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Feinburg and Sliwa

Apr 8, 2007|

Todd speaks to Curtis Sliwa about the arrival of the Guardian Angels as well as what their effect might be.

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I never go into neighborhoods to justice issue unless summit private. -- if you get this -- its place itself in the -- without the support and the cooperation of the residents. Been bigger city you are outsider and you know you're trying to -- you'd creating more problems he Billy cannot come the Boston -- he invited to. And people -- to work with them otherwise he's not cause more of a problem. Well listen somebody's got to coming or make a problem. Right now the only people getting away we're making problems of the bad guys I'd like to see the good guys make some problems it's time. She is saying -- to business as usual. That's how I feel about it how about you joining us now is Curtis Lee while the founder of the guardian angels. And the guy who was prepared and preparing to bring that organization back to Boston Curtis thank you for being with us NW RKO. Our thanks for giving me the opportunity explaining explaining why we're coming back. Are you accustomed to getting resistance when you first want to go into a -- I generally ask I'm so surprised because here's the pastor the reverend Bruce wall. Who indicates the issues of memoranda warning people like myself all of the potential visitors to Boston stay away is a crime group. He says we're not welcome. I think he should be in the position we welcome people went pink Shalit caps cowboy hats. Need my -- seek Yankee caps yes anyone who would come and and help the police had helped the citizens during a crime crisis I just don't understand how the reverend and one. In one breath can say don't come to Boston. And -- -- regret is going to say of people willing it was still lives -- help Bostonians were already had guardian angels opinions from 82 to 92 but no we don't want you to return now. Yeah I I find it bizarre I think it's because people want it to be there -- crisis. You know it's incredible but this is a crisis we don't (%expletive) let me tell you the basis of this just from my observations from the outside -- Remember I've been doing this 28 years we have guardian angel groups in nine countries 82 cities and quite few cities far more severe crime crisis and even Boston's. And it gets down to the subculture that excess. Then now believes in the streets states routine gets pitches in end up in -- That means if you're at a crime scene even though you're innocent. Maybe apathetic and different eating necessarily do anything to get involved as stop political all the policed but that when the investigators come on the scene from Boston PD. Or the prosecutor's office you what they have negotiate on your eyes cotton balls and you -- and his and it's -- -- America. Which prevents the criminal justice system from opening poet and then polished it criminals like Colby cheaply built sucking psychopathic killing machines to -- -- commit more quiet and that's what I believe we can help. In breaking up. A -- like how can you help because breaking that pattern is the key BC. We operate in the streets -- a reputation not up in this week's where are not white collar guys -- gaps. We bought stock issues in the streets we make contacts we tell people. Look we have this third party -- outsiders looking in you don't give us information anonymously don't put your fingerprints on it. We also -- over to the police and the prosecutors hopefully declined to -- -- -- you don't have to stay awake all night. Feeling that there will be some form of retribution or revenge because you've been seen. Dropping down into the Bible the cops and it has worked effectively incidents while America and in the world will we operate. Are they are any is is there any truth to the fears that people have the U somehow. Absorb more focus front and more resources from police that they and you bring added value. Absolutely not in fact. I am prepared to sit down what appears to be an adversarial reaction from a patrolman association president Tom -- And looking at the population based in Boston in the crime crisis that it's been. I'll be more than happy to sign on and support every effort made possible to hire and train more professional police still do much better job in volunteer guardian angels from Boston. How about if the police have particular ways they want to integrate you guys in. Yeah we have cooperative working relationships all throughout the country. New York City is the best example where then mayor Rudy Giuliani whose best known for law and order and you'll tolerance incorporated us into the overall public -- safety skating. If you would talk to depression mayor Michael Bloomberg and his police commissioner considered the best in the nation Raymond Kelly. It would tell you that guardian angels -- great it's a great head on and we remains so important into the police so that means. Commission that it would Davis Y hoped