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Jennifer Warren (Seeking Alpha, OXY)

Feb 19, 2019|

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It's our daily poll question had financial exchange showed does John. Vote your conscience. There aren't just vote go to financial exchange oh does come and test away. We're joined now by Jennifer ward from seeking alpha talking to us today about Occidental Petroleum ticker symbols OXY Jennifer thank you coming on touch milled about this company yeah how much do they relying on. Whenever I'm looking at in oil that gas companies which is are they reliant on exploration vs production at this point. Would say they're more focused on production. They have had considerable base of resources in the Permian which they have had her. Decades. They've been a little bit slower than. Sound like pioneer. And starting on him that there's you know English they'll pack in 2013 and in the Permian that they. AM you know they have kind of been conservative and and and develop their assets very thoughtfully I think in disciplined. And yes definitely the balance. And there are. Their production has its failed. But they also have. You know long life assets that there. Also investing an increasingly. Have a balance including. And oil recovery assets in the Permian so they have a nice. From I would say of and that's one reason why it would like and they're not completely kill the pendant. Share and then let's let's you know other than the price of oil movements where he CA's you know the big catalysts that for a company like us. Well I think I like about different Occidental Petroleum and I think. It they talk about their C it talked about that they're positioning themselves but the next generation company. For a low carbon world and I think that's one thing I'd like with various oil companies decide what it companies that are. Transitioned themselves and in keeping an eye on what the future's going to mean. Just as gas about noon at the potential political risk for seem to be hearing more about well the green new deal for instance you know. What do these companies say about that sort of thing out of how they address. That potential risk to their business. Well I mean I think. Those companies that hand. Are arguing addressed ignorance like Exxon and that there should they're keeping an eye on. On the future and trying to make investments. And lower carbon world. You have focusing on their particular capabilities Oxley does same and one other capabilities as. Yes he would he would have recovery they have forty years of experience and that in the Permian and when they were in California. So that they are trying to investment in the future not a big sisters and have some sort of announcement. Where they think that commercialization. Of their capability is heading so that's something kind of interesting to watch. So I don't setting like if it. BP obviously there there and shelter. In making inroads into trying to invest in the future and yet. You know oil is going to be around for. A number of decades and it says director reality of of being dependent on oil and gas companies I think got it turned out to do it. That lowering their animation. Interest and great what a ticker symbols away XY. That's Jennifer Warren from seeking alpha thanks again for coming on Jennifer. Trichet.