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Chump Line 1/30/07

Jan 31, 2007|

This is the Howie Carr Chump Line- the part of the show where YOU get to take over the microphone. The Chump Line is played at the 5 o'clock hour each day. You can take a shot at the Chump Line by calling 617 779 3469 and we may or may not put you on air.

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-- -- Rodriguez -- hero don't feel full with your gun. Hello. -- All well well well well. I -- that same lady might joke on the rush earlier today. We have always -- public yet -- empathize I don't know yeah. The problems aside. What was his name can Abu come on -- that's like him for word Campbell you know you have to ask for dumb animals that can't help I was qualified in that arena. I have also I have very important like qualities. Though you know little compassion was. My way it would just realistic feel a lot better. Well that's what I was sicker calls -- Joe Blanton a very long time ferociously you about the recent events had. The state of Washington is that what you let me quote. Crappy -- -- I got lots. -- alleged that more. I go to these books -- that's what is like the book signings people drop we -- war stop this makes -- zoo. The movies. Anybody who corleone. His point Europe. We're considering local -- -- Whatever the rest of that body by the way. When when they killed a movie producers force of the god father the and -- Haven't heard from. The colonel a couple of days he's around though I'm sure. It is recovered enough but seeing your concert over the weekend. Spirit is meant it. I'm going to take. Again I want to know how many. People are kicked to death by horses every year in the United States it's gotta be in double digits for what makes you think. I just think I just think that kind of stuff happens and not just fun old TV shows. What happens more often -- TV shows that probably happens in real life and it people who well. Well and it was cool. I've never felt the same forces very. It every week I never put him in the same class with the dog. But -- depicting it. It's it's not a pleasant. Part of mammal anatomy or physiology whatever it again whatever the word is. But it's a very valuable tool for ridding oneself of of harmful material won't let it -- -- how little -- good January ST and is seeking comment because I don't think they're there. It's a it's a sign that they haven't advanced. Quite this far up the evolutionary scale if they can't mama I don't I don't I know the veterinarian had an explanation there was this big third down there but I there's this big -- on all mammals. As far as like it nowadays I felt they could still Balkman. -- that Ortiz artist Arthur. What you look at it that way -- -- Yeah well -- the best one of the week so far means. -- really bad -- Where he's got a 20 million now the attitude and. Well along -- pretty good. Barbara it was decided that prosperity -- to the intimidation. Typical good enough -- David Crosby should be an appropriate symbol. I'm sorry I just -- mother's -- of that rule and I know about a a fan of -- the sport of kings but still a -- The human could go but vital force. -- on that both of them being put that in fact you crossed so what does he get written and that the -- -- that -- -- -- -- than -- but of course thanks. Thanks for face reported that a -- the people we you come. Couldn't -- of trouble. Click here last -- blank message thank you for calling have a -- huge