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Brad Plothow (Womply, Restaurant Sales on Valentine's Day)

Feb 12, 2019|

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We have part of the financial exchange in an instant. By texting us and 63566. Starter tell extra keyword Barry and become a member of our brand new textbooks tell us what you think 24/7. Break here on the financial exchange radio network. We have some. Pretty surprising data about tab Valentine's Day restaurant sales Brad cloth out from. Wildly joins us now and we were actually just talking but Revver just talking about this yesterday on the show and none of us wanted to go out for dinner for Valentine's Day. Because we all figured the traffic in traffic and other Russians would be terrible price BWAY jacked up. Will tell me it does it data really back that theory up in none of us are going out to dinner behavioral terrified of just an awful experience. Our other people going out to dinner on Valentine's then. Well when you zoom out thirty doesn't eat the answer is no in fact we did an analysis 42000. Restaurant speakers small local independent restaurant across entire country. We wanted to understand how to balance and they rank against all three or 65 days of the year and what we found is that nationally it 120. Bad behavior especially if barely average day. And it much different Boston though. That 299. At bats date and revenue was down 26% pretty average local restaurant Boston and that's really driven by the ticket prices going weed out what I. Percent though. Lot of factors potentially going into that but when you zoom out and look at this from a higher level actually not a great day to run a restaurant Boston. Apparently not let let's talk about bullets over the nationwide did he mentions about an average day. So looks like the number of transactions about average with the average day ended the prices nationwide are slightly a little bit higher may be. Gas so when you really he'd like to set foot traffic is pretty typical and people are spending little more than expands at your ordered a bottle line. And what we typically see here is it released white has a little further it would trying to understand it from a high level like what we can. Tumor behavior going on that Dayton. What we typically it'll washout though there are certain. Types of restaurants these are all full service restaurant there were analyzing a lot quicker businesses are part and lounges but they all. Coming different categories like able pot restaurants are certainly going to be well they're going to be packed the going to be you know booked out. But in their departure restaurants that are gonna eat very little because. Why it's just not a great day to go out if you're not going to want those kind of restaurant plot we hear all the time from our truck owners that this is amateur night. You know people are making good spot Chopra is significant other they're sort of an expectation. That they should be doing making the deal in some cases and so you definitely see that happening as. The numbers for Boston release present so the number two transactions. Is way up for Valentine's Day 83 vs 49 on average. But the ticket price down the average ticket price for me on Boston 32 dollars and nineteen cents. Average take on Valentine's Day nineteen dollars and 72 cents in Boston that is Kris. Yeah yeah that's very interesting and actually there will be to be looking at a Massachusetts burst of Boston a couple of those instances Archie the average number transactions from Austin restaurants what it averaged 84 at an atrium down. They're really bought your seeing nearly twice as many people at a restaurant and averaged eight compared to the Massachusetts averaged. But yeah you're right about the average ticket weighed down and so. You know that could be influenced by a couple of things one he made a lot of like single folks that they have -- ago you know strong drown my sorrows in a deal by myself then and this ticket right that coming down you also made the you know some of the things that we. Actually which is that. The proportion of businesses that are trying to track down and they traffic. Maybe you know kind of skewed in relation to all the other kinds of restaurants. You mean how high and Mediterranean or Italian restaurant that you retractable belt and David in acting category a Mediterranean current time tropical whole bunch that. You know bigger topic at a restaurant you can take your significant other to an app in the media covered on that day. Well it's inching we always appreciated Brad cloth out from wobbly joining us talking about Valentine's Day restaurant sales in nationwide in the masters. As after an on Brad. Wiccan romantic implies that it's gonna stay home and make my girls want guys that want one thing. One thing I didn't even consider. He mentioned the white cloth table restaurants are receipt and succeed but you never really thought about. The other restaurants you know the fast food or fast casual chains you know earlier shall season. TJ Fries or doze have to be humble and you thank you try and pass discounts and yes one of the worst meals. Like a pretty good bar in the Boston area church and name it. Yeah pretty reliably get to weigh in. There servicers awful news all like it because heart shaped red feel as though the the waiters and waitresses I dared to this is there late worse force feed your day. You can't stand to stay at least you know my interpretation. I just when I went out. You know years ago to two restaurants felt very rushed. The place is jam packed and it just wasn't really enjoy it so it just makes them and home.