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ZuZu from "It's a Wonderful Life" w/ Ellen & Gonzo

Dec 23, 2007|

Karolyn Grimes was only 6 years old when she played ZuZu Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life". She joined Ellen O'Brien and John Gonzalez to talk about the film.

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It's time for the celebrity guest and she is my favorite guest -- -- doing the show but eighteen months it's the only repeat celebrity get -- by aided backs who was here last christmas. People love during elect email saying I hope you do it again it was such a feel good message. Gonzo as a surprise for him the hint is it's a wonderful life. 6972666868 if you loved that movie are want to type two yes here we go. Carolyn Grimes. She played -- though it's a wonderful life talent thanks for joining us. Well thank you for having me it's so I have a thought and I think -- that's Caroline. -- you know that this state hired in the major contractors to do the job I would think can be a liability there as well. In -- was apparently isn't plus she she come. We're talking we're gonna talk to about a movie and and not only that you bring -- new information and we love you. I wouldn't go to any time have you presidential politics that. How did you want to earlier 662666868 if you just want to say hi Caroline if you want to -- for playing. Zoo zoo in the classic holiday movie it's a wonderful life the frank Capra film el melon love I liked it every Christmas Eve. Out you can doctor or because he's here with us you can email that E O'Brien UB Ariana WRKO. Dot com I know people love to do it's a wonderfully trivia talent tell us. How much how often do you do appearances related to the movie are you doing one now over the holiday season aside from SI. I'm in Omaha and I'm doing. And appear in court the cancer and the brain cancer neck and and institute for pocket double. And I'm not it has hopefully -- rating is at 900 seat theater are sold out so. Really excited Vatican as. And I ticket prices my ratings to funds that help institute. And to people I. Always want to stamp Buick it's a wonderfully tribute to Ireland because we were talking about Brett yeah now now they don't. -- -- bragging about it public you know and and I on the current. Oh yeah I think it nobody else knows -- Council so I was wondering and at the time -- really is such a classic movie everybody's seen it everybody loves it. At a time though when you were going thirty eventually afterward did did the cast realized. What an amazing film this was I mean did you guys have a sense of of how big it would be common and how timeless that is. Ever ever now. The book it was not a six it was a box office failure really tanked oh yeah knowing that it by the people the best you're at our life. One academy -- here. And that was of a story about soldiers coming back or cute adjusting to civilian life. Which was where that that was for the people weren't that particular point time that was the air because right after World War II. And the moment marketed as a romantic comedy a little dark. Yeah us is that people didn't want to set things they'd want to be an -- and I can think that there are lotteries as a cause it not to be set and unfortunately. Right -- a lot to studios liberty films and it went belly up and that was the end of that. And the movie set out for like tweezers and then someone neglected to renew the copyright so -- public domain in the early seventies. And that's when it was free -- on the television stations to Charlotte and everybody's and the looked wonderful part about that is before. Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart which -- there -- -- me. But diaries and frank Capra and in the -- all the news that's what they cut their way. What it traded -- eighteen to people. It's so it's so wonderful that it happened in their lifetime and I want to talk about that. Initial reaction and that. And the dark feeling bad as we talked about is gonzo is younger than I am Carolyn. He's just barely thirty and he said that movie to the government he has a depressing slant I think I think of it so inspirational so he had the reaction that. A lot he loves the movie but that a lot of people had the first time they start is -- the fact that Jimmy's -- from about the bridge on it made -- and they real little Saturday all today you know I think the yes I think that he will always going through these suicidal thoughts and you know when he sees what the town would be like without him. It's it's a little depressing I said -- I would want to ask Allan about this and -- goes no no no no she and it's not just her that it she told. -- I'll explain to you how inspirational is when is that going it. It's a legitimate question and you have to realize that this man has given up his life literally for other people. All of our dependence on his values. And or other