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Feb 10, 2007|

Kevin Whalen from Pundit Review and Dean Barnett from www.highhewitt.com speak to the "modern-day Ernie Pyle", Michael Yon.

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Now getting to what happened this morning you know the ceremony took place here can't victory in Baghdad. -- Abbott -- flu and and that general taking of course was here because her office. In -- -- spare general to -- -- -- chart today 90 handed over the colors you have a good ceremony right. And the color over to their you know that that country -- hand them over to the the next commander and they did that they set -- just about you know if you work it didn't last very long you know military commanders tend to be brief. And to the point that's the way at last and I think you know that very. Reworking of the chain of command general pace he's gonna go back to Washington I think he's going to be very important -- because of it. So much experience here in Iraq and now we'll have that in Washington you know it just. Now on the road from where we needed. And then you know general -- -- it's that it -- Try your whole life in common fight if -- -- the war. You know you get is these -- -- -- -- of the Vietnam War got a Ph.D. from Pakistan you know demand it has proven track record after two -- in Iraq very successful on both do worse. That this third tour have been secretly hoping he would become the commander here for at least a year and unbelievable it's happened and I think he would just the right and it just the right time. No -- general Casey going to Washington where he's going to be very important. And I think it you know legitimate and change here I think it was single people or on the basis. And more about soldiers downtown would be acting. You know out there among the people that -- -- -- -- because -- that electoral Pretoria has told -- -- I -- -- communicate -- -- fairly frequently actually and so I think you know -- -- knowledge experience and counterinsurgency and also. He's very politically adept at me. He's more than just -- combat leader two and get people to the table talking politically you know and all depressed for instance he knows how to make all these moving parts. What can -- well they can work together again proven track record after two children in Iraq I think your. -- -- as a very important year for Iraq to doppler southerner and I think that we're going to see some tremendous changes here just in the next few months. Michael you mentioned that would speaking to the great citizen journalist Michael yarn from Baghdad. And you mentioned that general -- is the right man at just the right time. My question has to do with the domestic situation United States many people are giving up on Iraq at this time. And many people in congress on both sides of the aisle don't believe that this surged general betrays his plan for the surge has a chance to Warrick. What is your feeling about that. Is it too late to salvage Iraq as a stable democracy as a friend to the United States in the Middle East. While should be careful actually saying. You know he's coming just like I think just the right -- actually it would have been earlier actually. However it's clear that the the surge in some respect already have worked on some level -- -- not -- in the -- in downtown Baghdad again tomorrow some of the people are are welcoming and now I in particular Iraqi army. The concept of the -- Generally speaking. Is to push out the courses they're trying to fill the vacuum with security. First of the Iraqi police said the Iraqi army most of -- he's not talk with with some exceptions -- eight. Once the Iraqi army rather than Iraqi police burst on the want them militias but those are not majority that you know the concept isn't necessarily. To pick -- Batman and crushed every militia the concept is to go and and they're trying to push them out. -- that. Bat you know moment of vacuum there with Iraqi security forces which it others spectacle lately that the Iraqi security forces. Are not department -- its value about the certainly true in some places but they have made tremendous progress since 2000 a lot of missions without. -- -- and I are done quite a few on this year. And you know in some places that are that are in there aren't very beginning stages made there's tremendous I'm not work together. But and other places where -- -- -- muzzle which is the second or third largest city depending on but he asked you know they're very good actually and the people. Increasingly trusting Aires that that. Iraqi security forces that was a big attack on that at least six or not he's six police station about. Not about two weeks ago in Mosul. -- -- well coordinated attack by enemy they brought them not a number exorcist mortars RPG's car bomb and lot of small arms of very well organized they have the element of surprise. And yet Iraqi police with help but help of the Americans the Iraqi police without an army slipped from art. So based underground they they had cooperation from the Iraqi army and in Mosul -- particular -- worked pretty well governor army and the police Iraqi army in the Iraqi police report both worked very well with the Mexican army. So it someplace like Mosul their tremendous progress of their higher another place that likes. On our province Barrymore and you know to get state and there are a lot of work out. But not just al Fallujah yesterday and been there