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Larry Lucchino

Aug 29, 2008|

The Red Sox CEO joins Finneran's Forum for the weekly Red Sox Front Office Report.

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Larry Lucchino Tommy Finneran here with roughly a say in my co -- he's a lab school guys so you're Erica are already in a deficit position I had. Is running out. Hey you know he was stunned to hear that you had a professional relationship with Hillary Clinton them on the Watergate investigative committees. And I think that another at a but he's a lot about you but he didn't oh. Well I think it goes back before that we actually are all -- lawlessness and our first jobs. Which they Japanese or -- eat peaches and it Richard Nixon. So. That's this buddy you're down there out Whitner. And keep the city. There yeah hard working management actions. -- Tally. Yeah she had did you get an interesting week and we'll talk baseball with him but just one comment and I'd like to offer. I I thought she gave a splendid speech and -- the self remarkably well very poised. Very professional very impressive and a you know -- disappointing circumstances for her and her family. If we had a year I agree with that I think you know a number of the performers that they could match -- talk politics respected. The job that they find it to act you're expected to do. And did it quite well. And in fact what happened in our house this week as a microcosm what -- democratic convention. There was a -- split -- the husband wife -- -- our house. And and we came together is as we they left this Democratic Party tried. It sounds like a big love and at Woodstock Larry I don't I really. I don't ordinarily associated with the you don't say. That. Went by I didn't barely allowed. I don't see if and when that you know you have the marital friction and everybody goes through -- my money that you know is always on Stacey she's gonna -- -- you -- but. Pop and honesty is Intel your -- said congratulations on the PM mass challenge. Yes you wrote hey get broke both -- and and and race they had had a money for me. And exceptional. To be get over 50% of the budget truck had passed channel. As. That is great thing for states to do that and so we offer our congratulations and the last thing on the politics that we get right to baseball. The build the hot room of the hottest of the rumors right now. Is that John McCain now might very well choose -- pale and she's the governor of Alaska and -- that we here she is a drop dead gorgeous gal. Very much they say it's facing the -- like. Oh my goodness -- -- that is -- that it has some breaking news the governor of Alaska is that in a bad. It'll ask this morning kids -- according Tuesday a limited to -- us. Point knows she can't media gaelic. Water somewhere Alaska that are being in Dayton Ohio. This. Through. Let anybody here -- -- culture it was probably could take -- to talk about baseball. Not act as well a well I'd I don't think this to be a false remark and go right to a USA today every hole -- I love this Larry Lucchino and you must feel the -- got to be just feeling great about this the USA today. -- -- And a review of the best seats in the house. Gives the number one best seat -- it must decide seat to the tickets on the green monster which was. -- Larry Lucchino. Two Tom -- John Henry production as I recall. Yes well thank you like its -- at this morning in USA today has been doing a two week series on could -- in very good seats at. In baseball parks around -- nation. And that today it was the day he would they -- going to unveil the best of the best as they come out that and they most popular most of our policy they -- all of baseball. Off its feet on the take great opted that was part so it is very gratified because you may remember. Where we talked about doing things on the great odds stated there was. Shall we say skepticism. About the wisdom of that that people were. As I expected to certain. Conservative approach to Fenway Park which it anyways is desirable people saw big change coming archer and -- date. -- what they're the adding. Green and all the problems up there. -- has. Turned out I think they gave us. Credibility when people saw all the way to the the change that was made there and yet. Improvement became so popular is that as we talked about continuing to change it proved that part. We had a certain kind of I think credibility as a result of that we made changes every year. At our local architectural firm not Cambridge DN AQ. They've given us. Tremendous. Guidance and imagination and we are really police. That someone we still the new owners you know it's stored it's an -- here. We hope we did do ownership group how are optimistic. 