workers will be driving in an -- in Hammond. Hopefully I wondered what does that these that's what -- -- wonder what happened to lose via the sheriff. Now into I'll wonder what happened that the guy was slowly about who -- the average number of. One. Whatever floats your boat well I like give puppet -- like that myself. It's the party and bad. Accident. Can't nominate a woman with a packet of Mary the daughter of edit the -- -- -- you haven't tried. -- -- we expect that mormons say what's happened he would have preferred. Six. -- -- I just can't imagine the shock. That the Democrats are. Expressing. Is his real I think there's just something about the last forty years of experience which leads me to believe that. They're put me on. You know -- -- -- -- -- Everything is Bush's fault what they why do you think scene was and at the convention. Bush. And he decided that it was bad fruit for the Republican Party and for McCain that they hit the warlords so we went up at the Halliburton hurricane machine. At least seeded the clouds to make sure that hurricane would turn into a tropical storm everybody those that don't your read the daily costs. It. Queens is. Worried working with. Because -- Personality. Why didn't go. They happy that the colonel release day yesterday that certain ethnic groups don't live in trailers. Sitting -- at all now -- let's follow god. That was your last -- my message. Thank you for cars have a car you shout.