twice on this return trips have been there four times now. And I have also been -- body recently you know the Marines out an army in the places. Both say they're making tremendous progress in you know. This -- that when I'm sticking a microphone to their faces of land sometimes people have known for a long time alone in their value what they're really think. And the -- progress so when it comes down to. -- networks I do believe it can work in you have to keep in mind you the -- Arafat is that different times I in the one. A year ahead of everybody else it was Iraq and the -- civil war and got a lot fallout from that that was true and I'm not want it. Came -- -- everybody else's that Afghanistan as -- serious trouble so you know I'm going to tell you the baton and you know we're -- think that is Afghanistan. But Iraq. You can say what what job to try it ideas and has experience this dairy dairy smart -- very experienced I think you know. There are some heavy Ott here but this is just demand note -- the -- And and let some work to make this work I think what we need to do it's -- this as one commander in particular. We need to support that he -- job portray it if there's any basic -- off. -- camp. Michael Margaret -- Garnett how would do for people who aren't familiar with your work. How would you compare what you do to what your colleagues in the mainstream -- mediator would you address that Michael -- Well there was a lot of mainstream people here today actually because of the change of command most of those are just coming and ford just you know it just felt that an -- leaving immediately active work came from mostly you know the United States to work station. And that there's a few that are that are that are here more law firm on the where there today and CNN and -- Laura Logan and quite a few others some of these people they spend a decent and -- or -- spent a lot of time here. -- are -- mainstream people that spent a lot of time in Iraq that. Not real and much time with the soldiers. -- stadium and that what the soldiers that are like an afternoon or morning you know make you one day he rarely over night if they do it. -- almost network more than two or three days not spend months and months on and Communists and the entire 2000 seven in Iraq you know. I'm getting hurt something like that you know -- you know -- quite a few cities this time back at a couple arms or Motley. Fallujah twice muzzle. I'm not getting up there and seeing what's going on you know among the population a lot of different places now when he mainstream and media and -- pop them everyday talked with the biggest one you can take up today we're here you know some of that some of them are actually frustrated too eight. They Holler like some kind of evil people in a a number of constraints for instance in the story on on a martyr that happened a couple of weeks you know your mobile. He grabbed them and grabbed somebody who suicide -- is what happened there aren't in. And stopped him from blowing up a mosque all the people who are worshipping. And I heard about that story at the last minute and and I just went with the commander there because he wants to express condolences on to the people there -- just you know. Amazing our respect for this man as spam and I just tag along on the ride from the main street people on the story can you know we get like -- -- -- you know we can never do that because we have to -- -- an amateur certain there's that natural time away you know eight eight hour difference all of our different batting order you know you -- can't. You're not act now why am I mean it and so it's not necessarily that -- -- You know not willing to leave the base a lot of these absolutely well it went -- absolutely well but it. Tickets -- any body -- natural obstacles that -- that you know happened in the corporate structures that just don't happen. And so you know that's one thing -- you know giving them out on that did not get to the true and then also you know the smaller paper in the medium sized papers they simply can't. -- come over here for anything other than. Really short and that's like. -- counts stories of Canadian National Guard I think that you know as an -- Area seriously it's really really expensive to operate every year these companies like New York Times they spend millions of dollars. To keep a few people here and and you know this is the most dangerous war literally history for -- there's. Then somebody killed -- mean it's unbelievable and you know -- -- that you probably want out of Fallujah. You know except as an -- our current economy and you know doormat to restart general Marine Corps highly respected also counterinsurgency expert but he told the stock for national public radio like you know it sort of -- -- kill you then may hit. And it's the truth and they would probably rather kill even kill president of Folger. And so and it just worked in journalists. But if you if you count on it truth about what's going on -- here you are definitely an enemy of the insurgents and they specifically bodily. Target Iraqi journalist. Because the added. They blame Iraqi journalists -- -- -- a lot of the journalists are actually you know coming out speaking against the insurgents -- pockets until a lot of the you know people not struggle to get shelter actually very courageous -- all that said it's very dangerous very expensive. You have to be very out to really get out -- for what's going on otherwise you know you're