35 years it takes not technically not a blue -- you know what I mean Independent but I here's Ali Vegas may -- a twenty topic. But I -- -- look back Camden new ownership I think that I want to exit so be appointed pride will be the protection preservation and certainly part in this -- ward USA today. It's just. I think in -- illustrations imports of work. Where you I mean their credibility that did come what that first major change the monster seats I think has given you just. An enormous capacity and you've used it so skillfully I had a great night a couple of years ago with a couple buddies in -- checklists that right next to us out there on the right field concorde seats up there. What below the -- was assigned and that's where I usually run at the raffia tolerance for the red states -- And -- -- -- Bartlett their a year and I guess I'm of the outside. I've looked at the yeah defense they don't like GA skins and I was lower against but himself. So glad about it right and that's -- -- -- -- my dad's that you're going to and gave them that well -- expressed hope that pay at. A -- too well what had been a good good road series. You know Papelbon. -- -- Giambi nice little Neitzel contest -- came out the wrong way for us but overall area think you have to be pretty pleased with the results on the road. I think that's very clear they what was don't buy it by some as say he. Potentially -- and making she's breaking camp ninety road trip which. Very deeply and we want six apply to what we want to hear throughout history. Each seat and went to and I think at the outset of that chip we have taken it. It adds that the so it's hard not to feel little disappointment. As a result of coming so close. Yesterday to to -- the -- But as I've been saying to anyone -- that means that the prediction that the demise of the yankees. Quite premature. And and we will see that making noises. -- -- -- Considerably at the and in the months. Yeah and Larry this is Raphael just I. As a fan I am I'm growing concerned. About the injuries -- I can't not think about. -- mr. October Josh Beckett and his elbow. And J. D. Drew back JD's and having a great here and then. Any updates on now on on the injuries is that I think all the fans and sure -- about that where where we're net. We're in the hunt we're close and down losing a couple of great guys it seems. Well you're right not like Lola juicy looking pretty solid important veterans from oh last year's. Chipped chipped it. But -- issue on no it happens to everybody every he gets banged up to courses a year and it keeps it prevail and it peaked at the deep gap that the phrase girl we've east studies. Art does -- -- -- talk about deep depth all the time. And if you have deep depth you you're gonna need it today. It did the baseball season particularly on is that tempered. So I think you know -- -- in the baseball operations department is that a good -- tracked -- and some of those holes. With the popular. Mark Kotsay doubled the additional. Reinforcement that we we prided. But I had not again I can say about take care and medical condition true. That it will find out more on packets case. And backstage to me like one piece of good news is that like blows me to be progressing well and we gave him. Back I've got to get back to abort a year. It took configuration I think that the a breath of fresh air. Larry our White Sox Chicago White Sox -- town critical importance implications for the wild cod and the like as you looked ahead and you know the season getting short now. As you looked ahead. The respective schedules fought twins White Sox Red Sox I mean and I'm not I'm not conceding anything to Tampa bay but those damn guys. The anomaly not going away that don't show any sign of a buckling and off. I mean I think that has that he had those guys at the All-Star break him and then then then that I was proven wrong and so now I'm really lookin' at that the other two teams that were locked in the scramble it. Well you're right to keep it simple. For a -- -- really those seeking and I think the yankees that there. Their -- their five teams there -- three of them won't make the the -- east to division. And wild card team territory to ratify actually got to -- these scoreboard watching now as we get to the last month cease. You're right about. Today but we have that. We have an opportunity there we six games against that -- -- very and -- and greeted out there. So there's chances to to do herself some good. Now headed down there this series this weekend is important there -- import from here on how accurate it is thirty indication that these are all -- And and the like -- -- very BT. Balance pitching and it's. It's it's going to be a dramatic we did here it is like probably be saying that oh. Dark and feel that way as we head towards yeah. Consecutive sellout streak record by the way which is coming. That first game with -- I think September 8. We tied the all time Major League Baseball sellout