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Are You Smarter Than A Finneran?

Jul 31, 2008|

Play along with the new game show that's sweeping Boston.

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Welcome back -- -- thinner and he Iraq theater it's far may have 680 WRKO my cohost -- the studio is Todd -- affectionately known as the second -- and that he had deeper response I Austin debate it's -- -- that's us that's always you first the should. Tell you -- -- -- it's not like -- society are only -- could tell but I don't think you're -- be first that the conclusion of this I know -- -- -- you -- -- second I have not yet won this is unbelievable we have they had contestants who is about the join -- Sunday I used -- out of than -- -- this is the game we -- each and every year week. And this is an awful lot of fun we find good contestants and that we turn the whole thing nova two master of ceremonies for the after the moment for the hour for the game whatever it is rich -- Bob slides up -- you are not just the play Harden moves -- that up. That's. And this week occupant there yet everything America. It's argues that a veteran at that what was. What was. And aren't in a battle of wits out the questions. Based on news stories this week and you wouldn't miss the speaker at rises and bragging rights of the smartest person on this should poll on this day at. Oh you're supposed you'd -- earned. Keep my thank you. She went abroad right what are the prizes by the way for a contestant on girls let's -- Oakland these tickets to the question of course will be -- -- when -- out of the game it's a -- resident artist and that it every had to get you know that is it's -- its talks to -- has certainly it's victories. How hot hot hot hot sum up -- both old hop groove for a solo Todd is Heidi signal eyes and look at it like Iraq to sizzle. Garnett Maryann -- joins is Mary and welcome to Finneran swarm. It's -- again that you've yet to be smarter than a -- which is not a difficult thing to do as it turns out we were a little surprised. Only -- -- what do you do for a living -- I do enjoy -- -- going for position. Insurance billing for positions if you ever make any donations to the veteran four. State -- campaign. All of our right now the Republicans -- my best fans that -- he had his big and they knew that was the best choice for the Jack and I were the closest thing there was too uptight about it I was just there are married and you ready to play area and good to have you and thanks for joining us -- go easy on -- -- first question goes a little Tommy -- in Boston city -- -- -- have voted to change the way ice cream trucks operate in the city. They have to shut down their music when the truck is stopped. How many this is your question your comedy from a this question how many miles per gallon this -- Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop up. They get fourteen and he Jamal. A gallon though he does miss that you just -- that lets you -- it and that's in her. Maria months of being cracked cancerous thirteen. You look equal. Gary marianas had. That was an easy question that's -- -- blue there's a tough one for you Marianne what is your favorite. I screenplay hot. Yeah. -- his -- on his insurance bill has noticed that tough they have this and then out bribing congressmen and legislative. I -- our time you refer to again question number two -- sent a recent flurry of celebrity endorsements. Have come in for Barack Obama including Al Gore and hip hop artist Ludacris. Ludacris also have an important role in what Academy Award winning film which by the way happened to win. The 2005 had the best picture Oscar. Hot hot hot hot hot I have no -- idea. And okay incidents of you know that we have an answer to right its armor -- -- -- -- -- Or. That almost crash. Can attack and our elections this whole thing I'm as the -- that I would go see if -- -- In my mind and as I am proud to be ignorant of that ignore promised our Marianne we have a similarly difficult. Film question you. -- this is a couple of years ago now three years ago crash beat out another film is about to hoax. Who found love while writing the arrangement they both get hurt in the end. The name of the movie. And in the end what is the name of this movie about two gay cowboys. Who meets in the mountain. That's. -- -- -- music. To. Spent time I go first again move. Two enough and currently. Tom Manny Ramirez may well have played his last game as a Boston grants. There is a three team trade in the works that must be finalized before 4 PM today if that's going to happen to our question for you concentrate and what team did -- he played for before coming to Boston in what team will he did to this story of a trade plays out as were. He played Cleveland before it came to -- and he wouldn't that for the -- Ramallah to the trade is. -- Against -- -- this very moment. Hot hot hot Todd has now won one and Earl marry and the pressures on. All right for the four Marianne. Please complete the following phrase listen very carefully. Complete this phrase Manny being. Yes. And -- you imagine you know absolutely. Correct and very nicely done. And two let's have went magic a little change she's a 31 Marion Jones yeah let's have Hillary going to -- increased the pressure a little bit here. You ready Merriam already addressed -- yesterday if you listen if generous formula preferred Tom and Wendy Murphy discussing the story of Clark Rockefeller. Who absconded with his daughter and his become the subject of a nationwide manhunt. -- -- was the focus of the search officials felt he may be sailing to Bermuda in his -- to escape with his daughter. What is the name of Rockefeller's. Boat. Back with the city. All right it's -- too bad it's called the -- severance. Now we go to Tom Finneran deceiving a poll within what's the story now -- 313 don't want to one you could make this four count them. For Thomas Rockefeller allegedly bought the serenity for 300000. Dollars how did he pay for the both according to the story. With gold arms cuts right. Absolutely correct. We -- little ball pumps treated to a new music this is it's tough to. We don't have final question -- a scary moment because. If Tom guesses -- right in merry and well users now this could be it tie it to your extra innings in. Austin gee that's okay so it's not quite as carries it might seem but nevertheless. -- current relations with the in April the question okay the story story this story scores three tutorial to question number five Todd has. While discussing. Is so when I just -- While discussing the rocket goes through Wendy Murphy suggested installing GPS chips and children. In order to find them in cases of disappearance like that's correct would work very well in the -- total recall which is great Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger is character it GPS install by the government so that the government could keep tabs on the question is what part of his body. Was he GPS install it. In the movie total recall of sorts where they place the chip in on I believe that -- the chip in his nose well. Believable. And he -- the the -- when Korea or equipment that we go to the way. I think there could be a some kind of tests. Scandal here. We're pregnant -- beginning maybe these are available online that you were 13000. Dollar. -- we have a very very difficult question for marry her for Mary and which I really gives us the possibility the first time ever it's now. Three at three. Are right here Rio Marianne Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of which state. -- Right about creation like god of I give it to point. The thank you Marianne you're the winner of argues smarter than a veteran. -- Red Sox tickets and he has Sox days this weekend that is great great site to do their part -- you do yeah I'll walk I carry wanted to say thanks to Mary Marian you're the winner of a pair of tickets is in Basra it's actually the Oakland -- on Sunday August 3 and a -- passes -- historic. Fenway Park your Fenway experience isn't complete without taking -- Fenway Park toward. Tours are our free year round for individuals groups and Sox fans of all ages for more info visit Red Sox dot com or call 617. 22666664. Fenway Park. Tours Marianne is there anyone you like to say bulletin. -- -- -- -- That you've got a beautiful new gymnasium out the how much it costs us state representative Don Imus and -- -- good Republican Todd vibrant good guy anything he wants -- -- and myriad brands good sport. Even though I lose this every single week period I like to congratulate the winners here -- good good gal thinks about dissipate enough that it attempts. On AM six AD WIK --