just taking reports from the army or your calling. You know they can call around -- the different commanders in and now what happened in their area of operations. Mimic -- -- upon Iowa and say you know and that's happened you know out -- back you know -- pocket they could've done things story. From the United States so yeah I mean there's a lot of mainstream journalists are -- got there that they did not able to do -- circumstances. He's Michael Young he is one of the great citizen journalist that we have and he is over in Iraq on his own dime. To report from the front lines -- support his work if you're able to do so by going to Michael Leon dash on line dot com we're going to have more Michael live from Baghdad. After this quick break here on AM 680 WR KO Boston's talk station. Talk radio has never sounded so. There's news Boston toxins -- AMs Richard W Clark. Welcome back -- Love your program Kevin -- from under review radio filling in -- back next week home recovering from an infection sent to a hospital for a night. But the good doctors cut the rate the red -- and healing up well resting comfortably at home and will be back in the big chair. At this time next Saturday. In the studio with me is dean Barnett -- -- -- blogger Hugh Hewitt dot -- one of the most popular conservative -- out there. He's also -- frequent contributor to the weekly standard magazine and joining us on the line live from Baghdad Iraq. Is one of the one of my heroes and I just thrown out there he's one of my personal heroes he is an amazing citizen journalist reporting from the front lines in Iraq. As a truly independent citizen journalist. Urge you to read his blog of Michael yard dash on line. Dot com and support his work by hitting the support the dispatch button. Because Michael's over there on his own time. In his readers he has -- many many readers who support him and what he's doing in the way he's doing it so if you can afford to appear inclined to get a fresh perspective what's happening in record urge you go to his -- and supporters work. No Michael one thing we hear back in the states is Iraqis need to step up. That we need to have the Iraqi step up it's a constant drumbeat from the politicians back here. But as your post hands of god indicated and and you some of the things that you've written about the differences in the Iraq's security forces. Between when you were there in 2005. And being -- now on your return trip can you talk to us a little bit a vote. The level in the involvement and of the Iraqis getting behind the democratization of their own country are they stepping up. Oh absolutely and you know that changes an order act he -- Like for instance in Mosul and and they're stepping up their bass part earlier there that's -- to -- it was originally. You know he he is someone took marvel and he. Started immediately so most -- -- way ahead of everything else that are not in the province muscle of the capital it's part had because Gerald try to got its start yeah. And the absolutely but different parts of Iraq are different you know traders stepping up what. They've gotten an amount province which has made tremendous progress and it got -- -- the other end of the scale on our products for Fallujah Vermont are. Those are much further behind the -- making a lot of progress. And so of course in the city of six million people and it takes a long time and a lot of Iraqi security forces. Can make this thing work now are summer -- Who absolutely an uptight. That they believe that a civil war is necessary that somebody. Ultimate outcome in Iraq he told that the there are some who believe that -- a lot of others through who want. Who want this to work and desperately want to work and they are trying very hard you know the Iraqi people that it was not may have been just -- today you know when Iraq he wants somethin' that I. It happened about a lot of tourist and so now there are a lot are stepping up to the plate. And that that you know it is with the top one of the problems -- of course we've we've never had enough troops here another contentious subject but it's just that your. And and so often times when -- nearly six and someplace. We've taken are put off aghast you know what you learned to play baseball in Europe kit like. I did the -- courage then it hit the ball right the first space and it never stopped in here. Happy -- you know we we broken bat basic rule numerous times here because we didn't have enough troops on an out of -- we started. His successor a place we were. Take those troops that move on some more -- And then that. Place what sites offer for instance some people caught how far you know that happened there happened in Mosul before after or try it has so much success there we. Sit down a lot of the troops in the other complete meltdown in November 2004 you know we've we've seen it. You know what we what we just about economic costs six. Violence against to a date and then take the troops not just to -- we can't do that this time I mean. He -- sweet. -- -- six here Baghdad we can't just. For political reasons are drawn out troops just so we can say we -- out troops because -- certainly about the place going to erupt again. You know we we have to -- on time 22. Took it -- I get some some strong legs under them before we start pulling out because the Iraqis can run their country they can do debate. Some breathing room. To get stronger. And to prepare for we just we can't be impatient that we we've