people -- -- about as he wanted to get out of that can't you want to build bridges and nobility and army water and all the time. You've given up his own desires to -- of people. And then my uncle Billy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what's the point why you know I can't my life as I can't support my only they're going to be it can't now. It's going to be hard -- mean he does is keep it felt like he had failed oh men -- That you know at anfield by -- one -- and I don't want it consistently -- things happen and I think that this was. A beautiful story building up to the point where. It is depressing that at the same time. Lot of its. Reality Israel -- and that was -- -- need an expected to be it is so so real you can expect to identify I think that's probably -- on the guy when those commercials come on and they say you know feed feed the -- for however -- sense a change -- change the -- he doesn't like to go -- he says it is like to get real. Six -- 726 X eight X 67666868 it's Carolyn Grimes she played zoo zoo in it's a wonderful like keep favorite holiday movie can call and ask any question about the movie contact or I just say thank you. For providing that -- demonstrates that beautiful face how old were you Caroline. And six and that smile and you and that in that classic iconic image that they -- with Jimmy Stewart holding you at the end of the movie. And we I do have some questions questions about an electrical over just that the sort of fine print of the movie one is that's the first time that they've made snow a different way than they ever had in the movies right. That's correct used -- as well it's a wonderful life it was made out of conflicts and -- Larry we issued credit like -- okay clutched. Yes that would be awkward way to have snow coming down and you. Corn -- out if you know they they handed the boy in Karachi on that went well frank of one solidity used burn your movie. Don't concoction out of all my but the degree it was -- bikes. -- -- that I love that is seriously you're you have freakish knowledge about the Kennedy. I don't know if you're out there at six point 72666868 era it's a wonderful life -- you know movie but I tell -- that last -- went up and people knew so much about this movie. And -- I was a little embarrassed a lot of my college last year wanted to -- Jimmy Stewart impressions not all of them were great. But they they were trying to offered tribute to the movie. So another questioning -- view is I heard once and -- I'd try to look at up -- the break but. Did cap Pratt is it true that he got a ton of mail are more mail about this than anything else related to the down. That that may meet old mister potter -- met justice. People are upset with that -- did he ever can. -- he -- at one -- mr. potter never got his upcoming or whatever and the editing like that made Mary. This old -- library which was made it how hot it was terrible. I know actually no fuel and immigrants who don't terrible lives here right out CC won't. Look like that that. You know he is he's head or behind his -- is there anything he would do you think he might do it different treatment there -- Look at it how could he it would not work because she had married somebody else -- another -- and went into but it worked. And he had to make it as dramatic as possible but I can see now these days people would say. -- its he has to be practically on the verge of assistant most dismal -- I've just because -- -- at the library -- his terror and it was you know it's ridiculous now it is okay you know -- talent I think the movie and and why it's enjoyed surgery surgeons. I think it was out of it's a really do I think that you know that it was a little dark and meet you born into -- -- and mister potter didn't didn't get his comeuppance in I think it's genius actually but we got a couple people who want to say hello audio and and so let's go to gain in the card to India a question for Carolyn Grimes who's who Bailey from it's a wonderful life. DN yet okay you Lara did you have a question to caroling grant. Thank our -- and it is going to -- -- pad over Gordon like everyone go to -- when he discovered Kunduz our -- ended and that front pocket of is that and it's. It's it's one of -- one of my favorite like totally. But I am a big fan of the movie and beat the old -- part that was that generation I -- my grandmother who would be probably a 106 -- now passed away which is in the ninety. She used to describe women as old make -- that that was reality. And Dan -- audio. I'm in my lap forty. So people only his nine hour day out there watching will be probably. Every even I was eighteen is great and you can see different things in each time. Yet somehow avoid nobody else I hardly in memory for six. My -- -- at Iowa they were. And it pack our audience -- it's Carolyn Grimes to pleads zoo in holiday classic it's like -- -- -- -- -- I was sorry Marty let's -- you