to meet would understand fully explain ourselves. We are answerable to -- directly we are just average citizens trying to do our part. -- -- -- you -- weathers from the guardian angels 6172666860 -- in west -- You're on WRQ Todd fiber khyber. I I credit but I'm part of well it's been that brought the hierarchy of the political and men in the -- I very territory. And they don't want to comment meant to show I. They've been unable to you know the and it went from outside like you open your organization came in an important things that would. It's been detrimental and now. Yeah that's a good point part -- it's your Kurdish Europe no win for for local authorities right. I mean they look at you and all I can see his threat. Curtis and hello Curtis you their Curtis in here. It's against him where clicks on the line. We lost him. But I I think that's a wonderful point how if your if your -- the mayor if your the police you sit there and all you can have a -- I think. You just sit their -- because what if what if things improved dramatically when the guardian angels coming you'll look -- what if you look at and to get. Money appropriated for more officers. And and you guys come in for free you look bad what if your guys have trouble having conversations with people on the street but. The guardian angel stand there on the street make contact with people become a good source of information. You look bad if your part of the power structure. Curtis Lee what scares you because the guardian angels coming in and make you look bad what do you think about that Curtis. But I try to slip into the telephone business but that's what inconsistent the first current -- might -- correct product. We'd been before it went chief Bratton was head of the Massachusetts state transit authority. He welcomed us mayor white welcomed us I can remember working with police chief roach who was -- the housing police chief. And we didn't -- neighborhoods. Such is Roxbury and Dudley square admission here and we looked nationals were patrolling the orange line of the people had so many problems in the 80s and early 90s so what's not exist which Johnny come lately. And many -- off all the members in Boston alumni who now work in social services corrections. In public safety who teaches you know we're learning -- 95 waged have not left Boston. Escape police come back we might -- up we might join me to believe I have to drink Jericho intake Ben he's that's at night. Villeneuve in your W argue with Curtis Lee wan -- bill I. Curtis yet but funny organizational dollars a strict recall how do you guys make a living. Well we're a nonprofit tax exempt organization so we raise money from the general public we do not take government money. So officials you don't have to tighten up on the wallets or the pocketbooks -- not coming here to take money did I know like in Boston almost every other city attacks from the cradle to the great. Initially the -- woke -- from New York City this is about a ship we help fund efforts all over the world were evident -- And eventually what we can train after three months a local contingent of Boston guardian angels -- local leadership if they can raise money. To pay for the parade -- jackets their radios that money speech in Boston not a penny goes to New York. Well will help you do that Curtis. I appreciate that I put a guy like inflation nickels around like mantle clock talk about my personal money okay okay we'll help you raise money. -- that would be great because eventually went up and running we have our local wheat couscous that's what it's going to take Boston residents those from the surrounding suburbs to get involved. So that we can actually have a local group of guardian angels who patrol there on a regular basis what happened last time you guys in Boston the problems 1982 to 1992 we had a great run I think in Boston. But it'll eventually cry went down law enforcement community groups who really what a great job yet they drop a dime program gang killings gang violence is at a all time low. But unfortunately the beans that were made in the 90s. Have -- rebounded and now Boston unfortunately like Philadelphia like Boston like some of the major cities has not continued. To experience the crime reductions and New York City. As always there is to try to supplement and other main stand up I'm hearing from community activist -- -- -- how big -- into our turf. And we want to work in partnership -- whatever is already happening in Washington. English citizen it's like chicken soup -- -- cold and it certainly can particularly help. Some people are concerned that times have changed. And the streets are more dangerous the weapons Europe against our our -- how to guys walking around walking talkies make a difference how to handle. Well first off but we are icing is for the police we do physical in the interventions break up fights in disputed people on their way and this thing that makes this so definitely to block watch or crime watches we could get -- actually make citizen's arrest we see crimes in