got to stick out here were in the middle of it you know want to base in Baghdad for Christ's sake I mean. This is not the time the you know to get you know clinching -- -- I mean we've we've -- -- we've we've thrown the -- let's make this make it's there. But speaking to Michael Young we've had several calls people want to know the website address once again it's you spell yon YO and so it's Michael YO and dash on line dot com you can also go to pundit review dot com and look for the mill blogs links and Michael's name is rate -- Michael -- YO and so it's Michael yarn dash on line dot com that's why oh and for the last name. So the listeners can go and hopefully Michael support you workers are over there as an independent comic turn over to deem Barnett. Yeah Michael as you said before the break you're going to be spending -- of 2007 and program. When you were Rabin and -- interview by Glenn Reynolds the great Glenn Reynolds this you mentioned the concept of micro income dads. And I wonder Michael if you could explain the concept of micro way imbalance what you think about them to -- Well -- Garland candidates are actually. Just popped -- are stopped after I saw. A lot of the mainstream people columnist -- -- people -- come here for truly long term endurance for months or even years I -- order you know stand up -- in Baghdad but the micro and -- in the want to come here for. A few weeks -- months maybe even two months but it takes a long time to respond to get any kind of grasp of what's going -- You can read all you want in the American paper and that sort saying you're never kind of start to conceal an idea of what's truly going on. It's you've been here for awhile you know there's the old -- a little bit acknowledges that dangerous thing Michael and -- I believe problematic because people come over here Gnostic -- Wartime policy and bad spot debt with US troops. I'd be troop -- -- -- act may have only been like two months you know you know. It's fun you factory and administrative aspects of giving him battered has -- unpack them getting to know people let's say you're going to come here for 15 days. You'll probably going to spend out ten of those days. Between getting here and get into your unit and getting back -- you know -- 15 -- -- might get net past five days. And I can guarantee during their spot -- you're just going to be confused because it takes a long time. To start -- two to get a crap but even to start to get to know people's nines. You know you have to build a network of contacts -- presents something happened in Mosul yesterday that was reported you know -- some Kurds were killed. Our forces are out immediately able to contact somebody up there and what happens you know with -- and I immediately thought he knows some. It's not something else reporting there's just something I want to keep my finger on on the what's going on but it micro and that -- -- never have a chance here. -- to do these kind of -- it to start to get to know what it's like to -- -- Two or three dozen different military units and very. You know maybe 20 different city you know there's a huge difference between Mosul and Fallujah or lamotte. Back well but Cuba and pot can. You know I mean argues that Peter -- idea all of these places are so different in if you go to one place. You'd you'd get this in -- one group of soldiers -- micro and where you're really come back with a dangerous amount knowledge you know. You basically look into the closet real quick and shut the door -- But now Michael found these these two might people who do the micro and -- wire they doing them. -- boards it ought to do we just were establish a sort of credibility that really isn't some legitimate. I'm not actually have good reason left -- When he elections occurred you know migrant people can't just to cover elections you know I mean. That change of command air transfer authority between Gerald case he would betray yes. It's completely understandable that some might become and then cover that get back out -- You know it's not something I would do as much work for -- to cover a little ceremony lasted. Almost not you know half hour. -- but you know that butler micro and that now everybody UK in -- you know now another and that -- chalking up on the -- -- -- It's it's -- kind of -- stay there are people that do. Longer term and altitude and air for very long time who really -- common thought around the country much. And so yeah it's yeah I understand why some -- some people do it and they do not use its presence of York on the lot of New York harbor Florida national bargain and you have been given a budget to stay -- for two weeks. I'm not going to deter migrants see generally how that particular unit is -- Yeah you can actually say something intelligent unit proper eating out of sleeping that kind of thing. But if you want to start to report really. What's going on on the bigger picture useless it's actually a bad idea air act and asks if that's what you're purposes department system. Report on the bigger picture. It is counterproductive come over here for 510 day. And I can see the trees not forest land but they -- in all exhibits and forced Michael going to call some divorce -- About -- counterproductive made it wrong work that security inadvertently misleading I mean the person nonstop my electing. -- -- -- -- do its authority to really start going around something different cities and saying something different -- he's in you know