streak record for a 55 consecutive -- And then we'll proceed to break it the next night because sign. If any diminution in these yes -- -- part of its summation. -- Larry we every -- -- buy you an idle talk -- some larger issues the economic you know economic surrounding the economic atmospherics. Prices. For tickets and the like that is an amazing that is an amazing. Accomplishment. You know by EU and the rest of the ownership team and a great great tribute to you know the fans -- -- Red Sox Nation. That -- and thin did is the edges here it's an amazing story. Welcome back to put it that way because though we're on this thing it's not a Red Sox record is not a Red Sox player record it's a Red Sox fans record. And that we just the tip our salute. The it during loyalty. -- The Boston Red Sox because they have turned out. To every day every game I should say. Basic speed 2000 agree has been a sellout and it -- -- -- team. Understand that and 25 years Major League Baseball history was -- Cleveland Indians once again new ballpark. In 1990s yet for. I 95 to 2001. Day at 450. Consecutive sellouts that he wants to -- Andy they were hitting on all cylinders so it's. It is -- historic accomplishment. To get which has pepper -- it and say there's some advocates these folks who don't understand the action. And loyalty. The faith. Characterizes. Red Sox fans of and -- just take a look at that. Larry -- beginning to get. I. -- you guys don't like to look at at the pastor -- to look into the you know what's coming up ahead today's game nothing in the -- you know nothing. Don't not too far ahead -- that definitely not looking back -- the past but. How do you feel about looking in the standings and seeing that the the LA Dodgers have. Lost the last seven their one and nine the last time does that. -- yeah Yogi -- -- it asked the very straight aces you know -- airline says. I don't dwell on the past has no future. I guess my attitude look at it this. I do I've got to admit wraps yeah I do screened box scores in the morning -- do want to get my eyes so that ultimately. Check this happening -- -- If there's only human nature I think -- all plays out that they just -- -- do is just focus on itself. And and and look at the occupation it is Davis is -- a year. And just oh wait to -- out plays out overtime. This attend the leap to conclusions immediately after the trade and you know sensible ways and I traded CEO plays out time. Organic -- forceful and so right now. Yeah no question hey Larry a few moments ago he retired about the you know the great fans and opinion Red Sox Nation and how this such an integral part of all the success you've achieved up their just a quick little story you know my mom is in a nursing home now I try to get there every day of course because it was an afternoon game yesterday. -- lucky enough to be with Syria and she's you know like every other member attacks nation. Rises and falls in a post effect you know loosen the yanks in the bottom of the ninth was. A little bit of a set -- far but you'll be -- did she'll be doing -- to that in Soviet army by brother Paul what are my other Brothers assistance. After a few minutes you know show us that -- -- we'll talk parade but you'll have a smile on her face and that that's artist forgot that's what the Red Sox into to Boston Massachusetts and knowing. You're right that it does the senior members reflect nations are -- -- to us they have. Check on their -- as the years you know decades and were particularly. Proud. Sensitive to these support we get CDs and I he would feel if we date I'm opting in 92 last week it tops. A key -- Pittsburgh camp Pennsylvania and watch every game every night on an accident in Pittsburgh -- said. Flying up to date it'd be -- and a critical White Sox here -- -- -- -- for that. And she's anti humanity we get -- you introduced medium. We -- I was out at the game with some friends and I you Bob coverage she's got bullets on. He's just a replay -- easier said there when these. Players to dictate billion dollars a year get a day. It's. Yeah. Southwest violated. Yeah. Yes just in just keep Beuerlein and you yet I don't know hey we're going to let you go just a quick political a politico little political report to give -- and we wonder and honestly. If you even know whether states is in Boston because according to fox now again Stacy might be a -- is with -- governor Pailin according to Fox News is on a private jet. Total fine. I mean. Well that's did you sing I got my -- from MSNBC. -- -- -- -- ago well dueling networks but that is never Julia Larry you know you're always welcome we love doing the Red Sox front office report what you guys have a great weekend series White Sox everybody be tuned in and congratulations on that green monster -- Best seat in the house contest by USA today well Bob and Larry Lucchino.