progress. A group before guardian angels on patrol have been trained physically inconvenient exercise our right to make -- -- direct include interest of course it is. Prize in 1993 we had six guardian angel shot and killed in the line of duty many seriously injured. You may know that I would shot up in the back of a New York City -- in 1992. I -- -- its by gender roles solicited by John Gotti junior yeah me up 500 point bullets and luckily the guy upstairs a lot need to survive. But the reality is since 1993 within. It improved to radio communication and cooperation from police. We haven't had a cappella the thank god or -- get serious injury now could have been busting yet. And why isn't it happening in Cape Town South Africa where we control -- 3500 sorties to just one. Year I'd Anthony mills senior -- WR KO with Curtis -- -- I got apart becerra a hard yards of what you guys -- it's not like quite -- -- and you -- -- Well on the front of city and -- all parent the bridge -- what I want to aren't going to get killed that was held liable what. Clearly I am held liable as -- the alliance of guardian angels and nonprofit group. And we will come to the aid of that family that is left behind god forbid someone is injured or seriously injured in the line of duty continued aid. And help in their medical condition and in the therapy that they may need afta which. But you know something. -- -- going to be -- question week -- -- like cheap cameras and put more bars on the windows and locks on the doors and you go to just pick up it will relieve. What and what's going to happen to your beloved Boston. If there are many women out there who do particularly believe as I do I was brought up this same -- that many if you Bostonians by your grandparents and parents improve dole who. Fight what you know is right. And that I think everybody's ready for that message Kevin and -- your on WR -- high Curtis I like to welcome with open arms you know Massachusetts and Boston proper has proven time and time again -- -- capable. Of of governing ourselves and then you know. More importantly taken care about world problems you might be familiar -- a couple of brothers name Bolger a couple of years that we had -- -- Republicans from other states. Come here to help but settle our own you know problems with these two guys particularly the one that was state you know on senate president similar to what he wants currents can. I just want to welcome -- I think that it would be a great addition I remember riding the orange line at the teen ager back in the mid 80s in the guardian angels where -- the that there aren't. And I remember how quiet and peaceful the train was -- when these -- gentlemen bill would conduct themselves well my joke. When I got off the train kids on the -- actually started getting louder a little more wrote -- so I mean that people behave themselves Lebanese people make a presence. You know we let her we've heard that today Kurdish people been missing. Well yes if we had left the bad taste in people's mouths. Don't you think about people would have picked up the -- -- -- -- mind these guys like that hell's angels. Based on the rampage -- on the aren't trying to create more problems than they solve they -- to -- -- -- part projects which I don't even think it has any longer. But the point blank if we hadn't established at the track cricket people who wouldn't be calling -- -- -- the presence of guardian angels again remember when I head into mercenaries I'm going to comment on Thursday as I intend on doing to meet with officials the Communists seized. And I may have New York City guardian angels with -- black Hispanic -- agent. But we can only develop a program of its local people get involved guardian angels who we up. And check out there who have never belonged to the guardian angels getting involved in going to the treatments -- -- what kind of timeline you. -- cut down on capitol I mean hands -- -- of art critic that you've played this morning the reverend Bruce wall I hope to meet with him also explained that. If you could that you're taking a right. -- -- goal but coming into Boston and enjoying all quick -- you make available to tourists and visitors since. Still considerably universities in academics in appearance with thinking of sending their kids to school where. What a local mosque with the royal red carpet treatment. Not that we've got to keep me because I want to move and -- I want to get those guardian angels who used to serve the public from 80 to 92 that even if I have to drink -- pulpit. And they'd been Tibet's and get a new generation of guardian angels training so they can be out on the PD can be out in the streets and out in the public housing projects. Curtis -- -- thanks for your time deadlocked on Thursday stay in touch with us so we can help you raise money for your guardian angels in Boston. Thank you got our IDs so there it is their common. Curtis is common to meet with officials to try to get them to cooperate and I don't see any problem at this IC good and that's how about --