different types of Iraqis. Different economic classes different. What tribes and that sort of staying in in different US military units and coalition military units. The start to -- you know get a feel for the the pulse of the situation here so it take so long commonly. Mostly like I'd I'd like -- here it's all about -- three months. My first and you know finally -- The outcome. Started to understand a little bit what was going on and other journalists who stayed for a long period like wheat -- from the Chattanooga free times pressing. State for about eight year actually directly -- out. That -- months before it felt like he was here. Michael we have a call from a gentleman whose son is heading to Iraq we want to get him on the line with you. Mike in Pelham you are on with Michael -- megabytes per lawyer -- info whenever the dump what generation military here. I got a 21 year old let he's domino present not Virginia for the next two weeks is not about to buy -- New Hampshire. And that's our but I know there are unit is going to -- had no over a couple of months but the tomahawk on the patriot I love this country. And -- -- -- -- desperate -- he has -- -- -- -- what -- going on over there -- I've been a 100% or. I'm get a little bit you know I'm nervous but what's going on all the vary your I'm not I don't leave -- immediate theater if they do not -- are. Me I'm concerned my country at the general media. I appreciate I think you've got a handle on things. Just tell me from what he. You know where I we open air and water Europe Prague now or watch your outlook in the next year so especially with. Supposedly the troops -- -- want. Thanks you call Michael had Michael you know as some people like our day trip to solve our our advance of most people. That this would be a long term they have you know we we can't interact patients in the prescription of the day patience patience patience. I mean we're not now that your next year. And last you know the president wakes up one more -- -- get out you know I'm not really are it's it's. Except your statement we define that except at. Iraq having. Some form of government work two seat -- doesn't need to be propped up had its own economy partly about oil again making money again and you know cannot take care of its own people about how we define success. You know that we got people that they can bar and deal with the outside world you know a government -- act we're not going to have -- In one -- and people like jump a triple come right out -- so we have to be patient. You know what it's like Joe Patricia wait too smart to have taken this job if he didn't think he can make. You know the last it would warrant it would take over command like this you at a huge that your career collapsed he would want to interest to a fight you know -- There's no way of taking charge if you think he can win and the man on the -- that territory here. And also over in the former Yugoslavia you know you obviously believe except -- is that not only possible -- bit that he -- that he in its path and and you know that coalition and Iraqi security forces and can make it happen. And I IDK I -- I think it happened it just take a lot of patience and in the they also want -- in the beginning -- packaged wrong what you are patient people -- That you know we we took the statute on insurgency were just a few vendors incredible active actual insurgency. And the need to be addressed -- civil war what actual civil war in it to be addressed and that so yeah it's Wheatley. We just always stick to the truth and the truth. The work a multi year process if we call -- they want right now mr. Estes Scott and chart you know this morning. If we -- that they want we don't not -- ago and but you know -- the possible outcome it's. -- you know if if we're successful tremendous the downside is tremendously that. So I'd you know I think it can be a six I mean we've we've seen way too much products. Just -- that it can't be there you know and sitting at all over the country a senior Iraqi security forces getting stronger. A senior Iraqi government slowly getting stronger and quickly getting stronger in some places like Mosul and -- -- that's -- -- -- or. We're going to have to pump more money into the country -- just get over you know we're going to have to do well as more people here Jerry. I I hear her pastor of the you know you're gonna make this spring six you've got. And so you know if I didn't -- can be except. I'd get out -- in this wake are dangerous to. Despite a year and our report on Sunday that he note going to be a failure. I think at all think I think that this can be a correction eventually stand up on it again and actually become -- -- the United States. Michael we have to leave it there those are going to be the final words I want to thank you from the bottom my heart once again for joining us live from Iraqi been a great friend to our program. And what you do is a truly incredibly valuable service for all of us back here in the states. Being deluged by just relentless negativity and political infighting you bring it to the you bring it to the table straight the good the bad and the ugly we can't thank you enough Michael you on everybody. Thanks Michael -- -- stay on hold for a -- -- we wanted to say good -- and the other side of the glass we get it. It to a quick commercial break. That's the great Mike -- on everyone Michael yon YON -- on line dot com you listening. 2 AM 680 WR KO Boston stock station