detect -- grant. Our right if I did it grow up -- wonderful like every -- out. And -- -- you know you could be Rudolph the red nosed reindeer artery and it. The bit about that we cut cut cut. I just want -- at all an apparent terrorist a railroad epic article what the he's -- they -- up and may. And the the big article that Abbott eat the eagle lake now. I never knew Jimmy Stewart had doing Linda connections. Yes -- -- speculative upmarket couple books every act like collect rent roll memorabilia. And because they got a lot of big story debate about -- -- try to do without the respect Revver eagle lake but northern -- He hasn't hit he had a hit in his -- Oh really yet now it now and the gimme your medium they have correct opposite Jimmy turkeys in Indiana Pennsylvania and there that issue there talent. Okay eat electorate that you -- without. Budget outlook celebrity's stood up to don't know what it may have treasure not people what I can -- Thanks Marty for the caught Caroline it would be impossible to stump you on trivia it's clear if you know that you know everything off. In another thing about Jimmy Stewart this is addressing that's seen on the bridge that we -- talking about -- Clarence seeds George. I read it was filmed in the back lot and it -- the temperature is ninety degrees and that's why he's sweating and some of those scenes. Yet that's wild he sorting in this I never has and it looks like he's he's he's really sliding. And you think it's because of the thanks to but it's also -- ninety degrees -- Hampton new camps in Europe next at Carolyn Grimes our guest. Hi I'm Alan thank you so much for coming and you'd have you'd hit a beautiful job in the show. I had wanted to share a funny story my husband and I were at -- -- act we're in upstate New York and he would very -- And we have to go find a record store to get some mad at that. And when we got there any -- are out in the -- there is no one gas station and at that kind of place and the man behind -- -- was getting up in the air they didn't have that we needed we -- -- -- -- and he reminded us so much mister Fowler that day that he almost played. V a little boy. And and -- you know and there -- George no stop it from happening. And my husband to let into the background and -- let me tell you that you get started here. We did started -- say the lied over and over it was it would get so it would just Old Bailey asked. Anyway I went back -- -- -- yeah and went bachelor friend. And we started to describe this situation just. Flatley described the situation in the bank that -- -- like Jordan really end it's a wonderful well. So funny but I wanted to -- that start with -- Thanks Marty -- become a state. -- of our culture I mean it really -- people refer to it all the time. And -- talk about this now I I. Hello web site EU EU dot net is it dot net and I and it cook book for -- new and it has pictures that people does -- -- they're morality is making now in spring this on trees it has where market and it. So it's really. That's something you know hardly at all of these things in a letter of verbiage from the movie is just it's just thankful every in every bank -- It's really wonderful to have this movie become much apart people's lives. Well in town we appreciate your time here can you stay with -- we -- have to take a break. Okay we'll keep -- On the line and if you have calls -- comets gonna be doing more it's a wonderful life fact tonight's -- after this break with Carolyn Grimes she played zoo zoo and it's a wonderful life -- Ellen O'Brien that's done Gonzales and 68 at York camp. You're really okay melee broke through the eyes and was round at the age of non. What I actually want -- -- -- -- congressional Medal of honor he sent by the -- I'm not transport every man that sounds good guy named Harry wasn't in his state and the that you wouldn't do this. BC yards you really had a wonderful life. See what a mistake -- Gooden being go to laying. There's George. -- -- -- -- I can't didn't I don't know how you'll only slings the atomic cooperation I'm you know why she -- tell me what my whiteness and I'm not supposed to sit down please plants and tonic Washington's. You know -- -- like enjoy adversity. He's an old maid she never married first night. Machine my -- pictures just about the pro -- kind. What you want. What are you like you you let alone just say a word and I'll throw us all around and poured down hey that's pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon -- cut it. And but that you could swallow senator all -- see. Animal being did shoot out of your fingers and your illusions unions -- your hair. And I talking to -- yes. I don't -- -- -- to I'm going to do it how that's why don't your kids your daughter talking. One -- -- all right you'll just what should go to no room and people. Jimmy Stewart is so nervous about the kids in that movie it was his first screen kiss since his return to Hollywood after the war. An act under director frank campers and lots -- Stewart on the scene in one and -- take that just takes place on Mary's on the phone if you remember they -- passionate embrace. I'm not O'Brien we -- it's -- -- a lecture Emmet John Gonzales senior writer bust magazine keeping alive and local Lebanon 1 o'clock here on Saturdays and our guest. Is Carolyn Grimes she played -- do and it's a wonderful life. If you love the movie had a question I think you can stump her with it's a wonderful life trivia. I just want to say. Thank you talent to -- in such a good job we never read here at six and seven. 