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Kristina Partsinevelos (Fox Business)

Jan 25, 2019|

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Joining us here right now is Christina price nevertheless a reporter with Fox Business news she's going to be telling us what to do what she's seeing on her front with the markets today good morning Christina. Good morning and thanks for joining us today. So looks like overall the markets are up today on on your front what are you hearing whereas the biggest mover out there. The actor admitted opt Bennett the big question is whether we're gonna use that we had bird January which is a surprise. The prize is given needs volatility in December it was. Quite create the Christmas Eve all these days is not a market and now is that. Well the big question is. Credit strategies that peaking heading into its when he nineteen to that this. She ends up taking market that are that we eat is it didn't evaluate stocks in the red dot. Is expected to doing quite well like semiconductors that there at bat last I checked that thirteen per tank. It being the really big and at that energy industrials and financials. Across the board but I there's. There's untraded that we had on Fox Business yesterday that was being you know this could be dumb money in the market people think that there. Getting in right out behind the is that just temporary tie it at the that correction. Coming that there's obviously been. And conflicting views there's a lot of the news headlines that are driving these market. The one thing that I was not surprised that yesterday is normally we whenever we get anything about China. You see a huge movement in the market because traders expelled companies and American companies that the ones that are really going to cost the Paris. But yesterday you had. Secretary Wilbur Ross e-commerce sector he was not in unity that that we are miles and miles. Away from any type of deal and the united Larry Kudlow the economic advisor come on Fox News and made that the president was very optimistic. But it can happen with China. And tone out of him is messages there coming out there. Exactly and but the market didn't even react. Didn't even have to treat equity at a chart about it yesterday is showing its cut there was no reaction to my question is. Our investors. Not thinking anything can happen at the party I arrow. A trade war that they thought OK nothing's really gonna progress that we're not too worried but I I'm still trying to rappel about how they're reacting to that news. That nothing could potentially happen in order not worried about the march 2 deadline. Christina moving away from tray told that we are do you think the Fed has to go from here they days Spencer rumors that maybe they slowed down. Their unwinding of their bond portfolio do what do we know what should be looking at from the Fed in the upcoming meetings. Yet the bet that would meet next week we're going to be getting comic and Jay Powell chairman. They have a pregame meeting and the big question now is. Their balance sheet and in the past or get a lot of people have been talking about it traders. Being that the first time allow we had to bury it will affect the market you have these interest rates that are on fire. Which now we know that that is gonna be patient because that seems to BD the word of the day for the bad that they can be patient with everything in the awaited data eat beef or. By the continue with hikes. But the other variable is the fact that they're unwinding their balance sheet that the latest news actually you know what today in the Wall Street Journal that. They could potentially not you winding down as much as being acted yep bouncy but that about Bork trillion dollars. And what he most secure all the looting in the in majors. You know how we're down to back doubles selloff not a go to the I'd trillion as opposed to what we do regionally estimated at one point actually reach that it's willing to. They're bouncy. I year. And they don't want it to rain and much liquidity out of the market I think that next week is the big moment you will PayPal be outlining. Is not what's gonna happen. When it comes to. The ballot here I think that the meter there are a lot of investors at that we have these two variables that incompetent a key interest rates pact could go higher but are we gonna eat. Adding liquidity market or not. And Christina as her ending this week we've had a lot of earnings reported how is so how are investors feeling about on the earning season over all and what that seems to indicate for what the Fed might do. We knew coming into winning nineteen that it wasn't going to be the impact broke at least 928. He had attacked. I had Albert is an extra stimulus. And pretty much a road that was you know girl when the seniors. The expectation is that a lot of these earnings report we marketed the double digit for a. They're gonna eat you know I mean nobody but nonetheless we're going to see growth and we earning more amazing that financial came out pretty strong at Starbucks. Eight what's been source scaled up or percent at stores that have been opened more than twelve month there earnings and revenue beat Wall Street expectations. Overall bill and be pretty strong when it comes BB. These earnings reports that a bit and none of them I don't know a few factors some of the heap. Just be called the conference call with that nobody seems to be putting too much to the trade war the only one that we really not comment but from him market. Well I haven't seen any real negative commentary. Within their guidance about its trade war that continues. It weighed on investors' minds maybe not so much and. Arts and accompanies a factor that in a save move forward with their business plans between nineteen. Yes pat Barry possible very possible they don't think anything's gonna happen at the moment march 2 will come and go and the president will find a way to stated you know we're just gonna hold off on the. And then as you know back and forth we'll continue. Look it up Christina thank you so much for joining us here today we really appreciate it that's Christina parts another list from Fox Business news. Thank you. If she she brings up some pretty inching points about the earnings season we've been having it be it's not like the reports we've had this quarter have knocks the socks out there and not knock the cover off the ball or anything like that. But what's been more surprising to me is that even in the face of sun. Lackluster earnings reports on that you know came out and you think about this report came out last year this company are beginning absolutely hammered in the market. You investors saying. So it's a bad. But after the volatility that we signed December near investors pat I've beat a lot of you know ready and she thinks yeah and I think they have and she brings up another good point which is concerned you know we haven't had. That type of market volatility that we saw on December in a very long time where the market fell by not quite but very very close to 20%. And I'm wondering if a lot of you know maybe people that we're sitting out on the sideline for a while said Ali here's my chance and go jump in now the markets. Fall 120% and historically after that happens you see big rally. Hey it almost looks like that given how strongly the markets reacted in January. And you start to become concerned because really all the underlying issues that caused the December. To fall apart are still there and they're still very much there. So. But it you know what I'll take a 56% rally well I can get it and markets currently are up over 1%.