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Adam Johnson (BullseyeBrief.com, BA, BAC, NVDA)

Mar 14, 2019|

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It's our daily poll question had financial exchange showed does John. Vote your conscience there aren't just vote. Go to financial exchange oh does come and test away. We're joined by Adam Johnson from full size briefed dot com Edwards talk about Boeing air lines. Lot of people. Asking as to whether or not we're buying Boeing I'm not ready to buy just yet Adam how about you. It's very that is exactly where I am and it's unbelievable I've gotten. Nobody spoke of got another 1 morning good but he kind of very happy guy who. You know structures I don't know some sort of very sophisticated. You know kind of bonds. Down on about Wall Street. And even guys like better call me and say we buy we buy it. The problem. Boeing got under 300 dollars on Christmas. Okay infiltrating not a word that the 36370. He got to the night before Christmas the it trades rate now it like when he read I'm earning. Which is the premium Padilla he under rate the seat belt. You know for you wouldn't think oh borrowing is down. You know 10% maybe had a come into its cheap belly by a it's not cheap beer not a valued at he would still way above where it was in December I'm not that. As a lot of unknowns at. I mean that this thing was yet another when the goes down in made at JF players like that this is obviously get on our. It's you know it's I I have tremendous. They that they will get it right but matter we don't lose more people for the exit out you know it is round of I think that that they can do it round top. You know like when you buy a and it goes down. In any guarded by another and it goes down there's something wrong with the product that. You know I just like stop buying stock and figure out what you do well. Talk about Bank of America see your bullish on Bank of America I don't personally wield it for our clients. You don't act here's the question I'd ask you you won't right now. What do it's had written about thirtieth two point 930 dollars a share. Their. The it if it was a forty dollar stock and six months or year would sell. He got ya my target actually my initial target the point at which so they'll have to position as thirty bought. Noted not been able to get their bodies here yeah and that's what the function of kind of a multiple book value at the end you know pick about it I mean. A move from thirty did you know 35 is what 8% rate. I just like their business I I I love their their franchise you lock into one of their branches and they've got that Merrill Lynch brokerage desk in the air and I mean they're just everywhere they've got it good electronic banking he may not like them you know as from a corporate perspective. Put some of gun they the art just a juggernaut. Now. Well and you know here via the there fully integrated. What amber or if he were they can provide. They are doing all kind siding on what are. To be remembered the first guy actually you know way back when when. Five years ago integrate your checking account who you're barely meeting. And I would bet what even though there you know I mean they're all kinds of the doubt that there it would do. That you don't worry and a one point one I'm book which is about rate now I think he owner of the you know like it that it popped up five respect but from here now a little off because that is the and any leader when he percent gain in you know any. Market you know give it back at a gain you know people opened up about Nvidia. Rather. Brewing company. Big deal announced earlier this week the pine now about which. Focus is on. Creating. Ship it enabled servers. All of the data out. It's been about six billion. And it could be created in the first year which is used heat. A great leader bill which demand. Where he shipped the lunch at a about what an idiot and if that but it perspective. Give a paid political unity you know of that. Became very has a lot of doubt Alex. Well but maybe what are your character but it all they have data. Capture you know you're walking down the Alley. Your you look at for the bad guys around the corner and you're walking out the window C hero out of the window and move well. That's pretty cool and it well and they make it happen though he didn't ship. And perform one early in the Al it was in the there was you're walking down that you know Alley way they see it on the screen and your. You know your shadow ship. In the window well every expo at it change and every one of those things it is the population. And a white ship the reform one trillion calculations. He's able to regain. Of the game is that the so incredibly realistic. Good ones out there late after another in Beatty did that better than anybody. They are the war on it AI there in the guys that muted and depth like annex C. In our cars to right for the a lot of the scars that optimistic because that you know. Require so many calculations but what. Are they atom CP. You post earlier stocks on Sunday Sunday night you know. Yet time but it warning that seventies but got about 46 name in positions where I can pop quite here yet he is another one of the I just wrote that up last week at the current issue except that brings in out of four that. Could call Adam as always thank you very much for joining us we appreciate your time and we appreciate your selections. That are out there. That's Adam Johnson bull's eye brief dot com I was wanted to know with time he posted at 7 AM on Sunday morning bullseye briefed dot com. It's very Armstrong and Chris calls with you here on Thursday will be right back.