2666868 on a branch and doused with talent -- that's my favorite that's my favorite quote from the whole movie. When his -- don't know lasso the moon part LL and a lot of -- to imitate that Carol having more fun on the break I can't believe it was down during a heat wave I never -- it do you remember that he Ravi too little to have a lot of memories -- do you do you have the mom. Well it's -- it. It's I don't remember that the but you know I did note that everyone complains about the -- And Lugar most of the time in winter clothing and am so warm. Carolyn agent I'd already done four movies before right it's a wonderful life so for me it was just another job. I was sitting there. With Jimmy Stewart just a nice guy to to have fun like Brighton on the stairs on his back. It was wonderful yes. And we did that means several times and I would always. Hanging on to -- in choking game because he had -- Tommy and I want harmony and Mary and any other. And so I was hanging on for dear life. It's every it's -- it's -- -- -- that's right and you have your -- in nineteen and -- -- dragged on the stairs back there and curious economic that is a that is agreed to appear before we Carol before we take more callers for you here's a little trivia that I I saw that I thought was pretty interesting I didn't know -- that you did are on the okay here yeah -- -- Sheldon Leonard said that the reason why he agreed to play -- the bartender in the film was because he wanted to have money divide dodger baseball tickets that you know. I did not well. Oh neat well yeah. He's never would've taken apart but he needed the money who notes everything in March field your next with Carolyn Grimes Alan -- done in Dallas high treason. -- -- -- I am despite Colleen and Eric Allen a movie because that I have been at its teenager nature black white and he couldn't stand them. And I finally got two Election Day and it. If you admit after the will be it was a good movie then what you you know that went back right will be with me. And that Adam watched -- one polite and couldn't make it is that this is what the best movies it. And did so glad -- experience to -- -- -- will be and what situated. -- -- grade that's wonderful I've had people. We get on their knees and proposed jury -- the movie where he got hurt in the former talks. During that means they proposed to there'll Beyonce is I think it's so many things that happen because -- now. People use -- as reception. Are their weddings sent it to -- it'd well and he wanted romantic but he did not. That's right and talented John Gonzales Michael -- is that romantic and he doesn't know when we're at we're helping him discover it. That it is this could this would be great timing for as soon inside as -- -- a lot of help. I don't idea doesn't tell you about it to come back in and help about suicide as -- temper when Mark on the but the break. Hi I. Apparently I want to let you know I've been on -- web site exit if you right. I have a shop -- news -- that is after the it's my favorite will be. And I have a couple of photos that I mean -- ultimately that it happened so that everybody would comment on. And it's just it's just went appeal of the -- -- lately I explained to it to talk about -- talk about parents but of the real meaning -- people is that it will be. Thanks so is the story it is the this is -- brand but is this -- I -- thanks for the call. Seeing -- you're an inspiration around the world. I think he had the opportunity to talk to people here -- it isn't at a wonderful message of hope for people. And you know was voted about inspirational movie of all time last year by the American government is so that says a lot about it. And I'm also getting a lot of interviews from Australia and it's the number -- favorite christmas -- In in nineteen them. You know and talent on this radio six we spent a lot of time fighting about pretty ugly topics and it's so nice this time a year. To hear such an inspirational message thanks for joining us I hope we can talk to next year to note thanks Carolyn. Well we're try to back. -- drag that to invite people are not -- -- what I'm trying I'm trying every Saturday -- -- lesson for her. Thanks Carolyn grabbed. Thanks so much but I zoo -- it's a wonderful life and we'll be right back and six EWR camp