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Paul LaMonica (CNNBusiness, Mattel)

Feb 15, 2019|

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Oh Monica from CNN business joins us now. We've talked about today what maker that's been struggling in recent years. But but it turned it around a little bit now Paul thanks for joining us you know. Also we're talking about Mattel and this is a company that. You know is kind of got an in opposite direction from the other big toymaker Hasbro over the last five years what's been the reason for that longer term decline for them. Yeah I think you know now we're BU what the company that you know full one everything got hurt was it lost that. It is not eaten the you know franchise a licensing agreement to at Burress that is one thing that urge that a lot of management turmoil. At the company and I think you know picture why did to make that on you know digital interactive toys that happened. Really panned out as well as the new management team is just focusing on. Those core brands the classic brands like Barbie hot wheels and that seems to be paying off. It is is that why we've seen the stock doubles so far in grant was a very short time period the the last six weeks but the stocks almost doubled. Since the start of the year it is it just investors getting a sense after their quarterly earnings that hate their starting it'll traction in those brands. Yet I'm really is you know it's right when you looked at how well. Mattel gave you know during the holidays. Imagine Barbie sales were 12%. As hot wheels sales were up nine or is that that is something I think the company recognized they have the you know they've read we don't necessarily need to be. Trying to on you know these two ways you track. Kids is you know a lot and still won't be you know plastic. They. What are Fermi from a licensing and partnership perspective and I know. You know that obviously they lost the the Disney license and so forth is there anything else they're looking at a that they might be potentially beating on. To try to get some kind of other licensing agreement in place. Yeah I think that that is obvious via a key to you're at war. Mania that's where companies you know you know. Can it be yet you know pretty active in that regard you know they've recently announced at a toy fair are coming up this week here in New York. They've got. Partnership or up the opinions which are very popular testicles B. Toys so that deftly and I think all of you may actually be able to you know done. Pupil on the bar media side as well. With Fisher Price these dolls that are to be coming out based on the clean up in weight in. A very popular musical act in Asia you know recently around the world are doing. Where he's based on that but there's also you know a new La Fisher Price. Don't doll that they absolutely don't stop action you know figurines. At both the popular we the very young girls and it these days as well there. You know Jenna and the idea of people apparently grant. You know using him more people would be. Very good Paul thanks for joining us enjoyed the U long weekend we'll talk to assume. All Monica with CNN business talking about Mattel the ticker on the and by the way is MAT. You ever consider. Demographics when you look at a company like that. From what perspective declining birthrate. Lot of poor people having kids rich people are. In the long run you probably do but BO declined the birth rates been it's not something where you're seeing a dramatic dip from one year to next kind of as long slow decline that you've seen it is that you you're seeing two truck though is it's the the middle class. And the up the affluent are having very few children mean in most of the children that are being born are lower cost. Yeah a little income you ours and look at demographics is kind of a long way phenomenon this is more of BO if you're talking about sales quarter to quarter you're a year and a more short wave one.